Yang Mi and Gong Jun fight to keep the peace in Fox Spirit Matchmaker 1: Red-Moon Pact

Fox Spirit Matchmaker 1: Red-Moon Pact (涂山小红娘月红篇) is adapted from the manhua written by Tuo Xiao Xin. It follows the epic romance between the fox tribe and the human race. Yang Mi plays eldest sister, Tu Shan Hong Hong, considered the most powerful fox spirit; her romance begins when she saves Dong Fang Yue Chu (Gong Jun), a talented Daoist from a special (human) bloodline when he was pursued by bad people.

You can read the manhua here, or watch the donghua here.

Airing 5/23~ Another beauty galore coming your way!

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The Long-Awaited Joy of Life Season 2 with Zhang Ruo Yun, Wu Gang, and Li Qin confirms air date

My plan has changed. Now that I realize there’s a third part to this series. I’m gonna delay my viewing decision. Lol. Joy of Life Season 2 (庆余年 第二季) has confirmed to begin airing on 5/16! The first part ended on a cliff-hanger back in 2019 and I just count my lucky stars I did not watch it back then, the wait would have roasted me! xD

Synopsis Per MZTV: After leaving the audience in suspense with an impactful ending in the first season, Joy of Life 2 picks up the story where it left off. Fan Xian will face unprecedented pressure, a more complex situation, and even trickier challenges. The way he confronts the threats and life-or-death tests from the Second Prince and the Eldest Princess while striving to fulfill his mother’s ideals will become one of the highlights of the second season. As eagerly anticipated by fans of the FanWan couple, they will finally witness the long-awaited wedding of Fan Xian and Lin Wan’er. However, their sweet love will face unexpected trials after marriage.

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Qing Dynasty drama Heroes with Qin Jun Jie, Liu Yu Ning, and Huang Meng Ying

Did anyone have the same reaction as I did when I saw Liu Yu Ning’s name? I feel like he’s everywhere! Where did he find the time to film dramas and sing soundtracks on the side? xD

Synopsis from Wetv: The drama tells the story of a group of individuals with different backgrounds who were unexpectedly drawn into a mysterious treasure-hunting journey during the late Qing Dynasty. Amidst the grand and tumultuous historical tide, they gradually strengthened their ideals of saving the country.

Began airing 5/8~

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Ou Hao and Li Yi Tong promise to Tell No One in modern suspense drama

Tell No One (不可告人) is a modern suspense drama starring Ou Hao and Li Yi Tong. Qiyi describes the drama in vague terms: An arrest operation that both succeeds and fails changes everyone’s fate. Waiting in agony means never giving up, and those unspeakable crimes are also waiting for an opportunity to return. This time, it is the final battle between good and evil!

Airing 5/8~

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Historical Fantasy drama A Dream Within A Dream begins filming with Li Yi Tong and Liu Yu Ning as leads

A Dream Within A Dream (书卷一梦) is an upcoming costume drama, it is not based on a novel. From what I can gather, the story follows our heroine who enters a script and becomes a heroine who is abandoned and abused to death by a villainous hero. No matter how hard she tries to run away, the plot somehow pulls her back to him. In this realm of scripted story, many characters are set to follow a trajectory, many yearn to break their shackles, how many could survive this cruel world? Other cast members include Zhu Xu Dan, Wang Yi Lun, Wang You Shuo, and Wang Cheng Si.

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Cdramas Airing This Week: Regeneration, Reblooming Blue, Young Babylon, Rise from the Ashes, and more!

Regeneration kinda piques my interest and I have heard good things about Tender Light as well. What is everyone watching, recommending, and not recommending? XD

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Upcoming Cdramas reveal new promotions at 2024 iQIYI World Conference

I haven’t done this in a while and I quickly remember why not. LOL.

FYI, I only included dramas that are generous in releasing a trailer! A few posters? Nah. xD

Which dramas have your interest?

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