The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2020

Hello everyone! 2020 is coming to an end and this year is one to remember for sure. Aside from the real-world problems, we have another year of dramas to watch and television has become a great stress-reliever for a lot of my folks, especially my mom, who has been marathon-ing all of her favorite shows. I skipped the Cdramas Awards last year because I wasn’t really into it, but decided to do it again this year so we can have a bit of fun to end the year with.

So have fun & please share this post! Would like to see what international fans think about 2020 dramas! Who got your hearts and your votes?

Happy New Year! Stay safe, healthy, and happy. 💓 💓 💓

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The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2018

Sorry, it took me so long to put this up! 2018 wasn’t a great drama year for me so I wasn’t motivated to do anything about it. Lol. I tried to include as many as I could but I will always miss a few (or a lot, this is Cdramaland where 100+ are filmed each year…) so feel free to list your gems of the year. =)

Let’s get to the voting! You can vote every 24 hours ~

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The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2017

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen! Here comes the voting for your favorite Chinese dramas of 2017! Took me all day to find graphics and put them together. Lol. You can vote every 24 hours and the polls will close in a month. Happy voting and please do share the hidden gems you found along the way that is not included (close to impossible to include every single drama and web series, I tried!) For reference, please refer to my master list of Cdramas Airing Schedule of 2017 [Link].

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The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

I tried to include as many drama as possible but at the rate Cdramas is being produced, I will need a month to compile and categorize them in a year or two. Lol. To be honest, I had a hard time describing them this year because I finished only a handful of dramas. The fast-forward button was surely my best friend once again and it’s becoming sad how the writing of many dramas derail after a certain number of episodes and most of them are based on long novels! The plot and characters are pre-written! You only have to adapt it, folks! Can we focus on quality instead of stretching out already-long episodes? Please?

NOTE: Voting Ends in 1 Month. You can re-vote every week (after 7 days of previous votes). XD

Previous Awards for 2015 here.

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The Virtual Awards: Your Favorite Cdramas of 2015

 photo Vir2015 12.jpg

Let’s start a new tradition! I think we have a healthy population to get a decent percentage. I tried my best to include as many dramas as possible (at least the ones with accessible links and viewership.) As I came up with categories to add, I realized I didn’t watch/finish that many dramas this year. So you guys can definitely help with creative polls ideas for next year (lots of improvement needed!). I like to start small and build up from there. Just one reminder though, don’t turn this page into a war zone! Everyone is entitled to like and vote for the dramas/actors that spoke to them the most this year. It is our difference that makes the discussion colorful and interesting.

Voting ends in 4 weeks. Click away ~

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