Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (36)

A shorter batch because it mainly comprises of promotional videos (so many!!) for this past week only. Have a great Happy 4th of July people! Stay safe and away from walking fire crackers!!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (35)

Get ready for some old news… Lol. This post was supposed to come out last week but the Shanghai Festival distracted me. Now you know pretty and shiny things can get me off course in a snap!

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Official trailer and stills for Yang Le’s So Young Drama

Why do you look like that girl? The silly buffoon just wants to snuggle. Because the fancam trailer is grainy and ugly, we finally get an official trailer. Lol. Be prepared for the photo bomb session coming right up after the jump. So Young is the drama remake of the same film (based on a novel) directed by Vicki Zhao in 2013. The drama version has a new cast in Yang Le, Sebrina Chen, Ma Ke, and Zhang Dan Feng with plenty of episodes to tell its story, hopefully a more coherent and heartfelt one at that.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (25)

Last batch of 2015. Thanks for tuning in to the previous ones. 🙂 I CANNOT BELIEVE 2015 IS A FEW DAYS TO ITS END!!??!

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So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

Last time we talked about the drama version of So Young, we only have three confirmed male actors, and now we have a full cast list! The leading and supporting ladies have been decided and I’m a little less enthused, mostly because of the way they chose to style our heroine. She looks like a bum. Lol.

Included is a low quality fancam trailer that I ripped from the press conference.

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Drama version of So Young confirms Yang Le, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ma Ke

At this point, I won’t complain anymore because it’s useless. Expect to see a drama and movie version of every single project out there. Yep. Our Vicki Zhao Wei adapted the movie version with Han Geng, Mark Zhao, and Yang Zi Shan in 2013, based on the novel, To Our Youth that is Fading Away, written by Xin Yi Wu, released in 2007. To be honest, I did watch the movie version and it was shot beautifully… but that was it. It didn’t leave an impressionable memory on me. I also didn’t read the novel so the details might have been lost in the adaptation. *shrugs* What did you guys make of the movie? Story?

Can’t say I’m excited about the casting because Zhang Dan Feng deserves a lead role already!!

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Vicki Zhao’s directorial debut – “So Young.”

Aw. Our little Swallow. My mom still refers to her by this name.

Not sure why So Young is the official title stamped on promotional materials when Our Eventually Lost Youth sounds much more poignant and nostalgic. From what I gather, the story follows a girl’s dreams, from her early college days and well into her life after graduation, with her growth outlined and highlighted. That said woman is played Yang Zi Shuan, and her two love interests are Han Geng and Mark Zhao. Check below for new stills and a surprisingly artistic trailer.

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