[Special] Kdrama: Boys Over Flowers Episodes


Hmm, Wangja likes his rivals inferior than him? LOL! It’s been a long while since I saw a poster still shrunk this small. Ah, so old skool. I like it.


I bet Wangja has huge posters of himself in his room. Kidding aside, sing with me… ALMOOOOOST PARAAAAAADISE!

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[Special] Kdrama: Pasta Episodes

Team Italy vs. Team Korea
No matter what country, cook the show al dente with a drizzle of LOVE. Si, va bene.

We’re heading back in time. This show reached its third year anniversary. Not quite a “special project” however some late comers joining its fandom had requested this, and being I’m currently in the mood plus I finally found my special stash of discs… so here it goes. Show me your love so I’ll continue uploading more episodes till the very end. Low traffic rate yields cease/drop of project. You are forewarned. Continue reading