Cdramas Airing This Week: My Journey to You, Parallel World, The Eve, Sunshine by My Side, Egg and Stone, and more!

My weekly attempt to get this post out on Friday failed again. Lol

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Upcoming Airing Dramas: My Super Hero, Heroes, Legacy, A Robot in the Orange Orchard, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader, Hua Rong 2, and more

Lol @ Baron’s death stare

More dramas dropped their air dates these past few days… here’s a compilation!

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A peek into Bai Bai He and Tong Da Wei’s Modern Marriage

Wetv describes the plot: Stay-at-home mother, Hui Xing Shen (Bai Bai He), was a top student in university. After getting married, she chose to take care of her husband and kid, managing a family with her talents. Jiang Chuan Sheng (Tong Da Wei) is her husband. His work was too busy to have time to take care of his wife and daughter. Therefore, the responsibility of the whole family fell on her shoulder. As their daughter got older and older, Hui Xing Shen felt that it was the time to return to the workplace, but her company was a rival of the company where Jiang Chuan Sheng worked. After entering the workplace, she asked her husband to share more family responsibilities, which led to continuous conflicts. An accident magnified the rift between them and triggered a divorce war. After that, Hui Xing Shen gradually regained recognition in the workplace. Jiang Chuan Sheng also understood his wife when he spent time with his daughter. They two gradually regained their love for each other. The young couple grew up in workplace confrontations and emotional collisions and finally learned to face their families and careers in a more mature way. They chose to trust each other, grow up hand in hand, fight in their careers, and share familial responsibilities together.

Sounds like a mature drama. Raising a child and keeping the house clean is joint effort!

Airing 2/23 ~

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Zhao Wei’s 8-Episode Monologue drama, Hear Her, focusing on the struggles of women in today’s society

Hear Her (听见她说) is an upcoming short monologue drama consisting of 8 15-minute episodes starring a line of solid actresses including Bai Bai He, Hao Lei, Qi Xi, Wang Zhi, Xi Mei Juan, Yang Zi, Yong Mei, and Yang Mi. I’m interested to see how Zhao Wei has grown as a director since her debut days and it’s great to see her join the shift of focus to women this year. Some of the struggles include midlife crisis, housewife life, domestic violence, older singles, and being the perfect girl.

Airing 11/17!

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First Impression: What do you think of Only Side By Side With You with William Chan and Bai Bai He?

William Chan doing his best moves in here, I don’t think he would have to act at all. Lol. There’s the lovely Movie princess Bai Bai He and beautiful sister Qin Hai Lu and also the rising face in Li Xian of Tientsin Mystic. Stellar casting and now the question comes down to the writing…

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Drama Updates: My Poseidon, The Legend of Fu Yao, Only Side By Side With You

So, how are you fellow Bostonians holding up in the recent snowstorm? I almost got scooped by a snowblower! Lol. Bless those men and women, working so hard to keep the road smooth!

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Drama Updates: Only Side by Side with You, Eighteen Springs, Ten Years Late, Meteor Garden 2018

More dates are confirmed and more stills for your viewing!

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