Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S02EP04 | Gorgeous Ladies Bracket Game (Round 3 Finals)

Happy Friday Drifters!! We have officially come to the end of the first game series, the Gorgeous Ladies Bracket Game. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening along with us as we banter about the prettiest actresses, especially with how spicy the last episode was :))

As we wrap up this series… I’d like to thank Gege aka Wuxiarocks for helping us edit and put together the cute animations that accompany each episode. The amount of time and effort he’s put in to ensure each episode’s quality really shows through, and we can’t thank him enough <3

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A League of Nobleman with Boran Jing and Song Wei Long suddenly begins airing

A League of Nobleman is adapted from the novel written by Da Feng Gua Guo, starring Boran Jing and Song Wei Long. It is an ancient detective novel, many calling it similar to Sherlock. One of our leads is Zhang Ping (Song Wei Long), a poor scholar who becomes a successful candidate in the imperial examination and later designated as a country magistrate. Due to his sharp observational skills, he solves many murder cases and eventually appoints a prime minister. During his journey to the capital to take the imperial exam, he meets our other male lead, an elegant Minister of Rites (Boran Jing) and saves his life. From then on, two people with different backgrounds join hands and go through many life-and-death situations together.

Began airing 1/30~

P.S: It is NOT a BL drama. The author tagged the novel as non-romance. Also, the drama screenwriter changed a lot of stuff so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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First Stills and Posters for new xianxia drama The Last Immortal (Shen Yin) with Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu

The Last Immortal (Shen Yin, 神隐) is adapted from the novel written by Xing Ling. It’s the sequel to Ancient Love Poetry with Xu Kai and Zhou Dong Yu. Male lead, Yuan Qi (Wang An Yu) is their son. Our heroine, A Yin (Zhao Lu Si), has reincarnated for the 27th time. Each time she dies, she would remember all her past lives and stew about her early-death fate in each reincarnation. Upon reaching the Nai He Bridge to get justice for her constant bad luck, she’s told there are two possible explanations: 1) She has offended a big figure in the God Realm, or 2) She’s the Big Figure herself.

I haven’t had time to check out the novel so… if you know spoilers, let me know. hehe.

Filming began in December 2022.

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Li Hong Yi strikes while the iron is hot with another wuxia drama Wulin Heroes with Huang Ri Ying

Wulin Heroes (武林有侠气) is adapted from the novel written by Bai Ze.

YouKu describes the story: Ye Xi, a kindhearted woman determined to become a martial arts hero, had fantasies about the martial arts world and true love when she first entered this world. She kept fighting for the weak against the strong, yet she didn’t know that human beings could be evil and was repeatedly exploited, cheated and betrayed. She was even betrayed by the “kind martial arts master” who she had thought she could rely on. Her reputation was ruined and someone attempted to murder her for a few times. However, despite those heavy setbacks, Ye Xi remained true to her original aspiration and believed that good would always prevail over evil. She tried her best to reveal the truth and clear her name. During this time, Bai Yue, a miracle-working doctor saved her many times and was always by her side. Ye Xi also grew up, became stronger and more confident and learned what real love and martial arts spirit truly are. With Bai Yue’s help, Ye Xi wiped out the evil people who framed her and became a true hero.

Airing 1/29~

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Series Review: The Blood of Youth (Cdrama, 2022)

What drama started at the end of 2022 and ended at the start of 2023 that has taken the drama community by storm?

One of our AVV community member, wuxiadrama_lover, shares her thoughts with us!

We also have the Special episode subbed and OST!

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Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S02EP03 | Gorgeous Ladies Bracket Game (Round 2 Group A & B)

Hi Drifters!! Another week has passed, therefore there’s a new episode of the podcast :DD Hope everyone has been liking the new game format since it’s something we are experimenting with as well.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the AVV YouTube channel so you can get immediate access to the episodes when they are released!

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Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S02EP02 | Gorgeous Ladies Bracket Game (Round 1 Group B)

Hi all! Hope everyone enjoyed our first episode back from hiatus :)) We have a lot of games stockpiled, and we’re really glad that we now have the chance to upload them!

Please give a HUGE thanks to WuxiaRocks aka Gege for putting all of this together and adding cute animations. He really helped us bring the games to life <3

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