The First Frost with Bai Jing Ting and Zhang Ruo Nan wrapped up filming

The First Frost (难哄) is adapted from the novel written by Zhu Yi and if you remember, it’s the spinoff to Zhao Lu Si’s Hidden Love. This is her brother (Sang Yan)’s story. He is now the owner of a bar and chances upon an old classmate who had crush on him back in high school. Our female lead is a reporter and even though she realizes who he is, she pretends not to know him – and he does the same thing. Something happens and they end up being housemates. Lol.Shi Cheng

Looks kinda angsty here!

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Upcoming Cdramas reveal new promotions at 2024 iQIYI World Conference

I haven’t done this in a while and I quickly remember why not. LOL.

FYI, I only included dramas that are generous in releasing a trailer! A few posters? Nah. xD

Which dramas have your interest?

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Filming has wrapped: The Legend of Shen Li, Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong, Chang Feng Du, The Demon Hunter’s Romance

I had to stop adding because every day, a new drama wraps up filming. 🤭

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Adorable Tian Xi Wei finds love with Bai Jing Ting in New Life Begins

Synopsis from Viki: Beautiful women from all over what is now China have traveled from their hometowns to the Xinchuan court for a special event: The ruling family will decide which of these young women has what it takes to marry the six male heirs of the family. Among this collection of women is Li Wei (Tian Xi Wei). She is an unassuming, unpretentious, and somewhat culturally awkward individual who has little interest in this “contest.” She would prefer to get on with her life and live a quiet, peaceful life in her hometown.

But, to her surprise, she is selected to marry one of the young heirs – Yin Zheng (Bai Jing Ting). A quiet, gentle, intelligent, and somewhat introverted young man, he is arguably the least-favored among the heirs. As such, his marriage is a mere afterthought to the Xinchuan rulers. They shunt him to the fringes of the court and charge him with menial tasks. At first, this union appears doomed. But after they start to get to know each other, Yin Zheng and Li Wei begin to form a close bond. Could their slowly growing romance help them form a relationship that could help them improve the lives of the ordinary folk of the realm?

Airing 11/10~

Something about Tian Xi Wei just screams freakin’ adorable to me!

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Bai Jing Ting and Zhao Jin Mai stuck in time loop before an explosion in Reset

Reset (开端) is based on the mystery-thriller novel written by Qi Dao Jun. It follows a group of people on a bus with an eventual explosion happening. Every passenger on the bus has their own story, difficulties as they board the bus of doom (my translation). As our two leading characters experience life, trauma, and death together, they begin to appreciate the meaning of life. But before they can meaningfully act on their self-growth, they must find out the truth and break the cycle of time to stop the explosion.

Airing 1/11 with a total of 15 episodes~

Bai Jing Ting has been picking good projects lately and I like what I see of Miss Zhao in The Blessed Girl.

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The clash of old customs and new ideas in Octogenarians and the 90s with Bai Jing Ting and Wu Qian

Octogenarians and the 90s (八零九零) is a modern drama described as warm and healing. Our heroine inherits Sunshine House – a nursing home, after her mother passed away from liver cancer. She, along with our male lead (Bai Jing Ting), are post 90s adults, and their enthusiasm and energy inject much needed vitality into the elders’ lives, however, conflicts between the two generations also threaten old values and customs. As they collide, touching stories of the past change the behaviors and perspectives of both sides. When the nursing home is demolished, our heroine takes it upon herself to rebuild a new community, focusing on elders diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, giving them the freedom and peace to live in their favorite years of the past.

Airing 4/21~ If done right, this drama will be a tear-jerker!

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Ma Si Chun and Bai Jing Ting work together in You Are My Hero

You Are My Hero (你是我的城池营垒) is an upcoming tencent drama starring Ma Si Chun and Bai Jing Ting. She’s a MD resident and he’s a policeman. They step on each other’s toes during a emergency drill between the hospital and police academy. But having worked together day after day forces the two individuals to see each other in a new light. When an earthquake strikes and the two are sent to offer help/rescue those stranded, they are touched by each other’s bravery and kindness in dire situations.

Airing 3/11~

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Bai Jing Ting and Xu Wei Zhou compete fiercely as professional table tennis players in Ping Pong

Ping Pong (荣耀乒乓) is an upcoming coming-of-age sports drama about the lives of professional table tennis players and their journey to becoming representatives of the sport on the world stage. Bai Jing Ting’s character is weak growing up so he participates in sport to gain strength but soon falls in love with the table tennis with a fierce passion, while Xu Wei Zhou’s character comes from a family of famous tennis players and discovers that there’s more to learn about the sport.

Airing 3/9 ~

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