Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP03 | Can You Convince Me? Someday or One Day

Hello Drifters! Wow, it’s been quite some time since we last updated, and we’re quite sorry for the delay. Life got in the way for a few of our members, therefore, we went on a small hiatus to sort things out and keep ourselves sane :))

Today’s episode is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are still unfamiliar with this drama~ since its addicting OST has been all over the internet with all these covers! We must admit, we are a bit late ourselves, only posting about it now. This is also one of our new segments, in which we try and convince each other to watch dramas that we loved.

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First Stills for Miss The Dragon, Use for My Talent, Pride and Prejudice, Fall In Love, Song of Youth

Huge batch of stills from the past week. Happy Weekend!

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Friday Photoshoots: Ni Ni, Jing Bo Ran, Yang Mi and More

At long last the weekend is here again. Whilst weekends are not the most exciting, especially with the situation going on in the world, I hope these pretty pictures can be that short escape from reality. Remember to stay safe.

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Zhao Li Ying confirmed for Zheng Xiao Long’s The Story of Xing Fu

Yay! Li Ying is back to dramaland again, and this time working with Empresses In the Palace‘s director Zheng Xiao Long in the drama adaption of Zhang Yi Mou’s The Story of Qiu Ju, which was also based on Chen Yuan Bin’s novella. The drama version will be called The Story of Xing Fu (幸福到万家). I like how this is a full circle for Li Ying as she made her acting debut in Golden Marriage also directed by Zheng Xiao Long back in 2007. The writer is Zhao Dong Ling who also wrote Wang Kai’s Hunting recently.

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Tan Song Yun, Song Wei Long, and Zhang Xin Cheng form makeshift family in Go Ahead

Go Ahead (以家人之名) follows the heart-warming story of a makeshift family of three non-biological siblings in Tan Song Yun, Song Wei Long, and Zhang Xin Cheng, raised by two fathers, Tu Song Yan and Zhang Xi Lin. Because of their troubled childhood, the now adults must find a way to overcome their insecurities and psychological problems to become helpful members of society.

This and Dating in The Kitchen are the few modern dramas I’m looking forward in a while! GAH! I just love the topic of makeshift family! Airing soon, might be in a few days. 😉

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Zhao Lu Si charms her way into Lin Yu Shen’s heart in the first teaser of Dating In The Kitchen

Based on the novel Finally I Get You (终于等到你) written by Lan Bai Se, Dating In The Kitchen (我喜欢你) is the drama adaptation featuring Zhao Lu Si and Lin Yu Shen. There was a film adaptation back in 2017 with Zhou Dong Yu and Takeshi Kaneshiro called This Is Not What I Expected (喜欢你). The synopsis of the movie follows our food connoisseur billionaire who happens to meet our young, talented sous chef while she’s scraping graffiti off of his car, mistakenly thinking it’s her best friend’s cheating boyfriend’s car. He’s planning to acquire the hotel where she works, and is charmed by the food a specific chef spins out, without knowing the person behind the dishes is the same person wreaking havoc in his life.

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Love and Redemption with Yuan Bing Yan and Cheng Yi announces broadcast date in August

Based on the novel written by Shi Si Lang, Love and Redemption (琉璃美人煞) stars Yuan Bing Yan and Cheng Yi as the leading couple. Our heroine is the second daughter to Shaoyang Sect Leader, who is inept in martial arts and described as clueless and weak, in comparison to her capable older sister (Zhang Yu Xi). Therefore, during the annual Martial Arts Competition, while her older sister is sent to represent the sect, younger sister is sent to a cave to reflect and that’s where she meets Lize Palace‘s disciple, our hero, and the two forge a friendship. Elder Sister makes enemy with Wu Long during the competition and he in return, injures our heroine, which motivates her to improve her martial arts in the next four years. Wu Long then betrays the righteous sects and join the evil sects in hopes of taking over jianghu. Our leads now must work together to fight the evil forces. The novel is much more complicated with their past lives being immortal beings who fought the demon a thousands years ago and disappeared.

Airing 8/6!

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Dance of the Phoenix with Yang Chao Yue and Xu Kai Cheng confirms broadcast in August

Time travel romcom Dance of the Phoenix (且听凤鸣) stars Xu Kai Cheng and Yang Chao Yue as the main leads. Based on the novel written by Su Xiao Nuan about a female prodigy who is given a second chance at life after she is rendered useless by her enemy. A modern student studying traditional medicine accidentally travels back in time and takes on her identity. Her character then gets a surprise in a marriage with a prince, our male lead.

Airing 8/10.

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