The Heiress with Jiang Chao and You Jing Ru begins airing in August

Another cross-dressing female! Is that the trend in Cdramaland? I think we have a winner here as You Jing Ru looks quite convincing as a male. Her eyes unsettle me. Lol.

The Heiress (女世子) is a period drama and it follows our female lead who disguises herself as her dead twin brother in order to stabilize military power for her family; her dad a Prime minister. At the military camp, she befriends our male lead – fifth Prince and helps him take back his Crown Prince title.

Airing 8/13!

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Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan clash again in Happiness Will Come Knocking Again

Happiness Will Come Knocking (幸福还会来敲门) is a modern drama reuniting Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan – she’s a policeman and he’s a doctor. Our doctor experiences the low of life – in both career and love, and suddenly finds himself a frequent visitor at the police station.

A lot of dramas are airing soon, stay tuned ~

Airing 8/12!

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Sweet kisses between Darren Chen and Chen Yao in My Unicorn Girl as it gears up for premiere

Modern romcom My Unicorn Girl (穿盔甲的少女) with Darren Chen and Chen Yao is gearing up for premiere! Our female lead is a figure skater and he’s a hockey player. When our heroine fails to be accepted into the same academy her mother attended, she pretends to be a male ice hockey player and plays in a trial round for her college team. She does really well and is accepted into the hockey team, where she meets our hero, and must live among the boys while trying to hide her gender.

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Dear Herbal Lord with Yan Xi and Ding Yi Yi to air in August

Another one joining the August broadcast. 🙂

Dear Herbal Lord (亲爱的药王大人) is period romcom adapted from the novel written by Mu Qing Qing. The story follows our female lead who’s an Isatis root fairy committed to become an immortal after years of cultivation. But she’s unlucky as the princess picks her to eat. To escape that acidic fate, she turns to an herbal medicine doctor for help. If she marries him, she can absorb his energy. Aiding her in pursuing this indifferent man are her herbal plant friends. Why does that sound wicked adorable?

Airing 8/10, today!

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First Stills for Miss The Dragon, Use for My Talent, Pride and Prejudice, Fall In Love, Song of Youth

Huge batch of stills from the past week. Happy Weekend!

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Friday Photoshoots: Ni Ni, Jing Bo Ran, Yang Mi and More

At long last the weekend is here again. Whilst weekends are not the most exciting, especially with the situation going on in the world, I hope these pretty pictures can be that short escape from reality. Remember to stay safe.

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Zhao Li Ying confirmed for Zheng Xiao Long’s The Story of Xing Fu

Yay! Li Ying is back to dramaland again, and this time working with Empresses In the Palace‘s director Zheng Xiao Long in the drama adaption of Zhang Yi Mou’s The Story of Qiu Ju, which was also based on Chen Yuan Bin’s novella. The drama version will be called The Story of Xing Fu (幸福到万家). I like how this is a full circle for Li Ying as she made her acting debut in Golden Marriage also directed by Zheng Xiao Long back in 2007. The writer is Zhao Dong Ling who also wrote Wang Kai’s Hunting recently.

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Tan Song Yun, Song Wei Long, and Zhang Xin Cheng form makeshift family in Go Ahead

Go Ahead (以家人之名) follows the heart-warming story of a makeshift family of three non-biological siblings in Tan Song Yun, Song Wei Long, and Zhang Xin Cheng, raised by two fathers, Tu Song Yan and Zhang Xi Lin. Because of their troubled childhood, the now adults must find a way to overcome their insecurities and psychological problems to become helpful members of society.

This and Dating in The Kitchen are the few modern dramas I’m looking forward in a while! GAH! I just love the topic of makeshift family! Airing soon, might be in a few days. 😉

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