Another year went by! Okay, hear me out, I know this post is long overdue but as you know…I’m the slowest blogger right? I kickstarted this in November and didn’t really work on it until I was down with Covid during New Year that I had time to sit down and finished it. Thanks to everyone who double/triple-checked my work and gave me ideas for the fun categories! We have two this year!

So have fun & please share this post! Who got your hearts and your votes?

Happy New Year! Stay safe, healthy, and happy. 💓 💓 💓

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Zhang Jia Ning protects Qu Chu Xiao in new fantasy youth series Shining For One Thing

Qiyi describes the plot: Lin Beixing (Zhang Jia Ning), an “experienced girl” who is about to enter her 30s, missed out on achieving her dream of love as her boyfriend, Zhan Yu (Wu Xi Ze), breaks the contract, and her life and work have become a mess. However, not sure if this is the God playing tricks on her, Lin Beixing returned to the age of eighteen. The third year of high school is a nightmare, but Lin Beixing decided to retake the college entrance examination and get rid of Zhanyu, to live anew for herself. However, Lin Beixing’s sweet dream was dashed by a boy called Zhang Wansen (Qu Chu Xiao). The accidental encounter of Zhang Wansen after the college entrance examination became the switch to end Lin Beixing’s time and space journey. Lin Beixing began to investigate the cause of Zhang Wansen’s death and embarked on a difficult journey to save Zhang Wansen. The days in high school were romantic and short, and Lin Beixing’s changes allowed her to reap the beautiful moments that she had neglected. With the arrival of summer, Lin Beixing also found that she not only saved Zhang Wansen, but also saved the boy’s love for her since she was young that is deeper than the sea.

This looks adorable and might just be heart-breaking if the story is tight.

Airing 1/26~

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Follow up to Jet Li’s Kung Fu Cult Master, Raymond Lam leads the veteran cast in film The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre

New Kung Fu Cult Master aka The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (倚天屠龍記) is set 20 years after the event of Jet Li’s Kung Fu Cult Master released back in 1993. Taking on the older character of Zhang Wu Ji is Raymond Lam and Janice Man as the love of his life – Zhao Min, along with other TVB veterans.

Wong Jing, what’s going on here? It’s been over 20 years and you thought to revive a sequel to this movie?! Why? I am happy you’re using all TVB actors and actresses but one would think we need something new and exciting?


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The Emperor’s Love drops new posters with Wallace Chung and Yuan Bing Yan

The Emperor’s Love (倾城亦清欢) is adapted from the novel written by Nian Hua Re Xiao. It is described as an intense love story. Our hero is cold and unpredictable, he’s the 9th Prince of Bei Mu kingdom, also the Emperor’s uncle with a nickname: the God of War. His legacy is built on blood. His other identity is a sect leader of a mysterious organization. Our female lead is the unfavored daughter of the Feng family. After a brush with death, she plays dumb in the family in order to survive; even though she’s a skilled doctor. She’s described as the warm light shining on our hero (as always, right? Lol.)

She’s a small object that accidentally fell onto his chest, and soon becomes the treasure of his heart, making him love and hate her at the same time.

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Leaked photos of Ding Yu Xi and Yang Chao Yue filming for The Seventh Generation (Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes)

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes All Thanks to a Moment of Impulse (一时冲动,七世不祥) is adapted from the novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. For some reason, they haven’t officially announced the leads but leaks are out!

The novel sounds wicked fun! Female lead is a cloud fairy with no big ambition and spends her days preferably sleeping. Lol. She works for the stingy God of Moon (aka Yue Lao aka Matchmaker in Heaven) for very little money and intends on using that money to buy herself a fan. She’s napping peacefully one day when our male lead literally drops onto the carpet outside of the Moon’s temple. He asks for help in a disrespectful manner and has the audacity to try and whip her! Luckily…or in this case, unluckily, his whip ends up destroying her most coveted thing – her fan! Now he’s getting whooped. LOL. She ties up her hair, performs a measly spell to trap him, and then chomps on him with all her strength. 😛 He then pulls her hair! A full-on brawl takes place. In front of Jade Emperor, they are punished for messing up other people’s red strings of fate – by being sent to the mortal realm and experiencing 7 lifetimes of fated love. HOHOHO. As it turns out though, it was Yue Lao who messed up the strings the other day when he was drunk and our heroine is covering up for him. In the first lifetime, our girl smartly avoids having her memory wiped and swears to make the hero’s life a miserable existence. HHAHAH. She’s good. I’m very tempted to continue the novel but I want to enjoy the little surprises in the drama too.

You can read the completed translated novel at Volarenovels.

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Cdramaland Updates: Sassy Beauty, Shining For One Thing, Cupid’s Kitchen, The Comic Bang, Brilliant Class 8, Tiger Crane, and more!

Playing catch-up! News keep getting longer and piling up and impossible to be up-to-date daily.

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First Stills for Republican suspense thriller Back For You with Angelababy and Wang An Yu

Back For You (漫影寻踪) with Angelababy and Wang An Yu. Not much is known about the story but it’s another murder-mystery-waiting-to-be-solved-by-leads set in the republican period. From the picture, cutie boy Wang An Yu is playing a cop! It’s boasting a line of pretty faces as special guests as well! Cheng Xiao, Zhang Yu Jian, Sheng Ying Hao, Yu Xiao Tong, and more!

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Modern Dramas to Air: Nothing But You, Fighting Girl, Gold Panning

January is starting to fill up!

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