Winners for Magnolia Awards 2017 at 23rd Shanghai TV Festival

Translated the winners list! Will add pictures tomorrow cause I’m too exhausted. *panda eyes*

Congratulations to all the winners! All the non-idol dramas on the list of course.

UPDATE (6/18): Added pictures!

Best Actress & Best Actor of the Night.

Off the listed nominees, the winner is highlighted in BLUE.

01. Best Television Series

– Hai Tang Yi Jiu
– The Last Visa
The Good Fellas
– To Be a Better Man
– Ode to Joy
– Feather Flies To The Sky
– Marshal Peng De Huai
– In the Name of People
– A Love For Separation
– Chinese Style Relationship

02. Best Director

– Kong Sheng, Jian Chuan He: Ode to Joy
– Li Lu: In the Name of People
Shen Yan, Liu Hai Bo: Chinese Style Relationship
– Wang Jun: A Love For Separation
– Yu Ding: Feather Flies To The Sky

03. Best Writing

– Zhou Mei Sen: In the Name of People
– He Qing: A Love For Separation
– Shen Jie: Feather Flies To The Sky
– Yuan Zi Dan: Ode to Joy
Zhang Lei: Chinese Style Relationship

04. Best Actor in a Leading Role

– Chen Jian Bin (Chinese Style Relationship)
– Mark Zhao (Eternal Love)
– Huang Lei (A Love For Separation)
Zhang Yi (Feather Flies To The Sky)
– Sun Hong Lei (To Be a Better Man)

05. Best Actress in a Leading Role

– Hai Qing (A Love For Separation)
– Jiang Xin (Ode to Joy)
– Liu Tao (Ode to Joy)
– Ma Yi Li (Chinese Style Relationship)
Yin Tao (Feather Flies To The Sky)

06. Best Actor in a Supporting Role

– Jin Dong (Ode to Joy)
Wu Gang (In the Name of People)
– Zhang Lu Yi (Sparrow)
Zhang Zhi Jian (In the Name of People)
– Zhao Li Xin (Chinese Style Relationship)

07. Best Actress in a Supporting Role

– Dilraba Dilmurat (Eternal Love)
– Yang Zi (Ode to Joy)
– Wang Zi Een (Ode to Joy)
Guan Xiao Tong (To Be a Better Man)
– Hu Jing (In the Name of People)

First time that I’m organized and put together an official list – clear and beautiful. Lol. Too much work!

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Ode to Joy crew. Liu Tao and Jiang Xin knock it out of the ball park!

 photo mag2017-11.jpg

 photo mag2017-2.jpg

 photo mag2017-3.jpg

 photo mag2017-1.jpg

My absolute favorite beside the Ode sisters above is Janine Chang‘s gown below. She’s walking with the Midnight Diner crew.

 photo mag2017-4.jpg

 photo mag2017-6.jpg

 photo mag2017-5.jpg

Guan Xiao Tong in a princessey dress. She still looks so young!

 photo mag2017-9.jpg

 photo mag2017-8.jpg

Zhang Yi and Yin Tao.

 photo mag2017-10.jpg

 photo mag2017-12.jpg

Wallace Chung and Yao Chen.

 photo mag2017-13.jpg

 photo mag2017-14.jpg

 photo mag2017-15.jpg

Merxat, Ju Jing Yi, and Zhang Zhe Han promoting their new drama The Legend of Yun Xi. Did I write about it yet? Lol.

 photo mag2017-16.jpg

 photo mag2017-18.jpg

 photo mag2017-20.jpg

Joe Cheng and Wang Li Kun for their drama Legend of the Heavenly Tear (Incomparable Phoenix).

 photo mag2017-22.jpg

 photo mag2017-21.jpg

The crew from upcoming drama Shanghai Five Tigers with Daniel Chan. He has aged!

 photo mag2017-23.jpg

 photo mag2017-24.jpg

Stairway to Stardom crew with Push Puttichai, Song Yi, and Zhong Dan Ni.

 photo mag2017-25.jpg

 photo mag2017-26.jpg

 photo mag2017-27.jpg

 photo mag2017-28.jpg

The actors from drama Let’s Shake It, ET, led by Zheng Ye Cheng and An Yue Xi. 🙂

 photo mag2017-30.jpg

 photo mag2017-32.jpg

 photo mag2017-31.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Winners for Magnolia Awards 2017 at 23rd Shanghai TV Festival

    My ode to joy sisters!!!! Lols.. They didnt win but it’s okay. Im still glad they were on the list. It means, their acting skills are on top!

    I need to check the winning dramas lols. They seems good. Does anyone watch those dramas? Please suggest any good drama.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Winners for Magnolia Awards 2017 at 23rd Shanghai TV Festival

    Ode to Joy didn’t even win one?! T_T

    That’s okay. As long as we enjoy it.

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