Oh My General Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 23 – 29

We only have a dozen episodes left to Oh My General, has anyone been keeping up? I know it was one my anticipated dramas but I still haven’t gotten the time or the will to sit down and watch. Maybe I’ll try to catch up after it finishes airing.

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Oh My General Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 8

Haven’t had time to check this out yet. T____T Let me know how it fares in your opinion!

Adapted from the novel General Above I Am Below written by Ju Hua San Li, Oh My General (将军在上) stars Sandra Ma and Peter Sheng Yi Lun in a role-reversal historical romance, where she’s the brave general and he’s the good-for-nothing male. How will they meet and fall in love?

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Oh My General: Sheng Yi Lun as grumpypants groom to Ma Si Chun’s reluctant bride

More promos! What is new? Based on the Ju Hua San Li’s novel, General Above I Am Below, Oh My General (将军在上) stars Sandra Ma Si Chun and Peter Sheng Yi Lun as two most unlikely marriage partners turned power couple. I’m so pumped but the air date is in the middle of the week! What the heck! October 25th on youku.

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New updates: Sandra Ma’s Oh My General has an air date, New MV for A Love So Beautiful

Excited for both!

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Ancient Drama Updates: Legend of Fu Yao, The King of Blaze, God of Lost Fantasy, Win The World

I was preparing for bed until I saw the onslaught of updates on news sites. Turns out it’s Qixi Festival aka Chinese Valentine’s Day! Drama productions release new stills to celebrate the annual meeting of two (tragic) lovers, the tale of Zhi Nu and Niu Lang’s forbidden love as the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. I’m sure we have at least watched one adaptation of this story.

You might drown in the stills so I focus mostly on ancient dramas….for now. Lol.

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