A sweet romance between Li Jia Qi and Bi Wen Jun in Ni Chang

Ni Chang (小女霓裳) is an upcoming costume drama starring Li Jia Qi (My Girl) and Bi Wen Jun (In a Class of Her Own). Our heroine is the youngest daughter of a silk merchant and she’s been training herself to inherit the family business her entire life. Unfortunately, the rival merchant shop conspires successfully to bring down her family, leaving her with a mission to clear their name and take glory back to the family. Under a different name, she enters a famous manor to learn and hone her embroidery skills, gaining a foothold into the business. However, the enemies catches wind of her intention and want to eliminate her. With the help of our male lead, who has been protecting her all this time, she escapes from the city. She returns a year later under another name; armed with new knowledge and maturity, she’s determined to turn the table around and become a successful businesswoman.

Airing 4/20~

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Pei Zi Tian and Li Nuo engage in a fake marriage in She Is The One

She Is The One (全世界都不如你) is an upcoming rom-com featuring Pei Zi Tian and Li Nuo. She substitutes as a bride for her sister and he is the groom with a concealed identity. She has another crush and the two people forced into a marriage find themselves entangled in rounds of jealousy as he slowly falls for her.

Airing 4/19~

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Cdramas That Aired This Past Week: The Glory of Youth, Wu Dang Yi Jian, A Love For Dilemma, Tsao Yu Ning’s Mysterious Love, Court Lady

Just a summary of the dramas airing this past week. Did any catch your interest? For the annual Cdrama Airing Schedule, please check this post.

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Cdrama Updates: Youku’s 2021 Press Conference, Cang Lan Jue, The Flaming Heart, The Psychologist, The Story of Xing Fu

A lot of Youku dramas showcased their trailers at the annual press conference!

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Xu Kai becomes a better man to win Li Yi Tong’s love in Court Lady

Court Lady (骊歌行) is an upcoming period drama based on the unfinished novel written by Feng Nong (General and I), who then proceeded to finish the story through this drama script. Interesting. That means there won’t be novel fans cursing at the differences? Lol. The story takes place during the Tang Dynasty and follows the romance between a good-for-nothing spoiled hero and our talented heroine who pushes him out of his lazy chair. Our hero is famous for having no dreams and no ambitions, satisfied with wasting away his father’s money until a chance encounter with the heroine. She likes a man of direction and talents and that shall be his motivation to grow and mature but soon he begins to realize the instability of the Tang Empire, motivating him further. He spurs into action, becoming a military commander to protect the borders and stop illegal smuggling. In the meantime, our heroine works her way up in the palace as a weaver, facing dangers that threaten her and her family.

Airing 4/15~

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Wuxia drama First Sword of Wudang with Chai Bi Yun and Yu Le Yi finally airing after completion in 2017

Wu Dang Yi Jian or First Sword of Wudang (武当一剑) with Chai Bi Yun and Yu Le Yi. This one has been waiting to air since 2017. It’s adapted from the novel written by Liang Yu Sheng, who also wrote The Bride with White Hair, The Patriotic Knights, and Seven Swordsmen, among many other. The production team needs some incredible credits for filming at most of the locations in the novel, including the Wudang Mountains and Shennongjia (in Hubei), and A’ershan Forest National Park (in Inner Mongolia). The story takes place during the Ming Dynasty and follows our hero’s journey in learning martial arts, finding the truth behind his parents’ deaths, and becoming a true master in Wudang practices while upholding justice.

Airing 4/13~

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Zhang Yao dons a mask and has a secret identity in Love Like White Jade, fooling Wan Peng

Love Like White Jade (白玉思无瑕) is an upcoming period drama featuring Zhang Yao and Wan Peng. Our female lead is hired to help our male lead’s in literature and martial arts. While they clash due to opposite personalities, she’s secretly looking for her missing twin brother, and he’s investigating the death of his father. He wears a mask while doing furtive investigation, making our heroine fall in love with him in that getup. When the truth is revealed, the same person is the culprit of both cases. The two finally work together to face the hardships and challenges ahead.

As fate would have it they were also in When We Were Young (人不彪悍枉少年) when he was the second male lead and she was the female lead. 🙂

Airing 4/11~

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