God of Lost Fantasy with Sheng Yi Lun and Wang Zi Wen announces August broadcast

God of Lost Fantasy (太古神王) is adapted from the novel Tai Gu Shen Wang or Ancient Godly Monarch written by Jing Wu Hen featuring Wang Zi Wen and Peter Sheng Yi Lun as the leads.

It’s nice to see Zi Wen in ancient costumes. She looks beautiful here! Totally forgot about this one. 😛

Airing 8/27!

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Drama Updates: Women In Shanghai, Lost in 1949, His Excellency’s First Love, The Way We Were

The drama offerings for May! Which will you watch?

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New trailer and BTS: William Chan and Sandra Ma’s Age of Legends, Peter Sheng and Wang Zi Wen’s God of Lost Fantasy

When it comes to looking cool and suave, William Chan nails it with swag. Coupled him with a badass-looking Sandra Ma, and I’m sold on the couple already! Then there’s Peter Sheng Yi Lun and Wang Zi Wen, both looking sweet in their couple stills as well.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (61)

We had a white Christmas in Boston this year! 😀

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Oh My General Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 23 – 29

We only have a dozen episodes left to Oh My General, has anyone been keeping up? I know it was one my anticipated dramas but I still haven’t gotten the time or the will to sit down and watch. Maybe I’ll try to catch up after it finishes airing.

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