Zhao Li Ying’s Updates: 30th Birthday, Swordsman Game Promo, Cosmo, Ming Lan BTS

Sorry, this post is a bit delayed, a little incidence happened and my presence was needed elsewhere after work. In any case, our girl turns the big 30 today! I’m sure she’s feeling the pressure from friends and families to find the special person and settle down but I do want her to know that she should go at her own pace. Some folks hurry into commitments and not take the time to explore and find happiness within themselves. You gotta love yourself first, before loving and allowing love to come into your life!

Happy Birthday Li Ying! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Raymond Lam and Tang Yi Xin’s Rule The World to air in two weeks

Adapted from Li Xin’s novel, Unmatched In This World (独步天下), Hong Kong actor, Raymond Lam, is portraying Qing Emperor, Hong Tai Ji in palace drama, Rule the World. Playing his main lady love is Tina Tang Yi Xin (The Legend of Chusen) and Zhang Rui plays Daišan, an older half-brother of Nurhaci’s successor, Hong Taiji. A lot of princes in here too ~

I did not read the novel so spoilers? 😀

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Movie Updates: The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, Love Is A Broadway Hit, Hanson and the Beast, Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings

For movie goers!

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Hunan TV previews hefty dramas line-up in 2018

As a monstrous broadcasting station, this comes as no surprise for their line-up. Just expect crazy editing with the TV version!

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Zhao Li Ying’s first character poster for The Story of Ming Lan

There we go. She wrapped up Ding Mo’s Our Glamorous Times aka You and Me In Time and dived right into The Story of Ming Lan shortly after. I dislike when there’s no break in between projects! For me it’s just a healthy practice to have a relief period to remove remnants of previous (acting) lives. Lol. So dramatic, Kap. Okie, okie. Of the three leads, she’s the last to join. I’m not in love with her character style yet since it’s only a simple poster but I’m so glad she isn’t stuck with straight, blunt bangs because those bangs on Sun Li in Nothing Gold Can Stay drove me batty. XD In happier news, remember Yan Xun’s bodyguard in Princess Agents (actor Wang Zi Jie)? He’s listed for a role in here as well. Fans think he might play her little brother. If you’re wondering: he, along with Jin Han, is under ZLY studio, hence the promotion in dramas and CF. 😉

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Li Lan Di and Zhang Xin Cheng lead youth drama My Huckleberry Friends

From the writer behind the successful and highly-rated youth drama With You, another one of Ba Yue Chang An’s novel is adapted onto the small screen. Youth drama, My Huckleberry Friends (你好,旧时光) stars Li Lan Di (Wu Xin 2) and Zhang Xin Cheng (Shuttle Love Millennium 2) as the leading pair.

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