Deng Lun and Li Yi Tong’s messy love in Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou (海棠经雨胭脂透) is an upcoming republican series that is not focused on spies but make-up factory back in the days and the messy love triangle between two brothers and a beautiful girl. Li Yi Tong (Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016) and Deng Lun (Princess Agents) are the ultimate OTP but elder brother Ying Hao Ming will throw many wrenches to separate them. I have been meaning to write about this drama but the production was being so cheap with stills as weeks turned into months with nothing but fan-taken photos. The frustration was real. Lol. Now, they are starting to trickle out quality photos so yay for that.

Not fond of the crazy storyline but they look so cute….

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Luo Jin’s Drama Updates: Return to college days in The Way We Were and My Story For You

No one is luckier than Luo Jin these days, he gets to work with real life girlfriend Tang Yan (5th time!) in The Way We Were after collaborating with humbling bee Zheng Shuang in My Story For You, both dramas feature the beautiful college days, one overseas and one back in 90s China.

UPDATE: Trailers for the other two unaired dramas: The Gods and modern drama Love’s Lies.

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Drama Updates: Age of Legends, Dear Prince, Sweet Combat, The Brightest Star In The Sky

Nowadays when I open any news sites, I literally gulp at the amount of news coverage. China is humongous, tv and film productions roll in and out all day every day. How to cover them all…. *goes to work*

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Lie Huo Ru Ge wraps up filming with behind-the-scenes hard work

I don’t know about you guys but for me to distinguish Dilraba in her projects, I base on her hair and dress colors. Lol. Another one of her period drama, Lie Huo Ru Ge or The Flame’s Daughter (烈火如歌) has wrapped up filming on July 26th after 119 days alongside Vic Zhou, Zhang Bin Bin, and Liu Rui Lin. The drama is adapted from Ming Xiao Xi’s novel, featuring a love rectangle so tragic it might just turn out right, right? XD

*whisper: someone say no, please!*

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Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 3: Episodes 9 – 12

With the pace they went with Shi Shi and William Chan’s characters, is there space for Xu Hai Qiao to steal the audience’s heart? I will get the episodes up this weekend! =)

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Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 5 – 8

Just in the second week and we have a royal wedding? Thanks to the dark palette theme their wedding robes glow and stand out like never before. Thanks to Brittany‘s tipoff in the cbox, Dramafever will be subbing this drama starting Monday! Yay! Then I can get their videos and subtitles for my uploads. Folks can download the series then. =)

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Na Ying sings for Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei’s Once Upon A Time OST

First song is out for the movie adaptation of Tang Qi’s novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms! The movie is called Once Upon A Time with Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei as leads depicting a love story that spans three lifetimes for them to finally get together.

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