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** General Questions About this Blog **

1) How come your blog doesn’t have all the dramas airing?
– Picking dramas to upload depends on two factors:
1. Uploader’s Interest (Why upload something we don’t like?)
2. Supporters (Comments & Download hits) Lurkers, be aware! Speak up!

Links to unpopular dramas die within a few weeks, unfortunately. And we don’t have the resource nor manpower to reupload.

2) Where can I find subtitles for your RAW videos?
– The link to the subbing group is always listed in the post. Read the NOTE section carefully. We ARE NOT A SUBBING GROUP.

3) How do I play a video file with subtitle?
– Step 1. Name your video file (avi) AND your subtitle file (srt OR ass) the SAME exact name.
—> Gumiho.avi
—> Gumiho.srt
Step 2: Place the video and subtitle in the same folder.
Step 3: Use a video player to play the episode. Recommended players include: VLC Player and Media Player Classic. Personally, I use GOM player.

Here’s picture:

4) Subtitle is not showing up?
– Check list: Video file and Sub file have the same name? Your player is up-to-date with new codecs? Try using a different video player.

5) Can I repost your links?
– For download links, please direct people here instead. Screen captures you can repost elsewhere but please upload them to your own hosting service (photobucket, imageshack, etc) & give full credit to this site. *Note: (6.20.11) This overrides the other rules that I haven’t removed in the individual post!

6) Where can I find this (insert drama name)?
– There are a lot of open sources out there. Google them. To name a few:
Medium Quality

7) Where can I find information/episodes/subtitle about this __show’s name__?
– Strong Heart: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Strong_Heart_Forum/
– Running Man: http://www.isubs-squad.com/
– Star King: (On Hiatus) http://z7.invisionfree.com/starkingsubs/index.php?act=idx
– KShowNow: http://www.kshownow.net/

8) What do I do with RAR//ZIP file?
– You need a file-extracting program. Download WinRar OR WinZip to open files contained in the folder. After you downloaded the program. Click on your compressed file > right click > extract. A new folder containing the songs will appear!

On a Mac, our supporters (Griffin + Spress) have recommended Rar Expander and The Unarchiver.

9) What can I do to show my appreciation?
I’m glad you ask! There are several ways:
1) To keep the links alive, direct your friends here to download! Sharing is caring!
2) Comment or Like the page (Show your support!! I don’t bite! RAWR!)
3) Uploading the episodes/ost to a different host:

Have a file host to recommend? Let us know in the comment!

10) Video is “Temporarily Unavailable”?
– Click refresh OR download at a later time. There might be heavy internet traffic in your area. For Mediafire links, unless it says “DELETED” we’re not going to reupload.

11) How do I join split files?
1) 7-Zip file manager from here and install it if you do not already have it.
2) Make sure you have downloaded all parts of the episode.
3) Select all downloaded parts (.001, .002, etc.)
4) Right click on a file > select 7-Zip > click an Extract option.
5) The parts will be fully pieced together and ready to be viewed.
6) Enjoy your drama.

This is only one alternative to do it. You can use other programs if you prefer, such as FFSJ or HJsplit.

12) How to play subtitle in real player?
– Solution 1 (provided by hanana): Ditch Real player. Download Media Classic Player and Real Alternative Codec.
– Solution 2: Download GOM player, it plays almost everything, including rmvb files.

13) Where do you find these variety shows/dramas subbed?
– There are several sources if you google.

14) Where is the password?
– Unless the password is stated within the post (somewhere close to the download link) then…
– You have the OPTION to join and follow A Virtual Voyage’s Twitter to gain access to password protected content. Once you click the follow button, you are bound to respect our contents to never leave its premise, so NO reposting/retweeting/exploiting passwords elsewhere. It’s the smallest gesture from you to gain something so worthwhile and interesting.

Keep in mind, you will always have the choice NOT to agree and respect our requirements. If no, then expect NO special treatment. You may search an alternative site who caters to your liking.

You REALLY wanna know why we protect our contents, then find out HERE.

All twitter related passwords are found under FAVORITES list (as illustrated below):



15) What is the difference between cut and uncut versions of Cdramas?
– After broadcasting stations (Hunantv, DragonTV, etc) buy the copyrights to air dramas, they also get to slice and dice each episode as they see fit to their airing schedule. Cutting out scenes = TV Version.
– The uncut version (no scenes edited out) comes from various sources. They can come from the original DVDs or from streaming websites (sohu, qiyi, etc) which have no restrictions so they stream the episodes as they are, a full 45 minutes run.
– You can tell the difference between two versions by the logo of the broadcasting stations at the left hand corner. The uncut version does not have that.

16) How to Download from…..

1. go4up.com

Go4up basically uploads our files to multiple file hosts out there, which means less time from us, more mirror links for you guys.

3 columns. HOST — LINK — DOWNLOAD: Pick your host and go to the center column, click on the designated link, and it should direct you to the host’s site. Most of you guys are free users so just pick “Free Download”.



2. Solid Files



3. Jumbofiles



4. Filecloud

Step 1: Scroll down the page

Step 2: Enter captcha if you’re not a member

Step 3:


5. Kingfiles

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: *remember to unchecked the box for software. You DO NOT need the software/installer for any DL website!


4. Multiupload.ORG

Step 1:

Step 2:

Popular hosts from Multiupload.ORG





Questions? Comments? Confusions? Please ask them below!

  1. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Hi! I’m trying to download the RealAlternative codec so that I can play some of your dramas on MPC but for some reason when I install it (ver 2.0.2) I’m still unable to play the video, MPC saying that it cannot render the file as it’s not supported which means the RA codec isn’t working.. Is it just me or..? Can you help me, please? Thank you!

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Try getting Real Alternative 1.80 (the most updated version didn’t seem to work for me. So i just stuck with 1.80, however you may want to try the most updated version first) I use it with my media player to play RMVB files (:

  2. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    I was wondering if it is ok if I inform you about Last Autumn (Korean movie 2010) is out to Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:




    Coming Soon ! : http://www.asiancinematic.com/Korean-Movies/Late-Autumn.html

    Late Autumn (2010-South Korea Movie)

    Description: A woman imprisoned after killing her husband is allowed her release. On her way to Seattle, a man gets on the same bus. Introducing himself as a fellow Korean, he borrows the bus fare from her and leaves his watch behind. When the two meet again in Seattle, they feel an attachment to each other. This is a remake of Korean film of the same title directed by Lee Man-hee-I. Starring Chinese actress Tang Wei and South Korean actor Hyeon Bin, this love story depicts people abandoned by society. Their story also reflects the current situation of minority groups in the United States. From among many beautifully composed scenes, the amusement park scene is truly amazing. When the two see a white couple talking each other, they dub over the conversation with their own story by watching the couple’s lips. By doing this, the two organically reveal their own hurts. The scene gives the impression of a film within a film-a characteristic of director Kim Tae-yong.

    Late Autumn Cast: Hyeon Bin, Tang Wei, Kim Jun-Seong, Kim Seo-Ra, John Wu, Lucy Yang

  3. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    hey, i was wondering can you put this on ipod nano? im downloading the 360 p one. sry idk these things that well ><""

  4. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Hi! I’m trying to download “Big” from Nekaka (from episode 6 onwards), but it says that the file has been expired.
    Next I can see a “Try recover it” link, but as soon as I try clicking on it a Payment window pops up!
    Then I tried to download another drama, and the link was ok, but I couldn’t click on download button becasue the Payment windows immediately popped up.
    What’s happend? By any chance Nekaka doesn’t work anymore? I mean, is it not free anymore?

  5. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    say the running violin tune in the faith episode 16 in the beginning its my favourite please…………….

  6. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q


    Please do accept my follow on twitter, @lolipopzlynn_r5 .

    Would really love to get the password for Itazura Na Kiss OST.


  7. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    I don’t want to spam on CR thread so better I ask here.

    Haha I dunno lah ^^ I think I already follow the tag you gave me but once again I failed :p
    What the html tag for gif.. is it

  8. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q


    Please do accept my twitter, @emmycute

    Would really love to get the password for Paradise Kiss OST.


  9. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Just read the whole FAQ section and just one small change then your movement/family will be the best. Nevertheless, I am very thankful. I know some really great people (though most of them are not from an organization), who are really very eager to “share” aka pirate.

    Putting passwords for the downloads or adding adfy. I know the latter don’t really matter that much as long as it is unobtrusive. Also, protecting your content is also not a bad thing. But, in the end protecting your content and adding adfy is not really that important. This is what I observed with the previous statement I said about knowing “really great people”: they don’t care what others do with their releases, and they release it “as is” sharing it to others. Most really great people I know don’t do it on full time too. But, if they do, they are also “earning” from it, through so many different ways aside from adding “short” links to their links just like a “donation”. I suggest to add that feature on your website too.

    Lastly, can’t things be done automatically? I’m very new to programming and I don’t know how to do it. But, I heard through some scripts you can make your job easier. Maybe you are even doing it already. Anyways, great website! Thank you! And now I am not a lurker already too, but I don’t think I can comment frequently, since I rarely communicate and I will only do it when I needed to. Ultimately last, are all of your release MP3 320K? Tho, I don’t bother any other format since I myself don’t care about the slight differences b/w MP3 and FLAC.

    PS. So far, I have not encountered an adfy or password protected content from your site, since I just discovered it today.

  10. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Update: I think, not all of your releases are worth it. These pw protected contents are mind bugging. Making me shun from it and choose a better “alternative”, but so far, not bad. Just not best. I kinda like your fact, but these pw protected content, and low quality encodes and some poor choice of Kdrama OST release are tiring… Not bad enough though, just not that good.

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Wow, the amount of “suppressed” rudeness in one comment is appalling and not an ounce of appreciation for the work they put in FOR FREE.

      “not all your releases are worth it”

      it’s the person’s own free will, you don’t have to download it from here. just go to YOUR better alternatives.

      “poor choice of kdrama ost”

      Really? insulting a person sharing their own favorite osts? we don’t share the same likes and dislikes. so uncalled for!! I guess one person’s trash is another person’s treasure rings true here.

      “low quality encode”

      I don’t see you spending hours doing encodes. if you’re gonna criticize, do it constructively.

      and sorry to the members of AVV for speaking up. i love this website. i go here for the people and the friendly environment so this comment just rub me the wrong way. its like he/she is trying to sound NICE but not really. lol.

  11. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Please accep my twitter @05lolipop . I want to know the password for tokyo in love ost pleassseeee….

  12. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    I added you on my twitter, but I can’t find the passwords and the photos you posted aren’t loading on my computer. thanks…

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Passwords are located in My Favorites List on twitter. As for photos not loading, I don’t know why… working fine on my end.

  13. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q


    Please do accept my follow on twitter, @sketchjjj

    Would really love to get the password for Itazura Na Kiss OST.

    Thank you. 🙂

  14. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Can someone post the link for the track in blood episode 4 (42:15 to 43:05) ….. I can’t seem to find it…

  15. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    i already send a following request on your twitter. i hope you can accept it soon ^^ (i’m @vidiaf anyway)

  16. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    please accept my twitter @azwazahra2
    i need the password of refresh man ost.
    thanks.. ^_^

  17. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    hi please accept my request on twitter @juicesephine
    I would like to download the OST for Hormones
    thank you!

  18. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Not sure if I’m posting this in the correct place. But do you know if there’s a way for me to download OSTs/dramas while using adblock? I know for multiupload, they don’t allow adblock and you would have to pay to avoid ads. My concern is that I’m getting viruses through the ads that pop up while I’m trying to get to the host site.

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Hey Kitty, please follow this link (zoom in to see clearer) and use the tips to help you download with adblock. I hate ads too! 🙂

      • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

        Thanks for the quick response! You’re a life saver! I’ll be referring to that link from now on. 😀

  19. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Hello. Is it still available to get the pw of ITAKISS2 OST ALBUM? please… I followed you on your twitter… I hope you accept me so I can open the zip file … I swear… I will never jeopardize your rules.

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Never too late dear. I accept almost everyone. Just head to our twitter and scroll down the “LIKES” section for all the passwords to soundtracks! 🙂

  20. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Hello, I think you’re inactive but if you’re not, can you please accept @mishameinan ‘s follow request? I would like to know the pass of the zip, thank you!

  21. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    Hi, I recently am not getting email updates as often as I used to from this website, which I love to read. The website told me I unsubscribed, which I felt I would not do. So I went to wordpress.com to manage subscriptions, but I cannot see the dropdown menu where it says “frequency of delivery- immediate, weekly, etc” and it has a green jetpack square symbol next to the “virtual voyage” name. I would still like to receive these updates in my email. I am not sure if I will still get these updates like before, although I recently resubscribed. I’m not sure what’s going on, can you offer some kind of explanation or what I can do?

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Hi Jessy! I contacted wordpress to see if there’s any glitch in the system but they haven’t replied back yet. On my end, I never tweak the subscriber buttons or emails. I checked my own subscription box and I’m still receiving emails whenever the site updates.

      My Own Setting (but I have never tweaked these before): Pic 1 // Pic 2

      I hope your issue resolve soon! Please keep me posted! 🙂

      • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

        Hi Kappy,
        Thanks for reaching out to wordpress! I honestly do not know what else I can do from my end, because it keeps saying I have unsubscribed, so now I just have to check back and forth manually for updates. Mine looks just like your pic 1, and there is not an option in between to pick immediate updates (what I usually have). I also have gone to the pic 2, and there is an area like that too.
        If wordpress does respond to you, please let me know too!
        Thank you~

        • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

          I will! I don’t get the option to pick updates frequency either (but I did check yesterday and with my settings, the emails are sent immediately when I updated) Really hope it does get resolved on its own. Sigh ~

  22. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    I’m following the page on Twitter but I cannot find a favorites section on your page. If you need to accept me than here is my twitter handle –

  23. 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

    May I ask what the names of the software and or services you use to translate and add subtitles?

    • 56 thoughts on “F.A.Q

      Maymay is our main translator, she does the translation from Chinese to English.

      Then Lin uses aigesub to time the translation and make the subtitle look pretty with colors and chosen fonts. Then I burn the sub into the video (aka hardsub, you can use any software with this function. One tutorial is here.)

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