Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (48)

A lot of news packed in this one little post! Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a safe long weekend off!

Santa needs a drink. XD

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Liu Yi Fei and Reno Wang duet for movie Never Gone

Never Gone (or So Young 2, 致青春·原来你还在这里) is the movie adaptation of So You’re Still Here, written by Xin Yi Wu (So Young). It tells the story of a teenage boy born with a silver spoon and a girl born no stranger to poverty. Young and in love, they have yet to understand what it means to love and not hurt. Wounded, they are separated and our heroine is saddled with a responsibility bigger than her years. Reunited years later, what will happen to the buried love deep in their hearts?

I was surprised Yi Fei duet with Reno instead of Kris, but then a fan said Kris was filming overseas when the recording took place, hence a new arrangement was made. Anyway, lots of pictures ahead!

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Trailers Galore of Chinese Movies at Shanghai Festival 2016

Another compilation and I would like to call it Part 3 to the busy weekend and probably the most exciting one for everyone! Things in motion! Trailers! Teasers! Previews! BTS! The Making! Some of these are revealed before the festival and some after. It’s crazy how many press conference took place this past weekend. Have a sneak peek/feel of your anticipated movies!

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Press Conferences: Elvis Han’s Siege in Fog and Leo Wu’s Magic Star

Everyone is having press conferences this week for their show. Grouping these two press conferences together since they were closer in dates. Yes. An excuse to post all the pretty boys in one post. HEH.

More to come ~

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Cute Little Monk is All Grown Up: Ashton Chen Xiao Long

I just had an embarrassing ride with my parents when they rearranged the basement this past weekend and stumbled upon my middle school…er….artworks? Collages? One of them being of this little monk kid! Do you guys remember his adorable face? He’s known as my little hubby 10+ years ago because everyone assumed he was younger, seeing how we watched his kung fu movies when he was a peanut in the industry. Meet Ashton Chen Xiao Long, known for his roles alongside a lot of big stars as the righteous Shaolin kiddo.

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Li Qin and Kimi Qiao round out Love Rectangle in So You’re Still Here


As previously mentioned in February, the movie adaptation of So You’re Still Here, written by by Xin Yi Wu (So Young), secured its female and male lead in Liu Yi Fei (For Love or Money) and Kris Wu (Somewhere Only We Know). Filming began this past week and the first stills are out of our leads still in their high school uniforms. Liu Yi Fei looks the part of a quiet student but I think they could have styled Kris differently… Last time, their casting announcements weren’t received warmly by many here but what can we do, it’s all done and over, so let’s just see what they have up their sleeves!

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