Cdramas Airing This Week: Regeneration, Reblooming Blue, Young Babylon, Rise from the Ashes, and more!

Regeneration kinda piques my interest and I have heard good things about Tender Light as well. What is everyone watching, recommending, and not recommending? XD

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Vic Zhou, Christopher Lee, and Berant Zhu enter the Danger Zone to solve murder cases

Danger Zone (逆局) is a Qiyi original drama adapted from the novel written by Qian Yu Zhi Cheng and is described on their website as “Flawless crime techniques, a serial murder case with no assassin investigated!An unsettled case forces the police to cooperate with criminals, go deep into the crime scene and play a final match with the murderer to get justice for the dead. Both heroes join hands to fight strongly, but the undercurrent of this devil’s deal is surging and it’s about to trigger another wave of an even greater deadly crisis!”

Split into two seasons, each with 12 episodes, Season one began airing on 9/3 and ended last week 10/1, Season 2 is set to premiere on 10/15.

This Taiwanese cast ensemble is quite perfect. I’m just not familiar with the youngest actor on board. Anyone watching and recommending it?

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Liu Tao becomes Vic Chou’s Empress in historical drama Palace of Devotion

Palace of Devotion (大宋宫词) is an upcoming historical drama inspired by the life of Empress Zhangxian Mingsu, Liu E of the Song Dynasty, married to the Emperor Zhenzong (3rd Emperor of the Song Dynasty). According to history, Liu E “served as de facto Co-ruler and regent of China during the illness of Emperor Zhenzong from 1020 until 1022, and then officially as regent and Co-ruler during the minority of Emperor Renzong from 1022 until her own death in 1033. As a regent she became the second woman in Chinese history to wear the imperial robe, after Wu Zetian, the only empress regnant in Chinese history. ”

Airing 3/20~

It’s very odd seeing Vic in ancient costumes. Lol.

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First Impression: What do you think of Dilraba Dilmurat’s Lie Huo Ru Ge (The Flame’s Daughter)?

So did everyone get a chance to watch the premiere episodes of Lie Huo Ru Ge? Seems like the styling is the talk of town around here. Lol. Reminds me of the hair lift procedure William and Shi Shi got in Love Lost in Times. xD But back to our main stars, Dilraba reunites with Zhang Bin Bin one more time….. Are these two destined to be ill-fated forever in drama universe or what?! Then there’s our sole older male lead Vic Zhou, who is a decade older than all of the cast. Strange vibe or a slow burn to success? We shall see because I do like the whole cast ensemble.

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Zhang Jie sings opening themesong for Lie Huo Ru Ge (The Flame’s Daughter)

In exactly one week on 3/1, another big drama will premiere with a gorgeous cast for you to look at. Drama adaptation of Ming Xiao Xi‘s novel The Flame’s Daughter (Lie Huo Ru Ge) has begun its promo rounds, what with the cast appearing on Happy Camp and now the opening themesong by Zhang Jie! What is your impression so far?

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2018 Happy Spring Festival (New Year) Performances from Chinese TV Stations

How’s your New Year so far folks? I’m gonna party all weekend with family and friends. It’s a long weekend for me too since I don’t have work on Monday! YESHHH BABY!! I only managed to compile a few TV stations down below. I’ll try to update more when I’m sober? ^_^

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Mao Bu Yi sings for Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, Lie Huo Ru Ge confirms air date in March

Long-flowing hair guaranteed in March! XD

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