Friday Photoshoots: Deng Lun, Qin Lan, Tong Li Ya and More

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I’m back, after disappearing only a week into these posts~. One of the things you’ll learn about me, is my lack of consistency, but to make up for the absence I’ve hand picked more than I should have for this week. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Join us on Discord for more photoshoots, since Kappy was very logical in her approach that sharing more would not be a treat for everyone’s bandwidth.

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Friday Photoshoots: Jing Bo Ran, Song Yi, Liu Shi Shi, Yang Yang and More

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The weekend has started~.  Here’s a wrap up of photoshoots of the week.  Kappy told me to take over, but what she doesn’t realised is that I’m biased and there are a small handful of people I actually keep up to date on.

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Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu’s My Mowgli Boy to air in the last days of August

I hope you like Tarzan cause Ma Tian Yu is channeling one in this new modern drama! Lol. Yang Zi’s popularity is off the charts so her dramas are airing left and right. Qiyi has subbed most of the trailers and previews down below so you guys can check them out. Will this drama pull me out of my drama slump? I have always preferred my leading ladies to be more jaded than the boys. HA. 😉

My Mowgli Boy begins airing tomorrow 8/29. August is almost over?!
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Cdrama Updates: The Best of You In My Mind, Healer Of Children, The Controllers, Fighting Youth

This post is a week late. x)

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Drama Updates: Our Glamorous Time, The Legend of White Snake, Never Gone, Royal Highness, Detective L

Quite a few trailers to watch out for and some new premiering dramas this upcoming week! What will be your picks?

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First Impression: What do you think of Wallace Chung and Sun Yi’s All Out Of Love?

Melo…with 70 episodes… *gulp gulp*

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All Out of Love: Sun Yi torn between Wallace Chung and Ma Tian Yu

Can we go ahead and give the title of Melo Queen to Sun Yi? After Siege In Fog, she’s back in another melo drama to wrench out some more tears, with Wallace Chung and Ma Tian Yu at her side. All Out of Love, adapted from novel Liang Sheng Wo Men Ke Bu Ke Yi Bu You Shang will hit your small screen on 9/17!

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Drama Updates: All Out of Love, Buried City To Shut All Lights, Detective L, Mr. Swimmer

I thought I had a long weekend because of labor day, but I signed up to work on Saturday…. what’s wrong with me! Lol.

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