Previews of Upcoming Tencent (mostly) Cdramas 2023

I’m embarrassed to say it took me four days to compile this list. In the past, only 2 days! A galore of Trailers and new stills!

Which drama (s) are you looking forward to?

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Scifi drama Humans: Chinese adaptation of British Tv Series with Ma Tian Yu and Qi Wei

China is venturing out more huh? Humans (你好安怡) is an adaptation of British TV show with 3 seasons (each with 8 episodes) back in 2015 – 2018. But even that was based on a Swedish science fiction drama called Real Humans in 2012. To quote Wiki, The series focuses on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called “synths.” In the Chinese Version, our hero played by Ma Tian Yu is out looking for his beloved robots while trying to dodge the pursuit of Professor Huo. His father created four to be his siblings, and three were stolen. One of the robot is played by Qi Wei, now with her memory wiped, she’s bought by a family to help do household chores (the year is 2035 and we are that advanced, lol). However, she begins to display very human-like qualities, causing chaos between the husband and wife.

Airing 2/19!

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Xianxia drama Chen Yuan with Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu wrapped up filming

Chen Yuan (尘缘) is adapted from the novel written by Yan Yu Jiang Nan. This novel is often compared to Zhu Xian aka The Legend of Chusen. The novel opens up with us following a male character who was born holding a magical blue stone. He excels in all his studies and his parents have high hopes for the boy but he only wants to learn about cultivation. Turns out, he was an immortal who was punished to the mortal realm and this is his last reincarnation. The blue stone is our female lead. The drama synopsis says our female lead and the immortal involved with her were both punished to the mortal realm for letting a demon go. But they promise to meet again no matter what. I’m still a little confused about the story so I will update once I get further into the plot/novel. If anyone wants to fill me in, please do. Lol.

The drama remains quiet throughout its entire filming (started in 11/2020) and even ended on a rather low beat as well. I wonder why. I do miss seeing Ma Tian Yu and Angelababy does look effortlessly beautiful in the stills below.

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More dramas to air: The Duke of Mount Deer 2020, The Best of Times, Unbending Will, My Supernatural Power, The Impossible 3

Some of these dramas I don’t even remember being filmed! Lol! Another batch or individual posts to come soon ~

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COVID-19 Anthology Cdrama – Together, with Ten Different Stories and Cast Members

I did not expect that in my lifetime there would be a global pandemic happening. It is – still is, very tough. Working in a major hospital, I was very fortunate to have a job through Covid but there were definitely some selfish moments where I just wanted to stay home and stay away from the hospital, where protocols and procedures keep changing every single day as we learned more things about the virus. Colleagues falling sick and hospital dispatching some of us to different areas, sometimes unrelated to our job; some smaller hospitals were sending my co-workers to work at the morgue. >.<”

I don’t know what to expect from these dramas but maybe all we need is a little thing called hope to keep us moving forward. Having this blog and some of you guys to chat with has always been the anchor of my sanity. So thank-you for that! Stay healthy, stay informed, stay connected, and stay calm! We are in this together.

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Friday Photoshoots: Deng Lun, Qin Lan, Tong Li Ya and More

 photo bannerpf.jpg

I’m back, after disappearing only a week into these posts~. One of the things you’ll learn about me, is my lack of consistency, but to make up for the absence I’ve hand picked more than I should have for this week. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Join us on Discord for more photoshoots, since Kappy was very logical in her approach that sharing more would not be a treat for everyone’s bandwidth.

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Friday Photoshoots: Jing Bo Ran, Song Yi, Liu Shi Shi, Yang Yang and More

 photo FP2606.png
The weekend has started~.  Here’s a wrap up of photoshoots of the week.  Kappy told me to take over, but what she doesn’t realised is that I’m biased and there are a small handful of people I actually keep up to date on.

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Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu’s My Mowgli Boy to air in the last days of August

I hope you like Tarzan cause Ma Tian Yu is channeling one in this new modern drama! Lol. Yang Zi’s popularity is off the charts so her dramas are airing left and right. Qiyi has subbed most of the trailers and previews down below so you guys can check them out. Will this drama pull me out of my drama slump? I have always preferred my leading ladies to be more jaded than the boys. HA. 😉

My Mowgli Boy begins airing tomorrow 8/29. August is almost over?!
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