Mao Zi Jun and Yi Po Chen as cop-doctor duo in republican drama Killer and Healer

Hen Jun Bu Si Jiang Lou Yue or officially known in English as Killer and Healer (恨君不似江楼月) is a republican drama following our male lead who is a cop (Mao Zi Jun) but is considered a gray character, who is neither good nor evil and has violent tendencies. He finds himself stalked by our other male lead, a doctor (Ian Yi), who is motivated to treat him, believing he has manic disorder. They eventually become unlikely friends.

Airing 3/3 on Mango tv. That means subs will take 3 years later. Lol.

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Yang Mi and Xu Kai begin filming for modern drama She and Her Perfect Husband

She and Her Perfect Husband (爱的二八定律) is a modern drama with Xu Kai and Yang Mi. Our female lead is a career-driven lawyer who is often pressured by her family to get married. One of the requirements at the top law firm specializing in family affairs where she applied for a job is to be married, which leads her brother, a headhunter, to changing her marriage status behind her back. Once she learns of the ridiculous lie, she tries to right the wrong but is greeted by her new supposed husband – our male lead, who is also forced by his mother to get married. He seeks out her help to ward off their parents. Things get complicated when our heroine’s ex also joins the same law firm.

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Brilliant Girls: New adaptation of Astringent Girl with Yin Tao, Song Yi, Zhao Jin Mai, Xia Ruo Yan, and Hu Lian Xin

Brilliant Girls (爱的理想生活) is a new adaptation of Zhu De Yong’s cartoon, Astringent Girl. Zhu is a renowned Taiwanese cartoonist and the previous adaptation was made in 2003 called Pink Ladies with Liu Ruo Ying. Looks like they added one more female character for a total of five female leads all living in the same villa as they discover what they want in love and for themselves by going through many hardships in life.

Airing 3/1. We are in MARCH? 😱 😱 😱

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The Sword and the Brocade: Wallace Chung and Tan Song Yun find love in an arranged marriage

The Sword and the Brocade (锦心似玉) is based on the novel written by Zhi Zhi. The story takes place during the Ming Dynasty and follows our heroine as she rises from a lowly concubine’s daughter and enters an arranged marriage with our hero – a general. She is a highly intelligent young maiden who is restrained in exhibiting her wisdom. Once in her new husband’s home, though she’s pressured by the complicated relationships and distrust, she uses her kindness and intelligence to win people’s respect. She helps her husband devise plans to oust the corrupt officials and defend their land from foreign invasions.

Airing 2/26~

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Guardians of the Tomb: Drama version of donghua Great King of the Tomb with Evan Ma and Ian Yi

Guardians of the Tomb (墓王之王) is adapted from the donghua Great King of the Tomb following our quartet in Evan Ma, Ian Yi, Wang Yue Ting, and Sun Lu Lu as they get embroiled in jianghu’s latest chaos – a treasure and a big secret in the royal tombs. I tried watching the anime but was so confused by the names of everything.

This was filmed in 2017 and is now released. Airing 2/25 ~

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Zhou Yan Chen meets cross-dressed Xu Hao in Celestial Authority Academy

Celestial Authority Academy (通天书院) is adapted from the novel written by Shu Lan. The story follows the hi-jinks that take place at the renowned Tong Tian Academy, established by the big four royal families for privileged kids. Our female lead (Xu Hao) is a popular writer that has fans lining up, including the Queen. Because of her popularity, she’s accepted into Tong Tian Academy cross-dressing as a male. There she meets the four trouble makers, starting with our male lead, played by Zhou Yan Chen. Why does this feel like a watered down version of Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Lol.

Airing 2/25 (If you’re VIP, you get the full series) ~

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Zhang Zhe Han and Gong Jun’s Tian Ya Ke changes name to Word of Honor ahead of broadcast

Word of Honor (山河令) is adapted from the novel written by Priest (Legend of Fei) called Faraway Wanderers/Tian Ya Ke (天涯客). It has confirmed the two male leads to be Zhang Zhe Han and Gong Jun, followed by Zhou Ye, Ma Wen Yuan, Guo Jia Hao and Zhao Qian. The story follows our two male leads. One of them is Zhou Zi Shu to be played by Zhang Zhe Han. He’s the leader of Tian Chuang, an intelligence gatherers and assassins who served only the Emperor. It’s hard to get in and harder to get out; through a punishment leaving you either disabled or dead, but our leader yearns for a different life and does successfully get out. Our other male lead is Wen Ke Xing, played by Gong Jun. Very similar life trajectory to his other half; he’s the Master of Ghost Pavilion, a hush-hush place known to jianghu as containing the most cruel and evil of humans. Our temperamental Master of the Ghost Pavillion is also tired of this life and wishes to get out. They get entangled in jianghu’s latest chaos when a teenage boy is out for revenge and attaches himself to the unwilling Zi Shu and calls him Shifu. Lol. And that’s when I stopped reading the novel. Knowing how adaptations usually turn out, the less I know, the less angry I’ll be down the road. 😛

Airing 2/22 with a total of 36 episodes.

Here we go! The first BL drama to air!

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Yang Mi and Zhang Bin Bin’s modern drama Storm Eye gets green light to air in February

Storm Eye (暴风眼) is a modern drama with the theme on national security. Our male lead is a national security agent tasked to track and follow an overseas spy but he slowly recognizes that the spy is only a small pawn in a bigger scheme: to steal top-secret research material from Dinghua Group. He’s sent to collaborate with agents in Shuangqing City. Come to find out, the team leader (our heroine) of the other group is his old classmate from high school who disappeared 10 years ago without a word, leaving him with a hole of regret. As they work together to crack the case, years-long corruption surfaces within Dinghua Group.

Airing 2/23 ~

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