New Trailers: Tribes and Empires Storm of Prophecy, Fighter of the Destiny, Song of Phoenix

All three dramas dropped a new trailer and some stills last night but of course, only two have air dates. You should know which ones. Sigh ~

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New Promos: The Surgeons, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Ghost Catcher Zhong Kiu’s Record

Updates! Is all.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (52)

Happy Friday! =D I need to publish or else I will keep adding news!

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Interviews with the Crew of Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Time to check back in with the epic historical fantasy drama Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (九州海上牧云记). In the past few months, they have been releasing stills and some BTS videos with interviews with the cast and crew. Again, a lot of work and thought and effort were spent so hopefully this summer will be the green light for Prophecy.

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The Starry Night The Starry Sea reveals mermaid Feng Shao Feng

Due to the confusion in the last post, I will say it here that Tong Hua‘s novel, The Starry Night The Starry Sea (那片星空那片海), was published in 2015, way before Lee Min Ho’s Legend of the Blue Sea even started casting in 2016. With that off my chest, mermaid form Feng Shao Feng is scary-looking. LOL. If I see him anywhere in the water, I would stop breathing immediately and not pull him in a kiss like Haden Kuo did in the new trailer. XD It’s also nice to have a fierce-looking merman for once since they almost always look kind and lovely. Second trailer is intense.

Really looking forward to this! Weeeeee! Ending themesong by Zhou Shen is uploaded at the end.

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Feng Shao Feng’s The Starry Night The Starry Sea to air


The drama adaptation of Tong Hua’s novel, The Starry Night The Starry Sea (那片星空那片海), starring William Feng Shao Feng as the lonely merman and Haden Kuo as his human lover will follow the slot left behind by Pretty Li Hui Zhen and premieres on February 5th. I was gonna rant more until I rewatched the trailer and found it so beautifully filmed, with wide ocean shots and clashing of sea waves fluttering before my eyes…. With snow covering my streets, I do like being serenaded by the calls of a summer love.

Ah….I’m so easy. __❤ But don’t you agree, it’s one heck of pretty modern drama!

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Yang Rong and Yang Xu Wen in Ghost Catcher Zhong Kiu’s Record

For those of you who wonder what Yang Rong is filming that conveniently clashes with Yu Zheng’s drama, it’s fantasy drama, Ghost Catcher Zhong Kiu’s Record (钟馗捉妖记), which started filming on 11/16. Yang Rong’s co-stars are getting younger and younger. Lol. With Bai Yu born in 1989, in this one, Yang Rong will be romancing everyone’s favorite Qing Long gege, Yang Xu Wen, born in 1994. According to Chinese folklore, Zhong Kiu is in charge of relinquishing demons and evil beings. His story is of a sad one. After he passed the imperial examination, he was stripped of the honors for having a disfigured appearance. In anger, he committed suicide at the palace gate and upon meeting the King of Hell, he was granted the power to hunt and capture ghosts, in an effort to keep order. In this new adaptation, Yang Xu Wen takes on the titular role as young Zhong Kiu who is sent down to Earth to experience the turbulence of human life without his memory.

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