Love You Seven Times (Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes) wrapped filming with Ding Yu Xi and Yang Chao Yue

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, moving into a new place has completely taken over my life the past few weeks. The newfound freedom is great but the cleaning and organization is not!

Last I wrote about Love You Seven Times was in January of this year and now filming has wrapped and new promo videos and stills are also released! Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes All Thanks to a Moment of Impulse (一时冲动,七世不祥) is adapted from the novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. From my previous description: Female lead is a cloud fairy with no big ambition and spends her days preferably sleeping. Lol. She works for the stingy God of Moon (aka Yue Lao aka Matchmaker in Heaven) for very little money and intends on using that money to buy herself a fan. She’s napping peacefully one day when our male lead literally drops onto the carpet outside of the Moon’s temple. He asks for help in a disrespectful manner and has the audacity to try and whip her! Luckily…or in this case, unluckily, his whip ends up destroying her most coveted thing – her fan! Now he’s getting whooped. LOL. She ties up her hair, performs a measly spell to trap him, and then chomps on him with all her strength. 😛 He then pulls her hair! A full-on brawl takes place. In front of Jade Emperor, they are punished for messing up other people’s red strings of fate – by being sent to the mortal realm and experiencing 7 lifetimes of fated love. HOHOHO. As it turns out though, it was Yue Lao who messed up the strings the other day when he was drunk and our heroine is covering up for him. In the first lifetime, our girl smartly avoids having her memory wiped and swears to make the hero’s life a miserable existence. xD

You can read the completed translated novel at Volarenovels.

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Shawn Dou Xiao and Chen Dou Ling go through life and death in Love in Flames of War

I waited so long for Mr. Sunshine to be back in dramas but one after another, all his dramas are melo… T_T

Based on the novel by Ling Xi, Love in Flames of War (良辰好景知几何) follows the tumultuous romance between a temperamental third young master who’s sent to train in the military and an independent and resilient girl who takes refuge at his home.

Airing 4/30~

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Zhao Lu Si and Yang Yang caught in the chaos of jianghu and politics in Who Rules The World

Adapted from the novel written by Qing Ling Yue. For the extensive spoilers of novel, please head over to one of our prior posts written by Iridescent here. Are you excited? Cause I am! I know Lu Si is the quite adorable in romcom and she has done many projects with bubbly female characters so it’s nice to see her in a serious role! Love the hairstyles they gave her in here. *pleasebegoodpleasebegood*

Tencent describes the drama briefly: A legendary wuxia romance that focuses on the decade-long romance between Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi, and the adventures they embark on together.

Airing 4/18!

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Drama adaptation of Lost You Forever (Eternally Yearning For You) confirms Yang Zi, Deng Wei, Tan Jian Ci, and Zhang Wan Yi

Lost You Forever (Eternally Yearning For You, 长相思) is a novel written by the well-loved Tong Hua, and is the sequel to Once Promised (drama version is called A Life Time Love with Huang Xiao Ming and Song Qian in 2017).

It is a world of gods, demons, and mythical beings and they all live alongside humans, divided into three different kingdoms. I want to preface this by saying that most of the characters have multiple identities (very confusing to me as I only wanted spoilers!). Our heroine, Xiao Yao (Yang Zi), is a small-town doctor and spends the majority of the first part (multiple volumes) of the novel as a man. She has no memories of her past in the beginning of the novel. In her life, three important men will sweep in and only one shall remain by her side. The first man that we meet in according to the novel is Tu Shan Jing (Deng Wei). He’s beaten to a pulp and in no condition to survive, left to die on the streets. But our heroine picks him up and heals him. And in return, he promises to be her servant, to listen to only her. He’s actually the 2nd young master of a powerful family. The second man we meet shortly after is part of the past that she doesn’t remember. He’s Zhuan Xu (Zhang Wan Yi), a long-lost cousin she spent time with during her childhood. His side of the story isn’t told until the third volume, which makes for an interesting WAH moment (hidden for so long?!). Lol. The third male lead is a general with white hair; he is Xiang Liu (Tan Jian Ci), a nine-headed demon and wildly considered as her soulmate.

Koala has translated the novel, read chapter one here. Please go to her index to find the rest of the chapters.

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Cdrama Updates: Wild Bloom, Till The End Of The Moon, Great Miss D, Upstream, If There is Still Time Left, and more!

Happy Weekend!

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Cdramas to Air This Week: The Oath of Love, The Blue Whisper, and Be My Princess

It’s gonna be a no-sleep March and April for some people! 😊

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Cdrama Updates: Wei You An Xiang Lai, The Assassin, Le You Yuan, The Road to Home, Gong Su Jing Ying

Happy Weekends! Wooohoo!

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