Cdrama Updates: Ming Dynasty, Go Ahead, Our Shiny Days, Breath of Destiny, The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Sorry, took a few days off to take a break with my best friend.

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Sword Dynasty with Li Yi Tong and Li Xian gets green light to air

Sword Dynasty (剑王朝) is the upcoming novel-to-drama adaptation written by Wu Zui. The drama is being produced by film director Feng Xiao Gang and has two anime adaptations so far, from China (04/2016) and Japan (01/2018). Rising faces Li Xian (Go Go Squid) and Li Yi Tong (Bloody Romance) will lead. The story follows a young man with a mission and vengeance in mind to overthrow the Qin dynasty as he was betrayed before by the emperor and empress, the woman he has once loved. Li Yi Tong plays the eldest daughter from the Gongsun’s family.

Another drama of Li Yi Tong gets to jump off the shelve! She has quite a few more up there. And she looks beautiful in here!

Begins airing on 12/6!

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Godfrey Gao passes away after fainting on Variety Show Chase Me

I’m so heart-broken. I don’t want to write about this. We have lost another beautiful soul today. Godfrey Gao was reportedly filming for variety show Chase Me – a night time show where contestants compete against each other to win races. The tasks are described as physically demanding and exhausting. Godfrey Gao collapsed mid-race and was rushed to the hospital where doctors failed to revive him (His Agency Confirmed). He was only 35.

I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say.

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (25)

Hehe. Reading the cbox is quite fun. I’m finally all caught up with the drama BTS. Lol. Li Ying kills me with her badassery by posting the above picture on her weibo! Original vs Adaptation. Princess Agents burned her quite well didn’t it? It wronged us too! Someone had to call a production’s switcheroo and she did it for Fei. I just dislike the fact that it has to be her comeback drama after so long. Drama gods, please give me a worthy Li Ying’s drama to watch! I missed the excitement of waiting for an anticipated drama to air. Now that’s off my shoulder, what have you guys been watching? My drought continues ~

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Filming begins for Bai Lu’s Love is Sweet, Yang Mi’s Thank-You Doctor, Zhang Yu Xi’s Intense Love, and Hu Bing Qing’s Insect Totem


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