Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi in costume romance Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart (颜心记) portrays the destined romantic tale of the cold and aloof Prince Jiang Xinbai (played by Luo Yunxi), who suffers from prosopagnosia/face blindness, and the spirited female physician Yan Nanxing (played by Song Yi), who transforms (her appearance) each month. Together, they embark on a journey through love and adventure, uncovering their fated bond in the martial world. The story also follows their strong and solitary characters as they overcome numerous obstacles to uphold justice, offering viewers a glimpse into the true essence of love. While external appearances matter, this drama underscores the importance of a heart-to-heart connection. Love isn’t about possession or conquest; being “captivated by love” isn’t merely focused on superficial attributes. True love transcends appearances, social status, grudges, and other external factors. It perseveres in pursuing justice and willingly assumes a lifelong responsibility for that love, even extending to safeguarding the world. [Per Qiyi]

Airing today 6/21~

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Drama adaptation of Donghua Link Click with Jiang Long, Bi Wen Jun, and Bu Guan Jin

Ohh color me intrigued about this premise! Sound super interesting. Link Click (时光代理人) is adapted from the donghua of the same name written by Li Hao Ling.

Synopsis from Wiki of the Original Work: Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang run Time Photo Studio and accept requests from clients to relieve them of regrets. Through a photo provided by the client, Cheng Xiaoshi can travel back in time to the moment it was taken and assumes the identity of its photographer, with him absorbing the photographer’s memories and emotions in the process. At the same time, Lu Guang has the ability to keep track of the events in time and helps Cheng Xiaoshi relive the experiences of the photographer. The two work under the conditions that they have only 12 hours with one chance to travel in time and find what their client is searching for, while also leaving the events of the past unchanged.

Airing 6/19 ~

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New Jin Yong’s Condor adaptation, The Legend of Heroes, confirms airing date in June

Yay for Wuxia fans! The Legend of Heroes (金庸武侠世界) is a 5-part drama series focusing on the Five Greats (my assumption) of the Condor trilogy from Jin Yong’s novels with a total of 60 episodes and directed by 5 directors.

Airing 6/17~

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Liu Yi Fei navigates the beauty and ugly of life and love in The Tale of Rose

The Tale of Rose (玫瑰的故事) is adapted from the novel written by Yi Shu. Liu Yi Fei plays our heroine who grew up protected and sheltered. She excels in arts and will meet many men in her life; Lin Yi, Wallace Huo (soulmate), Lin Geng Xin (husband), and Peng Guan Ying (first love).

Airing 6/8~

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Wu Jin Yan and Wang Xing Yue get tangled in revenge costume drama The Double

The Double (墨雨云间) is adapted from the novel written by Qian Shan Cha Ke.

Synopsis Per Youku: This drama tells the story of Xue Fangfei, the daughter of a well-off county magistrate who lost everything after a major upheaval. Saved by Jiang Li, the daughter of the Secretariat Director, she took on the identity of Jiang Li and returned to the capital. With the help of Duke Xiao Heng and others, she overcame numerous hardships, tirelessly fought against injustice, rescued her father who had been wrongly imprisoned, assisted Xiao Heng in upholding justice, protected the common people, and ultimately regained a beautiful life.

Airing 6/2

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Yang Mi and Gong Jun fight to keep the peace in Fox Spirit Matchmaker 1: Red-Moon Pact

Fox Spirit Matchmaker 1: Red-Moon Pact (涂山小红娘月红篇) is adapted from the manhua written by Tuo Xiao Xin. It follows the epic romance between the fox tribe and the human race. Yang Mi plays eldest sister, Tu Shan Hong Hong, considered the most powerful fox spirit; her romance begins when she saves Dong Fang Yue Chu (Gong Jun), a talented Daoist from a special (human) bloodline when he was pursued by bad people.

You can read the manhua here, or watch the donghua here.

Airing 5/23~ Another beauty galore coming your way!

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The Long-Awaited Joy of Life Season 2 with Zhang Ruo Yun, Wu Gang, and Li Qin confirms air date

My plan has changed. Now that I realize there’s a third part to this series. I’m gonna delay my viewing decision. Lol. Joy of Life Season 2 (庆余年 第二季) has confirmed to begin airing on 5/16! The first part ended on a cliff-hanger back in 2019 and I just count my lucky stars I did not watch it back then, the wait would have roasted me! xD

Synopsis Per MZTV: After leaving the audience in suspense with an impactful ending in the first season, Joy of Life 2 picks up the story where it left off. Fan Xian will face unprecedented pressure, a more complex situation, and even trickier challenges. The way he confronts the threats and life-or-death tests from the Second Prince and the Eldest Princess while striving to fulfill his mother’s ideals will become one of the highlights of the second season. As eagerly anticipated by fans of the FanWan couple, they will finally witness the long-awaited wedding of Fan Xian and Lin Wan’er. However, their sweet love will face unexpected trials after marriage.

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Qing Dynasty drama Heroes with Qin Jun Jie, Liu Yu Ning, and Huang Meng Ying

Did anyone have the same reaction as I did when I saw Liu Yu Ning’s name? I feel like he’s everywhere! Where did he find the time to film dramas and sing soundtracks on the side? xD

Synopsis from Wetv: The drama tells the story of a group of individuals with different backgrounds who were unexpectedly drawn into a mysterious treasure-hunting journey during the late Qing Dynasty. Amidst the grand and tumultuous historical tide, they gradually strengthened their ideals of saving the country.

Began airing 5/8~

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