Series Review: Chinese Variety Shows

Along with being a C-drama and C-movie fan, I also enjoy quite a few Chinese variety shows as well. Most of these shows involve celebrities competing against one another or facing some interesting, sometimes potentially embarrassing, situations. Rather than reviewing them individually, I thought I’d give an overview of a selection of the shows that I am currently enjoying or have started checking out. Hopefully you’ll find something here that you may enjoy.

For non-Mandarin speakers, most of these series are not subtitled, but there are some that you can still enjoy despite the language barrier.

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Variety Show 24 Hours Season 3 with Jimmy Lin, Hu Yi Tian, Lin Yun, Xiong Zi Qi, and more

A lot of new variety shows popping up lately. Outdoor reality show 24 Hours is not new but they have switched in new faces for Season 3 and it premieres today 2/2 with Jimmy Lin, Shawn Yue, Wei Da Xun, Bai Jing Ting, Hu Yi Tian, Xiong Zi Qi, and Lin Yun as the only female member. The first two seasons were led by Chen Kun, Han Geng, Leo Wu, and 3 more.

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Deng Lun as trainee dad in Dad Where Are You Going Season 5

It has been five seasons?! I remember watching the first season. Where has time gone? Working non-stop this year is actor Deng Lun and now he’s joining the variety side of showbiz as well, as the fifth member and dad-in-training for Season 5 of Dad, Where Are We Going? Single ladies, if you want to see how he succeeds or fails big time as a dad, be sure to tune in! Beside him are the real big dads/bosses, including Jordan Chan, Wu Chun, Du Jiang, and Will Liu. Season 5 airs online every thursday, this week is only the introductory episode.

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183 Club reunites on stage with Prince Turned To Frog OST for Wang Ou

All the Feeeeeeeeeeeeels. Taiwanese drama The Prince Who Turns into a Frog was one of my favorite Twdramas growing up and I ship Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao with the burning passion of 10 suns when I was a teenager and well into my adulthood. But since they are adamant as good friends, my heart is satisfied and shall move on. With the exception of the leader of the group, the four members reunited on stage last night to surprise Angel Wang Ou, Ming Dao’s current partner on the show We Are In Love Season 3. They sang two songs from Prince Turned To Frog OST, she also sang and cried her heart out.


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Song Qian, Jiang Xin, Tang Yi Xin and more join Up Idol Season 3

Another Up Idol season with more lovely actresses! So many variety shows with the focus on bromance! Us girls gotta show the world we have as much fun and loyalty as the guys. Yes, yes?

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Zhao Wei, Huang Xiao Ming, and Zhou Dong Yu on cook show Chinese Restaurant

Wow. The number of celebrities joining shows is increasing at rapid rate. The latest reality show that premiered yesterday on HNTV is Chinese Restaurant led by best friends duo Vicki Zhao Wei and Huang Xiao Ming, joined by Zhou Dong Yu, Sean Zhang Liang, and host Jin Meng Jia. The group will be traveling to the edges of many places and introducing Chinese cuisine to the locals of the visited areas.


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Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (6/11/17): Monkey King 3’s Posters, Dior Event, An Yue Xi’s birthday, Li Ying’s Studio’s New Members

She’s a busy bee keeping her working bee even more busy!

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (9)

My newest obsession: Baby Groot! No, I’m still waiting to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Meanwhile, rewatching groot dancing. Do you think we would get Hormonal Teenage Groot in movie 3? Lol!

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