Wu Qian climbs up the ladder of justice in Black Lighthouse with Yang Le

Ohhh. This this such a different look and feel that I haven’t seen before from Wu Qian and it’s nice! The hair is a little bit angular for me but hopefully, it doesn’t distract from her performance. Black Lighthouse (黑色灯塔) features our heroine as a newly graduate who gets accepted to be a trainee at courthouse. She gets to witness the legal battles between the prosecutors and the defense lawyers day after day and is armed with commitment and integrity to the right thing; she hopes to become a great judge to serve the people.

The trailer is quite dark. Airing 10/21.

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Maggie Jiang, Tong Yao and Mao Xiao Tong seek happiness in Nothing But Thirty

Modern female-centric drama Nothing But Thirty (三十而已) features three vastly different women who seek happiness and independence in their thirties. Leading the pack is Maggie Jiang playing a strong and independent women, with both brains and beauty. But just as she quickly falls in love and gets married, she also quickly finds out their differences are hurdles to jump over. Tong Yao is a model house-wife to a successful CEO and discovers that another woman is lingering around her hubby. And lastly, Mao Xiao Tong plays an ordinary wife who finds success in her novels, turning her into the bread winner of the family, stirring frustrated feelings in her husband.

Airing 7/17!

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My Best Friend’s Story starring Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni Begins Filming

My Best Friend’s Story (流金岁月) officially announced casting in Chen Dao Ming, Dong Zi Jian, Liu Shi Shi, Ni Ni, Tian Yu, Tony Yang and Yang Le. Based on a novel by Yi Shu, the screenplay is written by Qin Wen and directed by Shen Yan (The Rise of Phoenixes). The director and scriptwriter last collaborated for the drama The First Half of My Life, which was also based on a novel by the same author. This is Ni Ni’s second time working with the director. Filming began 4/28.

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Serenade of Peaceful Joy with Wang Kai and Jiang Shu Ying to air in April

I don’t know about you guys but the wing flaps above really promote social distancing, atm. XD FYI.

Previously known as Held In the Lonely Castle, Serenade of Peaceful Joy (清平乐) is the new English title, and the historical drama stars Wang Kai and Jiang Shu Ying. It’s based on the novel written by Milan Lady and follows the life of Emperor Renzong of Song, played by Wang Kai, as he discovers an ultimate secret to his birth. He learns that his mother is the Empress Dowager’s maidservant. To repay his family out of filial piety, he marries his beloved daughter, played by Ren Min, to the Li’s descendant Li Wei. But the marriage is nothing picture-perfect and our outspoken princess falls in love with her eunuch. She eventually runs back to the palace with him and her action causes an uproar in the government, forcing her father, the Emperor into a catch 22 – does he want to fight for her happiness, or does he want to stabilize the government?

Begins airing on 4/6!

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New Trailers: Legend of Fei, The Oath of Love, Joy of Life, Nothing But Thirty, The Pillow Book

At the airport! XD

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Updates: Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s The Greatest Craftsman, Janice Wu’s Black Lighthouse, Xing Zhao Lin’s Blowing In The Wind

Happy Friday!! I’m so happy! Even though I have work this weekend. xD

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Cdrama Updates: The Glory of Tang Dynasty, The Lost Tomb Reboot, Held In the Lonely Castle, The Killing of Three Thousands Crows, Huan Zhu Ge Ge Reunion

Haven’t done this ginormous post in a while and I almost forgot how time-consuming it was.

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Xu Lu and Yang Le’s Prince Coffee Lab finally gets green light to air!

It’s always nice to see a shelved drama get off the…shelf! In this case, it’s the rom-com remake of Korean series Coffee Prince with Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. The Chinese remake stars the adorable Xu Lu and Yang Le. Story of the original; a cool rich guy who doesn’t care much for responsibilities and lives life freely, until his grandmother gives him an ultimatum by forcing him to take over a small run-down coffee shop to show her that he’s an adult. He does and hires good-looking young men to charge the place and lure in customers. Our female lead, a tomboy and the sole breadwinner of her family, accepts the job offer and keeps her gender a secret. Thinking that she’s really a male, our hero hires her to play his gay lover to ward off the numerous blind dates his grandma sets him up with. Bickering soon develops into something more and our hero begins to question his sexuality.

Prince Coffee Lab starts airing today 8/29!

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