Betrayal and hardships plague Ma Si Chun and the women in The Crack of Dawn

The Crack of Dawn‎ (江照黎明) is a female-centric drama focusing on our female lead played by Ma Si Chun. She’s a real estate agent who’s been betrayed by her husband and under constant malice. It’s a story of her perseverance, breaking through the cycle to find her own happiness. In the midst of it all, is a murder case that involves many people.

Seems like a heavy duty type of drama.

Airing 1/27~

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Ma Si Chun and Bai Jing Ting work together in You Are My Hero

You Are My Hero (你是我的城池营垒) is an upcoming tencent drama starring Ma Si Chun and Bai Jing Ting. She’s a MD resident and he’s a policeman. They step on each other’s toes during a emergency drill between the hospital and police academy. But having worked together day after day forces the two individuals to see each other in a new light. When an earthquake strikes and the two are sent to offer help/rescue those stranded, they are touched by each other’s bravery and kindness in dire situations.

Airing 3/11~

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Friday Photoshoots: Yang Mi, Zhu Yi Long, Tan Song Yun, Ma Si Chun

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is doing well in this unprecedented period. My mom is becoming a professional chef at home with her best friend, youtube. Every day, it’s ma and her four little 🐖🐖🐖🐖 + 🐷 (pa)

Scroll all the way down for an upcoming group streaming activity of a very popular drama!

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Cdrama Updates: The Love Lasts Two Minds, Perfect Evidence, The Enchanting Phantom, Find Yourself, Love To Be Loved By You

Happy New Year to all!!

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Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma spark chemistry in movie Somewhere Winter

I rarely watch films so it’s nice to see two actors in dramaland reunited in the big screen, hoping that it will make up for their lackluster chemistry in Love Me If You Dare. Lol. The movie is inspired by Chyi Chin’s song and he later contacted Rao Xue Man to write a novel, which the movie is based on. Our two characters meet each other at a Chyi Chin concert and thus begins a 30-year romance across three cities.

Somewhere Winter premieres in theaters on 11/15!

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Mr. Fighting with Deng Lun and Sandra Ma Si Chun to air

Following To Be a Better Man, and Mr. Right, Mr. Fighting is the third drama in the Mister series of the same team. Deng Lun plays a star falling out of favor and is suddenly abandoned by his manager of ten years. He lands in the hands of a new team, consisting of folks outside of the entertainment business (lol). He has no choice but to stick with them to find out what really happened to his old manager. As he literally tumbles in steps with his new team, he gradually becomes a better person, learning dignity, courage, and responsibility. Sandra plays his assistant but her real job is marketing for a supermarket. Sounds helpful…she is promoting stuff. Heh!

Mr. Fighting (加油你是最棒的) to air on 7/31!

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Zhang Ruo Yun and Tang Yi Xin’s Wedding Ceremony in Ireland

Their wedding ceremony was held at Adare Manor hotel in Ireland. Yi Xin’s smile is brighter than the sky today. According to fans’ timeline, they have been dating for 9 years. Congratulations!

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Cdrama Updates: The Glory of Tang Dynasty, The Lost Tomb Reboot, Held In the Lonely Castle, The Killing of Three Thousands Crows, Huan Zhu Ge Ge Reunion

Haven’t done this ginormous post in a while and I almost forgot how time-consuming it was.

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