Drama Updates: Spy Hunter, Chinese Misaeng, Eighteen Springs, Let’s Shake It 2, Another Me

This post has been delayed for so long. *_*

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First Impression: What do you think of Wallace Chung and Sun Yi’s All Out Of Love?

Melo…with 70 episodes… *gulp gulp*

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Martial Universe: Episodes 25-30 Recap

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This week on “Enid watches it so you don’t have to…”

Wild beasts, bloody murder and weird purple smoke everywhere this week on Martial Universe…

Let’s begin Week 5!


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All Out of Love: Sun Yi torn between Wallace Chung and Ma Tian Yu

Can we go ahead and give the title of Melo Queen to Sun Yi? After Siege In Fog, she’s back in another melo drama to wrench out some more tears, with Wallace Chung and Ma Tian Yu at her side. All Out of Love, adapted from novel Liang Sheng Wo Men Ke Bu Ke Yi Bu You Shang will hit your small screen on 9/17!

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Martial Universe: Episodes 19-24 Recap

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IMOmusings: I’m always falling behind Enid Bee, so sadly this is last week’s recaps~ Losing interest in the drama combined with impossible internet is not a good combination xD.

Enid has been very thorough with the recaps this week so expect a little delay in loading. I’ve tried to cut down on a lot of images but I think we can all agree that sometimes, with this drama, you need that bit of colour to the stupidity of the story.

More whining, crying, perverse leering and blood sucking this week on Martial Universe!

Let’s begin Week 4!


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William Chan and Sandra Ma kick asses in Age of Legends, green light to air

Every darn production is just gonna air now…

Adapted from the same-name novel written by Xiao Qi Xiao, Age of Legends (橙红年代) is an upcoming modern drama starring William Chan and Sandra Ma as leads. William is 30 years old, representing young men with a burning ardor, persevering to the top despite his humble background, displaying stories of love from all around. With a strong sense of justice and courage, he gathers a group of like-minded men. Due to an incident, he disappears from the world for 8 years, returning to find his dad beat up and admitted to the hospital. After delivering his brand of punishment to the deserved people, the nurses fall for his charms and upon meeting our female lead, the cop in charge of the case, they butt heads immediately. Doesn’t help that she discovers his involvement with a case from 8 years ago and is determined to uncover more dirt about him. Sandra plays a 23-year old feisty police woman, the beauty of the bureau with a temper to boot.

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First Impression: What do you think of Wu Lei’s Battle Through The Heavens (Fight Breaks Sphere)?

Another fantasy drama at your door!
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