Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S02EP02 | Gorgeous Ladies Bracket Game (Round 1 Group B)

Hi all! Hope everyone enjoyed our first episode back from hiatus :)) We have a lot of games stockpiled, and we’re really glad that we now have the chance to upload them!

Please give a HUGE thanks to WuxiaRocks aka Gege for putting all of this together and adding cute animations. He really helped us bring the games to life <3

As previously mentioned, we now have a YouTube channel where we are uploading the second season of podcasts. The handle is A Virtual Voyage, and we should be the first account to pop up. The episodes will also continue to be uploaded to all podcasting platforms.

This second episode primarily focuses on the second group of ladies that we have (Group B) as AVV staff attempt to narrow down which actress deserves to win the number one spot visually.

NB: All opinions expressed are subjectively of the individual and are not based on truth or fact.

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