So here it is folks, a page for you all to voice your opinion about upcoming dramas. Whether it be Cdramas, Jdrama, Kdrama, or Tdramas! Just a fair note, Jeff and I are more inclined to start a project if it’s airing soon (hesitate when you recommend us a drama that has over 100 episodes and is still airing!). Photobucket

~.~ Confirmed Projects ~.~
– [Kdrama] – [Kdrama] – [Jdrama] – [Cdrama] – [Tdrama]

~.~ Potential Projects ~.~
– [Cdrama] Happiness Of An Angel: Ming Dao, Liu Shi Shi
– [Cdrama] Yi Chu Ji Fa: Wallace Chung, Li Li Qun

~.~ Special Projects ~.~ (Reviving Old Dramas)
– [Kdrama] Family’s Honor – Completed
[Cdrama] Waking Love Up – The folder was accidentally wiped clean. Sorry. No go! ~Keane

Here’s a convenient lists of upcoming dramas from Asian countries:

Chinese Dramas: Check –> (HK) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_HKDrama
(MainLand) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_CDrama
Japanese Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_JDrama
Korean Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_KDrama
Taiwanese Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_TWDrama
Singaporean Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_SGDrama

No promises on anything. Post Away!

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    Hi, may i ask for old kdrama i cant find it anywhere !! I already spend months looking for it and i can’t get it out of my mind . PLEASE Take a look for it if u could
    Native Title: 투명인간 최장수
    Also Known As: The Invisible Man, Choi Jang Soo , Tumyeong Ingan Choi Jang Su

    thank you for your time

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    Is there any chance you are able to share the soundtrack for K.O.3an Guo (2009)? I had it at 1 time but lost it due to a corrupted hard drive and I haven’t been able to find it since. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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      Unfortunately, I don’t have that OST in my collection. I will take a look around and see.

    • 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

      Cherry, are you a spy from somewhere!? Lol. Two of members are working together to sub until official subs are released. 🙂

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    hello, could you please reupload diamond lover?
    its hard to find the 60 episode sub

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    I’m requesting a reality show instead of a drama. I don’t know if it’s the right place to do so, but all the topics concerning ‘happy together’ have all their comment section closed so I didn’t know where to post. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place.
    I just wanted to ask: it’s possible to re-upload the happy together episodes guesting jang hyuk (the 121, 130&131)? because all their links are off.
    Thank you for you hard work and thanks in advance for the answer!
    Have a good day! 🙂

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      Hi Kookies!

      I’m sorry to say I no longer have those files. They were in one of my older external hard drives and they have stopped working for me years ago. Sorry! 🙁

  5. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi Kappy,
    thank you for your fast reply! 😀
    Oh I see… what a bummer… 🙁 Especially the episodes with Lee Dae Hee who always spilled the tea about Jang Hyuk XD XD
    May I ask if you know another fansub who used to translate ‘happy together’ and could still have those episodes? I tried to look into kpopella archive but they are no more. :'(
    Again, thank you in advance for your reply.
    Have a good day! 🙂

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    Oh I see. T^T Thank you anyway!
    Good luck with your projects! Fighting!

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    I am requesting to upload the blue whisper part 2 with English subtitles
    Thank you

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    Please there is new chinese Bromance not BL ,, Untamed like movie came out yesterday without subs and I think it won’t get subbed so please can you sub it to english
    it’s similar to the untamed
    here is the link For the whole movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXU2aIwdxaY
    it’s called The male fairy fox of Liaozhai

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    Hi! Could you consider translation of the drama The Glory of Tang Dynasty (1&2) with Ren Jialun? It was released five years ago and still no-one decided to sub it 🙁 I guess the number of episodes might be discouraging… but who knows, so I’m asking 🙂

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    Hi. Can I please request for China drama please give me a pair of wings full ost? Thanks

  11. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello. Could you please, if possible upload love between fairy and evil ost. Thank you

  12. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi do you happened to have the ost of
    Beloved Life
    Love Like The Galaxy
    A Romance of The Little Forest

  13. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi, is it possible for you to post the OST of The Blood of Youth? I really enjoy the soundtrack, but all I can find are the songs with lyrics. Thanks!

  14. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Thank you so much for your hard work! So much appreciation for that. Could you please (pretty please) upload the OSTs for Three-Body and Unchained Love? I can’t find them anywhere. Blood of Youth has a great instrumental soundtrack (I saw you’ve uploaded the songs). Any idea if they’re planning to release the background music too?

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    Hi. Thanks for your hard work. Do your by chance do subtitles for
    Mandarin and Cantonese shows example State of Divinity (2000) or The
    Swordsman (Taiwan 1985)

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    Thank you so much for being pretty much the only source of Asian drama OSTs right now!

    I would so appreciate the Immortal Samsara soundtrack. Also, do you have the background music of the Legend of Fei?

    Thank you so much for your hard work in making us international fans have access to these lovely songs and music.

    • 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

      The League of Nobleman too (especially the background music). Thanks so much 🥹

  17. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi can you find My Lethal Man OST and The Journey of Chong Zi OST? Thanks

  18. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello. I’m requesting for The Forbidden Flower OST if possible. Thank you.

  19. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi. Apologies to put a request on the chat. Can you upload the trust OST and till the end of the moon OST. I take the opportunity to thank you for your hardwork all these years 😊

  20. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Could you kindly upload the full soundtrack ,songs and instrumentals of ” Till The End Of The Moon” please!

  21. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Could you upload the OSTs for 飞狐外传 2022 and 護心 Back from the Brink? Thank you for your consideration and hard work!

  22. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Thanks so much for your efforts in making these available to us. I wonder if you have the instrumental OSTs of Novoland Eagle Flag (if possible), The Legend of Fei, and Destined. I’ve also looked everywhere for the instrumental soundtracks of Mo Dao Zu Shi and Heaven Official’s Blessing, but with no luck. I would be so grateful if you could upload those. Thanks so much again!

    • 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

      Also if you could upload the soundtracks to The Longest Promise, Legend of Anle and the Ingenious One. Thank you soooooo much

  23. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi can you help me find Unexpected Falling (2022) ost and Have a Crush on You (2023) aka Love Heals ost? Thanks very much!!!

  24. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello! Could you please kindly upload Beauty of Resilience ost? Thank you!!

  25. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Thank you so much for your uploads and your hard work. I would so appreciate it if you could upload the whole OST (songs and instrumental music) from Lost You Forever and Mysterious Lotus Casebook. Thanks so much 🥺

  26. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi again. If possible could you upload the full ost of Love you seven times ? Thanks a lot

  27. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello my friend. Can you please upload Schemes Of A Beauty ost? Thank you very much!~

  28. 1,054 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    please, request You are Desire OST, A Date with the Future (照亮你) OST, Sweet Games OST, South Winds Know OST, Snow Moon OST, Love Strike Back a.k.a Romantic OST, Stand by Me OST (Zhao Jimai), My Marvellous Fable OST, Love You Seven Times OST, Let’s Meet Now OST, I Know I Love You OST
    Tx U

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