Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, and more from original TVB drama A Step Into The Past reunite for movie Back To the Past

Nostalgia alert!! Back To the Past (寻秦记) is a movie continuation of the drama in 2001. OMG. Seeing everyone in the skin again after 20 years together is surreal. They managed to invite back all of the main core characters – Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Sonija Kwok, Joyce Tang, and Michelle Saram. Sadly, there’s no Kwong Wah, but there are a few more familiar faces in the supporting cast as well. AWWWWWWWW. The story follows a group of men led by Max who accidentally time-travel to the past and begin using modern technologies to disturb the warfare of Qin Shi Huang (Raymond Lam), forcing him to seek the help of his master Xiang Shao Long (Louis Koo).

No release date yet but check out the quick teaser dropped today!

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TVB’s Golden Couple Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan reunite for magazine spread

And of course one of my favorite golden couples who collaborated in many productions in the past! The most memorable to me is definitely Detective Investigation Files IV where I met my match in the most twisted love triangles ever! Like you just couldn’t pick a girl for the boy because both ladies went through so much for him and because of him. Aiyaaa!! Oh the two couples in there…. Sunny Chan and Charmaine Sheh was the other unfortunate couple. I want to re-watch but my heart is not ready for the turbulence. XD

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First peek of live action film Dynasty Warriors with Wang Kai, Han Geng, Louis Koo

Dynasty Warriors (真・三國無双) (“True・Three Kingdoms Unrivaled“) is a series of action games which draws inspiration from the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and details the epic struggles of power between three kingdoms in ancient China. It stars Wang Kai, Han Geng, Louis Koo, and Tony Yang as some of the biggest historical figures.

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Movie Updates: An Yue Xi’s Butterfly Cemetery, Dilraba’s Miracles of the Namiya General Store, The Monkey King 3, Monster Hunt 2, Chinese Widow

A whole slew of updates for movies!

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20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

With the drama section (Magnolia Awards) over with, here is the stars strutting it out for their upcoming movies! SO MANY. I’m drowning in pretty pics. The men are wicked awesome tonight. Usually they have on boring, routine stuff, but tonight, they shine more than the ladies, in my humble opinion. XD

Then there’s Weibo Night coming up…. O_O

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (40)

New banner to celebrate batch 40!

Not much going on in dramaland but music land? Everyone and their grandmas decided to drop a single this past week. Lol. I keep on pushing this batch back and removing bullet points to make individual posts. It’s been…two weeks now? But yes, lots of news.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (35)

Get ready for some old news… Lol. This post was supposed to come out last week but the Shanghai Festival distracted me. Now you know pretty and shiny things can get me off course in a snap!

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Trailers Galore of Chinese Movies at Shanghai Festival 2016

Another compilation and I would like to call it Part 3 to the busy weekend and probably the most exciting one for everyone! Things in motion! Trailers! Teasers! Previews! BTS! The Making! Some of these are revealed before the festival and some after. It’s crazy how many press conference took place this past weekend. Have a sneak peek/feel of your anticipated movies!

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