Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


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— Part 1 —
01. Sorry, I love you – Big Mama Soul
02. A thousand Kisses – Just

— Part 2 —
01. Goodbye – Marigold

— Part 3 —
01. Believe Me – Tim

— Part 4 —
01. Sweet My Love – Bada

— Part 5 —
01. Missing Love – Han Sun Wook

Download All 5 Parts // Mirror

— Ji Hyun Woo’s Single —
01. A Baby Elephant
02. Nice Addiction *Song he sang in Ep.12, right?
03. Kid

LINK IS DEAD for Single. Please do share links if you still have it!

Extra Songs / Song Rips by Moi!
01. Hello – Yui (Ep.3)
02. Woo Bin’s Serenade – Ji Hyun Woo (Ep.12) *ripped version

Alice: A post for fans to spazz and spread the good words for A Thousand Kisses! I’m going to get on this drama soon, what do you like most about it?

Favorite song is “Sorry, I love you” by BMS!

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    Such a tender and romantic mv by Svetusikls4…. I think I need to watch this drama….


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      and…that may also mean..you’ll be making banners out of it..weee!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Yes Tessa! I must be bored or something cause I made some banners for this drama despite not watching it. 😀 I’ll display them when Thursday comes….a last gift for fans of the drama. ^^

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    Finally we’re on page 3!! Haha!! Was about time

    Tessa i also did not like the RT ending, i was ranting in the cbox with frea. Yeah Yong Tae might be the future version of the Prince but it still didn’t seem like it. I feel that had Lee Gak come to the future in YT”S body then it might seem more like its the same person, but because they had separate bodies it felt like they were two different individuals. Its like Bak Ha fell love with one guy and she’s starting all over again with different one. LG’s soul should have come from the past and be in YT’s body

    Gaaaaaah i have so much to say!!! I’ve been trying to catch up with all the new dramas that started that’s why i’ve been away for so long. So far my top dramas are A Gentleman’s Dignity, Ghost and Gaksikal. I Do I Do is meh and Dr Jin is plain yuck!

    A Gentleman’s Dignity
    I looooooove this drama! It is so funny! I was not keen on this drama but boy am i glad i decided to watch this – if you guys are not watching this one jump on this wagon asap – i’ll make you even if you don’t want to

    OMG this is goooooooood!!!! You have to watch this one – its kinda like the movie Face-Off – i have officially caught the So Ji Sub fever and more than happy to spread it! I got so into it i was leaning into my screen to see what they were looking. Its so much mystery and intrigue, its slick and just hooks you in. I don’t know even know how to describe it – i’ll just say exciting!

    Gaksikal/Bridal Mask
    Was definitely sure i was not going to watch this one cos i didn’t think the timeline would be interesting but again am glad i dd! Though i do not like Ma Juna’s yelling and his face when he does (the main lead was Ma Jun in Baker King Kim Tagoo). I never liked Ma Jun in Baker King and am not too fond of him either in this one but am sure he’ll grow on me. I think he has good chemistry with the lead actress – she was irritating in The Duo but i find her beautiful in this. This drama is like an All Star get together – you see see all the familiar big wig celebrities. This drama has my two thumbs up, its a good watch so far. The actors have great acting chops so high hopes for this one being a quality drama

    I Do I Do
    Its ok, has its haha moments. The dad from Protect The Boss is not as funny and violent as he was in PTB. Atleast this time its the girl who’s rich and not the guy – its so weird seeing the guy poor. This drama i would have not bothered at all to watch but i like Kim Sun Ah and there’s another actress i like, she was in New Tales of Gisaeng and i really liked her in there so i wanna see her in this – she plays the cow who makes life miserable/goes against KSA

    Dr. Jin
    This drama was just sheeeesh! Didn’t like it from the start and ep 2 p***ed me off so much!!! I was yelling at my screen going “the director/PD is so stupid, the writes are stupid, Park Min Young’s (her character) stupid” I can’t remember a drama i watched in recent times or ever where the first two eps had me hating it and cursing the people behind it. This drama is edging closer to the cliff and if they keep up the stupidity am pushing it off the cliff

    So what are you guys watching? If you have too much on your plate and are not watching any of my dramas i would advise you to drop Dr. Jin and/or I Do I Do and take up AGD and Ghost cos they are so worth it

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    Tessa, I was trying to like HDJ but after what he did to HJ – the water and hitting her with the pillow am so over him! He’s become a little prick now. What ep are you on? Just watched 13 and waiting for ep 14
    Can you believe only 2 more eps till the end of the series T_T * sniffle* It just started!!! How can it end so soon, it was just building up we haven’t yet come to a climax of the tension – we need like 2 or 3 nail biting eps

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    Annette! omigosh you’re back! we really missed you, seriously! First, how was your exams? i hope you didn’t answer korean dramas..hihi..=)

    QIM: i can’t believe it myself, it’s ending next week..will watch ep 13 now..had to wait for the perfect subs..that MV that Kap posted above..im telling you, i downloaded it & transferred it to my cellphone..haha! soo romantic! im gonna miss that guy again! how come it’s only 16 eps?should have been longer!
    DrJIN: haha..i wished they didn’t have to go on the time warping path..the writers lacked ideas..what a waste for PMY! she could have chosen better roles..

    ok here’s my explanation: i was caught up with those “expected dramas” ( DJ, IDID) i thought they would be so good, i downloaded all of them there was no room for my So Ji Sub..(man,he’s so gorgeous there!) but i had downloaded Gentleman’s dignity already and i have watched ep 1..it’s good & Funny!
    Ghost, i haven’t watched it becuz no one’s spazzing about it & i thought okay,i’ll drop it for a while..like there’s no one out there spazz like you do! haha! so,okay i need to clear my harddrive again! to make room for upcoming dramas!

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      I did ok on the exam but a little disappointed cos i know i could have done better had i put more effort, thanks!
      Atleast its multiple choice, had it been short answer i wud def have writtern korean drama! Hahaha!

      Am also watching IDID, need me some KSA and fluff. I think her hairstyle and makeup is hot, and some of her outfits are great too. Wish i could get her cut as well but sadly i don’t think the shape of my face is suited for short hairstyles.

      In my opinion i’d say Ghost is miles better than Dr, Jin. Ghost is so much more different from all dramas i’ve been watching and i am really enjoying the change is pace. Might not be you’re cup of tea but i’d say give it a try. I do have a fear about this drama, i feel like after the novelty and excitement has worn off there’s not gonna be much to go on. I’m hoping the drama will be able to sustain itself and continue to bring in more clever twists. They are delving into a world am not very knowledgeable about – the internet police and that is interesting for me cos i’m learning/seeing more about that works but once that wears off i need smart plotlines to keep me going, so we’ll see…

      AGD you have to keep watching it gets funnier and funnier! OMG you should watch especially the beginning of ep 4! Funniest scene! Luv it! So far my fav gentleman in Im Tae Sung (i think that’s his name) he’s one of the architect guys, not the really skinny one but the one dating the lead girl’s friend. I wish the lead girl would end up with him but i think she’s gonna end up w/ the skinny architect

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        * Correction – the funny scene was actually the beginning of ep 3 of AGD not ep 4

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          oh i can give “Ghost” a try..i don’t mind watching suspense/thriller…i love CSI and prison break..with So Ji Sub oppa i’ll give it a go!

          Good thing Kap finaaallllyy decided to watch QIM..=) i guess we sweet tortured her with our spazz..haha!
          Annette, look here: so excited for those..the drama’s too short..i want more..i want more of those HJ’s sweet,naive self in front of GBD..i didn’t like her first..but her expressions was getting better..so ok, go gurl!


          how about BIG? good?

          Kap, another MV!!! omo, wait lemme see my mobile if it has enough memory..=)

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          Just watched ep 14 of QIM and i was a bit confused, the ending seemed like the finale but after i went to the link you put up – they are so adorable – it seems there are two more eps. I can’ t think what else is there to see. He’s now in the present so maybe they’ll show him trying to adjust e.g. get s job? I don’t see any other storyline at this point

          Watched eps 1 and 2 of Big.I thought it would start with a bang like the other dramas that just started but it was soso.I’m not terribly excited about it but its an ok watch. The body sawp happened in the first ep and i think things got better after the swap, especially ep 2 when the boy starts to live in Gong Yoo’s body. Ep 2 had some great laughs, at the moment its just like IDID, something light and silly

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Another thing i don’t like about Big is the lead actress is another bumbling idiot. Why oh why do they do this? She’s yet another spineless snail, i was hoping for someone strong and assertive. And it looks like Gong Yoo’s character was a good fiance. It seems like he didn’t want to be her fiance, like he was forced/doing it out of duty or something. Stuff that he had hidden is coming out, am just wondering how its going to end when the guys go back to their respective bodies. If she falls in love with the kid in her fiance’s body and they switch back, what then? I thought that the fiance would wake up in the boy’s body and fall in love with her but the boy’s body hasn’t woken up

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          just like you,watched QIM ep 14..my heart was stopping at the arrow shooting..y’know i was thinkin before he goes to the modern time..believe me,i was like in my seat uttering..”bring some treasure…bring some relics..it’ll make you rich”..haha! coz i was kinda worried about him getting a job or something..but i thought of something HJ told him, that he could he could get a job as a history professor..as he was the “expert” in that field..haha! we can’t blame him for crying like that,saying he feeels like an orphan in this modern time..leaving his past life behind..it’s a crucial decision on his part..but if it wasn’t for HJ, i don’t think he would be doing that..anyway, he could be dead long time ago.. and then when he was gone leavng behing his hat & sword..i was again like” why did you leave the sword?it’ll make a big fortune”..hahaha!
          I didn’t really notice that in the hospital ER, they were both there until i saw the flashback…i was really thinking in ep 13 when he left the hosp,he was looking about the place..it was then i understand that he was planning to get back there in the hosptal..brilliant!
          I am def goin to miss this drama..and one more thing, i wishes that GBD would just bring the “gisaeng girl” with him in the future..and find a man for him..hehe..felt sorry for her..a talisman she made for him is both a good & a bad one..good for him & bad for her..awww..=(

          So, Big? ok to watch..i’ll be downloading them in a little while..will watch AGD ep 2..hehe..a little behind..but i’ll catch up soon..=)
          ok i came across this photo of Jang Dong Gun..and i have decided i will watch this even more..isn’t he so hot in there?is it really him?omo! georgeous! chek it out..


          i can’t help but agree with your comments on the Cbox ’bout Jaejoong’s performance in TSDJ..he’s so stiff..Kap is right,his tone might be okay..but he needs to do something bout his acting..ok,let’s give him a chance, there’s always a first time in everything..except for Mickey Yoochun, who is exceptional in his “sageuk roles”as you call it..he did well in Sungkyunkwan scandal..

          So QIM ending this week..what’s our next spazz?=)

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          OMG Tessa i was screaming – and drooling – when i saw that picture of Jang Dong Gun!! AAAHHHH! Boy is hot
          Sadly he doesn’t look like that in this drama, he has a terrible haircut and he’s really skinny I think he needs to put on some weight, maybe grow his hair like in the picture. I think maybe in this picture he was younger, he possibly could still look this good despite being older – i think him being skinny makes him look older

          “Bring the relics i’ll make you rich” Hahaha! But that would have been a good idea cos he certainly wont need them in Joseon he might as well sell them. I felt for him when he was crying, he literally gave up everything for HJ – actually he would have died so he gained life by going to the future. I’m sure it was hard for him but he had no choice cos it he was going to die. The comforting part for him is that HJ is there for him.
          Am not sure the gisaeng chick would have adapted to modern times and remember she wanted GBD for herself so it wouldn’t sit well to see him with the woman “who took him away from her and everyone else”

          When i was watching the hospital scene when he comes back i also remembered when he was looking around

          There’s something about JJ voice that just puts me off, it does not feel convincing. Idk if its cos he can’t deliver his lines well but he’s really bad

          Ok next spazz, what are you watching right now? For me its: Ghost, AGD, Gaksital, IDID, Big, Locked Room Mystery (Jdrama am watching with Alice and its about to end anyway), Dr. Jin – which i think i’ll drop sometime soon, Absolute Boyfriend and Fondant Garden – these last two watch sporadically. Which of these are you watching?

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          havent watched QIM’s last 2 episodes..saving the best for last..=) im waiting for the subs to come out..im avoiding some spoilers..haha..so puhleez don’t spazz anything yet..

          tell you what, i downloaded “BIG” thrice..imagine that..the first two were so slow it doesn’t match with the audio..don’t know what seems to be the problem..i can’t DL here ‘coz the files are too big for my hardrive….so i had to go somewhere..it frustrates me..but it’s ok now..if found the right ones..but havent watch them yet..
          Absolute BF,i dropped it already..might get back to it sometime if i feel like it..
          downloaded I love Lee tae ri but the subs aren’t out yet..IDID–not dropping it..hehe..i need some laughter..AGD too,but i can’t spazz about it yet coz i have only watched the 1st episode..Ghost,i’ll be downloading soon..im quite busy these days..Time slip DJ,still watching it even it’s gross to watch..ewwrrkk! the surgery scenes!

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          Awww that’s so cute! I still remember when Hyun Woo confessed his feeling two weeks ago, her agency denied, calling him “reckless/rash”. And look what happens now. They’re rebelling publicly!

          But he’s going to be shipped to the army soon. gah for the couple! At least they have 16 episodes of memories – on and off screen. Plus this one month. 🙂

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          @KAP: what? he’s enlisting?omo! they are so cute together aren’t they?love love love! so nice to be in love!
          Link of memories! i love that!

          Annette: aha! you are making us miss u more! You saw me in the Cbox?haha! i had to! i needed some help..but it’s okay now..=)
          Take your time gurl! btw, i loooove GHOST! it sooo good!

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          Ji Hyun Woo is set to be enlisted on July 3rd. Sigh. New couple breaks off so soon!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Tessa you’re watching Ghost?!!!! Yay i have a spazz buddy!! Good, now that am busy it’ll give you time to catch up, ii think i stopped at ep 6, can’t wait to catch up!

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          What?seriously Kap? i only watched 2 dramas of his and I miss him already..oh well, time flies so fast..

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        OMG Annette, have you finished QIM? can’t get enough of it..had to watch all over again..

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Tessa!!! Sorry for the long absence, been busy with school and work.

          Yes finally the subs came out and i got to watch the last 2 eps, and of course was happy with the ending! And OMG they’re dating in real life??!!! Good for them, they are so cute together! I’m happy for them, really loved them in the drama they were so sweet, luv it luv it 😀

          I’m still tied up with some things but as soon as i’m done we can spazz on all the dramas we’re watching. There’ll be lots of eps to talk about so i can’t wait! Although i’ll stop by to say hello, and nice to see you in the cbox 😛

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yep, Im watching Ghost, and i love it..it takes out the analytical mind out of you.. so i have to catch up..ima little behind..i love AGD too..they crack me up! haha..

          I do I do: i felt sorry for those doctors, they don’t stand a chance..Since “Best Love” & ” Scent of a Woman”, these doctors are adorable..but, are they just too boring for our lead actresses?=)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Just saw the screenshots of IDID ep 10,but i haven’t watch it yet..OMG..simmering romance! about time!

  5. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    oh wait ..

    I do, I do: just another Rom-Com! but nevertheless, i love KSA..im watching her dramas no matter what..=)
    but seriously if you ask me..i don’t love the guy! too boyish? but you know what i love about this drama?
    KSA’s hairstyle! oh my,it’s so chic! i am crazily thinkin cutting my hair! she looks good on it! and the shoeess! omigosh!! love those!

    RTP ending: darn,darn,darn!!!! *pout*

  6. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Hopelessly in love with “Same Sky, Different Time”

    I have decided to watch this drama after it’s done airing. The temptation is magnetic but I resisted it! I can’t be longing for it week after week like a drug addict. Marathon-ing for the win! 😛

    hahah Annette, why so angry at Dr.Jin dear? Park Min Young lands herself in another “vase” and “safe” role. Jae Joong Hero is stiff, but I don’t mind his saguek tone. What he needs to improve on is his movement. Seems like he’s not sure of what to do with his limbs when in focus. But then again, I’m not watching this one anymore for obvious/stated reasons.

    So Ji Sub is my man when I need to cry a river. He delivers that, hands down. But I couldn’t get into Ghost, sadly. >.<" Bridal Mask/Gaksital is off in the right direction! Anti-hero against his babo-but-secretly-is-Iljamae-styled brother! YESH! YESH! MOAR! I'm with Tessa, I Do I Do is cute fluff, adorable. I think they cast LJW precisely because of his boyish charms, to counter Suh Ah's charisma and womanhood. He lost his virginity to a noona guys, he's devastated because she's so cool. haha 😀 And KSA's hair and shoe collection...... a girl's dream even though I'm not a shoe person.

  7. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Alice i also like this song. This drama is good, you def should catch this one you wont be disappointed at all.

    To tell you the truth i have no idea why i was getting so mad at Dr. Jin but the way PMY’s character was behaving in one scene of ep 2 just made me mad! lol! This drama just started off wrong and it does not get any better, and then mix in with the bad acting = recipe for disaster. I like PMY and she can act but in this one she’s just terrible, SSH has no screen presence, JJ’s performance is very bad, from the tone of his voice/the way he delivers his lines – its his whole body vibe. He feels like a fish out of water, its not natural like say Yoochun. Lee Bum Soo is not providing the comedic relief, am really disappointed cos i was really looking forward to watching him

    Ghost ep 1 was ok but ep 2 was what got really got me into it. In ep 2 there was a surprise development, don’t know if i should say it cos i don’t want to spoil it

    Gaksital is nice! This drama, Ghost and AGD are the dramas that i completely dismissed when i watched the trailers. I did not think i was going to watch any of them but they turned out to be my top dramas!
    Gaksital has an impressive cast lineup so i have hopes for this one, although am sensing a breakup of the bromance – as always a girl’s involved. BTW remember the girl? She was the annoying young version in The Duo – she”s so pretty! its funny how when you don’t like someone you notice all the bad things about them but when you like them you see them differently! lol

  8. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Annette, the line up for Gaksital is indeed impressive. Not only that but ALMOST everyone knows how to protect themselves. I like Shunji so much! Such a cutie pie — ready to get my heart broken for the future.

    No….Seriously? That’s the girl from The Duo?..*google*

    OMG! That is her!! ha! She played a young role 1 year ago and now she’s the main lead opposite Joo Won. I didn’t register her face at all. I remember us being annoyed at the main girl though. hahaha 😛

    Right now, I’m only watching Gaksital and BIG (only skim through to check out the choco abs, hah). So what do you think? Who has more impressive post-army body? Lee Dong Wook or Gong Yoo?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Alice, hahaha!! I think her character was that bad your brain completely shut down the memory of her! I really wanted to like her cos she was going to end up with the lead guy but oi she was torture

      Didn’t love that fight in jail between Shunji’s bro and the lead actor? That fight scene was pretty cool! I adore Shunji too bad the impending heartbreak has already put me on edge, i don’t want to got there but i can seeit coming 🙁 Am guessing you’ve seen ep 2 right? Can you break down the whole secret organization thing. What are they all about – are the leaders the judge who died and Shunji’s dad? Remember that picture that had the both of them wearing similar outfits

      I don’t know who’s choco abs to choose but Gong Yoo is pretty ripped!!! Yikes! Did you check out the definition???!!! Its ridiculous – i don’t think LDW was this ripped
      It looks like the Dr. was such a jerk – he was planning on leaving her?!! WTH!! And what’s with that chick Dr? I so hope he was not cheating with that monster…but he had her key and she said she loved him. Maybe it was one sided? What you think? It seems like he didn’t do anything to discourage her

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Speaking of fight scenes, I totally love the scene in episode 1 with Shunji battling it out with Kang To. It was beautifully filmed. Something about the way they jumped over the fence that makes my heart go swoonnnnnnnnn! This is gonna be bad when they turn against each other, for love and family. T_T

      As for the organization Kyungsung – they are a group of high-ranked officials recruited by the Japanese emperor to do “dirty, little deeds” for their government. They’re afraid of exposure because what would the fellow Korean citizens think? Revolt against them, just like Gaksital. Judging from their seating position, Shunji and Kenji’s dad, Chief Taro, is the leader. He also recruited Lee Sun, Kang To/Kang San’s father, but the man refused so his whole family was killed to shut them up. But the bad guys didn’t know that only the father died, the rest survived, even the martial artist servant, who is nameless at this point (he’s going to be badass too! AWESOME!). The two dead men (Judge Choi & Lee Kong) are members of the organization.

      I only watched BIG raw, not subbed so I’m not sure what to make of the characters yet. You’re right ———-ripped body is the right word to describe it, especially when he flexed his back upon waking up. haha the men and their ab competition. 😉

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        I liked that sword fighting scene too!!!! At first i was thinking “oh no, its going to be the typical Kdrama lame fight scene” – kdramas are not good when it comes to nicely choreographed fight scenes although they do manage one or two, like the beginning of Warrior Baek. They usually do a lot of jumping and a whole of nothing when it comes to technique. I was pleasantly surprised with the Kang To/Shunji and the jail scenes.

        For the organization i thought they were only recruiting Japanese – seeing how the Japanese don’t seem to like the Koreans and that the high ranking officials are Japanese. This means that Kang To’s father was a high ranking official before he died? What about that man who’s above Chief Taro, the guy Kang To went to with the picture of Judge Choi and Chief Taro? I wondered why he wasn’t part of the group – he seems to be more on the good side maybe that’s why they didn’t invite him?

        You should watch Big with subs, especially ep 2 sooooo funny!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Annette, so far the fighting scenes have been quite good, Gaksital stuntman is highly trained from his powerful and quick moves through the air. I’m reminded of Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, nailing the fight in all his scenes (them long legs!). I think it’s about using force in your punches to make it look real but not delivering the impact to your supposed opponent. Not many can carry out that technique.

        I thought so too for the organization but if they try to recruit Lee Sun, a korean man, then it must not be exclusive to Japanese high-ranked officials only. About Lee Sun, I’m not sure of his title yet, but from the flashback, he seems like someone of importance, enough to be scouted. haha XD

        The man above Chief Taro is Joseon Director of Police Affairs, Konno Koji. He seems like a righteous man, hard to bribe so they might have aborted the attempt to lure him in. Plus, we can’t have all the officials on one side or else our hero will be severely disadvantaged. hee!

        Oh! Remember that guy who went to pay respect for Lee Sun? He’s the servant, known as Joseon Best Warrior!! YAYDA!! I think we’ll see him in the upcoming episodes, maybe joining hands with Gaksital/Kang San!?


        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Just watched the latest eps of Gaksital, don’t wanna spoil it but i’ll say there’s some heartbreaking scenes and one really really good and satisfying scene. One of the bastards finally got what he deserved!! Will spazz more when i free, have a lot of things to do but will come back when am done

          I’ve seen a lot of new posts you put up, have a lot of catching up to do with everyone! Oh well, more things to spazz about

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Oh Annette, I watched the episodes on the same day as you, hehe. My Thoughts: muddled and wet….

          One person deserves to go…but taking two other people is so unfair! T_____T

          Yep! Lots of posts because of all the potential new dramas from China. Check it out, some look really good! 🙂

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I thought Shunji was def going to recognise Kang To when they were so upclose. And i feel its too early for him to don the mask in like one second. Isn’t he supposed to go through a period of grieving/denial etc and then finally understand his brother’s mission and continue it? What you think? Will read your posts about Gaksital when i get the chance

  9. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Hello my beautiful ladies!!! MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!

    So what’s been going on? Was trying to get up to speed with everything, what did i miss?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Welcome back Annette!

      I don’t think you missed a lot since most of the dramas just came to an end. I didn’t watch BIG so the disappointment isn’t “BIG” on my end. 😆 I stopped when I can’t connect with the characters, at most ep4.

      We’re anxiously and excitedly waiting for new dramas this August. It’s a festival. 😉

      Which ones are your favorites?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Thanks Kapn’n

        For now am on the lookout for Arang and the Magistrate, i don’t want to put too much hope in Faith after the dud that Dr. JIn turned out to be

        Oh Alice if only all these dramas kept the promised they dared to make to us as the lured us in with the nicely woven beginnings – Am looking at you BIG, Gentleman’s Dignity and Locked Room Murders. All these dramas that were good all fell off the track towards the end and this has plagued almost all the dramas that are out. The last drama i watched that ended well was Queen Inhyun’s Man.

        Heard of Five Fingers? Am not sure am ready for my Baek Dong Soo to be a bad guy just yet – or at all for that matter. It seems the producers are not making any chances in light of the recent developments with T-ara. I heard Eunjung has been dropped by her various sponsors etc but the producers of the show. Only time will tell

        Am also looking forward to Han Hyo Joo and Lee Byung Hun historical movie King of Chosun which is supposed to be coming out sometime this month, though i don’t know how long its gonna take to come out with subs – i still haven’t seen All about my wife and it came out a while ago

        What new dramas should i be looking out for? Anything really good?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        hehe, I’m definitely looking for Arang the most!! I have to see Lee Jun Ki act with my own eyes to see his craft in the market. I know you liked him ever since Iljamae, did you catch him in My Girl? Maybe it’s his very feminine appearance that is keeping from watching those dramas. But his voice in the trailers is surprisingly a big contrast to his delicate look. Very manly, deep.

        I remember you were raving about A Gentleman’s Dignity the last time you talked about it. Did the plot fail you? All I heard was that it basically has no plot, just carrying the show with F40’s youth stories and chemistry. The finale is this weekend, are you giving it up already?

        I wasn’t that disappointed with Locked Room Murders. But I did wish that the last case would be challenging and twisty. And the ending with his sly smile. That’s all!??? Maybe there would be a special. Oh my romance ship and hilarious Seri. 🙁

        I heard of Five Fingers….but the lead couple – I’m not a fan of either one, JJH or EJ. The scandal with her group is getting all the headlines in Korea Media. If bullying indeed happened, I hope it gets resolved soon. Someone needs to speak up and stop feeding the public with ambiguous tweets. It’s only driving the netizens crazy, and we know how extreme they are willing to take this matter.

        Ji Chang Wook, I support him but this drama is too long, another one of those revengy type. If I don’t fancy the main couple, it’s going to be hard to swallow. =/

        King of Chosun? Didn’t hear of this one. HHJ in another historical role? Is she going to get typecasted to be a princess/mama/queen now? Lee Byung Hyun? Big age gap. I can’t see these two together…. let’s wait for trailers/posters.

        The only Korean drama I’m watching is Bridal Mask, lots of recycled scenes/plots, but it finally got to the good part. She finally knows his identity!!!

        Other dramas that I’m watching is two Hong Kong dramas:

        1) Tiger Cubs – very good, less romance, more action. Mainly focuses on the bromance of special unit cops. Each episode is like a movie, with a different case.
        2) Three Kingdom RPG: modern slacker/gamer travels back to the chaotic war period and coincidentally meets Lau Bei and becomes an assistant to the great adviser, Chugot Leung. Quite humorous because of the slang he teaches the ancient folks. Not too deep, a fun hour breezes by easily.

        Another HK drama that I’m looking forward to is Ghetto Justice 2. Season 1 was good. Season 2 just started this week! 🙂

        This is my brief report. ^^

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Looks like Tessa hasn’t been around much as well right?

          Aww you remembered about Iljimae – i guess that’s how much i raved about it! lol! My Girl – don’t remind me!!!!! It got off to a good start but then came the whole pretend cousin and they’re in love bit – it started to crash AND it burned!!! I didn’t like LJK’s character – the way he dresses and THAT EARING my goodness the image is forever etched in my mind!!!

          Yes i used to love ADG – the plot isn’t much but the antics were HILARIOUS!!! I think they were what brought everyone back for more. I’m no loner feeling the love – some of the characters are sooooo incredibly annoying and they have made a very big mistake in the couple pairing. I don’t agree with, i strongly disagreed with the idea of them being together i used to skip any parts that had them together or separately. I don’t like the girl and now that she’s with the guy my dislike for them has grown stronger that my like for the show. Their being together has disrupted the relationships with the other members – i’ll probably watch the finale albeit skipping a lot if it. Sadly this one has also fallen in the category of deadends

          In Locked Room Murders i was anticipating an exciting/thrilling storyline about Enomoto’s past/his character’s mysteriousness but they certainly let me down. I was like, that’s it?!! Left me empty

          I’m also not too excited about Five Fingers – these days am not so into melodramas so i’ll probly miss this one.

          You are right about the tweets – they’re not helping the situation. If i was the boss of their company i would have banned them from twitter or any other types of social media and warn them that they’ll be fired if they said anything.

          In the King of Chosun movie HHJ plays the Queen. It’s a Prince and the Pauper tale. LBH is the king, don’t remember what was wrong with him, but they found his lookalike to take his place temporarily. Turns out the doppelganger is nice than and better than the real king so they want to keep him as king – i think the story goes something along those lines. Really excited about that one

          Bridal Mask i was so behind just caught up to ep 16. Have yet to see ep 17 – i guess that’s when she finds out Kang To is Gaksital?

          I started watching Three Kingdoms RPG but stopped at ep 2 i think i haven’t had the motivation to go back to watch it. I have come across Ghetto Justice but have not watched it, might check it out

          Am also watching Ogori Shun’s Rich Man Poor Woman am sooo hooked – waiting impatiently and always searching frantically to see if subs were out – i’ll give you a warning, don’t dare start this drama until it has ended or atleast it has 8 eps out, we’re on ep 4 right now. It might not be your cup of it but i love it . Oguri Shun’s way better in this one than Hana Yori Dango or Hana Kimi

          If only i was a genius i would learn Korean and Japanese and Thai in like a week or two so i wouldn’t have to wait for subs 🙁

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          Tessa is your spazzing buddy in this thread! So when you disappeared for an extended period, she also vanished with you. This post is created for you guys. We can’t move on missing anyone here. keke.

          Of course I remember Iljamae, almost every time we speak of LJK, you bring up his awesome performance in there. It clicked in my head from then on out. Good things my brain process and store the valuable information for reference. 😉

          OMGosh, I smiled like a fool reading your rant on AGD. It’s like you managed to give out all this information and yet I don’t have a clue which characters you’re referring to. Ha. Confession: I didn’t make it past episode 3 of AGD. Something went awry with the romance (leading couple). I thought the bromance could save me but they were so short in the beginning of each episode.

          For idols, I think twitter is like their new found way to interact with fans. It’s a great thing until idols find ways to place cryptic messages and leave it up to the fans/anti-fans to devour and spit back out their own version of the story. Crazy.

          I know you love saguek and know the history of the Kings and wars pretty well. Looking forward to hear your thoughts. 🙂

          Three Kingdoms RPG: I don’t think it’s doing anything great. Just funny moments. Light to process during exam period. heh.

          Ah, I also heard of Rich Man, Poor Woman. I loveeeeeeeee Shun in Hana Dango, dang those long legs, he towers over EVERYONE! But, like you said, I’m going to wait until the season is over before I watch. hehe.

          Korean, Japanese, and Thai! Thai is third on your list? I thought it would be Chinese. But nice. Which ones are you following?

  10. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Alice we need to get Tessa back asap! TESSA WHERE ARE YOU? WE MISS YOU COME BACK!!!!

    I luv how this post went beyond from being just an ATK spazz post to where we meet up – other than the three of us others show up too – to get away from the craziness of the c-box. I do feel sorry for the person who wants info on this drama and has to deal with this mess!

    “Good things…valuable information” aww shucks Alice, i feel so special! 😀 Its funny but i also keep track of your fav actors and i find myself subconsciously on the lookout for their new dramas! lol! When i see their dramas i go watch – like the Ruby Lin Wallace Huo drama Qing Shi Huang Fei/ The Glamorous Imperial Concubine . I started to watch and liked it until i realized she’s not gonna end up with Wallace – i preferred him to the other guy

    Now i know you’re no longer watching AGD i can vent to my heart’s content without spoilers. First off, like you, i never was and i’m still not crazy about the leading couple romance. I preferred the woman with the architect Im Tae Sang who’s dating her friend. I wanted them to get together.
    Now the couple that has me seeing red is Im Tae Sang’s sis Im Maeri and Yoon. I was furiously against it from the beginning and not just because she’s so childish, annoying, irritating, immature, whiny, and did i mention ANNOYING?! I can’t stand that girl and the fact that the writer decided to pair them up – they’ve lost me. ITS was against IMR dating Yoon and now their bromance is hanging in a balance cos of that – the only thing that made me watch the show was the bromance but that’s been taken away = no reason to watch. And judging by the comments it seems a lot of people feel the same way – they also skip the IMR and Yoon scenes

    Can you believe there’s another saguek movie coming out with pretty much the same storyline as King of Chosun? Its called I Am King and its the whole Prince and Pauper premise but this one seems to be going for the funny/silly less serious plot compared to the Lee Byung Hyun version. Remember the dad from Protect The Boss? He’s gonna play the King – that actor is funny so i’m definitely watching for him. Also Kim Soo Ro is going to be in it – his part has something to do with him doing martial arts i think. Though not crazy about the lead girl – she was the second lead in Pasta and used to be Miss Korea a while back. All the roles i’ve seen her in she plays the clingy annoying exgf

    If you liked Oguri Shun in Hana Dango then you’ll love him in this! His hair is slicked and he rides a motorcycle and looks good on it – am talking more Ducatti than Harley. And since the lead girl is short his height is really pronounced

    I wasn’t ranking the languages, purely accidental, and yes Mandarin would be on there as well.
    Haven’t watched Thai dramas in a while, what’s good/new?
    Now that i’ve gotten to know some of the Thai actors i watch the dramas based on the actors in it and the pairings. My fav pairings are:
    Anne and Ken, Aum and Aff, Tye and Donut, Margie and Boy, Aum and Kimberly, Aff and Tik, Anne and Mart, Por and Punch,

    If going on an individual basis – i.e. is they’re not acting as my fav pair – i watch dramas with these actors:
    Ann, Aum, Mart, Kim, Margie, Aff, Cherry, Donut, Punch, Por,

    Of the actors i listed individually, i still check to see who they’re acting with. Of those under pairings, i like to see them as the pairs i put up there
    And btw where do you download Thai dramas with eng subs?

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      She’ll be back….when this place gets rowdy with new comments. I believe so! 🙂

      I know right! I thought this place would be mainly about Ji Hyun Woo since his topics pop out every so often. He’s entering military service tomorrow, the 7th!

      Tearful Last Fan-meeting: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/07/actor-ji-hyun-woo-sheds-tears-at-his-final-fan-meet-before-his-enlistment

      But now this post became an outlet for random spazzing of different dramas. Heh. Either way, I’m satisfied. Who knows, years from now, we might come back here and laugh our heads off reading this post. That is if we survive that long.

      Oh Annette, you should know the trend in Korean dramas/movies by now. 😀 Every few months, the writers, directors, crew people gather together and pick out the next genre from a cooking pot to write and film about. Princes, time-travels, Joseon. So I’m not surprised another saguek with a similar storyline comes along. heh.

      It’s the Korean melting pot effect.

      Awww, you like Wallace’s character in Qing Shi Huang Fei! His character annoyed me. So mean (not a gentleman), possessive, and blinded. I’m glad Ruby’s character didn’t end up with him. How could she love someone who plotted behind her back and resulted in the death of her beloved father?

      hhaha I was just casually mentioning Thai dramas. I’m still a newbie as compared to you. I only recognized ann and ken from your couple list because of the incident Sawan Biang we talked about in the earlier comments. I still haven’t had any motivation to watch lakorn. One my friend’s friend was discussing about thai dramas and she has the audacity to call the R scene – “”unique”” to thai lakorns.

      And then they started to talk about Mr. R like it’s a normal thing and spoke about prisoner of love drama and how awesome it was with the kidnap and RRRRR. AHHHHHHHH

      My face? O.o

      Thai actors have funny names…. DONUT!! Cherry!! hehe.

      They say it’s hard to download lakorns, most of them dl from youtube.

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Feel kinda sad for Ji Hyun, his star was just starting to rise and he has not yet made a solid mark – like Lee Min Ho – and he has to leave. I cannot imagine what he must be feeling right now, but the years do go by pretty fast so he’ll be back before he knows it

        I think this post has a long way to go – we might just be able to make it to the 1000 mark as Tessa suggested! I do go back sometimes and look at where we started from, now imagine seeing it after 3 or 4 years or 10 years!!! If its still going to be here that is

        I still haven’t decided how i feel about having multiple dramas/movies of the same story coming out simultaneously. So far its been ok e.g. Rooftop and Queen In Hyun’s man, they both offered something different i.e. they balanced each other out. Dr. Jin was a dud for me so Faith just might do it?

        I just started watching Qing Shi Huang Fei so am still in the early stages where he was a seemingly a good guy. I’m not sure what ep it is but its the one where her uncle kills her father and she escapes and he’s refusing to go back home till he finds her, and his mother told the servant to go lie to him that they’ve got the princess. it was after that ep that i googled the drama and found out they were not going to end up together and after reading your remark then am definitely not going to watch it

        Your friend says Mr. R “unique” as if its a good thing – i think we need to find another definition for unique then. And as we discussed, it just Mr. R but the prevalence of sexual violence/force against women. To the women that they don’t like they violate their body – it just never seems to shock mw how such things are just treated so causally in the drama as a normal part of life. I think its quite scary when you think about the impact this has on the minds of the people watching. They might think its harmless, just entertainment but they are sending a message across that its ok to do such things. I would not be surprised if such incidents did occur and i bet the victim would be scared to speak up

        I remember watching Prisoner of Love and being horrified at the scene, and the guy asking the girl to forgive him and saying he loves her – and when she agreed to forgive him i was like WHAT!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and mad beyond belief i stopped watching immediately i have never gone back to complete it.

        Thai names are something else, i remember thinking these people know english right? lol! I know they’re nicknames but really? Thai dramas are hard to find and recently they’ve been deleted from Youtube so now they’ll be even harder to find. I went to the links that were supposed to lead me to the dramas but some of the channels had been deleted and there were messages about third party complaints. The availability of Tha dramas i getting even more scarce i’m afraid, no wonder not a lot of people watch them cos its a hassle trying to find subbed lakorns that are still up

  11. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I share your sentiment regarding Ji Hyun Woo’s situation too. There are only two options for post-military actors. 1) Glory return with choco abs 2) Quiet return, requiring a few years to gain back their status.

    Not sure how it’s going to be with Ji Hyun Woo though. He’s not as big as say Hyun Bin or Song Seung Hun, to be able to bounce back just as easy. But there’s Yoo In Na. I’m surprised she didn’t bid him goodbye at the station. They’re keeping a low-profile after the big announcement. Poor her. Dating for merely two months and boyfriend is shipped away for two years. Sigh!

    I hope Faith can manage its own adaptation about time-travel! Plus, we finally have a woman traveling back in time (on the muscular back of Lee Min Hot no less). I’m just worried about the chemistry. Kim Hee Sun leaves me cold in most of her dramas.

    Qing Shi Huang Fei: I didn’t like his character way before I knew about his scheming plot with the other ministers/brothers leading to the King’s death. The scene that brought my dislike towards his character is simple. Remember when Ruby was sick and couldn’t dance (episode 3/4)? Her sister (the evil one?) offered to dance in her place. She danced beautifully in Ruby’s place. The other Princes clapped and complimented her, everyone but Wallace since he knew she isn’t the right princess (he wanted Ruby, the other princes didn’t know Ruby’s face). Right at that scene, he publicly exposes her identity as a fake, belittling her identity. I found that very mean/uncalled for. He’s someone who’s always trapped and controlled by his mother, and yet he’s surprisingly very good at hurting a fragile girl, who wanted nothing but to dance for him. I’m curious, do you like the Prince character or the actor (Wallace)? Enough to stop watching the drama, you must really like him! 😀

    hahaha yesh, I was very much appalled by their using of “Unique.” Same here Annette, the prevalence of violence against women, the weaker group is strongly reinforced in many Thai dramas. I hate that they romanticize the idea that violence = deep, possessive love. Young girls growing up watching those shows and getting the ideas engraving into their heads…. And how funny/saintly is the female leads? They actually forgive the misdeeds of these men! To think that we frown upon wrist-grabbing in Korean dramas…

    Maybe that’s why Thai dramas aren’t followed in massive audiences as compared to the other BIG 4 (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan). I’m sure people of the modern society can’t accept such ridiculous plot devices. Revenge? “I’m gonna R you!” Then there’s also the fact most thai dramas lack subtitle. HQ video isn’t readily available, so is softsub.

    Wait, so Cherry, Pancake, Smart are nicknames? Who came up with such yummy names? 😛

    It’s unfortunate, if only Thai writers step up their game, break the tradition of R scenes, maybe then more crowds would tune in. Their celebrities are drop-dead gorgeous!! Who’s your favorite manly actor??

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      So you think Yoo In Na will keep the star shining brightly for JHW? But what if they break up – am sure their management companies would keep that a secret since they would’t want to miss the golden opportunity of the reunion of the cute couple who had to be separated after dating very briefly. Wouldn’t it be crazy if they got together so that when he comes back, the cute story could help bring him back in the limelight and get people interested in him? I’ve heard of Korean celebrities being matched up with/made to date other celebrities to increase their fame so it doesn’t sound too far fetched. I like the both of them so i hope its the real thing

      I don’t think i’ve seen Kim Hee Sun in anything, what dramas has she been in? You think her age might be a factor? I know male leads are always paired up with older women but i’ve seen KHS in the trailers and she looks a little older than LMH – though i haven’t yet seen them together so it may not be a problem after all.
      In some pics she kinda reminds me of Han Ye Seul and Kim Tae Hee. By the way is it Kim Hee Sun or Kim Tae Hee who people said has had plastic surgery?

      Qing Shi Huang Fei: I remember that ep, Ruby wasn’t sick she had gone out of the palace, i forget why. And in that scene i was glad he exposed the sister because the sister is wicked, she’s jealous of her sister and plots for her downfall.I was more happy about the sister being humiliated i overlooked his impertinence and his being mean.
      I so did not know that he was behind the killing of her father! Why? How does he gain from his death, cos it seemed like the father wanted the daughter to marry him and they were obviously going to have an alliance? Was this plotted beforehand or after he met her? I know she refused to marry him but i don’t see that as a reason for him to have her father killed.
      I have never seen Wallace Huo in any drama, this was the first time. I liked their chemistry from the time they meet – i liked the idea of an arrogant/conceited/self-absorbed etc (insert whatever adjective appropriate) prince falling in love with the nice girl and i really was looking forward to him eventually winning her over. Even though this scenario is played out it never gets old if done right – what can i say, i’m a hopeless romantic and he is cute.
      So was there a time when Ruby and Wallace were together?I just assumed when she left the palace she went with that other guy and stayed with him the whole time while trying to avenge her father’s death. Did she become his queen at some point?

      You’re right Alice, to think that we actually frown upon wrist grabbing!!! Ha! That’s a gentle kiss in Thai dramas!
      They need to work on the Mr. R plotlines, the subs, and also their storylines and quality of writing has to be more sophisticated. When am watching a lakorn i feel like am watching a school play/production in comparison to the offerings from the other countries. But they do have some gems that can stand their own against dramas from the BIG 4 – most notably Kdramas, Jdrams and Mainland. If they want to seriously compete with the others they need to up their game, go to film school, learn about writing, try to get good quality writers who can come up with material with substance. Taiwan is ok production wise but not their writing, but then again its the target audience they’re aiming for. Although am sure even older people like watching dramas so they could produce those targeted for the older people.

      Pancake!! See i told you they have to be nicknames cos how do you seriously name your child Pinky, Pong, Ploy, Film, Mint, Oil, Captain, Pepper, Donut??!!! Oh wait, with the different languages, it could just happen that Donut is an actual name that is coincidently a fried pastry in english. As for Smart, that is actually his real name – the full name is Smart Krissada Pornweroj vai Pinitnai – my mouth’s too scared to even attempt to butcher this name, or more like massacre it!

      The celebrities are incredibly gorgeous and to think they are all natural beauties that’s impressive – that’s unless stories of their plastic surgeries are yet to leak out since they’re not as famous as stars from the BIG 4.
      If you’re referring to Thai actors then i like are Ken – if he’s paired with Ann, not sure i’d watch his dramas with some else – although i did enjoy his dramas with Aff and Janie.
      I also like Smart, Aum, – not sure about Tik and Por yet, need to watch more dramas with them, i’m over Nadech. I don’t have a fav per say, just enjoy watching them. What about you? I think you’ve only watched – atleast a little bit – of one drama so you’re not familiar with them. What about movie actors? I thought Mario was such a cutie – i watched that Thai movie you posted and i liked it. it was crazy how she was worse than a plain jane and then she polishes up and OMG!!!! I’m like that’s the same girl??!!! I know makeup and hairstyle can do wonders but that girl was already very pretty to begin with

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Whoa, Annette, are you writing a military korean drama based on Miss Yoo and Mr. Ji? haha! I don’t think fame is the end game for this couple though since they’re both not very famous, compared to others, but the couple status together is something different. I hope she would hold the torch for him. You know when Ji Hyun Woo first confessed, some of the fans were criticizing him for doing so recklessly, but after listening to their radio shows aired during the course of the drama, these two were openly flirting. Yoo In Na revealed during the interview that she wanted a “grand’ confession from her man. I think Ji Hyun Woo interpreted me as a public thing so he did what he did to the press. I don’t think he was being manipulative because in Yoo In Na’s response, she said they BOTH knew about their feelings during the filming but chose to handle the real feelings after the drama wraps up. If people take Ji’s announcement as a way to tie her down, then Yoo In Na also stamps her man, referring to him now as “Yoo In Na’s Man”. Cheesy. These two. Plus, they’re getting tied TOGETHER, not down. She’s sweet, he’s earnest. They’re adorable!

      Wow, I’m becoming a gossiper…. 😀 To think I haven’t watched the drama yet…. so it’s a fair opinion! heh.

      Kim Hee Sun has been in quite a few dramas. I watched her in A Sad Love Story and Smile Again. OMGOSH! She reminds me of those two actresses too!! Think it’s the eyes for Han Ye Seul and the lips for Kim Tae Hee. heh. I’m not sure about plastic surgery… but Tae Hee is known for being natural. Unsure about Ye Seul though.

      hehe, Ruby wasn’t sick? ha! Memory failed. The thing is the sister didn’t really show her evil sides yet at that point, at least not to others yet. And so she simply danced in that scene (plotting came in later episodes, the pushing down the cliff thingy) So I didn’t think she deserved the classless words he used. I’m very strict with my man being classy and well-mannered. But Wallace was bordering the obsession line. Well, I think he crossed that line already, even though he just met her…..

      Wallce helped the uncle to usurp the father’s throne, which is weird because.. he isn’t interested in becoming King in the first place! So why is he helping the uncle get the throne? Doesn’t he know that with her father dead (with his help), he WON’T get the girl? Plot holes, writers!

      But I have a confession. When you said you googled the ending….so did I. I never watched the last 15 episodes after knowing that MAH prince also died. heh. I like the other Prince more than Wallace because Ruby and him had development, I see their feelings of resentment slowly grew into a beautiful love. He’s the arrogant fellow who taught her the art of seduction….and ended up being seduced by her. 😀 He’s adorable when he found out he’s in love with her…episode 15 is my favoriteeee. Butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

      If you want to watch Ruby and Wallace, I think she misunderstood my prince and went to stay with Wallace for some episodes. My prince is truly the saddest character in this whole series. Everyone abandons him, and he died without a proper burial, just trying to save Ruby.

      It’s funny, I feel like fans are immersed in this this series alone either because of Prince #1’s suffering or Prince #2’s suffering, never Ruby’s suffering. It’s true. Wherever she goes, a prince is ready to accept her. This woman is lucky!

      Anyways, Thai names…. Let me just say, like you, I would never attempt to say anything other than their nickname. I do wonder who gives them those nicks… Pancake… omgosh! Maybe it’s me but I feel like Thai actresses are more beautiful than the males, heh. Most of the newer generation leads are mixed with European blood as well. Stunning mix of genes, I say. I still can’t put any name to face. What I do usually is GOOGLE IMAGE > THAI LAKORNS or THAI CELEBRITIES….and tada! Thousand of images for me to view. If interested, I click on the photo to find out who they are.

      AHA! You finally watched Crazy Thing Called Love with Mario!? I know I’m a pest…but DID YOU WATCH HELLO STRANGERS YET?!! It’s the best romantic comedy on my list for Thai movies. I like Mario, but he still lacks a little UM factor for me. A bit of passion and energy when I watched the movie he was in.

      The girls are beautiful. Wonder how they managed to make her LOOK LIKE A PLAIN JOE!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Not sure if i’ll continue to watch Qing Shi Huang Fei, not with all those pot holes. Is the other prince any way related to Wallace’s prince? From the eps i saw it seemed like he was wanted to take Wallace’s throne as if he was the rightful owner or something. So the your Prince died, did Wallace or Ruby die? – I have no idea why i keep asking about the drama when am not going to watch it anymore! lol!

        The Thai and European mix is quite stunning indeed, but i also think Thai and Chinese look good too, like Smart Krissada Pornweroj vai Pinitnai, and Anne – the actress in Sawan Biang, she has some chinese in her family

        I have not seen Hello Strangers but i did read on it when you reviewed it – its the one about the two Thai who meet in South Korea right? I will check it out
        You’re right about Mario, i felt the same way about him. He’s a pretty face but not much presence about him. I haven’t seen him in anything else so his acting might have improved maybe…

        I am sooooooooo happy you’ve decided to take on Arirang and the Magistrate – after some disappointments from the other sageuks – except Moon/Sun of course – i hope we can enjoy this one. The first ep was full of laughs for me and i felt the second ep didn’t have as many laughs, it felt a little toned down. Fingers crossed for this one but so far so goo. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it, i’ll be looking out for your recaps and comments – have already been to the page. So you and Mari will be recapping alternating eps? I’ll guess i can pop by her place too

        What else are you watching?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          hahah Annette, I’m thinking of the same thing. Why are we so fixated on discussing Qing Shi Huang Fei when neither of us have finished the drama. End: Your prince died, my prince died. Fu Ya rules the world with her grief. I think. 😛

          Ha. I like how I have to google the “Smart Krissada Pornweroj” to see his face. I’m telling you Annette, their names and spelling! He looks buff! Euroasian mixed blood offers something very unique to the offsprings. They’re not pretty like other Asians, they’re STUNNING! My gosh. OH GEE! Annette, I’ve been pestering you for a few months regarding Hello Strangers but you haven’t peeked at it yet. I’m such a failure. This is why I should quit writing recaps. Not a persuasive writer lah. 😀

          Arang is adorable now but the cute moments are probably going to be less and less with each episodes as they discover more truths behind Arang’s past, present, and future. I do hope Eun Oh’s mother has nothing to do with her death. Gah. :X Yep, doing the even episodes with Mariah. Cause we’re bored. hehe.

          I’m watching…. Arang, Gaksital, a little bit of Faith but it’s not holding my attention. Bah!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          My prince died?! Now we can definitely stop discussing it, i was hoping he had redeemed himself by the end of the drama

          Thai names are very scaaaaary. Which other Euroasian actors have you seen? I’ve seen Nadech, Yaya, Mario, Anne, Kimberly, and there are a few other not so famous ones. You know, most of these Thai Euroasian actors are female, i only know 2 males. Contrast that with Kdramas – although the Euroasian mix there is very very very limited due to discrimination and all – i’ve only ever seen male Euroasian korean actors. I don’t recall seeing any females, but i did read about one actress who was part Spanish but she hid it. In Jdramas i’ve only seen one guy. In Taiwanese dramas i’ve seen one guy and i think two girls

          Hahaha Alice, trust me i’m already persuaded its only a matter of time before i get to see it. So many things were getting in the way and i was trying to catch up with all the dramas. I’ll try to watch it before school starts – i watched Crazy Thing Called Love didn’t i? lol! Because you have been raving about it i really want to watch it

          I am watching Arirang, Gaksital (i’m behind by 4 or 6 eps), Rich Man Poor Woman, To The Beautiful You (dare i say its been Koreanised if you know what i mean), still rethinking Faith, am also watching some Thai dramas here and there. Waiting for more new series to come out especially sageuks.

          Btw i finished AGD and despite my annoyance at some of the developments, i can say it ended really well. You never did like this one right? I was watching mostly for their flashbacks, although they had some pretty funny moments too throughout the show

          About Faith, i noticed as i was watching it on viki and reading the comments – those girls are watching Lee Min Ho and not the show. I might get stones thrown at me for saying this but let’s be honest LMH is really not that good of an actor. His popularity is all to do with his looks than his acting abilities, he’s seriously lacking when compared to the real thespians. His acting is simple and shallow, it lacks depth – he mostly just stands there and looks pretty. I’m able to say this objectively since am over the LMH craze -believe me i was in the midst of it once! lol!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Annette, you have amnesia! We already talked about your prince dying! Were you in a stage of denial while reading my comment? 😛

          Ah, that’s an interesting observation about Euroasian celebrities. I do notice that there are more females than males. Why is that? As for Korean mixed actors, I only know a few (since the society prefers homogeneity in their country), Daniel Henney, Dennis O’Neil, and rapper Tasha. Korean mixed actors don’t get prominent roles that’s for sure. Which is major contrast from Thailand entertainment.

          Taiwanese: Tiffany Xu, Hannah Quinlivan, Jerry Huang, Lara Veronin
          Chinese: Anthony Wong, Cecelia Cheung, Maggie Q, Michelle Saram

          I raved about Crazy Little Thing but Hello Strangers is my top thai movie for Rom-Com. It’s just that hilarious.

          haha the comments on Viki are usually made by little girls in their teens, so of course they’re there for the hot commodity of Lee Min Ho. I liked him in City Hunter. There were nuances in his acting. He’s like an actor whose project determines his acting ability. But I have heard of positive reviews for episode 4. I think being so pretty is a disadvantage sometimes because while the actor is engrossed in looking pretty darn perfect in every angle, he forgets to put real emotions where they’re needed.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          I think i was still in denial about his death. Only when you told me he was the bad guy did my subconscious start to accept it and eventually let go! Haha! That’s funny!

          There’s one more actor a Korean-French guy, his name is Julian Kang. I’ve seen him in two dramas so far – right now he’s in To The Beautiful You. I know all three you mentioned – and there’s also a Korean singer Insooni, she’s really good. Her dad was African-American. She’s of the older generation, the woman can sing i tell you, a really powerful voice. There’s also another Korean singer Sonya or Kim Sohn Hee, also has an African-American dad but born and raised in Korea. She had a brief scene in the drama The Musical – that’s where i saw her, she is really beautiful.
          In Korea they are very proud about their homogeneity and plus they have the whole Confucius system of recording their heritage under the father’s name. Mixed celebs are afraid of being exposed as not being “pure” Korean and those who are mixed find it hard to break into the industry as no one is willing to put them on tv. But with globalisation things are starting to change somewhat

          Taiwan i only know Tiffany, Maggie Q and Thomas Price/Tom Price. He was in Drunken to Love You, although he’s a Hong Kong actor. He’s half British half Chinese
          I also thought Jerry was mixed but he’s not. I googled him extensively but everywhere people said he looks Euroasian but he’s not, apparently both parents are fully Chinese/Taiwanese

          I will watch Hello Strangers and telling you will be the first thing i do after i finish, promise! lol!

          Ep 4 of Faith didn’t really give us any better acting from him in my opinion. The scenes went back to the days he used to laugh/smile and why he stopped. The laughing scenes reminded me of his role as Goo Jun Pyo, but no improvement from the other eps. As you said the commentators are little girls – before i knew this i used to be dumbfounded whenever i read some of the comments, then it dawned on me that these were tweens so i just ignore most of what they say. Can you believe one of them said Moon/Sun was crap?!!! I started to breathe fire but calmed myself down as i remembered everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they little girls so what do they know! lol!!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Ah, Yes. Julian Kang. He slipped through my memory. Insooni! That woman can sing! I watched her on Immortal Song and was so mad when she didn’t win for that fantastic song! Jerry is not mixed!? but! but! That face and those features! Maybe it’s his ancestors? heh.

          Yesh. Annette, rise above the little girls. But there are older fans who appreciate his acting, maybe his acting style is not your cup of tea. Moon and Sun started out well, the plot isn’t the most riveting or new, but it’s far from crap materials. 😛

          Game Rai Game Ruk has Mr. R scene?!!! You’re right, we talked about it before but the drama name didn’t stick in my head. Hey, thai names are ‘unique’ and I’m a newbie! 😆 I’m starting with Love Recipe, as suggested by frea, and since you haven’t watched it either! hehe!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Alice!!! Where are you downloading eps for Love Recipe? I must say though i prefer to stream at the moment as i’m yet to buy an external harddrive. Do you possibly know of streaming sites? Atleast reliable ones. Most of the links i find are dead

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          hahaha, Annette! I’m not even on my drama hunt yet. I need to finish this week’s batch of drama before I jump into a new territory. I’ll perhaps google for them or ask my friends (the lakorn-crazy folks). If I find it, I’ll put a link here for you (then we can spazz together). =)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      hehe Nutella, why are you nervous! First-timer into this thread eh?

      Let’s just say, Faith surprises me in both ways. I didn’t expect it to be funny. That’s ironic since the preview promised me epicness. The fun tickles me. As for Kim Hee Sun, I need to see more because as of now, her character offers nothing new….

      Welcome to the club, Nutty. 😉

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Nervous? Me? Pfftttt~


        I agree with you.. except the majority was so polarized against Kim Hee Sun that I feel like defending her even though she didn’t show any awe-inspiring acting yet… then again, it was only the first episode. Still, I would prefer it if people judged her only by her acting instead of how old she looks (especially in relation to Lee Min Ho). I mean, yeah, we get it, it’s not the exact same age, but (1) LMH’s also worked with older actresses before (Personal Taste) and the age difference wasn’t even visible in the slightest and (2) She’s already been cast and the drama is filming.. your whining will not change anything at this point.. so why not sit back and enjoy the pretty? I suppose the ire will die down in a couple of episodes… let’s hope I don’t lose my cool (normally I’m very easy going though xP) especially since I has joined le subbing team ^u^

        P.S. Have I mentioned that I fell in love with 2 ninjas in the Woodalchi brigade already? It’s love I tells ya~

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        @nutella, lady! lady! you’re already losing your cool in this post. 😛 kappie merely speaks of the character offering nothing new. her character really doesn’t offer anything new. she’s a plastic surgeon but she’s no differnt than the other bumbling leads we have seen so far. my problem with her is her voice. it feels like she’s purposely making her voice sounds young by speaking in a high-pitch tone.

        speaking of her age and chemistry, i admit, i see a lot of complaints around regarding her mature look. its true though.

        son yejin is different. she looks young next to him, unlike Kim….who really looks like a young aunt to minho. i don’t want to offend anyone but it’s my honest opinion when i see heesun. don’t worry, park yejin suffers the same fate……….

        but like you said, it’s only the first week.

        now let me go and reconstruct my lost comment from the other day.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      I have not yet watched Faith but my friend did and she said she wasn’t that impressed, and she just drop it. As i was watching Arirang on viki i saw comments that said Arirang was better than Faith, so now i’m debating on whether i should take on Faith or not. Maybe i’ll just a peek and if am not happy with am cutting it early

      I’ll watch and then share my thoughts

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Just watched ep 1 and…was a little dull to be honest. Had some funny parts, and yes they had the ninjas – i luv ninjas! – and all the glow in the dark stuff etc but it was dragging in some parts. It had a lot going on but it was not thrilling. I think i need to get my thoughts together about this one and then i’ll come back, maybe by then i would have watched ep 2. All i can say is i’m not excited about this drama, it holds my interest – for now – cos its a new drama but if it is still lacking i’m going to be dropping it

        Was excited ti see Lee Philip! Brought back memories of Secret Garden 😀

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          dropping faith….school is coming for me. selective me now. tell me if its get good. shrilly voice be gone then im happy.

  12. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Okay, so imma be patient and retype my deleted comments. the key to success is often patience.

    for people who are newbies into lakorns (like our dear Kappie 😛 )

    Some vocab….

    Pra’nang =leading couple in a drama
    Pra’ek = leading man/hero
    Nang’ek = leading lady/heroine
    Nang’rai = Girl villain

    my personal favorite to rant with my fellow friends – E-bah = you’re crazy (or damn it)!

    Downloading thai goodies are really hard to come by. they are often air in LQ so you rarely see HQ videos floating around. you have more luck trying to find MQ videos in the forums like asianfuse, spicyforum, jasmin’s lakorn blog.

    Well, my opinion of lakorn doesn’t really differ that much from you ladies. remember that I, for one, hate bumbling leading females in Korean dramas. you know the ones that act like they’re tough but turn around and cried like someone just robbed their houses? yea, those. In taiwanese dramas, the bumbling fools continue to another level, bumping into street poles and falling flat on their faces. cheap humor, really. they do tend to be a watered down version of japanese animated characters.

    but in thai lakorns, there is this type of n’ek that is blindingly, frustratingly dumb. they believe and let the n’ai trampled ALL OVER THEM! but now, the lakorns are getting better, at least with the dumb factor. forgiveness is big thing to thai people. but sometimes, you just can’t forgive the act done all in the name of petty revenge. WHY MUST REVENGE BE EQUAL TO RAPE?

    like annette, this is why i love Ann’s lakorns (pairing up with ken please), because her characters are mostly strong and independent.

    LOL! Alice! It wasn’t me who recommended you Sawan biang as your first lakorn! It was Yui, another spazzer/expert of thai entertainment from the cbox! I thought of luring you into thai lakorns by starting out with comedies but…. Yui recommended the hardcore drama for you. I knew you wouldn’t let go of ranting about it. It scars and scares many new fans of thai dramas away. THAT rape thingy doesn’t go far with women nowadays. and rightfully so. what’s the writer been smoking?!!!

    like other countries, thai lakorns are divided into different channels. actors of one channel cannot collaborate with another channel’s actor unless it’s for something special. they can do CF and events together but that’s it. Channel 7 and 8 dominate the rating battle. while channel 3 has better lakorns, in my opinion. recently finished pin anong from channel 7. i recommended it because there are REAL KISSING, unlike channel 3 which bans kissing scene but NOT RAPING SCENES? WHAT THE HELLLLLLL?? *facepalm* anyways, pin anong started out good, the pra’nang have amazing chemistry but it went downhill with the mistrust popping up here and there between the leads. then the channel decided to extend the freakin DRAMA. EPIC FAIL! it was good until then.

    hehe annette, i like Ken and Ann too. i watch them paired up with other people, but i mostly like them together…did you watch 365 days of love? POOOOOFFF…those real kisses and hugs and smooches. man i love ken. he’s my crush!!!

    i also like margie and boy, but the drama roy marn is horrrrrrible. her character is so stubborn and obnoxious. i swear if that drama was longer, her lips would be gone! it’s already non-existent (super thin) but she always bites them down in there. I didn’t like that drama. unfortunately.

    ATEAM! Aum and Aff! Kimberly looks old but she’s actually waaaaaaaaaaaay younger than Aum, it’s kinda creepy. i like ploy too but her voice gets crazily screechy in that vampire drama she did with Dome.

    i like a lot of the younger generation from channel 3. mark and mint (MTEAM!), yaya and nadech (yadech). why are you over my boo annette? you don’t like HIM? WHY? YOU HATE MY BOO? 😥 maybe cause he’s everywhere? i hear that one quite often. but what could he do? he’s one of the rising actor with talent, so sponsors flock to him in batches! i feel like yadech are getting a lot of heat for being paired up constantly. it’s not their fault. the company decides everything. /sadface

    mario is okay, that drama he did with the girl…i think her name was taew? OMG. her voice. some thai actresses have the most high-pitched voice EVAR. her voice – whenever she screams at him. I just want to shove something to shut her up. but the later episodes when they’re actually friends turned lovers were better. I still laughed my head off at the “I see spider, I pee in my pants” scene. LOL 😆

    bluehost, delete my comment! i dare you and feel my rage!!!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


      Thanks for the lakorn lesson, i’d see those words nang’ek etc and wonder what they meant.

      I think i found one site that has lakorns to download but you need to involved somehow, otherwise all the other sites i found just point you to streaming sites and most of the links are dead. Finding lakorns with english subs is so hard, viki has some lakorns that have incomplete subs. I looked around and it seems no one is interested in completing them, i started to watch some and got so hooked and then next thing you know no subs!!!! So cruel i tell you

      I loved your description on the Taiwanese “bumbling fools”!! So true!! LOL!

      I have seen that the forgiveness theme seems to be big in lakorns, although i sometimes find it hard to stomach it especially coming after scenes with multiple Mr. Rs. – i don’t even want to get into that cos this post will never end

      So there are actors exclusively for each channels? Channel 3 says no to kiss scenes but yes to rape?!! Smh

      Are all the actors i mentioned from Channel 7 or 8 then? Except Nadech, Boy and Margie i presume. None ot their lakorns had real kiss scenes – BTW you said actors belong exclusively to their channels, Aum and Margie did a drama together so that should mean they are from the same channel then? Aum was also in the same drama as Boy, Nadech and Mark – i’m getting a little confused cos i thought these three boys were from Channel 3
      365 is my fav Anne-Ken lakorn, i really liked 365 and also the fact that no Mr. R present, although Ken’s character would get a little annoying at times cos he expected Anne to behave/be a certain way and none on his part – loved how his dad called him on that, a very wise man his dad.

      Roy Marn was my first lakorn, and yes i also found Margie to be so annoying at times but not when she acted like that towards her mean cousin. That drama was a bit odd at the beginning cos it was like the leads were related, and am thinking if they’re getting married isn’t this incest? It weirded me out for a while but i was glad when it turned out they weren’t

      My first drama with ATEAM was Prisoner of Love and like i mentioned above i have never gone back to see it. As much as i like them together that drama pissed me off when he thought and expected her to accept his flimsy apology for what he did in and in the face that he kidnapped the wrong girl!!!!! I am still not over that drama, i am still pissed till this day!
      And then there was the other drama they did, the lakorn they were lovers in the past and met again in the present – i am sorry but that ghost spooked the hell out of me!!!! I just caught a glimpse of it and made sure that i was looking away when it came on the scene. That drama creeped me out i couldn’t watch it, i saw three eps and after reading comments from other viewers i stopped watching. I don’t like horror movies and it felt like i was watching one on witchcraft – don’t like anything that has to do with dark arts, even the witchcraft scenes in Moon/Sun made me uncomfortable

      Only saw Aum and Kimberly in one drama but i love that pairing. She does look older right?! I also thought so until i googled her and was surprised!! She is very beautiful though

      Don’t really follow Ploy – i agree with you on the screaming/screeching of these women IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!! its so freaking annoying, i hate it when they start doing that

      I like Mark too, but don’t really know Mint. I liked seeing Mark, Nadech and Boy together and their chemistry that gelled really well.
      My second lakorn was the one with Nadech and Yaya about the island one. I went gaga over Nadech as Saichon and i think i went to overdrive cos it soon fizzled! LOL! A lot of nuzzling in that drama, too much sugar i almost got diabetes! I really liked Yadech but the cutesy was too much i abandoned ship so now i avoid Yadech at all cost and they seem to be paired ALOT. Funny i don’t have the same complaint about Anne and Ken – i think they should be paired more!!

      I think i know the drama that you’re talking about with Mario and Taew, not a big fan of Mario so didn’t bother watching. Where do you watch/download your lakorns?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        lol annette, you glided over my comment!! i listed out the forums i usually visit for links: spicyforum.net, asianfuse.net, jasmin’s lakorn blog. they are either hardsubbed or raw. Low quality. =/

        what site did you find that needs involvement? i dunno why folks want to do it. that’s also annoying thing i notice exclusively in thai goodies. they don’t share readily. you need to know insiders. pshhhh.

        yes, these channels are like artists agencies, like tvb, atv back in the days. most of the artists you mentioned are all from channel 3 exclusively. they have many big stars, ken, aum, aff, nadech, yaya, margie, mark, boy, chompoo Araya. mario maurer recently joined channel 3 and had two lakorns. one with taew, and one with margie – recently aired like 5 episodes, its a remake, a comedy. good ratings by the subplots (with rapes) again drive me nuts. i know!!! right!! i was like WTH??!! you banned harmless kissing but approved RAPE as long as it’s implied to the audience, with the camera panning away and dark drapes covering? hell no channel 3. you suck!

        anne doesn’t have any lakorns lined up, except qi pao, she’s more into producing dramas now. she adores yaya and nadech, even visited the filming set of Game Rai Game Ruk to assess their acting.

        you loved 365 days of love the most? LOL! i got fed up with that drama. anne is crazy suspicious and ken is a brainless expectant. he wants HER to believe him but he doesn’t LIKE to talk! what the hell? lol. the only good that is the steamy scenes they have together. real kisses is what anne asked of the producer to make the scene feel real. i love that she goes all out. i loved the dad too. he’s AWESOME. but my favorite lakorn of them is love recipe. OH SOOOOO CUTE!!! alice, if you want to erase those crazy scars of yours, try this one. I GUARANTEE with my head, you won’t be disappointed. the other one you should try kap is the sibling stories like annette suggested. i liked the first two. Akkannee’s heart with yadech!!!

        thai can do witchcraft and ghost lakorns well. it did scare the crap out of me too. i dumped prisonder of love somewhere. didn’t manage to finish. horrible, terrible storyline.

        i was sitting there a bit dazed when i learned of kim’s age. she’s SOOO YOUNG but her face is much much more mature. it’s unfortunate to look so old for her age though. margie is another actress whose really long but looks mature. they’re like anne almost. not acting-wise. =P

        i adored game rai game ruk. yea, a lot of cutesy but they’re young. you wouldn’t want to see old people doing the nuzzling now, do you? they only have 3 lakorns so far, ken and ann have 5. i think the problem is they consecutively get paired up, (people love them, directors do that to please the fans) so some fans get tired of the pair pretty quick. while ken and ann lakorns have a space in between, some 1 years, 2 years. their third lakorn together torannee something was boring. the directors need to change it up. locked gazes and tripped falls ARE BORING after two lakorns together.

        they’re good kids so i do feel bad that they can’t catch a break from these dumb directors. they can only do what the company wants. sigh.im sure they want to pair up with other young stars too. what can i do. i have got the yadech fans and love seeing them together. don’t avoid them annette, you probably wont see them in another lakorn until next year or longer. =)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          okay…….. I’m going to go with the recommendations from you two, Annette and Frea. If they’re good, I’m gonna write a post about lakorns! That should be interesting…. hehe. 😛

          Wanida, Thara himalaya, Love Recipe, Game Rai Game Ruk.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          frea i don’t remember the name of the website but i book marked it, when i find it i’ll let you know.

          I checked out the sites and you have to join to gain access to the dramas and also they require some participation like uploading. i was feeling kinda lazy so i didn’t join..just yet

          You said channel 3 does not allow the real kisses but what about 365 with?
          I was really looking forward to Anne’s latest dramas, so sad that she’s focusing on producing. I read about Ken’s latest drama – was excited to hear Cherry was also in it until i read the storyline = no thanks

          True they do look the same age as Anne but they’re so young. Wanted to watch Margie’s new drama with Mario but the teaser looked boring, i decided to pass on that one. Do you know if Kim has one out?

          When i was watching Game Rai i really liked it too and also became a huge fan of Yadech but i don’t know why or how i just enough of them after a while even though i had only seen them in that one drama. I avoided Akkannee’s Heart precisely because its Yadech

          I’ve only seen two dramas with Anne and Ken, 365 and Sawan Biang. I started Oum Ruk – or something like that – but never finished it cos it got boring, the same all tripping/locked gaze nonsense you mentioned. I wanted to watch the one Ken was a chef but i can’t find the eng subs. Since you said its good i’ll try looking for subs again

          What other good lakorns do you recommend?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Alice i must warn you Mr. R makes an appearance in Game Rai Game Ruk. I remember telling you about that. The two leads used to be married but they separated when the wife lost her memory, he found her but she didn’t remember him. He thought she was faking memory loss cos she didn’t want to be with him, he got mad and forced himself on her. She started to fight back but apparently “her body” remembered him so she stopped fighting – WTH??!!!
          The early part of the drama i really enjoyed, when they were together before and after they married. it was really so cute, after she forgot him and he set out to make her remember the drama lost itself. You can check it out but you’ve been warned about Mr. R. I want to say the Mr. R is not violent like in portrayed in the other dramas but it feels like an idiom to say Mr. R is not violent

          Another one i liked was Taddao Bussaya, girl dresses as boy and a boy falls in love with her story.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Annette, it was recently that they announced the NO KISSING rule to all producers. But even before then, you would notice that there are rarely real kissing scenes because the actresses are traditional (or so they say). But Anne is different, which is also why i love her. she wants the feeling and emotions to feel real and personally requested her kissing scenes with Ken to be real. even the slap in sawan biang was real. ken, being the gentleman that he is, didn’t want to slap her for real but she insisted that he slapped her hard. in the end, everyone listened to her. she’s such a professional.

          anne’s latest qi pao hasn’t been appointed an airing date yet. she plays a vengeful ghost and woman i believe. im excited! buhhhh bad news for you annette, it’s set as a horror drama!

          it was okay, margie and mario’s drama. the only interesting part is them together. the subplots are dumb and annoying. not a must-watch. as a matter of fact, i didn’t finish.

          kim has one drama with nadech, mark, and boy. See anything familiar and weird here? they’re all her brothers from Thara Himalayas! LOLLLLLL seriously, i feel tingling sensation.


          this one is funny, kim filming with nadech:

          Caption reads:

          Yaya: How can you do this to me? [Implying cheating with Kim] Lol
          Nadech: [ to Kim] Get out! The real one is here!
          Kim: No, she has a man of her own!


          a funny BTS video of nadech and kim:

          nadech is a prankster. it’s so ewwwwww when he places his fingers Kim’s armpit and smells it!! Same habit as Aum, who did it to his female costars (aff, ann, yaya). what are these boys thinking?!! so nasty!! lol 😛

          i think the only thing i hated in GRGR was the stupid R scene. it could’ve been otherwise a good series for yadech. me loves them still. 😀

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        So channel 3 make exceptions then – the whole kissing thing – depending on which star it is? After watching Aff’s dramas i guessed she’s one of the traditional actresses – seen none, atleast not like Anne. I’ve seen Ken with Janie and no real kisses there – well now that i think about it its only in Annes’s dramas that i’ve seen any kind of kissing – her and Ken.
        And yes you’re right – as much i love Ann i’ll be passing her lakorn

        Like Margie – maybe its cos my first thai lakorn was with her and Boy and even though she was annoying i still liker her. Not sure how i’d feel her paired with someone else. Have you seen the one she did with Aum? I was thinking about watching it but haven’t decided

        I really liked Kim and her brothers in Thara Himalaya – it would be weird to see any one them as her love interest. The three boys were great as brothers, their relationship was one of the high points of the drama. If she had to be paired up with one of them i think i would pick Mark. Is she with him? i think they’d go together best. If they are paired then i will watch it, if you hear more about the lakorn keep me updated

        The whole armpit thing is just gross!! Eeeeewwwwww!!!!

        I also liked GRGR – the part when they were on the island when they were still cute and innocent. For me that was the best part of the drama – after they leave it just goes downhill from there and never recovers – and Nadech’s pants were too tight!!! Did they not see that? Even in one of Ken’s dramas his pants were incredibly tight am thinking don’t they measure them at all?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          annette, ann’s exception was back in 2009/2010. the new rule was just announced several months ago. so no kissing, yes to RAAAAAPEEEEEEE. i don’t know what channel 3 directors smoking but okay. whatever. yep, aff is one of the traditional actress. plus, she’s married too, no close-contacts. unlike Ann, ken is married but they did real kissing and all. LOL

          don’t really follow margie so i haven’t watched the one she did with aum yet. it depends on the role too, if she’s annoying then i can’t like her…hehe.

          i know! i liked how protective her brothers were to Kim during Thara himalya, especially hot-headed Fai, fighting the prince. LOL its going to be interesting and weird to see she acts as lovers with all her brothers. yep, this is the second time kim is paired up with Mark. first was in Sarm Noom Nuer Tong (3 GOlden Men), and next in Punya Chon Kon Krua. i watched a few episodes of 3 golden men. it focuses on the love stories of (again) 3 best friends, without nadech this time. mark is like a stalker, always looking and worrying about Kim from afar. i got annoyed with Kim’s bf in the drama too! kinda funny, i like Ken P’s pair the most, him and the lady vet was hilarious.

          me too, i like their innocent love on the island. so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. 😀 Nadech’s legs are bulky! they measure but maybe he grew wider? LOL

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      heh. Frea, you’re trying to push the blame to Yui! Me no care! I’m scarred for life. Wow, they actually have terms for lead characters and leading couples? Interesting indeed.

      So what shall I watch now to cure my wounds?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        I would suggest you give Wanida a try. Mr. R is no where in sight – that’s a big PLUS! The two leads are really cute together.

        Another good one was Thara Himalai (Thara’s Himalaya), must say the quality of the drama is a bit sketchy. All i will say is RESIST the urge to compare it to the Big 4 dramas and watch it in its merit as a Thai drama then you’ll enjoy it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I am coming back lady Chinggus! just so you wait..ohmigosh..i need to catch up..not only the dramas but the loooong spazz here as well..i need to read all of these first…

          sorry, was gone for ages..well you wouldn’t wanna know…ok well i would want you to know..love problemsss…hahaha..i can’t believe im sayin this…i needed to be alone..
          ok so now im here.but gimme at least few days to catch up, ok?hehe..watching Faith & Arang&TM..

          oh Golly i missed y’all! have a great weekend!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          hahaha! No, don’t look at me for love problems. I will preach like the characters in dramas. I’m an experienced novice based on the number of romantic dramas that I have watched over the years. Hope everything is okay Tessa, we got yo back! ^.^

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          Soooooooooooo happppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy to have you back!!!! WELCOME BACK CHINGU!!!!!!!!!

          If you read the previous messages you’ll see me and Alice talking about you and me calling you! Haha! Aww, you had some problems of the heart? I hope you’re doing better mon ami. Being a novice in love myself there’s not much i can offer in terms of advice – maybe Kap’n might have a word or two? But as for friendship i am there for you 1000000%!!!

          I was also gone for like a month so i decided to patiently wait for your return. So so good to see you chingu, almost all of us are also watching Arang and Faith, but i think Alice and frea have abandoned that one – and i might be headed in that direction soon. I’m only watching cos i really like the actress, she’s really funny and the only high point of the drama. Even the villain and his fireball sister are such bores – oh, i also like the animated parts. I think its cos they remind me of Samurai Jack.

          I’m also watching Gaksital – behind by 6 eps, and To The Beautiful You and Jdrama Rich Man Poor Woman.

          Can’t wait for you to catch up, wanna hear your opinion on Faith especially

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Sorry guys, i can’t keep up with you yet…please take me still after a while..
          Annette, im so behind right now..I’m still at ep 4 of both Faith & AATM..i only downloaded ep 1 of to the beautiful you..im telling you my computer is screaming right now..he can’t take anymore..im thinking of Five Fingers..is it good? well, Joo Ji Hoon may once involved in a scandal but i still like him during Princess hours days..=) how about “nice Guy”,is it out yet? so many dramas and so little memory.haha..

          I miss you guys!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          Good to hear from you girl! I also still have not bought an external harddrive yet so i’m stuck with streaming but i’m saving up for one.

          Somehow i’m managing to keep up with Arang and Faith, decided to avoid Five Fingers cos i’m not in the mood for a melodrama. And also i like the antagonist as the good guy – not ready to see him as a bad guy. People here are watching the other melo May Queen.

          I have not watched Princess Hours – never got beyond ep 1 or 2 so don’t really remember him. Googled him and he looks like my prosecutor in City Hunter and in other pics he looks like Lee Jun Ki

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yeah FF looks like drama alright, if there’s tears then it’s not for me..i’ve been lookin up some light heart comedy PAnda & the Hedgehog..haha only because i missed donghae..and wait,i think im gonna go for Rich Man,Poor woman..is it right? with all the heavy dramas my broken heart went through,i badly need comedies these days..haha..

          well,between Faith & AATM, I have to say LJK’s acting is far far better than Lee Minho’s..im sorry to say that, but i can totally understand him since it’s his first Goeryo./Chosun era whatever dynasty it is film..so,maybe next time he’ll do better..=) Faith is never more than a fantasy,no depth yet..well i dunno i haven’t gone beyond ep 5 so i can’t tell yet..=)

          I saw that thousandth Man—wadya think?it looks another gumiho story..is it a remake?

  13. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I miss Donghae too – liked him in Skip Beat, but wasn’t sure about The Panda drama. I’m hesitant cos it looks a bit childish – to be fair I only saw the poster. Is it good? I think Donghae looks better with blond hair it makes his good looks stand out more. With black hair he looks plain and boring

    You MUST watch Rich Man Poor Man – Oguri Shun at his best! I’m watching it right now and am ep 10, its really good.

    Lee Min Ho cannot act and that just that, even in Boys Over Flowers. As much as I was crazy about that drama I can look at it objectively and see that as you mentioned no depth, just another pretty face that’s all. LJK now that’s an actor – can’tcompare LJK with LMH. There isn’t much to Faith – like I mentioned I’m only watching for the actress who is really the only good thing the drama has going.

    I came across Thousandth Man and when I read the story my thought was also another Gumiho drama. Did you watch any eps?

  14. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    No. I did not…and i don’t plan to..do you still watch “to the beautiful you”?have you watched it’s early versions?Both Taiwan & japanese? which one is better for you? i think J-version is better,tho i love ella chen..but sometimes her crankiness is too much for me..hehe..

    May Queen?good? know what,is it LJK’s comeback drama?i’d say he looks good, what’s with this military anyway that these guys came out from therereally hot, was there an oven there?haha..i mean,some of them entered just plain goodlookin..and then, whala…when they came out..they’re ohsogorgeous! lavet!

    so for now, id settle for few dramas until my computer says so..haha..

    take care guys!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Yes I’m watching To The Beautiful You and it feels nothing like Hana Kimi. Even though the story is the same its been so Koreanised its almost another drama – it feel more similar to You’re Beautiful. I think the characters in the Jdrama were wonderfully wacky – Jdramas do it best. I have not yet completed the J version, I think I have 4 eps to go. I really like the Taiwan Hana Kimi – Ella was sooo funny! I prefered the T version to the J just cos the lead actress is funnier although everything else considered i’d say the J version is better. Kdramas are more about the pretty best so that’s what they got going for them, its more fluff then the other versions.

      Alice I recapping May Queen so you can check there if its good, I’m staying away from that one. I know I said I was going to avoid watching melos but I started watching Mr.Nice Guy. I miss the Jalgeum quartet so I decided to watch Soon JoonKi. He’s good in light roles but I’m not so sure about the heavy ones. He’s trying the more.serious roles that calls for a lot of emotion, depth and in my opinion he’s not quite capturing it. He needs more training,more experience. Its not just but an unsmiling face and I feel like that’s what he’s doing. So far the drama is watchable, and i like Moon Chae Won so I hope this is a good one.

      I think LJK looks good too. I think Arang is his comeback drama cos I don’t remember anything from him before that. The guys look good after the army cos when they are doing the daily exercises they work build muscle and lose fat. That brings out the definition of the face and body and hence they look amazing face and body. Wish I cud go to boot camp too am come out looking that good but I don’t think i can stomach it. I can barely drag myself to the gym so having someone scream in my ear 3 am to go exercise – I wud probably stab them! All I know is one of us is gonna end up in the hospital

      What else you watching?

  15. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    ANNETTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! OMGOSH!!!! guess what i just learned from youtube!!!!

    anne is gonna relax from her producing role and gonna be in a lakorn early next year!!!




    The one and only TIK!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (how big my smile is)

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      FREA SHUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT UUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPP!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I love Anne!!! OMG i can’t wait!!!! Tell me more – have you heard about the storyline? I hope no horror ones like she did. What other drama has Anne done with Tik? I haven’t yet seen them in a drama together – i only saw Tik in Wanida and was about to watch the one he did with Cherry.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Looks like Nadech has a drama with Kimberly in the works called Raeng Pradtanah – not sure when its coming out. You heard anything about it? Am interested mainly cos of Kimberly

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      sorry girlfriend!!! i can’t shut up BECAUSE THIS IS SO GREAT MY MIND IS SPAZZING NONSTOP!!! i might get a heart attack!!!

      they have never collaborated before thats why it’s BIG NEWS!!! they have expressed in wanting to work together for a while, and when a reporter/MC asked what type of lakorn, Tik jokingly said something with a lot of intimate scenes. LOL….

      their lakorn is about: Khemachat or Khem (Tik) was going out with Suriyong or Wadi (Ann ). They loved each other very much, but one day she goes off and marries an old man because her parents were poor and needed the money to pay off her older brother’s debt. Wadi never did tell Khem that she was going to marry another man, she just decided to quit school and left without telling Khem anything. Khem soon found out he was so disappointed in her and had thought that she was marrying the old man for his money and that she was a gold-digger so they went their separate ways. Years went by, Khem became rich and owns a big company. Wadi’s husband died and she’s out looking for a job.

      i watched the one with cherry a while ago, can’t remember much, but he was pretending to be blind and she’s working for him? i only remember the scene when she WIPED his hard abs to clean him. Behind Tthe Scene, Tik said, “You’re rubbing my chest, not rubbing the bathroom floor..!!” since she was using much force. he’s funny.

      annette, you forgot so fast! remember when i told you that Kim has lakorns with all her brothers, with the exception of Boy? she has just confirmed for another lakorn with Mark in 2012. In total, she has 3 with mark and one with nadech.

      her lakorn with Mark is airing right now, produced by ann as it is a remake of her old drama. think it’s called kitchen scholar. the reviews are good. you can watch it here w/ subs here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSu1FShEq6bEjtOcxJZl4mmz0SUJ-KdHz&feature=plcp (you can kiss me now 😛 )

      the one with nadech is almost done. i dont follow that series but it’s about marriage contract. oh man this theme is infiltrating lakorns. hahah

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        I remember you telling me that she has lakorns with her brothers – i assumed they were past lakorns, except the one that’s airing. I didn’t know that she had yet to do one with Nadech. Do you know where i can get the one she did with Mark? How long does it take for subs to be available for a lakorn that’s just aired? Can we expect the Kin-Nadech lakorn to be available anytime this year or is that coming out next year?

        Now with that storyline i can see Tik forcing himself on Anne – yet another rape scene, Anne can’t seem to get enough of them. I really hope not – in Wanida Tik was a gentleman and in the drama with Cherry it didn’t seem like they have a rape scene. I hope he maintains that and refuses to do any – i have had enough of them

        Don’t tell me we’re going from rape scenes to love contracts – we already have the love triangles, throw in memory loss, being shipped off to America, and cancers for good measure!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Never mind about where to watch it, in my excitement i overlooked your link! LOOL! Now here’s a big kiss from me to you :* Thank you frea!!!!!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        i sure hope there wont be any rape scenes… but reading the storyline, it seems like a mature storyline, more about two people missing out on love during their younger years and meeting each other again to connect a second time. its the same pd for many of anne’s lakorns, including sawan biang.

        enjoy watching, let me know if it’s worth checking out. Mark is so bland as an actor and i like Kim. i have school so i’m being selective. 1 episode of lakorn = 1hr30. too long to waste my time on!!!

        LOL cancer is a korean thing, back in 2000……i still remember my grandma crying when song hye kyo’s character died in song seung hun’s arm. she’s crazy about them. don’t get my old folks. 😆

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          If its the sme pd who did Sawam Biang then i am a little concerned but it seems Tik has stayed away from the whole rape thing and since he’s a big star i’m sure who has some clout and can tell the pd he does’t want those scenes

          I think i know what you mean about Mark’s acting although i think his character stood out more in Tharam Himalaya. This drama is another popcorn for your brain – i’ve no TW dramas to watch so this replaces the light fluffy Thai drama. Its stupid silly, childish – i can’t believe Anne produced/directed this. Did you ever watch her version? I wonder if it was as childish as this one? I guess its cos the main cast is a bunch of young actors and of course the audience they’re going for is young. I wouldn’t say i recommend this but if you’re in for the mood for some dumb not so funny schticks go for it
          We need some good Thai drama so am def looking forward to Tik and Anne’s drama cos Tik has talent – Anne too but most of the time she’s screaming/crying/fighting. let’s hope the role and being paired with Tik will help showcase more of it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yep it is. stay hopeful!!! both are big stars, one is with a family, one is going to start a family, so i believe they won’t stoop to using rape scenes. pulesssssssase!

          thailand must be different than us. the viewers like this lakorn, they say it’s funny and kim gets to be less demure and quiet than her usual roles. they’re getting good feedbacks from thai audiences which is good for the young cast. anne’s version, my older friends watched and they say it’s totally different feel. the former version is less comedic. ann wanted to spin a different feel so she tried out comedy.

          if it’s dumb and not so funny…then i won’t tune in. i’ll jsut listen to my friends talk about it instead. they do quick reviews, which is helpful. LOL

          i like ann’s crying/screaming/fighting scenes though cause she put the right amount of emotions in them. i’d rather a strong n’ek than one that gets slapped around like her cheeks needs man-made implants. *shudders*

          did you watch the crazy lakorn ann did with aum “Borisud Bambard Kaen”?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Is that the one Anne was crazy cos her husband/boyfriend used to drug her? I think i read the synopsis but i was unsure whether to watch it or not. I hadn’t gotten much info from the the reviews to decide if its a good watch or not. I like both the lead actors but i guess the story wasn’t interesting enough – did you watch or have you heard anything good about it? I really wanted to see the pairing of those two. I first saw Aum in Jam Leuy Ruk and thought he was ok until the rape scene. I then saw him in Tharam Himalaya and really liked him in that one so since then am always on the look for his latest lakorns.

          I also like Anne’s acting and all but i think she can show her strength/assertiveness without all that crying/screaming etc – in lakorns they tend to scream/screech a lot it drives me nuts! Although Kimberly hasn’t done much of that – in this new drama she does quite a bit of it

          When you compare with dramas from the big three countries, Panyachon kon krua is really silly/dumb As i had mentioned the acting is not great in Thai dramas. I read that in this drama Anne wanted Kimberly to act different from her usual mature roles and play something closer to her age, she’s really bringing the childish to the acting – its no different from the usual Thai lakorns with young actors.
          The Thai audience puzzles me just as much as the TW – the dramas/acting is bad at times am thinking these people actually like this??!! But coming from growing up on American shows – and American audiences don’t tolerate nonsense – its to be expected. I think the difference is that the target market – the young people and so its tailored to them and it seems that age group has a lot more power

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          the story of Borisud Bambard Kaen is definitely weird. I vaguely remember what happened. i only manage to watch a couple of episodes before checking out. it was just so weird and psychotic. everyone is mostly crazy or on drugs. but critics said ann did well…. i only remember ann talking about it on a variety show of how she was eating REAL flowers during her crazy mode. lol. i do hope that flower tasted good.

          you know it’s funny how thai fans made fun of the screaming in lakorn. it’s mostly the girls who do it. and they jokingly said that the MIC system isn’t good so the actress must scream to get their lines heard. LOL. kim rarely does it because her roles up till now has been demure and mature, no wonder anne wants to spin a new image for her.

          yea…….different tastes. that’s why you don’t see lakorns as highly liked as other countries. they are always gonna be in the special category unless they start making logical dramas. but i do like the humor in thai dramas….LOL.

          ann doing a shoot with her cast kim and mark:

          updates video on Ann and tik’s lakorn.

          its so cute how they are BOTH excited to work with each other. tik is like a little BOY!!! =DDDDD

          Tik: “please don’t be so hard on me.” im soooooooo exciteddddd!!!

          their couple name is annik. 🙂

          are you watching any lakorns?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I can’t wait for this lakorn!!! Really can’t wait to see the result of this pairing, surely it will be a great one – Annik hwaiting!

          I do like lakorns – as you said its a different taste just like TW dramas for me. I really just like how Panyachon kon krua is so light hearted, such harmless fun – just like some kdramas without the sophistication/budget. Do you have the soundtrack to this lakorn? Am loving the theme song!

          For now that is the only lakorn am watching, i’m waiting for the Kimberly/Nadech lakorn to be available. What lakorns are you watching and which ones do you recommend?
          I know Ken has one out but i would have watched it if it was just Cherry and not all those women. Por has one out but i’m not interested in the Nang’ek, Tye also has one out but again not interested in the Nang’ek. When deciding which ones to watch i tend to look at the Pra’nang first – i have some favs, although like in the case of Anne or Aff i might just watch as long as they are in it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Qi pao with anne is airing tomorrow, so i’ll be checking that out. if its not too scary, i’ll recommend it for you annette. although i still don’t like the p’ek smart! lol.

          lakorns don’t usually have OST like other countries (budget limitation)…. usually they only give out themesong and ending theme. i’ll see if they’re uploaded somewhere.

          yea, ken has one with 3/4 ladies but i got turned off by his hellish mother. she irritated me so much i dropped watching it. me too, i only look out for likable pra’nang, looks wise and compatibility, and storyline.

          right now, am watching pin anong from channel 7. i wouldn’t say it’s bad but the women in here. god bless the nasty villains and the weak men. LOL but….there are real kisses. the actress prefers to do real kisses like ann. no Rape scenes so that’s good.

          check out the couple mv below:

          i like that the male lead gets a makeover. he looks dashing after removing that messy mop.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Can you believe this thread turned a year old yesterday??!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!

          I’m not familiar with any of the actors in pin anong but i’ll check it out. Knowing how mothers can get in Thai dramas i can picture what Ken’s mother’s like – even more reason for me to pass.

          I’m also trying to watch Cherry’s drama Leh Roy Ruk – don’t know the guy but he’s a terrible actor, atleast in this drama. Even Cherry is terrible i must say, her acting in other dramas was ok but in this one its just so bad. And its not just her – the support cast is awful this drama has nothing going for it. I might drop it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Awww Annette, it’s sweet you notice such details! Anne’s birthday is conveniently on November 1st too. Did they do it on purpose to have her new lakorn air the same day? I like horror!

          You ladies are rowdy in here, I can’t help but lurk and read. I was wondering who’s this Tik actor that got you two jumping. Google his pic and oh boy, he’s manly!! A different charm than Ken for sure. But omgosh, his name…I keep reading “Tick” and that’s annoying! 😛

          haha reading Annette’s comment crack me up about mothers. So they’re evil and equally annoying all across the globe!!??

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Haha! I noticed its a year cos that’s how much I love this place! Lol! So Anne’s birthday is Nov 1? That’s kinda cool.
          Alice, you’re one of what I call disturbed individuals – anyone who likes horror movies. What you guys like about it I fail to understand, I’d rather get my adrenaline rush from a root canal

          Tick! Hahaha!! Kinda icky! Tik is in one of the dramas I recommended – Wanida. He looks better in there than he does in still pictures, too bad he’s married!

          With these mothers I now think its a universal conspiracy by men to make women wicked! Lol! Or maybe that’s how bad we women can get – I hope to be the exception if I ever have kids

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          LOL now i can’t get the name out of my mind!! TICK TICKKKKKK!! *pulls out Tick repellent*

          i was so occupied with qi pao that i forgot about her birthday!! Congrats to anne and to this awesome thread. now 1 year old. 😉 hoping for more years to come.

          i watched qi pao raw annette, it wasn’t scary….. yet. i like the mystery behind the dresses. the themesong has a chinese feel to it, to fit the traditional qi pao dress. here, have a listen:

          but smart….he isn’t doing much. i dislike his eyes so much!! like he’s scared or something. lol.

          you should watch tik and cherry’s drama instead. it’s cute and adorable. xD

          yea asian mamas in asian dramas are CRAZYYY….lakorn moms are over the top. like they’re cartoony or too evil to be real. LOL 😆

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Lol! Me too frea! When she said Tick i started thinking bed bugs, lice – started scratching and am thinking is my bed infested!! Haha!!

          I think i see what you mean about Smart, i like him but sometimes when he smiles looks like an idiot, not the best of actors at times although a good drama he was in with Cherry – Tard Rak, i liked that drama. Did you know he’s part Chinese?

          The Tik-Cherry is high on my to watch list, i read the story and i thought it might be a good one to watch even though it is quite old

          So how does the whole ghost story fit in Qi pao? Anne wears the dress and the ghost of the owner posses her? Let me know which eps the ghosts appear so i can avoid it. Thai horrors are no joke – i got so freaked out by Aum and Aff’s drama Roy Mai and i only saw the ghost in previews! Did you check it out? I think i should recommend it to Alice since she likes horrors

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Seriously, I’m starting to check my bed for little friends….. I blame it on this Tick guy…. 😆

          Oh Annette! Disturbed individual! I can’t believe you’d rather undergo a root canal than watch a horror movie. I’m dead afraid of going to the dentists. They freak me out more than horror stories. If I remember correctly, there’s a horror movie about a dental office. Trust me, if you watch that movie, you’d never enter a dental office with the same attitude anymore. It’s THAT terrifying and leaves a horrific image in your mind. FOREVER.

          It’s definitely men’s conspiracy to make women look bad. My mother is the sweetest person, even to the people she dislikes. She simply doesn’t have the time to be wasted on them. So all this talk about women being scheming and manipulative is definitely stirring heat on us modern ladies. *cues roll eyes*

          That Qi Pao’s song is awesome. I love the melodic beats and it’s appropriately haunting for such a lakorn. 🙂

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Smart Krissada Pornweroj is part Chinese? interesting! i always thought he’s mixed with australian blood or something. he does have a fit body though. 😛

          well, for qi pao, right now I know that that ann is like portraying multiple characters, her as the present self and two more selves as the two ghosts (one nice one evil). so she works in a textile & apparel company and for this project, they have to present a collection of 30 ANCIENT qi paos to the public. when they get to the 30th qi pao, another red one is found inside it. Ann puts it on and see flashes of her past incarnation being stabbed in the chest. I still need sub but this is all i could guess. ghosts are vengeful, aren’t they? lol.

          alice, you should watch that drama (with TICKKK and cherry) along with annette. its cute!

          drama is: “Kaew Teh Pee”

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Actually Alice you’re not in that category – depends on the degree to which you like horror movies – for example i remember watching Saw III or IV with my cousin and she was watching gleefully as this man’s fingers were being crushed!!!! I couldn’t watch and she was smiling clearly enjoying it – now if that’s not a disturbed individual i don’t know what is!!! How does one enjoy people being killed/stabbed/crushed etc whether by ghosts or psychopaths??!! That i do not get. Some just watch it for the adrenaline rush from being scared out of their minds and that’s fine i guess. So which one are you?

          Is the movie you’re talking about The Dentist?! LOOOOL! I saw that movie a loooooong time ago i don’t even recall any scenes and probably for the best! Lol!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          frea he might have a fit body now but the two dramas i saw him in, when he took off his shirt it didn’t look good. For one he had hair on his chest, he was pale (while face and parts of arms were tanned) and he had no 6 pack. I hope he did decide to work out if he wants to be serious competition

          Btw i started watching Pin Anong – i did like jim with his shaggy hair, he still looked cute. I must say though when he walked in for his wedding, the entrance was a bit exaggerated! Lol! Even other viewers had the same sentiment

          Have you watched Ngao Asoke the 2008 version? I came across it and it had good reviews so i checked it out. I like the Pra’ek Peung Kunya Leenuttapong, first time watching a drama with him. He’s not too bad as an actor, the Nang’ek is ok too but she’s quite young though. He’s a ’78 and she’s a 90. His real life girlfriend is a ’92 – that is quite a huge difference!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          haha I’m glad you’re very specific in placing people in that category, Annette. I sure don’t belong in that category. I like horror movies but mostly it has to do with ghosts and supernatural forces. Humans doing things to humans like the SAW franchise, I cringe…. But I don’t mind seeing gushing blood. The difference is…I won’t be watching gleefully like your cousin. 😎

          Ah! The Dentist. Original name. I watched that when I was pretty young so I remember that one scene where…..sldhfsljflsf###!!!

  16. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    frea i found the theme song for Punyachon kon krua. The name of the song is Tick Tock by Palmy. Really catchy tune, luv it! Its actually pretty old like 6 years if not more

  17. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    How do you put the video here like you did with the Qipao ost? I want to put it here so i can listen to it every time i come here

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Annette, go to the youtube video that you want to post. Click SHARE > Embed > Copy and paste the code into the comment. The size I go for the video is 560 (w) x 315 (h).

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Thanks for the help Kap’n (*_-)

        Frea this is the song i was asking you about, so catchy it’s stuck in my head! 😀

        This is another cute song i really like. I haven’t yet watched the episode shown in this video, i think this is ep 5 – can’t wait for this ep! 😀 The eng sub is only up to ep 3 right now

        This one is the beginning/themesong

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        LOL tik looks great now annette. i saw him at a show event…and boy…he looks handsome. Old but HANDSOME TO THE MAX!!! *wipes drools* i don’t go drool over old guys but this man is…. *fans self*

        pin anong: i like thi shaggy hair but his clean cut look is much preferred. he was like tarzan’s friend with that hair and attidude. i loved how everyone dropped their eyeballs, and the maid was like, “did you invite a celebrity?” LOL

        i can’t believe they used an old song for a drama, even though it’s a remake, it deserves a new hip song. but catchy song nonetheless.

        i didn’t watch Ngao Asoke cause i don’t like pong. he doesn’t do much for me… ~~~~~ The newbie actresses nowadays are FREAKIN young….yaya is 93er acting with aum (’81) and num (’73)…. O_o its not only her but kim, taew, margie, mint…are act with much older actors.

        where korea loves noona relationships, thailand is the total opposite.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          True how in Korea its the opp, but when it comes to real life dating it seems noona dating rules the day in Thailand

          And yeah i did notice how really young the actresses are! Although some of them don’t look it like Kim and Margie. I read somewhere netizens were complaining about Punyachon kon krua, that Kim looks too old for Mark – am watching the lakorn and i don’t see it, they are matching ok

          Never seen Pong in anything and i came across him after seeing Great in a lakorn with Cherry – he’s a good looking guy with a nice smile but goodness the boy can’t act! Its sad when actors are just good lookin but no acting skills.

          I just read Janie’s remaking Ann and Ken’s drama Rang Ngao – am not really a big fan of Janie but she’s ok. I’ve seen her in three dramas – two with Ken (and i was watching cos Ken was in it) and one with Smart and Cherry who were the leads

          Have you watched Hua Jai Ruk Karm Pope? I started watching a while back but the subs are incomplete. Viki started subbing and they stopped, TheSisFanClub also started but stopped, and it looks like both are not subbing it anymore. I’ve looked everywhere for subs but can’t find them 🙁

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Just read Cherry and Ken will be in a new drama together called Satroo Saneha, don’t have much details other than its upcoming – so excited!

          By the way put the picture of Tik you’re talking about, i wanna see it too!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          yea most of these mixed youngins look much older than their real age. in the past generation, it would ne Anne T. she looks older than most of her costars… but i still really like her with Ken T.

          kim is 92’er, yaya’s 93, mint’s 93, margie’s 90. they all look older than their age, especially Kim, who is supposed to be 2 years younger than Mark. mark has a younger-looking face. their coupling reminds me of anne and ken! but it still works out great.

          janie’s lakorn has been airing for a while now. im not interested in it. ann’s lakorns are being remake left and right. plus, the male lead is much much younger than janie…the new Ken P. he’s weird with rumors with hooking up with girls everywhere… want to touch…and stuff. LOL.

          Hua Jai Ruk Karm Pope – unfortunately, many lakorns don’t get subbed….. im a little bit upset that korean dramas get priority over other country. we have kingofbeer and his team ripping subtitles for all (if not most) korean dramas from various sites for people but none for taiwanese, jdramas…. korean dramas are taking over the world at this point. lol.

          Satroo Saneha? that one was canceled a long time ago. it was supposed to be filmed in 2008 but they were so busy it didn’t make it into production. some say it’s going to be delayed…. four years already. lol.

          BUT they do plan another drama together – Raeng Rak with cheer and rita. rita plays N-rai. wooo… Ken also has one next year with ploy…aka screaming mama. *rolls eyes*


          yaya, nadech, khun yai, and Aum doing a photoshoot for november…. hot looking group from different channels.

          yaya + Khun YAI!! Nadech is the person who took this photo. LOL

          nadech + kim


        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Satroo Saneha has been delayed for four years?! Am guessing its never going to made then? I saw it under upcoming 2012 for Channel 3.
          So Ken and Cherry are Pra’nang?! Asa! I thought Rita was going to be the lead, cos i was reading on blogs that Rome’s gonna be in it as well (i’ve never seen him in nay lakorn) and bloggers were saying its a Cherry/Rome reunion and i thought i had read somewhere that they will be paired up.

          I briefly saw a lakorn Ploy did with Por – i think i dropped it cos of the whole screaming business

          How is Qipao going – is it good? I like the Anne – Smart pairing so i want to give it a try but i’ll obviously skip the ghost parts. I hope its not like Aum and Aff’s drama Roy Mai – i still shudder when i think about it!

          Luv the pics – am not familiar with Aum. Didn’t know Weir/Khun Yai was as famous as Yaya and Nadech. There seems to be a really popular lakorn Weir is in, am not sure of the name. I think he acted with is it Pinky? (don’t know the girl) – bloggers were talking alot about that lakorn, have you seen it?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Ken and Cherry. im a happy fan. rome is gonna be in it? oh…this is new… haven’t heard of it. i watched him in that drama with yaya’s debut. he has the sweetest smile for a middle-aged man. LOL. does this make sense. his body is pretty sculpted too when he’s shirtless (it doesn’t loook it but don’t be fooled).

          qi pao isn’t that scary yet… there are pictures for future episodes but i don’t want to give you nightmares because they went all out on the make-up. ann looks disfigured. you should watch it now. =)

          from the four, Aum is the super star in Thai entertainment. i personally don’t think she’s all that in the acting department but she gets paid the highest (more than anne, chompoo, ploy, newbies…). The fact that she’s pretty also helps and has the air of a true star also increases her value in the market. just look at how she confidently spreads her arm in the picture, yaya almost has no stance. Khun yai only recently got famous (into the limelight) with Pin anong, i didn’t even know him before that. he has 3 lakorns waiting to be filmed… one with Min again (yay!!!), another with Mai (youngin – 92er)…and TangMo (84-er).

          yaya and nadech, are the leading newbies for the new generation.

          in terms of popularity yadech > mark and kim (they have more lakorns than Mark&Mint and is getting promoted A LOT these days) > mark and mint > boy + margie.

          more pics, of cheer and her two leading men – Kan and thanwa.

          they’re on a show and Kan can’t stop teasing/flirting with cheer. she just laughs and blushes.

  18. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Aum is the superstar of the Thai industry? I’m shocked i thought it would be Anne or Aff who rule the industry, how come? Never seen any of her lakorns and in the looks department she’s pretty but not better looking than Anne or Aff, i think Yaya, Kim and Min are prettier than her
    So she’s the overall star – even over the men? Who’s the biggest star when it comes to the men?

    I’m not familiar with Cheer, Kan or Thanwa, what dramas are they in?

    I really like the Kim+Mark pairing a lot and i would love to see more of it! Although i only saw them in one drama i do like the Margie+Boy pairing too. I just read Tharam Himalaya was Kim’s first drama?! She did great! How did she manage to get a lead role and paired with a well known actor like Aum? And not to mention three really popular actors playing her brothers at that!

    I can’t wait to see the drama with Weir/Khun Yai and Min, is it scheduled for next year release? So he’s been around but Pin Anong pushed him to stardom? i’ve never really heard much of him till you mentioned Pin Anong – have you finished it by the way? I stopped at ep 18

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      ann has like “mature” look. can’t really pair her with younger actors. but in the latest scoop, i heard she wants to star in lakorn (noona love) with Mark….. and Im like…omgosh…please no! don’t go all cougar on me Ann!! it’s just doesn’t look right. kinda like Joo Won pairing up with choi kang hee. -___-

      remember than channel 7 is the rating king so their stars naturally is in the limelight more. aum has a new lakorn airing right now, she’s pairing up with Om. she just has the air of a super star with the way she carries herself.

      Aum is a super star because she earns fairly well. on the men’s side…surpise surprise, the youngest actor (my baby!!) nadech earns top spot as the highest paid actor (2.2 billion first half of this year US dollars). he earns more than Ken T, Dome, ananda, etc. the boy is popular indeed, not a star like aum you see but very popular, enough for him to rake in the CFS, advertisements, and photoshoots. but of course, int terms of long term power and fame, Ken T takes the cake.

      Well, the whole series of “4 Hearts of the Mountains” was meant to celebrate chn. 3’s 40th anniversary. it was also meant to push the next generation for chn.3 newbies as well. Kim and yaya’s have the least experience, each only starred in one lakorn previously. margie and mint have starred in numerous lakorns before than. the boys were pretty new too. boy, mark, nadech all reached stardom thanks to 4Hearts of Mountains. so you can say they were casted because they were lucky to be young in the right places.

      well, do you know that Kim is dating a big gun at channel 3? he’s the producer of her drama 3 Golden Men (w/Mark and Boy, Ken P) name is P’‘Jett’ Nattapong Mernprasitivej. once can’t ignore that “favor” now… he’s also the one producing her NEXT drama with Mark (they have 3 lakorns together now…oh geee, faster than yadech). ann did say next year is “kim’s year”.

      oh theres another lakorn with Cheer, Kan, and Min (pin anong) where she played a ghost. don’t worry, a pretty ghost who’s innocent so no creepiness. its called pang sanaeha i believe.

      min’s new lakorn is airing right now too, she’s in it with Porshe, a cute looking dude. this lakorn is pitted against ann’s qi pao since both are about chinese culture. im torn, don’t know which one i should support in the rating game!

      i finished pin anong a while back. you stopped at episode 18. is it because of the force feeding? i thought that was distasteful as well, didn’t seem like Khun Yai at all. but after that episode is ALL sweetness for our OTP!! 😉 yes, their lakorn is scheduled for next year. min is a popular girl. lol.

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Ann and Mark pairing??!!! I luv Ann, she’s really beautiful but that feels not quite right. Mark just seems too much of a baby – like putting Choi Kang Hee with Kim Bum, Kim Soo hyun or Yoo Seung-ho – however i do think Choi kang Hee will be ok paired with Joo Won cos he has a mature look. On the other hand it just might work – example Kim Bum and Park Jin-hee in The woman Who Still Wants To Marry – seeing them separately i never would have thought it would work but it did. Same thing with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang-woo

        Nadech earned US $2.2 billion???!!!! That’s more than the hollywood stars!!!! I figured Ken would be at the top, although i would have thought Tik would be ahead of him. They’re both great actors but there’s something about Tik’s presence and his acting that’s more mature, majestic/commanding – maybe it might be cos of the role he played on Wanida! lol! But i like them both

        I had watched Tharam Himalaya after i had seen the actors in other lakorns and i so i assumed they were already established stars by the time of the filming of that drama

        I read the story about Kim and the producer, i saw their picture together and sad to say he’s not a looker. Have you seen him? If she sincerely likes him then that’s good cos i would be so sad if she was dating him just so she can be cast in lakorns – the plight of many people desperately trying to make it in the entertainment business

        I don’t think i know Porshe, he looks like a baby. How is he as an actor and is the drama good?
        Am still waiting on the Nadech and Kim lakorn – i wonder how much longer it will take to come out.
        As for Pin Anong, i got past the force feeding and they’ve made up. I really like them together
        I finally finished Oum Ruk – i seriously luv Ann+Ken!!! I had stopped at ep 2 or 3 cos it got boring but i decided to rewatch and was laughing the whole way! Its become another fav Ann+Ken lakorn

  19. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    ehhh….im still blah with joo won and kang hee…he might look older cause he’s been playing older characters but he’s a baby – personality and all. and they changed the scripts to fit kang hee’s age. it’s now a full out noona romance. too many noona romances. they’re everywhere! i just want same age coupling for once. -_-

    tik is a star alright but he hasn’t been that active. and you know where the moola comes in right? commercials and advertisements. nadech has signed 3-5 contracts this year alone so he’s raking them moola in. ken doesn’t have the command charisma like Tik i agree. he just seems like the nice guy next door, which he is, from what i see of him on variety shows. he laughs like a regular person. 🙂

    yes, have seen P’jett countless of times…LOL. the trend for thai actressed seem to be on the same path, they act and then get hooked up with hi-so men — > married. he’s not a looker and he’s much older too. blah! just hope it’s true love….

    porshe, not really a good actor, he can play those pretty boys type but intense characters, he falls flat cause of his baby face. but his chemistry with Min is so far so good. they’re adorable.

    YESH! you finished pin anong. i really do love them together. 😉

    Finished Oum Ruk already?! awwww Ken+Ann for the win!! The fans say they might never collaborate again since they have played for almost all roles. T______T then have you watched sood sanae ha yet??!!!

    Last and least, the news you’ve been waiting for. Kim has confirmed that her lakorn with nadech is going to air in…..


    kim and nadech’s wedding photo in the lakorn.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      You’re right about Joo Won seeming older cos of the roles. I’ve seen him in only Baker King and Gaksital – i started Ojako Brothers but i found it boring so never finished ep 2 i think. So the noona pairing should be alright as long as they have chemistry and it think they will – and am sure it will be better than her pairing with Ji Sung. I loved PTB but she was had better chemistry with Jaejoong

      If you want same age romance then i have one for you – Can We Get Married – its surprisingly good! When i saw the cast and read the premise i didn’t have much expectations but its a good watch

      Have you seen the lakorn Tik played a prince or some royalty? I think its Prissana, just wanted to get your opinion on whether its worth it or not. I watched Kaew Tah Pee and Tik’s character got really annoying with the distrust and all that. It started so well but it started to go downhill after the crazy ex showed up in Paris – i didn’t want her to forgive him in the end. And i noticed Tik’s characters tend to become idiotic and some point – well atleast in Kaew Teh Pee and Wanida
      I also noticed Tik hasn’t been in many dramas compared to the other actors

      Do you know how much older P’jett is? He must be in his mid 30s right? I guess having someone powerful in the industry doesn’t hurt but…

      I am yet to see Sood Saeneha but its on my to watch list. I stared ep 1 a while back but i’m not sure if i did finish that ep – is it good?
      How is Qi Pao going?

      Kim+Nadech lakorn is coming out in January? Boo i wanted now, and then we have to wait for subs 🙁 but oh well atleast we know when its coming out. Do they get married at the end of the lakorn or in the middle?

  20. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    hmm protect the boss was an odd experience for me….i dropped it after like 8 episodes or so. i did like the chemistry between the four leads but something is not missing. kang hee looks much more mature than the guys. i feel like she’s the sister and all, not a lover.

    Can we Get married? i’ll check it out and report back later. lolz.

    Prissana, omgofd!! that drama is so old-school, i can’t stand it! tik was really cute though. but the main actress was like 14/15 when she filmed it. which is TOTALLY NOT WEIRD. //sarcasm. my mom really liked it though and she started her fangirl for Tik. i remember channel 3 is gonna remake this one…and yaya and Mew are supposedly contenders for the main female leads. no confirmations have been revealed.

    P’Jett is definitely much older, last i read he’s 10+ years older than her, mid-late 30s. T_T

    Sood sanaeha is good. i think it highlights their strengths really well. Qi pao…haven’t had the time to watch more of it. lol. school’s a stinky.

    at least it’s in january! and there’s nadech, there’s bound to be subber pretty quick. i read that they get married twice in the lakorns…and hijinks ensues…of course. 😛

    lookie here, it’s hilarious how blunt thai reporters are.

    title of a new photoshoot for…. Anne’s men.

    Ken VS Tik (literally! we only need ANNE to be in here and it’s perfect!)

    see pictures here: http://www.praew.com/Content.aspx?ArticleID=2856#.ULJsNoZCOSo

    SMOKING HOTT!! Tik is the obvious masculine one while Ken is like the gentle scholar.

    BTS video:

    I had no idea Ken is taller than Tik!!!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      OMG these men are smoking!!!!!! You’re right Tik’s on fire!!!! Although am not sure i like those hoop earrings he’s rockin – they’re a no no for me. He’s lost a lot of weight too but he looks good, he looks really young compared to Ken – who’s older anyway between the two? Tik’s voice is deeper then Ken’s – Ken sounds like a boy

      Haha! Anne’s men!! That’s how powerful my girl is that everyone forgets all the other actresses the two have acted with. You’re right that Anne being a part of the photoshoot would have taken it to a whole other level – can we petition for it? I just got an idea – what if Anne did a lakorn with Tik and Ken and they were vying for her attention – i luv Ken but i think i would be shipping Tik. Dang it now i want the three of them to be in a lakorn together – again can we petition for it?!!

      How come KIm and Nadech have to get married twice – did they say why? All i know is i can’t for this lakorn now!

      I think i’ll forego Prissana then – the actress was 13/14? You have to be kidding me right?!!! And i thought 18 was bad but sheesh!

  21. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    of course, im never wrong when it comes to judging boys’ look – sexy or not. LOL

    as for age, ken is younger by…..6 months. lol. both boys..errr men were born in 1977. ann is older than them by a measly 1 year. ken’s voice is very soothing and gentlemanish while tik’s voice is sexy and rough. i kno right!! they have been acting with numerous famous actresses but Anne’s name is attached to the photoshoot by fans. WHERE’S SHE? they demanded. it’s gonna happen my friend! it will!

    i like this photoshoot so much it’s now my wallpaper. 😀

    a LAKORN WITH THEM THREE WILL CRUSH MY HEART AND BLOW MY MIND. SERIOUSLY. HOTNESS-O-METER will BREAK. I don’t know which man i will root for…ive an affiinity for Ken you know!! hes so nice and fuzzy and warm!! lol. but dang tik is a sexy dork. whatttttttttt toooo doooo….wait, the drama aint even real yet and im already fretting..!!! petition? i dunno, it might work if the fans gather together.lol.

    they get married twice urrrr….because the first one is a contract? im guessing here. dunno. wait till january to know! LOL!

    am not kidding you that’s why i find it pedophile…ish. she was born in 1985. the drama was released in 2000. She was 15. but it was filmed a year before that. she was 14. how creepy is that? since she’s mixed, she looks older but STILL! 14???!!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      frea i hope the three do a photoshoot together – that would make my day!!!! I’m already looking forward to it like it been confirmed – you have made me anticipate it now! lol! It has to be a glamorous one with her all dressed up and the guys too in nice suits

      I know right! Just thinking about the three doing a lakorn is already BLOWING MY MIND!!!!! Aaaaaargh they just have to do it!!! frea i think we need to look into getting that idea out there – i’m sure people have already thought about it.
      Now that you mention it, i think i also want Ken to be the good guy – i really like him as the good guy. I really liked his good character in 365 – without the parts when he was selfish. I think Ken can play off playing the hot bad boy, but after looking at the photoshoot i feel Tik should play the hot bad boy – he just has that look in the photoshoot. If only he was a bit taller, but they can always make him look taller. Seriously these three need to be in a lakorn together!!!!!
      Did you check out Ann’s pictures? She looks really good too! Luv them, and Aff’s pics with her husband are really nice as well

      So she was 14, did they have a lot of love scenes/kissing? This is Thai drama afterall and since it was quite a long time ago am sure it was quite demure. I was about to ask if her parents were ok with it – i was thinking about it with Pin Anong in mind – no matter how much money it is i’d never let my daughter do that

      I can’t wait for the Kim+Nadech lakorn, found a Nadech fan who’s going to be subbing it – book marked the channel! Any lakorn recommendations? I watched Sapai Glai Peun Tiang with Ann and Chakrit and i really enjoyed it. This is my first time seeing Chakrit – at first you’d think he’s not a looker but after a while you see that the man’s hot! Have you seen this lakorn?

  22. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    ken in 365 days were sooooooooo obnoxious!! he wants her to tell HIM everything but won’t reply to her questions, “trust me! okay na?” seriously, i trust you but not the numerous WOMEN around you!!

    ann’s character was annoying too, always suspicious and making a scene. they deserve each other. lol.

    tik’s face suit the manly bad guy like a glove, and ken…just be a good guy. i can already imagine the fanwar if these three are in a lakorn together! 😛

    dun remember the love scenes… shouldn’t be a lot considered how old she was at the time. a BABY!

    oh, i watched Sapai Glai Peun Tiang too! hate the mother so much. chakrit to me isn’t very handsome. i noticed that thai guys have very big nose…he is one of them, ken has a big nose too (which i can tolerate). the drama is pretty cute with them bickering and fighting in bed. lol.

    haven’t watched any lakorns because of school… unlike you guys, we only have xmas off!! that’s only 10 days. THAT IS NOTHING IN DRAMALAND!!!

  23. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I also was irritated by Ken’s character – and i loved his father for telling it like it is. Ann was also off the wall it was hard to feel sorry for her when he was acting like a jerk, both of them were a mess – it really annoyed me the way he would expect her to act according to his terms but he saw himself as ok. The sister was the one who annoyed me the most was his sister – i almost strangles that chick along with the stupid Rasa
    I liked Ann’s friend/business partner, but the whole thing about her cousin being a singer was a joke – the guy can’t even sing!!!

    Sapai Glai was hilarious at times – remember the scene she was daring him to rape her and the stupid guy actually hesitated and then went for it! Then she pulled out the gun! Hahaha! Chakrit was just too funny – when i first saw him i didn’t think he was good looking either but he grew on me – i’m a sucker for sweet men. What i liked about his character was that he was not afraid to tell her he loved her – its rare, You usually get the characters giving each other the run around even thought they clearly have feelings for each other. Chakrit’s character was refreshing, and i enjoyed Ann’s craziness in this one too.
    The mother ticked me off too, i didn’t want Ann to forgive her. I loved it when Anne’s family played a prank on her and the mother/daughter thieves

    Now that you point it out Thai men do have big noses – i think they get away with it if they’re cute – Kim’s boyfriend is not so lucky i’m afraid

    You only get 10 days off for Christmas? Oh poor frea. I was hoping we can analyze these thai lakorns inside out! 🙁 Oh well, we can do it one at a time.

    Can you believe i have already started creating the plot of the drama with Tik+Ann+Ken! Haha! I’m in the process of figuring out what roles they play – Tik is some sort of big shot – like a CEO – i know its cliche but its usually only when you have money that you have power/status and women throwing themselves all over you. But anyway he has to be rich and hot and all. However i do not want no Cinderella crap so Ann is not a poor struggling woman. She’s also doing well in her own right. Am not sure about Ken’s character at this point, is he Tik’s rival in business – they certainly can’t be friends cos they have two different characters. Ken is the nice/humble decent guy. Tik is the arrogant one – i love it when guys can pull off the arrogant successful hottie.
    So how does you version go?

  24. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    haha Annette, I stalk this thread from time to time but most of the time, I’ve no idea what you guys are talking about. The name of thai dramas isn’t even English!

    I did see the photo shoot with Anne’s hot men. Gotta make a banner with Anne in the middle. Spicing it up for ya addicts! 😛

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Alice you genius!!! Which pictures of Ann are you going to use? Did you see her pictures at the website that had the pics of Tik and Ken? She was also dressed up looking really pretty

      You should hear me trying to pronounce the names of the dramas! Lol!

  25. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    ken’s father in 365 days is probably my favorite papa EVER! poetic, understanding, and gentle. HOW PERFECT IS HE? I loved when he uses nature as a theme of the day sorta lessons for both stubborn people.

    omgosh, don’t talk about the friend! he’s a singer…and yet when he raises that vocals of his. i wanted him to SHUT UP! terrible terrible singer…they should’ve dubbed him and i wouldn’t complain.

    i loved ann’s various tricks to keep chakrit’s character hands off of him. i couldn’t remember all the details but there was guns involved as well as the shocking machine. LOL

    well, im still in High school so….10 days…is usually it. T_______________T

    my plot for the drama..hahah you betcha i have been forming a few…my favorite is having them in the entertainment business. i think it’s the best love effect. Tik, is like you said, the hot sexy male celebrity with a bone to pick with everyone. his role in the newest drama (within the drama) is to play the NICE GUY. ann is gonna be the rich daughter of some CEO who doesn’t want to be casted as the nice girl but she chooses to star in the drama because she overhears Tik telling the producer that he doesn’t want to star with someone so mature-looking (hiim calling her OLD is sooo hilarious in my head). then ken is the aspiring new actor (old but young-looking). he is casted in the drama (of the drama) as the hot-headed guy.

    it would be challenging for everyone because they have to act out two sides. IT”S GONNA BLOW MY MINDDDDDDDDD!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    i can’t breathe annetteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! help me!!! LOL!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      You’re right about Ken’s father in 365 – he probably is the best father in any drama. I did see a couple of really good dads in Kdramas but i can’t remember any that i admired as much as i did Ken’s

      I forgot about the shocking machines!! I think they got rid of them after Chakrit’s mother found them. That’s when she got the gun, but it proved useless one time when he got really angry cos she wouldn’t acknowledge his love and he overpowered her

      We have similar ideas of who our characters – i love the idea of Tik calling Ann old and she hears!! I can already see it happening. My idea of Tik is like the character in Material Queen. I don’t know if you watched but there was a successful businessman called Yang Cai Min i think. He has the ideal character – he pulls of the arrogance really well and he’s hot but he was quite cruel though. I don’t want Tik to be cruel.
      Obviously the relationship between Tik and Ann is going to be love-hate, i’m trying to think of a drama that had a similar plotline done really well. So how’s their romance going to play out? Are they goin to date and then break up and then she starts with Ken? Now i’m not so sure about the romance between them, or did they date before and it did not end well – like he did not treat her well and so they broke up. He tries to get back with her, or they’ve just met and he thinks he can get whatever he wants and pursues her – aaahhhhhhh!!!! I can’t get it right!

      frea i’m going nuts trying to create the perfect plot to a drama that doesn’t exist!!!! LOL! We both need help!

      Btw there’s an upcoming drama with Janie and Aum, have you heard about it? I think they just started shooting so it wont be out in a while

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        oh no! Tik shall not BE CRUEL! If the main guy is cruel in lakorn, chances are he’ll will R her!

        Tik will be a hot-headed, marmallow type of guy! they just met and he tries to pursue her – hoping that their dating scandal will hype up the drama within the dramas. i want ken to be the nice guy, nice but aggressive, not nice and dumb. LOL

        yea, i heard of it the one with janie and aum. Janie is like hooked on PS or something. her face changes everytime i see her. aum is aum. don’t really like him. he’s weird! lol.

        since you aren’t around often, do you know about this new post? https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2012/12/thai-lakorns-best-tv-osts-of-2012.html

        many lakorn fans are throwing out recommendations!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Tik has to be successful guy, that’s where he’s arrogance comes from. Now if he needs the hype then that means he’s not doing too well
          Yes i also think Ken should be nice and aggressive – not a big fan of nice and dumb or passive ala the doctor in Best Love although i was on his side

          I attributed Janie’s changes to better hair, makeup and fashion stylist and she also has lost weight. But now that you mention it i guess you can’t rule out the possibility of PS
          I think i see what you mean by Aum being weird! LOL! There’s something about his look, but i liked his character in the very first drama i saw him in, which was Tharam Himalaya. Even though the drama wasn’t that great i still enjoyed the characters’ interactions

          So should we move the lakorn talk to this new post or it where we can check out the recommendations?

  26. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Happy New Year everyone! miss you a lot guys! specially Annette & kap..=)

    A blessed 2013 to all!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      hello there dear tessa!!!

      omgosh!! you seriously just left us hanging GURL! come back here!

      hope your love life is calm and resolved since you had troubles with it last time (and we couldn’t help, LOL).

      i see that you don’t miss me at all. HMPSHSlkjsdlfjsljfulskdf.

      just kidding! 😛

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        of course i do,dear..everyone here…=)
        im just so happy to see the thread is still goin’ on..so many new dramas..

        ahh the heartache!…still mending…anyways,hope to be back soon!

        i love you guys! MORE POWER TO THE VIRTUAL VOYAGE!!!!! ROCK THE BOAT!!!!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Hey Tessa!

          Heartaches?! Hmmm… *flips out tips from drama-watching* Stay safe and warm wherever you are. =)

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Hey, is that you Kap?u went blonde?=)

          thanks Kap & Frea….miss you a lot!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Tesssssssssaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Miss you my dear chingu!!!! I was hoping you would show up one of these days, thought you had left us for good! *sniff sniff* Haha! So glad to see you chinguya, what you been up to? Good to hear the broken heart is mending, visit us often so we can help you get over it!

      I love this post, i think it had become home! LOL! And of course i lurk hoping to catch you.
      We have watched a lot of dramas, what have you been following so far? Have you been able to watch any since last time your computer broke down, did you replace it yet?

  27. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    frea i just read somewhere that in Annik’s drama she’s gonna be widowed with three kids!!!!! Is that true?! So Tik comes back and finds a full house, i can see the mother-in-law going crazy over this

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      really? ahhh…..uhhhhhhhhhhh i mean one kid is fine…but holy 3 kids!! that just means Tik doesn’t need to do anymore work. the house is full already. LOL!

      i haven’t read anything more so can’t say much but it does sounds true considering that she’s married and all.

      im starting to have bad feeling about this script…..can’t we have OUR version?!!!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Our version does sound a lot better than this one right?! Lol! It never occurred to me that Ann might have kids, but three is just ridiculous. How many years exactly was she married before she was widowed? I think when i was reading that she got married out of convenience i imagined she had married an old man and that’s why i didn’t think she had any kids. I’m going to do more research

  28. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    How’s Raeng Pradtanah going so far? I think i prefer Kim as the nice girl in PKK then the brat she is in this one. I’m glad i got to see her other roles before i saw this one.
    As usual the family baby’s Thae too much especially the dad. Pitt should have told the dad that he will continue working at the company under certain conditions, actually he should have just said he just cannot work there because of the problems its creating for him and his significant other. I get that he feels bad that Thae’s father has looked after him all those years but that shouldn’t mean he has to be the doormat – maybe the father knows better afterall. The two used to be best friends when they were young so the way they’re fighting now could lead one thing. he probably knew that they would marry when they grew up that’s why he’s not keeping Thae away from Pitt

    What’s your take on all this?

  29. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    needless to say, im not enjoying this lakorn as I wished I would. 🙁

    kim’s character, thae, is so childish and suffocating to be around – how she orders everyone and looks down on Pit is frustrating. and they should stop giving Kim those mini short shorts. gee, it’s like a SLIP is ready to take place. Kim has the look and body of a n’rai. LOL!

    but the most annoying thing is how the writer is trying to justify thae’s action, having her intervene in an already established relationship by hinting that the two were best friends and lovebirds when they were younger. SO? i just don’t like it when you CLEARLY know the other person has an it person already and still fight and lash out to get that person’s attention.

    alex playing the bad guy is a joke. the guy looks like a baby. And mint looks a decade older than him. so wronggggg!

    the father is not making any sense either as an adult. its not like he doesn’t like Pit has a GF already. they have been dating for 7 years too. oh geez..

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Glad to hear am not the only one not really enjoying the lakorn that much, i feel the main problem is Kim’s character – i am not liking her one bit. She’s very irritating, she screeches, her little tricks to get Ravee mad everytime she come on the screen i want to skip her scenes. What’s keeping me going is the fact that she’s going to change later on. I think i’m kinda disappointed at the way it has turned out considering how excited i was, i’m trying hard to find the motivation to keep watching

      Lol! My thoughts exactly about Alex, he is a baby. They need to make it convincing that he’s a playboy, the only girls he messes around with are stupid ditzy little girls. Ravee is an intelligent woman, they needed to get a guy who could match her and give Pit a run for his money.

      The father is being annoyingly unreasonable, as i mentioned he probably knows that just a little push they will be together. He’s looking out more for his daughter’s interests cos he knows Pit is the only one who can be good to her. He’s being unfair to Pit and not respecting what he wants, he knows Pit will accept cos he feels obligated. The guy is terminally ill so he’s desperate

      Another saving grace is the look on Ravee’s mom’s face when she finds out that Pit and Alex are brothers and Pit was the better one after all. Feel sad that Ravee get’s the short end. And did you see the backstabbing friend?! Poor Ravee

      How many eps is this lakorn?

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        lol….we are in the minority annette, apparently, thai fans love this drama. they find thae cute because she’s childish. i guess they got so used to more extreme n’ek in other dramas. they don’t even find it wrong how she’s intentionally sabotaging pit’s relationship with Rawee. I feel bad for rawee, she’s full of insecurities already…..and pit’s a plain bad boyfriend for not being able to assure his gf in any type of way….

        yea, of course she’s gonna changed. i mean after she stole back pit, she has to change to win over people’s hearts. that’s when rawee turns bad and goes for revenge against the two, making her the true n’rai. SO SILLY this plot. i mean, don’t thai writer THINK how shallow and illogical their plot is compared to other countries?

        the scene with alex meeting and bumping into thae has me laughing so hard. he’s so small-framed that Kim can easily crush him if needed. LOL!

        yea, i know how disappointed you must be, you were excited for so many months too. sigh!

        this drama is slated for 12 episodes, na!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Rawee is going to what?! I hadn’t read that part. So now Thae and Pit have to fight for their love? is Alex going to be a part of her plans? I can already see the whole drama going downhill. Rawee was forced to marry Alex right?

          There’s nothing much Pit could have done to reassure her, or should i say he did not love her enough to do so because if he was really serious about it, as much as the uncle had done for him, he would have packed his bags and told Thae’s dad he’ll repay him in anyway he can and insist he’s leaving. if he stopped working for Thae’s dad its one way to get away from Thae. But now Rawee still has a problem cos her parents do not want Pit – the mom is focused on the rich Alex. Do you think Rawee would be willing to disobey her parents, leave everything behind and go to Pit if he had left Thae’s dad’s company?

          Alex and Thae – the whole idea of Alex can get Rawee or Thae is laughable. Thae is out of control so she needs someone like Pit. As you said she can crush Alex with her little finger – i feel is more likely to use violence to get a handle on a woman. I saw in some scenes Thae was pretending to be close to Alex – not sure if she was trying to make Pit or Rawee jealous.

          They should have put a little more thought into the plot and the casting. I think you’re right in that the Thai viewers are used to much worse – the screeching women. When i first started to watch lakorns i could not stand the noisy women. The lakorn is made for Thai viewers, they like this kind of stuff so they have to give them what they want. As silly as the plotline is the writers know people are going to watch it

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          LOL annette, you think a lakorn is a lakorn without the annoying n’rai?!! never!

          so rawee has to change and take revenge (they love silly revenge stories, dunnnnnnno whhhhy!!). alex of course is gonn be part of the scheme, i believe he’s partnering up with heart-broken rawee.

          pit is pulled down by his loyalty to the uncle. he could’ve done a lot, stop giving in to thae’s unreasonable demands. he couldn’t do it. and the way he broke up with rawee is not manly at all. messy, even. he’s giving her the impression that he’s dumpping her for thae, making rawee hates thae even more. rawee might have if Pit gives her enough assurance as her boyfriend. but man, he keeps wavering and sending these lovey eyes towards thae, i don’t blame rawee for not trusting him.

          heard this week has many sweet scenes but im not motivated to watch it anymore. hate weak male lead and annoying female lead. =/

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          frea you gave up laready?! Lol! I can’t say i blame you. I was beginning to really like the relationship between Pit and Rawee especially the moment when they were in the park and Pit was reassuring her and telling her that if she hears any rumors about Pit and Thae to ask him. They were so sweet together. But of course there had to be misunderstandings so she’s mad at Pit. Even though Pit unknowingly likes Thae i don’t believe he would have ever betrayed Rawee cos i think he did sincerely love her.

          Getting tired of Thae’s constant crying, she’s trying to make it up to Pit and Rawee but i don’t find her actions endearing. Now we’ve come to the moment of their first wedding – it’s lame, the excuse they use to make Pit marry Thae, not a solid reason honestly
          Although they didn’t represent Pit’s character well, i think i see how they’re trying to show that no matter how much the whole situation with Thae affects his relationship with Rawee its hard for him to say no/wallk away from Thae’s dad because of how he raised him and took care of him. I think it’s not that he’s weak – atleast i think that’s what they’re trying to get at but didn’t succeed – but he sees the dad as his own father and because of all Thae’s dad has done for him he can’t refuse him. He probably feels like Thae’s dad gave him his life and therefore he’s obligated to do all that he asks of him, especially carrying out his dying wish by looking after his daughter

          I don’t know if you watched lately but Alex reached a new low eewww! That boy needs to be chained or someone beat the crap out of him – well Pit did but it was not enough. He’s a disgusting savage like his father i bet

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Just watched ep 7 and i can’t believe they went there – i thought a big drama with big names attached to it they would not resort to such low measures, but i guess they needed a convincing/credible basis for Rawee’s turn from sweet and innocent to cold/calculating “bad” girl

          Are you still with me on this one or you have completely signed off this lakorn?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          LOL! im not physically watching this drama, just scrolling through the pics on those websites like pantip. screencaptures and stuff.

          the excuse for the wedding is lame but my gosh..the wedding itself is grand and legit. probably one of the grandest thai wedding in a lakorn that i have watched. they both look gorgoeous. that specific episode has the highest rating so far. people checked in for the wedding. LOL!

          pit is completely bound to the thae’s father. he really can’t and probably a small part don’t want to leave someone like him behind to pursue his own desires.

          i saw alex….kissing thae and i was like…OMGGGGGGGG he was ALLLLLLLLLL OVERRRRRR HERRRR!! Brace yourself….Annette, did you watch that scene ….you know..that R scene yet? new low.

          rant on my friend, i’ll be here to read and laugh because you usually hit all the nails.

          what other dramas are you watching?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          frea when i mentioned in the one of the previous posts that Alex had reached a new low i was talking about him drugging Thae and trying to R – and yes i watched the R incident with Rawee – that’s why i said in my previous post that its the justification for her turning bad. Alex lied to her that Thae made up the attempted R thing knowing she would go to Alex’s place – and stupid Rawee actually believes it!

          I liked Rawee in the beginning, but now they’re destroying that – i think they needed a reason for Rawee to hate Thae and what stronger reason than for Thae to be the reason she was R

          I just finished watching Cheongdamdong Alice, a delightful drama. It ended on a good note, i started to get shaky towards the end but it turned out ok. I enjoyed this drama, on my rewatch list

          I’m also watching Hundred Years Inheritance – the lead is starting to get annoying with her memory loss, crying, weakness, her mother in law, etc. I like Eugene but right now she’s irritating to watch, i’m hoping they wont drag out this whole memory loss thing. She’s starting to remember things so here’s hoping

          Started School 2013 and got hooked right away! I’m glad i started it late so i can marathon the eps!

          Watched ep 1 and 2 for Level 7 Civil Servant, didn’t start with a bang. Its mildly amusing, i feel like they’re trying too hard to create “funny”. Everything just feels contrived, not natural, its like the laughs are forced – mostly the actress Choi Kang Hee. Maybe it’ll get better as we progress

          I started watching Secret Agent Ms Oh with Lee Soo-Kyung -it reminded me why i really like that actress!! I finished all 16 eps in one go! That drama was soooooooo good!!!! The first ep wasn’t so great i almost dropped it but after i got over that ep i’m so glad i didn’t!! I was laughing with tears rolling down my face! Now that’s what a good comedy should be like – if you have time you should watch it. it came out in 2010

          I’m watching the two lakorns RP and PCKK

          i’m trying to decide which Jdrama i want to watch

          What are you watching?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          lol im not even old but forgetting to reply! i thought i replied already!

          oh that part. tbh, i wasn’t worried for thae at all but i was laughing instead. alex character wasn’t gonna do anything to her at that point, remember he was saying “your prince will come to save you?” so i knew it was a trap for pit. why i was laughing is that thai lakorns have managed to make chloroform into a FREAKIN SPRAY! how creepy is this?

          im staying away from Hundred Years Inheritance cause it screams makjang all the way through and through. eugene hasn’t impressed me much so..passs! lol.

          School 2013 is addicting despite being very hardcore and dramatic. the ending…i just want some hopes for him…uhhhh!!

          am gonna drop Level 7 Civil Servant because it’s ridiculous, the writer is trying to sell me that the nation’s top spies are a bunch of over-sized teenagers? right…. plus, they rushed the romance between jw and ckh too fast…i mean he was already jealous by episode 2 or something….the story isn’t intelligent at all. and joo won….not so subtle is he?

          not watching anything right now. bored. 🙁

          i tried very much to like flower boy neighbor but couldn’t really relate to any characters.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST


          Did not realise i was gone for such a long time, school has been keeping me incredibly busy!!

          Did you finish Raeng Pradtana? I had to cos i had committed myself to it. After that i also finished watching PKKR and i think i preferred it to RP. It ended better, or maybe i just liked Mark’s character towards the end compared to Nadech – or maybe i was just grew tired of Pit’s dumbness

          You’re right about Level 7 – the romance was too fast, and after ep 2 Gil Ro has gone from cocky and confident to a whiny pouty boy. As i’m watching it i’m thinking to myself why i’m watching it. Its not fun anymore – i thought it would sizzle but the show has become more of a fizzle right now. I think i might drop it too – i’m probably still watching cos i do like the actress

          School 2013 was a fun watch – although it was funny how they thought they were tough guys just cos they said b***ard all the time! Lol! I liked how they became friends at the end – the first sleepover was hilarious!

          Hundred Years Inheritance puts Makjang in Makjang! It has become better now – it had been dragging as they would not move on from the same thing. I still see more draggy scenes coming up though

          Just started watching another Thai drama but its not a new one, like a year old i think. BTW i read more news on Annik’s drama – Ann’s not going to have any children with the old man she marries. I think i read that the kids are the guy’s. Read the storyline but not sure i like the plot, if execution is right then i guess it shouldn’t matter…still not too excited about it

  30. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Found some pictures for the Annik lakorn


    Shooting started in Jan i think – so when is it supposed to air? The storyline got me less excited and i read the director is the same one who did Raeng Pradtana – this lakorn continues to lose the appeal. Maybe since its the veterans the lakorn will turn out better than RP

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      yea annette, i can only hope it will turn out for the better! the kids are indeed from the old man’s. our STORYLINE is SOOOO MUCH BETTER! i guess we will be seeing angry tik for a while with scenes of longing stares. lol.

      lakorns filming are typically long…like 10 months or so… O_O

      i skimmed thru all the episodes to the end of Raeng Pradtana. lol. not a lot of sweet scenes between Kim and Nadech… sigh!

  31. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Enjoying your conversation on Thai lakorn. Come by past just want to recommend this lakorn..I’m freaking in love with sizzling chemistry between the leads, plus it so execptional storyline. Hope you guys could check it out

    Khu Kum aka ill-fated lover teaser
    Eng Subs part 1
    Staring: Bie Sukrit & Noona Neungthida

    p/s: Kaptain A really recommend you to check this lakorn, na’ek or heroin in this lakorn was same actress who had been acted in Hello Stranger movie.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Hey Niel0!

      I remember reading the synopsis for this lakorn but i skipped it cos i didn’t know the leads – i typically watch the lakorns that have actors i am familiar with, if i don’t know them i largely ignore it. Thanks for the recommendation, I like that it’s a historical, i used to be skeptical about Thai historical lakorns until i came across Wanida!!! That’s my fav lakorn

      Any other lakorns you can recommend? How about Roy Lae Sanae Luang with Weir and Mai? I first saw Weir in Pin Anong. i’m watching Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Rak with Chompoo and Rome

  32. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I would like to thank frea for referring me to this forum here…. so, this is the general chat thread eh? Pardon this ahjumma her ignorance. I am looking for the artist and song title for the song that is playing at the background in the kissing scene in Ep.16 of King Flower. See the youtube clip below. The song starts at 4:32 and ends at 9:28. I really like the song…. and the scene. Rain + a confession from the man + unexpected kiss + nice song = Lethal! LOL
    I would appreciate your help in finding out the song title and artist. Thanks.


    p.s: if K has one of her lazy moments again and would like to dump this song into another one of her freebies, that would be great! the discussion above is really interesting. i am interested in thai lakorns as well…. call me a newbie in thai lakorns but the ones i’d watched so far, i really liked them. 🙂

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Someone relayed the name in the comment box, save me some trouble. 😛

      Unchanged by Olivia Ong. It’s one of the songs for King Flower. I don’t think it’s released yet, according to her Baidu. But if you absolutely must quench your thirst, you can download the MQ from here.

      Ah, a newbie in Lakorn, I am too. I watched one and didn’t even finish. *shakes head*

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        Thanks, K for the MQ link. I will wait for the song to be released. This explains why no matter where I searched, I could not find the link to the song for download. I’ll come back at a later date to join the chat re. lakorns. A bit jetlagged now. 🙁

  33. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Hello everyone, am glad to find another forum bout Thai Lakorns. Had fun back reading your comments & posts. I’m watching a few lakorns for almost 2 years now, after being a solid Taiwan & Korean drama fanatic for soooo long. I still watch TW & K-dramas every now and then, depending on the lead actors. =) Sad to say english subbed Lakorns are hard to find. It would be a waste of time for me to watch it raw since I won’t be able to understand a bit, that’s why I would always rely on episode guides & summaries only. Forums like yours, spicyforum and asianfuse help a lot to feed my lakorn cravings. I’ve noticed that your faves are Tik + Ann + Ken T. My first lakorn was Wanida, which made me a fan of both Tik & Aff, and be my all time favorite lakorn. Next was 4 huajai haeng khun khao (4 Hearts of the Mountain), the series that catapulted the careers of the newbie lead stars. I must say I’m for Kim + Mark team up, which led me to watch Sarm Noon Nuer Tong (3 Golden Men) & Panyachon Kon Krua (Kitchen Scholar). Though Sarm Noon Nuer Tong was a bit dragging, and Panyachon Kon Krua was too noisy (so much bickering) for me, I nevertheless finished them because of Mark & Kim. I’m excited for their upcoming lakorn Ton Ruk Rim Rua =). Raeng Pradtanah (Power of Desire) was a refreshing team up for both Kim & Nadech, glad to know that they could handle heavy drama smoothly. There were rants and raves on the storyline though. My recent favorites are Chompoo Araya & Rome Patchata. I’ve been hearing bout Chompoo Araya and was curious about her. This superstar nang ‘ek had been in so many lakorns, I randomly picked Mia Taeng (My Wedded Wife) to be my introductory lakorn. I’m glad I got to watch it, though her role was too good to be true, it was still worth my time. What caught my attention were the superb acting skills of the nang rai /villain & the gay assistant (which isn’t gay at all in real life). Heard she also had a lakorn with Ken T. named Wi Wah Wa Woon (Chaotic Wedding), but haven’t had the time to watch it. I would gladly recommend Chompoo’s Noom Ban Rai Kub Wan Ja Hi-So (Mr. Farmer & his Hi-So sweetheart) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL06D01B850D16976F, a refreshing lakorn with light romance and drama, the first team up of Chompoo Araya & singer-newbie actor Peter Corp Dyrendal, they make such a lovely couple and their roles fit them perfectly. The handsome face compensates the kinda stiff/awkward acting skills of the newbie pra’ek. Haha =) My last lakorn was Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Ruk (My Darling Fake Husband), and I must say I’m so into Chompoo-Rome team up now more than ever. A total opposite of their roles in Mia Taeng. =) I’m still finding time to watch the Suparburoot Jutathep Series, from which I heard is raking good reviews in Thailand nowadays.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      gotta say im amazed how people found out about this discussion post!! 😀 once you start reading it gets addicting and before you know it, you want to say something too!!! lols.

      yea, english subbed lakorns is like the HARDEST THING TO FIND!!! omg. and the video quality stinks big time. it’s such a shame because these stars are soooooooooo gorgeous i just want to see them in HD!!

      if Wanida is your first lakorn then you picked the right one to watch cause who else is more perfect to lure you into this world of many controversial things but the very very handsome tik and pretty aff (well, besides Ken and Anne!! LOL).

      yep. rome and chompoo are cute together. i think they classified as one kookwan too. chompoo is like beyond human pretty. i saw her lakorn with Ken T where they have a lot of kissing scenes and ii swooned like an idiot. sooooooooooooooo hot!

      Suparburoot Jutathep Series is killing it in the ratings game, as high as 19 already!!! channel 3 is beyong happy!!

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        frea have you got any updates from our epic Annik lakorn? It’a supposed to be released sometime this month no?

        I’m still waiting for the Suparburoot Jutathep subs to pick up on Viki, how far did you get before she closed the account?

        Did you ever get to check out the Yaya, Aum, Margie, Chakrit lakorn? Wanted to hear the reviews before i take the plunge

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          are you sure annette? they havent filmed for that long but then again…i haven’t been following the production as closely as before. i only saw pictures of them being cute during their college days. sweeeet!

          we were getting on the 3rd part when she dropped………. T____________________T

          viki is too slow for lakorns!!! they favor only kdramas, as we know by now…. 🙁

          i did check on yaya, aum, margie chakrit lakorn. i skimmed through yaya’s part with aum because they seriously HAVE NOOOOOOOOO chemistry. i can see yaya is trying to connect wit aum but he’s just cold like a dead fish. she has better chemistry even with his assistant. unfortunatly. you wont miss anything if you skip it.


          margie and chakrit lakorn is sooooooooooooooooooo cute. chakrit is winning me over with his SEXY role. a smart man who knows what he wants and will not let his annoying exlover gets the better of him. LOL!

          margie plays twins. fiesty and sweet. its nice to see her in long hair ven though it’s a wig.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Hi frea,

          Had exams and a project so had to disappear for a bit. Margie and Chakrit have another lakorn on their own or are you talking about the same lakorn?

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          I thought i had read that the Annik lakorn was coming out sometime between this month and August – i prob read it wrong.

          I did not know that the stories were split into three lakorns, i thought all the actors were going to be in the same lakorn, does this mean the story for the next lakorn starts in the previous lakorns or i don’t have to watch the Yaya+Aum lakorn to see/understand how/why Margie and Chakrit meet? Where are you watching Margie+Chakrit lakorn and are there eng subs available? Pass on the link to the raw.

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          oh you guys! always have exams and leave me here all alone! (JK) 😛

          annette, i think you need to relax and read what i wrote! you’re too tired! you have asked the same question again. LOL

          the 3 muskateer series is a 3 part lakorn. 2nd part is margie and chakrit, they only do brief appearances in the other 2 parts. marriage will be in 3rd part for all 3 couples becuase thai lakorns like to do weddings all at once. lol. you don’t have to watch yaya+aum lakorn to understand. their part was boring anyway. 😛

          i don’t think eng sub is available yet though. saddddddddd!!

          raw here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_zUK8gh8BQ

          annik lakorn. they’re still filming. it will take a while for them to finish. EKKKK!!

        • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

          Lol! Frea i think i was sleep walking for several days hence did not realize i had asked the same think about 10 times!!! My body goes on autopilot if i haven’t slept so do forgive! Haha!

          Would you believe i’ve been reading this thread from the beginning of this page – it was fun going over the reviews of the lakorns we watched. As a result am thinking of watching Qi Pao – yay or nay? Let me know if it’s not worth investing my time

          I have not been on the lookout for lakorns so i don’t know what’s out there apart from the ones you told me about. I’ll start crawling and digging the web for the good stuff.

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      Hi 1raine1,

      Glad to meet more lakorn lovers! It’s typically just me, frea and sometimes kap’n drops by.

      I also luv the Chompoo + Rome pairing. My first lakorn with them was Mia Taeng and i luvd it, and i thought the same thing about her role. She was very very obedient to put up with that crap cos her parents/mother told her to. Did you know that apparently Benz (plays the villain) and the gay assistant are actually dating in real life?
      I’m still watching Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Ruk and the role reversal was a bit weird at first – i watched it right after Mia Taeng. Will def check out Noom Ban Rai Kub Wan Ja Hi-So, thanks for the link!

      My fav lakorn of all time is also Wanida, i think i’ve seen it like 4 or 5 times already and i’m planning on watching it again this week or next!

      I absolutely adore Kim + Mark pairing, i watched Panyachon Kon Krua and Raeng Pradtanah and i must say i prefered PKK (and yes it was quite noisy thanks to the thieving maid and her creepy boyfriend)
      I read the synopsis of Sarm Noon Nuer Tong and i’ve also seen the trailer but i never got around to watching it

      Please let us know when Ton Ruk Rim Rua comes out, i would love to watch it

  34. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Ahhh, I missed this thread where random discussion pops up every so often.

    I just got back from the movies and I watched the movie “City of Bones” from the book series called “The Mortal Instruments.”

    It’s funny how most of the novels that I read in High School are slowly being made into movies and they’re big hits too. Harry Potter, Twilight (ehhhhhh, why did I like it in the first place?), The Mortal Instruments (love story could be better if the writer didn’t drag out the ew sibling factor. SIGH.)

    Now onto the movie. I went because I wanted to see this sexy beast! Godfrey Gao! He plays a powerful warlord, who happens to be gay. And let me tell you how disappointed I was when they turned this beautiful man ….

    to this little boy, walking around in his undies (first scene), looking scrawny.

    In total, I think he has like 4 minutes of screen time.

    Overall, the movie was pretty good, which was unexpected. The visuals were vivid and crisp. It was a thrilling ride with many action scenes. The actor who portrays the main male lead, Jace, was awkward (and too skinny, hello protruding features) but he grew on me as I watched. He could be more broody though because Jace has that trait in spades. The other leg of the triangle is Simon, and oh boy, he’s adorable!! I like Simon in the book and continue to like him in the movie. The main female lead, playing Clary, did a respectable job as well. She’s pretty and has sizzling chemistry with Jace. Still in my mind, I wish the movie could have altered or completely changed the story somewhat regarding their fake sibling status. This is like That Winter again and god knows I don’t like that taunting tone.

    One bone I have to pick was how they took out the scene of Simon becoming a rat after drinking the potion by the vampire gang. I enjoyed that scene in the book because it brought the two hotheaded boys together temporarily. But it’s not in the movie, taking out the most humorous scene!

    In terms of story, The mortal instruments has its set of characters and rules, making it a lively world for many fans.

    Thats it for my random rant! Any movie watchers?

    Happy Sunday!

    • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

      ROFL @Godfrey’s constipated warlord smirk on his face. “City of Bones” is on my To Watch list.

      You really need to see him in Tdrama: Volleyball Lovers; I bet his underwear TV scenes are way more juicier than the film scenes. *wipes drool off keyboard*

      • 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

        My friend is hooked on the actor who plays Jace. She’s reading the books for him. Sigh. 😀 Team Simon for me. But the movie does make Jace more dreamy. That kiss in the beautiful garden. hoot hoot!!

        Don’t tempt me Keane! Too much on my plate! *imagining naughty things*

        I swear TITS2 started this whole pervyyy talk!! hehe.

  35. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Wow! i didn’t think this page is still alive & kicking! missed y’all guys!

    Happy 2014!

  36. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    Boss & Me (CDrama) starring Zhang Han is super cute. Highly recommended! 🙂

  37. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    wow, totally forgot about this random spazz thread!!! thanks aryael for bringing it back to life!

    was it you who asked for thai lakorn recommendations from last time ary? i forgot. lol.

    an upcoming one with two top couples!!

  38. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    I am back to breathe life to this random spazz corner. Twas the evening of Cruel Romance; the CDrama I’ve been waiting for like.. forever!

  39. 400 thoughts on “Kdrama: A Thousand Kisses OST

    The Flash’s suit being blown up and we got a nekkid and afraid Barry. 😉


    Maybe it’s only moi but Iris is boring and annoying the heck out of me! The last scene when Barry suggested they don’t meet each other for the time being was terribly performed by the actress. Was she even showing sadness?!!!

    I’m secretly shipping Barry and Caitlin. hehe. This beautiful mv anchors my ship 4ever!

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