The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

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Sheldon: “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?”

Here’s the long-awaited discussion post for The Inheritors (Heirs). You can find all drama discussion posts under the Discussion Corner tab below the banner. Hypersensitive fans, be warned. This is basically a Snark-Snerk thread with only one rule: no personal attacks. Respect another’s opinion and prepare to embrace the feisty sauciness of some drifters. 😛

Agree to disagree. One’s bitter tea is another’s sweet hot chocolate.

– Did episode 1 hook you? Did you like it?
– How many cliche moments can you name?
– What are your favorite moments despite the whole hot -shot-in-expensive-car-to-pick-up-poor-Candy-Girl?

Let it ripppppppp!

  1. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    so where are all my snerkers at? must I always be the starter of a war? against KES of course.

    episode 1 was terrible slow and embarassing to watch. firstly, lee min ho’s english was horrible and painful to my ears. and he was taught by hired english tutors?!! now, im FURTHER impressed with the cast of TITS2 when some netizens are laughing at their pronounciation. they did a WAY better job and they’re older too! learning to speak a language is apparently harder when one is older….lmh is a baby compared to the TITS2 cast. annette said it before, korean dramas really don’t know how ot insert naturally sounding english. lol.

    secondly, the stereotypical americans. really? NOT a decent american in the state of CA? don’t kid yourself writer. don’t try too hard. you ask to shoot in our country, at least be decent with the portrayal.

    kim tan is a stalker. following and picking her up…….. yea, not a cinderella story at all.

    why oh why are the rich girls so annoying in this drama? im sure there are nice rich girls but they don’t seem to exist in kdramas nowadays…with the second lead girl being rich and jealous ALL THE TIME!

    and the scene with PSH and her drama sister is so dramatic. i was like really? she really jerked open the luggage and ran leaving? that is so unrealistic with the koreans that i know.. –> image is important!

    PSH, im so immune to this girl’s crying. its like she cries all the time in all her dramas that i don’t it moving anymore…. nothing different with her character either. the most typical, actually.

    not liking their chemistry either. i like the second and third leads more. no no, not krystal. girl needs kang min hyuk by her side or she’s annoying to the top mountain. gosh.

  2. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    I agree it was a bit slow for a first episode, but since I was watching it for 3 reasons only (and only 2 showed up – LMH & KWB while KHN was absent) I got through it.

    I was expecting the slowness so it didn’t bother me at all. I knew I had to watch at least 4 episodes to really get me into the story (if there’s any, heh). The writer’s not really my favorite so I was expecting lots of dialogue instead of action. Also expected the bad spoken English (although I understood what they were saying and didn’t need to rewind or raise the volume) and the bad ‘American actors’. I zoned out when the non-Koreans were speaking so in my hazy memory they weren’t all that bad. Skipped daddy gumiho’s scenes too since I haven’t warmed up to the actor and don’t get his hype. Expect that I’ll either be fastforwarding his future scenes or press the mute button when he’s on with LMH. Krystal isn’t as bad as her sister, but I expected I wouldn’t like her character anyway, so I’ll just ignore her. After reading the recaps at DB, I’m cautiously optimistic.

    The two leads were good in my opinion, though I haven’t noticed any chemistry at all yet. I did like how they first met. Not a typical Meet Cute at all.

    Anyway, let’s just see how it goes on. If it’s not as good by the time AM1994 airs, I might drop it. But I still think this is gonna be better than Mirae’s Choice.

  3. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Haha~ I may get addicted to this discussion page. I saw 1080p torrent for this, usually I ignore those completely but this time I’m so curious how better can Minho’s nekkid wet self may look in ultra-HD. Should I do it? Test it out? LOL!

    OMG-sh, the American actors were ALL horrible. Where did they pick up those actors and actresses? Acting class 101? Or did they cast some right off the beach? I suppose we can’t have excellent American actors to make Korean actors less of themselves now, can we?

    Again, I love all the song inserts in this drama alone. I really am not fond of anything else.

    I feel bad if I add oil to all the flames LMH received for his Engrish. I can’t connect with this show because of it, for a chaebol in the States for sooooo long, how can you not pick up the lingo? I read he hired a tutor too. I feel bad for Minho wasting his efforts. He didn’t even have that many English lines to work with. Aiyah~ Unreal.

  4. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Episode 2 was better than the first though I’m still not used to the slow pacing. Feels a little bit like the pace of School 2013 and it took me 6 episodes before I really got into that show.

    The directing’s still a little bit awkward, the soundtrack was a little distracting, but the characters are so far intriguing even if the plot sounds typical. But as a ‘carbon copy of Joseon royalty’* set in modern times, Kim Tan’s journey is something worth exploring. KES has always written interesting male leads to the detriment of the heroine’s arc. The lead female starts out strong but later on turns into a crying, pathetic mess. So far Eun-sang is okay, and PSH’s portrayal is good. I admit that her acting is better than LMH’s, but LMH’s character is better than hers. So I’m crossing my fingers that even if the plot turns messy along the way, the characters’ characters don’t get assassinated by the writer. Inconsistent characters makes me madder than awful plots.

    I do feel for the production though since they’ve hyped up this drama and now have let down a lot of people’s (unrealistically high) expectations. Perversely, the more negative stuff I hear about this, the more I want to stick to it and say ‘Fighting!’ [And the more positive stuff I hear about Mirae’s Choice, the more I’m starting to hate it even before it has started. Heh]

    As to the actors’ English, I’m satisfied with it. As a fellow Asian, I get how hard it is to speak English especially when it’s someone from East Asia. My dad is a professor so we were brought up a little differently and so we were raised reading English books, watching English-language shows and films, listening to Western music. Plus we had English as part of the curriculum in school, and since I attended a Catholic school there was the added bonus of speaking English at all times or else we’ll get demerits. SuJu’s Choi Siwon has been learning to speak (better) English since way back, and he’s really much better now, but his grammar is still not that good as evidenced by his tweets that makes me feel like a grammar Nazi for wanting to correct him. My point is that for LMH’s efforts in trying to learn in a short time period, he did a good job. Certainly better than Rain in NA or LBH in GIJ. It’s not believable for the character but I get where he’s coming from and I’d have to blame the writing for the set up. Remember his song My Everything from the BOF OST? When it came out I was snarking at his ‘everyTing’ even if I did love his singing voice. It took years before he got it right as I heard in his 2013 “My Everything” album. It’s still not flawless, but it’s certainly better than his first try.

    *from DB recaps

  5. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    You won’t be getting any input from me, ladies.. and gentlemen (if there are any here?!). Simply, I had decided not to take this drama on. Not even worth batting my eye at. This drama is typical of a typical idol KDrama. This makes it TYPICAL with a big T!

    It’s made for a certain cohort of audience whose main interest is to drool over men and women with good looks but not neccessarily with good acting skills (or language skills!). I had always disliked LMH. I call him Ice Prince or Marble Prince. The bloke can’t even don a proper frown or even an earnest smile to crack that pretty boy face of his. Maybe too much plastic surgery and face treatment??? LOL He should have just stayed in modelling and not come into acting. You do not need multiple expressions for modelling. You just need to have the “Zoolander” pout to make it. Ok, enough me and my anti-LMH blah blah.

    I’ll leave it to you all to slice and dice this drama apart. I’ll just respectfully withdraw into my wuxia world. Cheerios peeps!

  6. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    episode 2 is laughable…….. i see what the writer is doing this couple…all the emo staring from LMH ain’t gonna cut as romantic endearing to me…. maybe im weird, but i don’t feel anything about this staring. it’s like Kim eun sook is going for the pity angle… and what, he’s already “supposedly” in love with her at episode 2? getting jealous at episode 3? okay writer…you have 20 episodes to make this believable. if they are liking each other this early, i could only imagine the twists along the way… and it’s not like twists i can’t imagine myself..

    eun sang annoys the heck out of me. people say she’s not the typical candy but she is totally one. what the heck was that scene all about? letting rachel kicked her suticase, opened it, rummaged it and do nothing looked pathetic??? and then she HAS to go pick up her trash in the trash can then say, “i tried but i always end up near the trash anyway?” WTH? who was the girl screaming in episode 1 (the only scene where i find her acceptable?) inconsistent much? kim eun sook always tends to make her female lead vulnerable and pityful and have the male lead all angry and jealous and pay back in her STEAD! this is the same scene in Secret garden if you remember how the director forces ha ji won to jump repeatedly off the rail and she did as ordered…..until the heroes came alone to help. THE EXACT SAME METHOD.

    im not satisfied with LMH’s english because he claimed to have a tutor and have been learning prior a few months to shoot his scenes. if you have watched TITS2 Ace, you’d feel bad for the cast for getting called out for their bad pronounciation, but let me say that depsite being much older than LMH, they did a much better job. and it looked like they “tried” but LMH do it so casually, like he doesn’t even care.

    ace, might i ask why do you hate Mirae’s choice even before it airs? i mean with The inheritors, we are physically seeing it so we can judge it already…but mirae’s choice has yet to come out. not a fan of the drama’s premise but i might check in and rip it too. LOL

    oh yea, the silly hand-holding for the sake of building affections….REALLY? california is filled with thugs at every corner to chase this couple?


    • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

      I’m like that about Mirae’s Choice because I’m a contrary person. I get that perverse mood sometimes and I don’t like to get into fads and trends, therefore I’ll form and follow my own opinions whether I’m for or against the majority.

      Also, YEH is a big factor why I won’t like it. I think she’s become overrated and commercial in her choice of dramas. Lie To Me was the last straw and I just shake my head when some of my friends who have watched it gushes over how great it was. Blech. She’s talented, yes, and I did love her in Goong & CP, but she has become boring after that and her dramas since then have been the worst I’ve seen even if it did get moderate to high ratings because she’s YEH. I’d rather watch a Katherine Heigl or Jen Aniston rom-com than watch her dramas again. Additionally, I don’t like her fans who keep defending her dramas as if they were the best written (or acted) and think that she’s a goddess because she does great onscreen kisses with her leading men.

      That said, I’d like to read recaps of it when it airs, and throw in my snark if it’s snark-worthy. But I’d also eat piece of humble pie if it turns out to be good and will at last break her unfortunate streak of choosing bad dramas.

      As to Heirs, I dived in with low expectations and so far it’s not the hot and typical mess I thought it would be. I also watch rom-coms with an optimistic view (that’s why I adore well-done finales and hate with a passion those that churned out nonsensical stuff but were good at the start; see MSOAN & LTM) so I’m cautiously optimistic, knowing that the writing could turn into a mess anytime. It could turn out something I’d also hate at the end, but I’m satisfied with the characters so far despite the obvious flaws I mentioned above. I’ve not watched Gossip Girl so I don’t have anything to compare it to, and even if I do compare the work of the writer to her previous ones, I don’t compare actors’ works like Kim Tan vs Gu Jun-pyo as some have been doing. If this was a book, I’d still want to turn the pages and see what happens next. Crossing fingers that the writer didn’t read/watch TwiCrap and was inspired by it. It’s gonna kill me if Kim Tan turns into an Edward type of guy or Eun-sang becomes Bella. Qué horror!

      • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

        nice to meet you Ace. funny how i think we’re very similar and yet we have different opinions on Heirs. im also the type that goes against the majority. so far i haven’t really felt the fandom of YEH’s new drama, as compared to the crazy obsession with heirs on tumblr and youtube videos. already there are ton of videos.

        like you, i absolutely LOVE YEH! but gosh let’s not talk about her drama choices because i have snarked and bashed them enough in the past. at least you liked Goong. i was repulsed by goong and never understoon why it was soooooooo freakin popular and well-loved. the only drama that i like of her is Coffee prince. the rest is up for media play and i don’t have anything nice to say about them. same thing goes with moon geun young and her awful choices in dramas. goddess of stupidity…..whatttttttttttt?? awful awful drama.

        hey, you gotta give it to YEH for having awesome kisses. one factor i really like. acutally moving lips! LOL

        i came into heirs with low expectations and full basket of snarks prepared. it has disappointed me… all the stuff and parents and grandparents are boring as heck. and kim eun sook reusing her past antics. WONDERS! lols.

        @Lia, Kang min hyuk’s character will probably be there for a few episodes just to spike that jealousy from kim tam. yes, already jealous.

        • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

          Hi back frea! We’d just have to agree to disagree regarding Heirs. I’m mostly fine with the snark it’s getting because technically it’s all true. It’s all in one’s point of view or how one takes it all in after watching. I just draw the line at attacking the actors and their looks or hairstyle or whatever some netizens come up with that’s irrelevant just so they could bash the actors that they don’t like. I don’t like some of the actors in Heirs, but you won’t see me bashing their looks or their makeup.

          Initially, I was against PSH’s casting (not that I don’t like her), but she’s sort of like PMY to me who’s serviceable but doesn’t really have that IT factor that I was expecting. But now, I’m glad she took on the role. She has gotten better with the emotional scenes and I’ve always liked that about her. Let’s just see if she can do romance better in Heirs. At least they didn’t cast Yoona. Or Lee Yeon-hee. Or Yoon Eun-hye. Hahaha.

          I think I liked Goong mostly for the Prince. YEH’s character wasn’t as memorable, but she was really cute back then. The extension also didn’t help that drama at all but the OST was good. 😉

          OMG. Moon Geun-young. I liked her when she was that young kid in Autumn in My Heart, she’s so talented but her drama choices are as bad as YEH’s. She’s also one of those actors that the more her fans defend her, the more I don’t want to see her in my screen. Lately, that goes for Jang Geun-suk too. On the other hand, the more people bash Kim Hyun-joong or Suzy, the more I want to see them or at least try and watch the first few episodes of their dramas. Too bad about KHJ’s City Conquest though, and the preemption of the upcoming Age of Feeling which I wanted to see instead of JGS’ Beautiful Man. Love Suzy, but too bad I can barely finish episode 1 of her last 2 dramas, Big & GFB.

        • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

          lol…im not above attacking an actor if he has on too much lipstick or ugly hair (mi RAE!) because it’s not their fault but i still hate it. nothing personal.

          im actually was a big fan of Park shin hye after her role in tree in heaven with lee wan. the girl can cry and emote. but the thing is…she has become a stale actress. she doesn’t challenge her acting skills playing different roles. it’s all variation of the same pitiful face. i wanted Kim eun sook to get someone new you know, someone who hasn’t been shoved into the limelight, a newbie. but of course, true to KES’s fashion, she always picks the safe routes for all her cast choices. nothing exciting. agree about PMY. girl plays every script that’s handed to her.

          oh puleaseeeeeeee not yoona. omg. lee yeon hee. nope. SM actresses put me off. cause they’re so focus on their image and being perfect, they hardly emote.

          everything about goong annoyed me. lol. but yes, the music was great and stands the test of time.

          LOL JGS. omg. i believe there’s a post here where we just….laugh at him and his fashion statements.

          suzy is just veryyyyyyyy likable. i can’t hate her. her character was adorable in Gu family book but of course, the acting from her was very weak and the writer didn’t really expand her character. shame.

        • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

          I liked Goong, especially eager to see how cute the teddy bears display end of each episode. The costumes were amazing. The camera was wonderful and vivid, coming from way back when that was a vast improvement. Of course, I too watched this for the two Princes. But then, how come I love YEH in this as much as herself in CP, well, she sells her soul for her role. I road along side with her through her heartaches and depression as a crown princess. She was a bit chubby in the beginning of the show then we see her lose the weight as the show pressed forward; total sacrifice for her character’s emotional adjustments through growing pains. It was beautifully well played, as too her stamina in both G + CP.

          Nowadays, I suppose age has to do with it but I just don’t see her 200% effort in the dramas she picks like back then. I dislike to pigeonhole her in those kind of roles but those were her best performances thus far.

  7. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    It is interesting to read all of your opinion/insight! I have just finished watching the two episodes and I am more curious about the storyline, who is going to get involved with PSH’s character? LMH, KWB and possibly KMH ‘s?
    Cant wait for the next episode and Lee Min Ho is definitely an eye candy !

  8. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Even in my sick state, The Inheritors couldn’t keep my attention. I tried episode 1 but maybe I need something fluffy to treat this flu but the whining from Eun Sang gave me a headache. Especially when she was whining to her mute mother. What are you complaining about anyway? She placed PERFECTLY COOKED FOOD on the table, so shut up and eat it. It’s your mom’s hard work and if you’re bitter about being poor, scream at someone who could talk back. Do something to change it. Just based on Episode 1, I would classify her as a whiny, bratty Candy. PSH also needs to control her tendency to bat those innocent doe eyed stares.

    Kim Eun Sook and I, we don’t get along. Her insufferable heroines might kill me.

    Off to drink more fluids. Off this boat for now.

  9. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Hmm yeah she came off to be as tad bit ingrateful at that scene. She should be happy that there’s meal on the table. That reminds me of something personal haha. Recently my mum also brought some food home from office. Leftovers too..LOL but we jus ate it without any qualms. I guess it is just that Eun Sang’s character has so much dissatisfaction with her current life

  10. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    good point kappy, i was wondering the same thing. from what we have seen of her, there’s nothing in her life that’s so unbearable to live with. yadaya, she’s poor. so what? as if she’s the only one? she should be glad she’s not in an immigrant family. she lives in her own country whose parents understand the language. leftover food for me was a norm – from the office, from DD, from two days ago. heck i shared a room with my uncles when I was a kid well into my first 11 years of life because our house was just that small. everyone squeezed in as long as there was heat, we would thank heavens. yea, it was uncomfortable as heck but we were an immigrant family just plundering through, like many other families in the states. now that my uncles hit it well with business, im glad i have my own room in their beautiful house. 😀

    eun sang has a job, her mother has a disability and is still working and scraping to fill her and ungrateful sister’s stomachs. LIFE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD for her. lol.

    i feel like kim eun sook is trying very hard to sell eun sang as a pitiful character that we must sympathize with. but it’s very inconsistent and choppy, so i don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  11. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Hmm I may be in the minority here but I enjoyed the first two episodes and really looking forward to next week’s!

    Granted, I keep my kdrama watching tendencies to a minimum (i.e. one per year…) so most of the cliches don’t affect me as much. Usually I wait for something that really catches my eye, and the prettiness in this was too hard to pass. That, plus the fluffy guilty pleasure storyline AND the fact that I really like PSH.

    Anyway, I think I keep my mind at peace pretending these people are in college instead of high school. It’s really not hard seeing how much more mature LMH and PSH look from their earlier dramas. I do like that LMH is a passive, just-floating along kinda character. I think it’ll make it much more impressionable when he gets emotional later on.

    As for PSH, I definitely see some super cliches in her character but I also see some stuff that I like. For example, the whole ditching her mom thing. I was actually surprised that her character would do that, especially since her mom is mute. I do appreciate that she hates her situation in (versus the female protagonist Hana Yori Dango) and that she resents her mom and her sister for it. I hope they draw on this aspect a bit more…make her seem much more selfish and more realistic.

    Regarding your comments about the food the mom brought from the boss’s house. I think I see where PSH is coming from. It all stems from pride, and I actually can see my mom being the same way. I think my mom would equate us to being like dogs…are we low enough to stoop to eating discards and leftovers? Why would you need to degrade yourself so much, and why would you give others the opportunity to judge you?

    • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

      “Why would you need to degrade yourself so much, and why would you give others the opportunity to judge you?”

      Look how eun sang allowed herself to treated like trash in episode 2 by rachel and even claimed to be one. where did her pride go then? it’s this inconsistency that i find hard to swallow and sympathize. if kim eun sook wanted to make her selfish, then keep it up and go all the way, and not resorts to pitiful situations to make the audience go awww, poor candy! how many times must kim tan see her in pitiful situations? we geddit, he loves her already. lol.

      yep, candy and her pride, the only thing she claimed to have left. they all say.

      xiaoxiu, welcome here! im usually in the minority because im picky as hell and it’s hard to please me. 😀 how you manage to limit to one drama per year girl? CRAZY amazing!

      cmon lurkers! where are you guys? we need more positivity from you folks because im so snarky for my own good. lol.

      can’t wait for mirae’s future so i can snerk at it too. 😛 *high on sugar*

  12. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    I believe Eun Sang’s family was well off before dad passed away and/or hit some kind of life changing ordeal because of Jeguk Group. Let’s just say for entertainment sake, Chan Young’s dad and ES’s dad were colleagues. She acts like an upper middle class, if not way upper class, snob that’s worn down and lost herself in those years of sacrificing for her unni to embark on a better life start in the States. I mean, if her older sister was able to flee to the States in her teens, then that draws a status level, does it not? Once upon a time….

    I was pretty sad finding out ES bought just a one way ticket to the States, and was planning to leave her mother alone or under CY and his dad’s care. I figure, if ES gets to stay in the States then maybe her unni will return to S.Korea with her newly wed husband. Of course, that’s not the ideal situation on hand, but it could’ve been a nice story which probably some of us would’ve stopped watching altogether. Drama Lovers!! Pfffft.

    What I really want to know is Kim Tan older or younger than Eun Sang? I want details, not merely being 18 y.o.’s. From KT’s reaction in ep.01 hospital scene tells me he fell in love for a noona, but I can be wrong.

    This teenage love story is so cliche. I mean, the guy falls in love for the girl exactly at first sight. The extra lingering looks were just affirmations to that. Dang, LMH can really erupt fangirls’ ovaries with his stares. LOL! I’m glad I’m safe and immune from Malibu Ken Tan. =P

  13. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Despite it all…I’m so agree with Keane (again).
    I love how YEH always puts on her best effort to make her characters in any dramas, alive…
    and how she managed to brings out a great chemistry with her partners within the dramas.
    And I’m a bit disappointed with LMH, does he even speak English ? He should’ve known better when anybody, lives in America for so long, he would’ve speak like Americans.
    I personally credit Lee Seung Gi more, with his efforts during his role in King 2 Hearts. In the scene when he speaks French to his ‘set-up, Korean-French date’.
    But still, MinHo’s certain way of staring, will be his number one charm…and melt my heart away. ^,^

  14. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    This might sound weird but I’m enjoying the supposedly villains/bad guys and girls in this story. I get a kick seeing them trying to outdo each other’s meanness. Young Do’s reason about the kids making fun of him having no mother killed me. He’s not likable right now but amusing to watch.

    And I’m shipping the wrong people with the wrong people. Rachel with Young Do, Rachel with Kim Won. I’m sure this will change once our lovely teacher, played by Im Joo Eun gets more scenes with her boys – Kim Ha Neul & Choi Jin Hyuk.

    It’s also strange that I can’t connect with the OTP – LMH&PSH. The emo staring like Frea said earlier doesn’t flow with me.

    But isn’t it funny that despite how poor our heroine is, the law of Kdrama Candies dictates that she must have the latest phone model? LOL

    The camera makes sure the sponsors are happy with a clear view. 😛

    • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

      ROFL @poor Candies with the latest smartphone. Is that a Galaxy S4 Mini?

      We will never understand it and will always get robbed of a natural story, at least in BOF the wealthy bloke gives it to his Candy.

    • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

      haha yea, the sponsors are just gonna further mess up the consistency. latest phone model. LOL i love that she’s required to hold it in a way that the camera shows the whole screen.

      KES needs to stop making ES seems like a floaty girl, what’s with waking up and walking outside without opening her eyes!! stop annoying me with her acting like she doesn’t use her brain sense!

      i take back what i said about bona, she’s sooo funny when she said that kim tan is still not over her yet. LOL i guess krystal’s robotic acting helps?

  15. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    you know i don’t hate rachel anymore because thinking from her shoes, kim tan acts like a jerk indeed. the writer might have written him as this nice and broody boy but if we look at it objectively, his actions towards rachel is what i would call….a DDDDDDDDD in real life.

    and i still can’t get over how dumb that scene was. as if poor is not enough, ES has to be situational unaware of what’s going on too? a big crowd gathering in front of the school, even a blind person could see it. not subtle at all kim eun sook! i know you like your love triangle like the next writer, but please don’t shove it in my faCE!

    • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

      I loved it how in the end CY took ES away from the staring crossfire. That love triangle moment was so dumb. Where the heck did she come from? She was heading towards the admin’s office then showed up there? Does that make sense? And, it’s bad enough we get this stupid scene in the beginning of today’s episode, the show does a wash and repeat for the ending too.

      For an heiress of being poor, she sure can accessorize well. I mean, I didn’t even have multiple bags/backpacks to coordinate with my then campus life. Haha~ Too lazy to switch back and forth. I just stick with a basic color bag and go with it till it loses its functional purpose to get it replaced.

      What is this show teaching students these days? Lethal subliminal messages. =p A student’s life is clutter full!???

      My fav scene of the week:

      cr: fuc#yeahtheheirs

      Today, Bo-na was also funny with her English dialogue.

      Hmm, we’re only a quarter into the series and the actors/actresses start to look a bit haggard, especially LMH.

      • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

        lol…. i hated that part. i would’ve preferred if she walked out of it herself. does she always gonna need help? tskkkkkkkk.

        im telling you, she’s secretly rich or something with the bags and outtfits. it doesn’t help that users at soompi post up the brands that Eun sang wears. they’re not cheap clothes. LOL

        bona ia crazy, the things that come out of her mouth. lol. i have never liked fx or krystal, but she picked the right role to play. pretty much like YH in mirae’s choice. harmless, clingy GF.

        i feel like kim eun sook wanted to remake her own version of BOF and showed the world she can do a better job with MORE and crazier characters!!

        • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

          It’s funny seeing CY as… no milder word to put it, a cockblocker. I like CY’s role in between the mess.

          Haha~ we’re both reading in between the lines there about ES’s past lifestyle.

          I don’t think I can live in the same house if any of my bros start to wear clothes like Kim Tan. Definitely not the bright/neon pants and floral sweatshirts. Haha~ Bright/neon shoes are okay.

          I like f(x) ’cause of Amber. I just love her to bits. I want Amber in an idol drama so bad. Maybe a story like Tdrama’s Toast Boy’s Kiss remake where Vanness can be her lead male. Speak of the devil, did Vanness actually get hitched over the summer? He married into a wealthy family. I’m uncertain but his fiance is an heiress of sorts from Singapore/Malaysia?

          That’s what this show is, a spin off to BOF. BOF’s mini-me? =/ That kid, Joon Young, who gets bullied in Heirs looks too familiar. I swear, BOF had better bullying substories than Heirs.

          I roll my eyes every time Young Do’s music theme swells up metal riffs. He doesn’t look bad enough for me. His sharp thick eyebrows are not enough to cookie cut him as a punk. Sorry. His attitude… pffft. This show is so mild mannered. This is what happens when you have a bunch of 20-somethings play raging hormonal teenagers, supposedly. They lose touch of their rage. =p

  16. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Okay, I’m not gonna deny this… LHM’s been looking HAWT the last two episodes (7 & 8). The way he bites his lips every time he wants PSH gives me goosebumps. The scene right before KT pulls away ES’s hairband. (I was like, “그렇지! That’s how a teenage boy should act.”) Japanese men weren’t kidding when they say the most sexiest part of the women’s body is the neck. I like the new LMH, the actor, and it’s good to know PSH is the cause in the effect. All the sexual tensions in this show are making me think naughty thoughts.

  17. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    excuse my language guys but episode 8 drove me over the edge with the stupid pulling of ES between the two boys. i feel like kicking them in the balls all episode.

    they are doing the exact same thing with different tactic. one is using the gentle-possessiveness (tan) while the other one is as blunt as a knife (yd). neither are likable at this point to me. the stupid force kiss…. i was speechless. the romantic tension wasn’t felt by me. lmh is doing all the oozing…..

    im not even sure why YD likes ES. it seems all of a sudden hes like why am i constantly thinking about her? these love stories don’t make sense and i feel disconnected as heck to the characters. yea, she stood up to rachel….AND? WHAT’S MORE? That one time? AND THEN? AND THENNNNNNNNN? inconsistent. bona cracks me up when she whipped her head around, looking for a knight in shining armor for ES. wth. LOL

    i want rachel with young do. the ultimate twisted couple. lols

  18. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    Strangely enough –

    I HATED ep 1
    DISLIKED ep 2
    Became ANNOYED with ep 3
    INTRIGUED by ep 4
    Grew to LIKE ep 6
    Was SOLD by ep 7
    ANTICIPATED ep 8 – which I actually really enjoyed.

    The thing with this drama is that it’s good entertainment fluff, despite the obvious flaws. I find myself anticipating future episodes but will quite happily erase the previous ones from memory. It’s not a wholesome drama, but it sure provides enough drama to keep you watching, even if it is to cringe at the fashion!

    Mind you, the execution, tone and pacing of this drama does remind me a lot of KES’s earlier work, which I actually don’t mind so much, seen as though I thoroughly enjoyed the Lovers series – but then again, that had a lot more narrative purpose, which sadly isn’t the case for Heirs!

    • 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

      My feelings exactly match up to yours per episode.

      I think everyone was painfully waiting for KT’s return back in Korea so he’d stop speaking in Engrish. Haha~ Everything seems better that way.

  19. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    This week is so slow. KES bit more than she can chew. The characters are as unlikable as loan sharks and gangsters. YD liking ES is still a mystery to me. KT’s love for ES is sudden and I don’t feel butterfly when I should. I guess it’s because these actors are very seasoned in this area already. For them to be acting like teenagers – means that their reaction and expression couldn’t be as genuine and raw as real teens. Poor character development, we’re a week from the half-way mark but I still don’t understand why they do what they do.

    One thing I AM COMPLETELY SURE OF? Waste of Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun’s TALENT!! OMG. Seriously. He has like what? 2 minute scenes? And all she does is brood. I want them in a separate drama. #sad

    Third strike for Kim Eun Sook. Rarely enjoyed her romance.

  20. 32 thoughts on “The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

    I agree with Katie, this week’s pretty slow for those anticipating OTP’s relationship development. However, fans of other characters should like this week’s episodes more because their personas were given more dimensions, other than OTP.

    WTH kind of ending was THAT for episode 10!?! C’mon, put more pressure into the romance and let YD kiss ES…………….. not simply hug her. Krap-tastic! Here we go again. What, is YD really in elementary school? The bad kid who knows nothing more than bullying the girl he likes and creating awkward hugs? He should be like every impatient raging teenager with an arrogant air and force kiss like there’s no tomorrow? Do what young adults do!?! Stop being a child, be a man.

    This show does a good job deflating my anticipation with weak cliffhangers. I may have gotten crazy screaming out loud for the next episode if only YD had kissed ES in front of KT. I guess KES has no intentions of infatuating second lead syndrome for this drama. I can’t root for the guy, not when he’s written like this; he’s hopeless.

    Haha~ Well, I’m glad I got all that out.

    My favorite scene this week:

    cr: soojng

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