L♥ve Bug Report: Fan Bing Bing confirms relationship with Jerry Lee

It’s like an open secret at this point with the paps printing pictures of the two on various dates throughout the past few months. Like her promise before in an interview, when Huang Xiao Ming and Angela get married, she will disclose her relationship status. And since the former couple confirmed their marriage, she’s following through with her promise today. A picture of Jerry embracing her from behind is posted on his weibo with the caption, “We Are…”

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Recruiting recappers for….Cruel Romance and more!

Recapping and discussing drama is actually an area of this blog that I want to improve upon since the majority of our members are uploaders and my comprehension level is inadequate… Hopefully, some readers with enthusiasm to watch and review shows will come on board. Plus, I really need Cruel Romance to sprinkle some hotness around here! The airing schedule of cdramas makes its hard to keep up but remember that I’m here to help as well (screen captures, raws, etc) so please let this idea simmer and settle for a bit. If you have questions, leave them here. =)

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Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

This episode cracks me up and this is me not understanding much. The cast sizzle with chemistry and jokes and new games! They have been repeating many games from Running Man, so I’m so glad that the PD decided to try out new games to great results and great pains. We love seeing people in pain.

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My questions for ‘Heirs: Wear the Crown, Bear The Weight’

 photo 201307230936774295_51edd3361604d_59_20130723103004.jpg

That was the mouthful name a few weeks ago (not really, I shortened it) but the name has recently been updated to The Inheritors. I think I might be the only one not hyped up about this drama… Maybe because of school, maybe because of my fear of being disappointed, but I don’t actively chase after the news for this baby. I generally like the cast members but my brain has a few questions…

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SYTYCD Season 10: My favorite Boston Auditions!

The judges: Adam Shankman (guest judge), Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe (Executive producer of this show)

Gotta support my city ya know! Who’s watching this show? So You Think You Can Dance is an American dance competition, and the show begins airing every summer. The winner is titled “America’s Favorite Dancer.” So you can see it’s not the best dancer, but you do need talents and star quality to win over America’s heart. I started to watch this show during high school but only committed myself to finished Season 4 (THE BEST EVERRR!! Katee♥Joshua) I really admire all the contestants, putting themselves out there for critiques – it’s not an easy thing to do, especially some are rejected on national TV. At the end of Vegas round, only the top 20 dancers are chosen to compete officially, week after week dancing to various styles. Those with the least number of votes, get eliminated. It’s heart-breaking and I never fail to get emotional when they bid goodbye with humility and honor intact.

This year, my professor coincidentally mentioned this show and I was intrigued to watch it again. Boston wasn’t my favorite city for auditions (Austin, TX, WOW!) but there were some amazing standout performances!

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