Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers~

Ever wondered who was behind the screen, writing up some of your favorite recaps and reviews? Ever wanted to hear such reviews come to life and fangirl with us on the go?

Welcome everyone to a new series the team at A Virtual Voyage is looking forward to bringing to the community this June. 

We’re kicking off our “Drifters of the Night” podcast, a chance for you to listen to members of the team discuss their favorite, least favorite dramas and analyzing the plethora of genres and cross-genres that you see in Chinese dramas. You can expect a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere and plenty of laughter and banter! Whether you’re on the way to work, at the gym, or simply relaxing at home, come and join on us on the c-entertainment journey~

Listen below for an introduction of what you can expect:


We’ve also linked the poll mentioned in the trailer episode. Don’t forget to take it for a chance to hear your wanted topic appear in the podcast! This post would also be a good place to comment on things you’ve noticed, good or bad or any suggestions you’d like to put forth. 

Link to the Google Forms Poll

Now would also be a good time to announce that AVV has opened an official discord server~ This will be similar to the chat-box currently offered on the site, however, it will have exclusive content never seen before. Join us to discuss the hottest c-drama news, our newest podcast episode, or simply to chat with the team members.

Click here for an invitation to join!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our recent updates! We’re all very new to the whole podcast-thing, hence why we’re working extra hard behind the scenes to produce something we are proud of, something worth sharing with this awesome community. See you all in June~

-AVV Team

Season 01

E0.5: Easter Special Part 1

E0.5: Easter Special Part 2

Is it Worth the Electricity Bills?

E02: And the Winner is Love

E04: Love and Redemption

Can You Convince Me?

E03: Someday or One Day

E05: [UPDATE] Someday or One Day

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