Janice Wu Qian makes Huang Zi Tao The Brightest Star In The Sky, new trailer

A proper trailer is released and we see Huang Zi Tao exploding with the air of a pompous singer while having the most adorable assistant to put him in his place, played by the lovely Janice Wu Qian. Tao plays an arrogant, unruly idol singer who’s hard to manage and Janice plays his assistant, and it’s her mission to transform his unmanageable personality, correcting his shortcomings and making him a true star.
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New trailer for Lu Han’s Sweet Combat, Sa Ding Ding sings for Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost OST

Oh, it’s Monday again…. but it’s bright and sunny! 😀

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (16)

I was reading the conversation in the cbox and I thought it’s time for another installment of what are you guys watching? You guys won’t believe what I’m watching at the moment; nothing new, but an old TVB series called Country Spirit with Charmaine Sheh, Gordan Lam, and Sheren Tang. Actually, my mom was watching the dvd and the themesong caught my attention…. of course it was sung by Jacky Cheung and Kit Chan and you know I love him. I love all of his TVB themesongs. This is probably one of my favorite roles that Charmaine played. Her romance with Gordon got me by the heart and I’m getting to the angst parts! There was no rich prince/CEO to save the day, there was no rich handbags for a poor character, there was no love at first sight, there was no excessive make-up. And I just love how they are slowly attracted to each other because deep down they are good and kind people and the love they have for their family members planted the seed of love.

Someone once told me that you slowly become the person you love and this is the perfect exhibition of that quote. She’s stubborn, resolute, and persevering, pushing him to think better of himself and work harder despite the constant obstacles (no overnight success here!!) While his self-sacrificing attitude towards love also rubs off on her…. She runs allllll the way home to fetch his gloves and runs allllll the way back to give them to him. But when he asks, she says someone else brought them… Aigoooo, my heart…. it’s the little things they do for each other that trump the grand gestures with little meaning in today’s dramaland. You get what I mean? I hope it’s a happy ending, I don’t remember anymore….

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The Eternal Love Season 2 begins filming with Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie

Are you happy and excited about Season 2 of The Eternal Love starring the same cast? This is gold for Chinese TV, it’s very hard to synchronize everyone’s schedule after one season. For some series, a second season could be both good and bad. You want your perfect bow-tied ending but you also don’t want silly plots to materialize and ruin the love you had for the first season. Don’t know what they are planning but they promise plenty of sweet OTP moments ~

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Colourful Bone: Series Review (Cdrama, 2017)

Heyo~~ long time no write ^.^ Our wonderful captain has asked that I write a series review since quite a few people have been requesting it, and I’m happy to oblige.

Colourful Bone or 艷骨 is originally a webnovel by Mengyan Dianxia. Although it is said the drama is a novel adaptation, a large chunk of the story has been changed.

I was meant to have this up at the end of January, but with Chinese New Year and the influx of new dramas, this has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time. I can’t harp on about it enough and Kappy can attest to this @[email protected]


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Essay Wang sings for Secret of the Three Kingdoms, First Posters for Luo Jin and Zhou Dong Yu’s Behind the Scenes

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Dragon TV previews its 2018 Cdramas Line-Up through mini trailer

Just a reminder that we still have quite a few projects to look forward to!

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