Li Qin and Chen Zhe Yuan begin filming for costume drama Fated Hearts

Fated Hearts (一笑随歌) is adapted from the novel Yi Xiao by Chi Yi Qian Yu. During war, female archer (our heroine) from the country Jinxiu successfully shot and wounded their eldest prince (our hero) from the enemy country Susha. However, she disappears shortly after falling off a cliff. The injured prince is also chased in battle and goes missing after the war. He later meets the same female archer in a small village, except she has lost her memories and has a disabled arm. Finding the whole situation suspicious, he takes her with him on a journey to unveil the conspiracy between the two countries.

You can read the ongoing novel translation at Wattpad by sectumesempra.

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Tdrama: Gourmet Affairs (2023) Episodes

Drama Name: Gourmet Affairs (美食無間)
Cast: Fu Meng Bo, Edison Wang, Jian Man Shu
Episode Count: 12
Airing Date: COMPLETED
Synopsis: Unaware of each other’s identity, a police detective, his rookie partner, and a hitman shared a table in a busy restaurant. The detective is a gourmet. The hitman treats each meal like it is his last. They hit it off right away over their love of good food and soon become meal buddies. While they are friendly when eating, reality sets in after the meals. They are enemies of opposing sides and will point their weapons at each other if needed. (MDL)

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Yang Xu Wen returns to Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 2: To the West with Yang Zhi Gang and Gao Si Wen

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty II To the West (唐朝诡事录·西行)

Synopsis per Qiyi: The series is adapted from the novel “Records of Strange Events in the Tang Dynasty” by author Wei Fenghua and is the second installment in the “Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty” series. Set in the year 712 AD during the reign of Emperor Ruizong of the Tang Dynasty, the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty continues, but beneath the prosperity, hidden dangers lurk, and a storm is brewing. Various forces are on the move, triggering frequent mysterious incidents among the common people. What kind of supernatural mysteries will Lu Lingfeng (played by Yang Xuwen) and Su Wuming (played by Yang Zhigang), the deputy minister of the Grand Court of Justice and the registrar of Qianling, encounter on their perilous journey? The road to the west is unpredictable.

Airing 7/18~

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Dashing Youth: Blood of Youth’s prequel with Hou Ming Hao, He Yu, and Hu Lian Xin releases first trailer

Dashing Youth (少年白马醉春风) is the prequel to the well-loved 2022 drama The Blood of Youth. It follows our hero played by Neo who is described as stubborn and doesn’t like to learn poems or martial arts. He only likes to make wine. He had a best friend who was murdered and later reunited under a different name played by He Yu. As we all know how fate works, he’s accepted into a martial arts school and meets a group of youngsters, making him evaluate his life choices. When his best friend is used to launch a war, he has to step up to protect the world and the boy he once knew!

EDIT // Airing 7/19!

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Cdrama OST: Sword and Fairy, Blossoms In Adversity, The Legend of Shen Li, War of Faith, In Blossom, Will Love In Spring, and more!

Another huge bomb of soundtracks! This includes most of the first quarter of dramas this year (up till April-ish). It was getting too long and my eyes were getting crossed scrolling up and down so I had to split it in half for my sanity. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

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Season 2 of Lost You Forever with Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci to finally arrive this July

The wait is over for those painfully following this drama. Season 2 confirmed 11 days ago that it will be airing on 7/8.

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The First Frost with Bai Jing Ting and Zhang Ruo Nan wrapped up filming

The First Frost (难哄) is adapted from the novel written by Zhu Yi and if you remember, it’s the spinoff to Zhao Lu Si’s Hidden Love. This is her brother (Sang Yan)’s story. He is now the owner of a bar and chances upon an old classmate who had crush on him back in high school. Our female lead is a reporter and even though she realizes who he is, she pretends not to know him – and he does the same thing. Something happens and they end up being housemates. Lol.Shi Cheng

Looks kinda angsty here!

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Zhao Jin Mai and Zhang Ling He marry for political reason in costume drama The Princess Royal

The Princess Royal (度华年) is adapted from the novel written by Mo Shu Bai. Go here to see the full compilation of Novel Translation by different groups. It looks like the our couple married young in their first life and it was for political reasons so there was no love between the two. Eventually, they ended up plotting against each other leading to their ultimate demise. When they wake up, they are back to their young selves. So a second-chance kinda story. My boy Ling He is back to dramaland (he didn’t really leave…) so I might just tune in. Plus, Jin Mai is a cutie patootie!

Airing 6/26~

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