Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

Our little spazzer who goes by the name of Frea wanted me to create this thread for her to spazz. But I know her real intention is to get back at me for not watching her recommended lakorns. LOL. I will… I will. Just give the girl some time, yea?

The OTP:

Ka Badin (ข้าบดินทร์), also known as The King’s Servant is a period lakorn produced by Channel 3. It started airing on May 30th.

Synopsis (from Wiki via Lovefia): James Ma will be playing the role Haym in Ka Badin, which takes place in the era of King Nang Klao, the third reign (after King Rama II). The story sets around the period when England (known as Wilat at the time) enters into a commercial partnership role with Thailand, and this historical fact plays as a backbone to the plot of this drama. Because Haym is a good looking, well-mannered and bright boy, he is known as “Phor Haym Roop Thong” meaning “Phor Haym the Golden” (back then boys/men are referred to as ‘phor’). He has a knack for English and sneaks around to further his skills with an English teacher, however once his father finds out – he who doesn’t trust foreigners – decides to send his son to study at the monastery. There, Haym picks up sword wielding skills. Unfortunately, accused of killing an Englishman, he is relegated to being an elephant keeper. He then masters the science of ailing elephants and becomes quite the vet and elephant keeper. Therein he meets Lamduan (Matt Peeranee) who is the leading actress of a dance play in Amphawa. He had already met her when they were younger, and this propels them to fall in love. However due to their status differences, as well as interference from another man who wants Lamduan for himself, Haym pursues the military forces so that he can improve his status. With his brilliance and capability, Haym climbs the military rung (so to speak) and also becomes the national pride and bravery of Badin.

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Songs Released So Far:

With All My Heart – Ben Chalatit

Ka Badin – Chirasak Panphum

Born to Love You – Pui Duangpon

General comment from a Thai Lakorn Virgin: The main girl, Matt, has some kick-ass eyebrows! Me wants!

Spazz away!

  1. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    I’m also tuning into this lakorn because I really like Matt. This is my first time watching James and he acts pretty good. So far, this lakorn is doing good – no drags, and not a lot of romance yet, which is fine because it makes you anticipate more so hopefully in the long run I do get more romance scenes or more OTP scenes.

  2. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    omo… been months since the last time i watched lakorn. havent watched this lakorn yet.. not really like James Ma actually, but one or two episode wont hurt lols.. gotta check it out asap 😀

  3. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)


    you guys know i love my yadech but acting wise, matt is soo goood that it hurts me when her projects do not get the same rating and popularity.

    james is a newbie and he’s lucky he gets paired up with matt! i like him too from watching his interactions with yadech, they are such a good group of friends!!

    first two episodes are okay, the angst will come soon enough esp because james loves the matt’s sis more…and will get hurt once she betrays his heart!!

    some pictures… he’s such a gentle guy….EKKKK!! so cute!!

  4. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    where can i watch this????

    Thanks for sharing nice thai movie/drama… ^^

  5. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    I can watch anything for Matt Peranee. I have been planning to watch this since I heard about it but I hate starting new dramas.. but this looks good

  6. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    Matt looks so muchbolder than James, its hard to visualize her as the younger one in the love triangle triangle. Lol.

    Cant wait to see James with beard!!

  7. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    made a collage for episode 4 because it was so sad!!

    when lamduan gave haym the lotus flower representing his innocence!

    when haym begged for food for his mom out in the market and only lamduan stepped up to give them food!

    when haym cracked a smile at her as they were forced to leave….my heart!!

    that stupid bua!! abandoning a great man for an evil man. how dare her dropped the bracelet on the ground!

  8. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    Nice hair product! 😀

  9. 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

    Lamduan is much better suitable for Por Haym then Mae Bua, don’t you think!!!!!

    • 12 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Ka Badin (2015, Thai Lakorn)

      the actress playing bua is just bad….lol when she smiles….it’s all fakeness!! XD

      lamduan is a kind person. can’t wait for tomorrow!! she will meet hairy haym!! MUHAHAH

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