Cdrama Trailers: iQiyi’s dramas, Hunan’s dramas, My Robot Boyfriend, No Secrets, The Galloped Era

This is gonna be trailers galore folks. I’m serious. Both Qiyi and HNTV had their quarterly event the past two days and had been showing off their next batch of dramas to screen! Plus, just a few more dramas for October ~~

Long gone are the days I can focus on one drama per post. xD

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Cdrama Updates: Love is Fate, The Love By Hypnotic, The Promise Keepers, A Little Thing Called First Love

More dramas to air in October!

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Discussion Post: Turning 30 and Need Help Vacationing around Monterey/Carmel-by-the-Sea

That’s right folks! Kappy is leaving her 20s behind in a few weeks! T____T?

I have been hearing horror stories from my co-workers about turning 30 and how your body functions start to crack. Lol. But what I really feel is a sense of self-satisfaction. I remember blogging about my elimination of sugar/soda and inclusion of regular exercise a year and a half ago. I’m still loving and doing them on a daily basis! *proud face* Instead of feeling like it’s the end of my youth, I feel like I’ve just started to bloom. I have always been the late bloomer in my group of friends, and I want to let others know that it’s okay to be different, okay to take things slow/fast, okay to be scared and uncertain, okay not to know, okay to still be learning as you age. At the end of the day, you….are YOU. Do what makes you happy in life. Good Health and happiness will take you far, farrrrrr in life.

With that being said, after having worked constantly in my twenties, now I can afford to travel! It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to use your own money to fund your traveling! This is where I need everyone’s help! What to do, places to see, and more importantly hot spots for food in Monterey/Carmel/San Francisco (for a little bit). I don’t mind doing touristy stuff but do give your home girl some hidden gems and must-see places! If it works out, maybe we can have a vacation diary. I know Wheebee is our resident traveler person! =)

Cdrama Updates: The Gravity of A Rainbow, All I Want for Love Is You, Love in Shanghai, Don’t Lie to Your Lover

Another week gone by!

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Li Yi Feng and Chen Xing Xu begin filming for rocket drama The Glory of Youth

A drama about China’s Army Rocket Force led by Li Yi Feng! Joining him, we have Chen Xing Xu, Xiao Yang, Yu Bo, Wu Gang, and Dong Chun Hui. The story follows him and his three friends hurdling through challenges and missions to become recognized soldiers on the force. Directing is Li Lu of In the Name of People and Spy Hunter and Zhang Han Bing of Chen Xiao’s King of The Land War which aired this past August.

With the trend soldiers like that of Yang Yang, Chen Xiao; I feel like most actors want to lead at least one solider drama in their career and most actresses want to be a badass warrior in their own world/harem. Lol.

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Xing Zhao Lin romances An Yue Xi next in Standing In The Time

Can we call Xing Zhao Lin the YA Sniper? Young Actresses Sniper. He’s literally making rounds with all the adorable actresses! Standing In The Time is another modern romance where our leads find themselves led away from their dream jobs and how they conquer what life throws at them and make the best of it. She dreams of becoming a fashion editor but is now under the proofreading department, while he wants to become a writer but is now a model. Our two lost souls meet at the same company and provide comfort and support as they strive forward their dreams.

Airing tomorrow 10/2!

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Sneak Peek of Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuan Yi in drama adaptation of Dou Luo Continent (Soul Land)

Dou Luo Continent is an adaptation of the Chinese web novel of the same title written by Tang Jia San Shao. As I read the synopsis, it sounds like beginning of The Untamed as our male lead also goes through a rebirth. Our hero is Tang San, considered a prodigy in the Tang Sect, a sect specializing in poisons and weapons. He commits suicide after entering the forbidden place for inner sect disciples and gaining the knowledge of the Sect. He feels guilty and kills himself, but is reborn in Soul Land (title of the novel), with his memories intact (dun, dun, dun). In the new land, he is raised by an alcoholic father and remains tenacious in mastering new skills. In Soul Land, each individual possesses an innate spirit, which one can cultivate and strengthen, becoming a Spirit Master, a well-regarded profession. Our hero has two. There’s an anime version of novel, which I’m interested to check out. The spirit master element reminds me of Jiro Wang’s Rakshasa Street, which also has an anime.

The drama was filmed a while ago so I was surprised there’s no news of it until the Untamed stirred the pot of popularity for Xiao Zhan. HA!

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