Cdramas OST: Love In Between, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, And The Winner is Love, Love and Redemption, In A Class of Her Own, The Lost Tomb Reboot

Happy Friday everyone! Some soundtracks for ya’ll to enjoy on repeat.

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Cdramas airing today: Sparkle Love, Oh My Sweet Liar, Dearest Where Are You, The Long Night

Dramas airing today 9/16! Never a dull day in dramaland here.

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Zhao Lu Si and Xu Kai Cheng begin filming for A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College

Zhao Lu Si is unstoppable! Her new drama just started airing and here she is filming a new one. Lol. A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (国子监来了个女弟子) is adapted from the novel written by Hua Qian Ci and follows our female lead – daughter of a high-ranking official as she accepts a bet to make the most popular young master (our male lead – Xu Kai Cheng) in town to accept her invitation to the the lantern festival. If she loses, she’s to become a performer during the festival. What she thinks is an easy task turns out to be much more challenging. She is turned away each time she tries to visit the Yan’s manor. With her father’s insistence, the Emperor grants her permission to become the first female disciple of the Imperial College, where our male lead is currently attending. She, along with her childhood best friend (played by Ren Hao), set out to turn the prestigious academy upside down.

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First Impression: What do you think of Dating In The Kitchen with Zhao Lu Si and Lin Yu Shen?

Based on the novel Finally I Get You (终于等到你) written by Lan Bai Se, Dating In The Kitchen (我喜欢你) is the drama adaptation featuring Zhao Lu Si and Lin Yu Shen. There was a film adaptation back in 2017 with Zhou Dong Yu and Takeshi Kaneshiro called This Is Not What I Expected (喜欢你). The synopsis of the movie follows our food connoisseur billionaire who happens to meet our young, talented sous chef while she’s scraping graffiti off of his car, mistakenly thinking it’s her best friend’s cheating boyfriend’s car. He’s planning to acquire the hotel where she works, and is charmed by the food a specific chef spins out, without knowing the person behind the dishes is the same person wreaking havoc in his life.

Begins airing today 9/15!

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First Romance with Wang Yi Lun and Wan Peng begins airing today

First Romance (初恋了那么多年) is adapted from the novel written by Wei Mian Jun and stars Wang Yi Lun and Wan Peng. In their younger days, our male lead harbors a crush on our heroine but never speaks about it. Years later, both are in college – he’s the popular male student who plays the pianist, and now it’s her turn to be smitten at first sight upon seeing him again. Boy, how much did you change for that effect? Lol.

Airing today 9/14! Novel is currently being translated over at Illanovels.

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Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP06 | Can You Convince Me? Qing Qing Zi Jin

Hi Drifters! Back with another convince me/mini first impressions podcast, this time, about a lesser-known drama called Qing Qing Zi Jin! Adapted from Wu Yu’s novel “Gong Xue Has Bandits” this historical romantic-comedy has intrigued two of our AVV staff members, Lin and Wuxiarocks, and they try and convince Amy to watch. Will they be successful? Listen to find out :))

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Hu Ge’s drama comeback is Blossoms Shanghai, working with director Wong Kar Wai

Blossoms Shanghai (繁花) marks Hu Ge’s return to dramaland! It’s based on Jin Yu Cheng’s popular novel, Blossoms.

Amazon describes the novel: ‘Blossoms‘ won the 9th Mao Dun Literary Prize in 2015, and was selected as the 2013 Chinese Good Book by CCTV, honored as a distinguished long-length novel about Shanghai. Written as a regional novel, where the characters’ exploration throughout the city provide a literal map of adventure. This is also a novel of reflection, where the young people in the 1960s lived out their dreams, creating colorful memories of loving friendships. A novel of exploring various places, and experiencing the sensual pleasures as the 1990s came and went one after another. The Blossom story alternates between these two time periods, bringing the memories of Shanghai from both time periods, to life. As complicated life stories intertwine, this book becomes a scrupulous satire of aggressive exploits hidden within Shanghai’s society. What is left behind for the reader, might be tomorrow’s enlightenment! It is inevitable that all flowers will eventually fade, death will finally befall, a song will come to completion, and a party will ultimately end. Blossoms leaves its readers with the understanding that past events, although finished, live on to encourage us.

A coming of age story following three men, alternating between their youth in the 1960s and adulthood in the 1990s, depicting the turbulent era. Hu Ge is portraying a self-made millionaire, from a young opportunist with a troubled past, he eventually garners immense wealth and is entangled with four women; casting remains unconfirmed. I read that Wong is producing the series and directing the pilot episode, working alongside cinematographer, Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and Shanghainese screenwriter, Qin Wen. Sounds like an exciting project for Hu Ge!

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Yang Zi and Boran Jing confirm modern drama Psychologist

Psychologist (女心理师) is a modern drama adapted from the novel written by Bi Shu Min (author is a psychiatrist). The story follows the ups and downs and growth of our female lead, who is a psychologist. After a suicide related to a charity event, her career suffers a great setback, rendering her feeling low. She meets our male lead through a mutual friend and he convinces her to join him as a co-host for a television show about psychology. The show revives her mental state and her clinic while our male lead develops deep feelings for her. Just when everything is going smoothly, a strings of events threaten her foundation once more. Her mentor gets involved in a scandal. She tries to find out the truth to help him, but inadvertently discovers a secret of his. Then her best friend gets entangled in a conflict at the same time that her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer. Thirdly, male lead’s best friend is trying to take revenge on female lead’s mentor. All these events trigger our heroine’s emotional trauma in her youth and she begins to sleepwalk again. In the end, our heroine decides to close her clinic and travel the world with her mother. During their journey, they are able to resolve the knot of the past.

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