C-Ent Updates: Legend of the Phoenix, L.O.R.D. Critical World, Wen Tian Lu, Whisper of Silent Body, The Eight Hundred

It’s been a busy week, when can my schedule lighten up for a bit?

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Yan Kuan, Song Yi, and Zhu Zi Xiao are stunningly beautiful in Love In Han Yuan

Are you ready for 2018 first quarter of dramas? First up is republican spy drama Love In Han Yuan (小楼又东风) which is being touted as heavily romance/idol-themed starring Yan Kuan, Song Yi, and Zhu Zi Xiao, with our heroine playing the part of a fallen wealthy girl who is caught between two men from two opposite groups. I’m so torn, I like the atmosphere of 1930s Shanghai and the wardrobe for both males and females but the spy aspect usually turns me away. However, look at the gorgeous cast…. I adore them all.

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Fan Bing Bing falls to the pit of hell and rises up in Win The World’s trailer

Fan Bing Bing‘s massive historical drama, Win The World (赢天下), is based on the story of a Qin Dynasty widow who was named the most successful and richest entrepreneur of the time, Widow Qing. After her husband’s death, she remained unmarried but the drama will draw out her complicated relationship with Qin Shi Huang (played by Gao Yun Xiang). Google tells me her ancestors became rich for digging “elixir” through mining. She was even once rewarded by Emperor Qin Shi Huang and considered as an older sister, and even given the title “virtuous woman.” There was mention that she even helped him built the Great Wall of China with her immense wealth. But if the trailer tells us anything, this is gonna get scandalous too. Somehow, I could never get into Fan Bing Bing’s dramas.

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Review it: Once Upon A Time aka Three Lives Three Worlds (CMovie, 2017)

The movie adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) called Once Upon A Time hit theaters in the states on August 11th. It stars the gorgeous visual pair of Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei.

If you have watched, time to voice your opinions! I ‘ll be tuning in next week!

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Liu Yi Fei’s Movie Updates: Once Upon A Time New Trailer, Han Son and The Beast

Excited for both movies! While OUAT has endless promos approaching its premiere date, Han Son and The Beast remains tightly under wraps until this week and they finished filming a long time ago!

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20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

With the drama section (Magnolia Awards) over with, here is the stars strutting it out for their upcoming movies! SO MANY. I’m drowning in pretty pics. The men are wicked awesome tonight. Usually they have on boring, routine stuff, but tonight, they shine more than the ladies, in my humble opinion. XD

Then there’s Weibo Night coming up…. O_O

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Liu Yi Fei, Yang Yang’s Once Upon A Time movie releases adorable behind-the-scenes clip

This family is so precious…

…then Yang Yang goes and slips during his scene. LOL.

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Once Upon A Time: Official Trailer, Press Conference, Release Date

Yes! Dropped all three in one day! Remember the baby teaser that we got eons ago? Lol. Once Upon A Time is the movie adaptation of the controversial novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) written by Tang Qi Gong Zi, starring Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei.

Just watched the trailer. Very impressed with the music choice and fighting scenes. Felt like I was swept off my feet. Yay!!

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