Behind-The-Scenes videos: Tribes and Empires, Ever Night, Legend of Fu Yao, Sweet Dreams

You know me, I love behind-the-scenes videos. These Chinese productions have hundreds of workers on locations every day, so it’s not strange to see how fast they can shoot a drama within 3 months (usually modern), day-in-day-out. What we see onscreen is a the final results of blood and sweats and watching these videos always shows a new level of appreciation for the crew who works tirelessly behind the cameras all-year long.

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Zhao Li Ying ranked 4th on Forbes China Celebrity List 2017

Published annually by Forbes which ranks the influence of Chinese celebrities based on income, search ranking, and exposure in fashion, news, and television, this is your 2017 list. I’m actually really surprised to see Li Ying ranked 4th on the list since she hasn’t really dipped her feet much in the fashion world yet, which is where the majority of the big and easy money comes from. She is finally invited to Paris Fashion Week this year as a Dior guest (should be heading over there on the 26th). If you notice, Li Ying has branched out further from the acting world this year, accepting various endorsement contracts and being on more magazine covers, which explains why she made a splash on the list.

And congratulations to Fan Bing Bing for topping the list once again this year and it’s her fourth consecutive time since 2013.

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Gathering of Chinese Stars at Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night 2017

[Blog is alive?!]

PEACHHHHHHH!! Lolol. Your couple is front news! hee! Everyone should love this post since it’s all about pretty and kindness! I forgot who said this quote, but doing charity only has a beginning, it never ends. There was no crazy fashion tonight, everyone looks good with what they chose and for once I’m a happy camper with Li Ying’s stylist (I’m more picky with her! xD)

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Ancient Drama Updates: Legend of Fu Yao, The King of Blaze, God of Lost Fantasy, Win The World

I was preparing for bed until I saw the onslaught of updates on news sites. Turns out it’s Qixi Festival aka Chinese Valentine’s Day! Drama productions release new stills to celebrate the annual meeting of two (tragic) lovers, the tale of Zhi Nu and Niu Lang’s forbidden love as the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. I’m sure we have at least watched one adaptation of this story.

You might drown in the stills so I focus mostly on ancient dramas….for now. Lol.

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The Negotiator finally drops couple stills of Yang Mi and Huang Zi Tao

Finally! We have seen endless of individual posters from modern drama The Negotiator (谈判官) that I was starting to think they are being mysterious on purpose. But the production decided to quench curious minds and released 6 couple stills of our OTP, Yang Mi and Huang Zi Tao, 2 hours ago. The chemistry I get from the pictures is not one of a couple though… Lol. Hoping in motion they would be better, speaking of which, still no teaser?!

On a side note, I’m completely befuddled at the Fu Yao‘s post being blown up with discussion. XD But thank-you everyone for remaining courteous and not fight fire with fire. ;]

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Huang Zi Tao’s drama updates: The Negotiator, A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity

Well, ask and you shall receive! Huang Zi Tao‘s two drama projects will air in August. I might check out A Chinese Odyssey since it looks absolutely crazy. Lol.

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