Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

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Thanks Moonmoon for reminding me that I have the option of creating a DC for this drama! Because of the back-end shenanigan of cutting and uncutting, I’m in no desire to write recaps, so here it is, a place to rant and rave. In the future, just let me know if you would like a place to discuss a drama, but be prepared to accept the position of ring leader. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My excuse to post pretty screencaps.

Honestly, I don’t know how she’s resisting that I’m-so-charming-face of Wei Wu Ji.

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She’s telling him to leave…. the faces that he makes. EEEEEE!!

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And when he snuggles her from behind. GAHHH!! You know you like it, Xin Yue. That face of yours betrays everything!

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I haven’t had the time to sit down and watch each episode subbed properly. Most of my hours are spent hoping that the raw files come out right. Lol. But I’m in the mood for some banner-making sessions. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Any talented souls out there want to donate me some?

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    Liu Shi Shi so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ i like Da Mo Yao

  2. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    Long live Team Eddie! Can’t wait for more back hugs and that elusive kiss! Any bets on which episode they will finally kiss??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Edddie Peng makes me wanna comment. The end. <3 ๐Ÿ˜€

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      So excited that I can’t even spell his name right /)_- lol.

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    LOL! That picture of Yang Rong is exactly the face I make too! Eddie is the cutest thing!! I replayed that scene of her telling him to leave like five times.

    Thanks for creating this post! Will come here after i watched this week’s episodes RAW.

    @Aryael. I hope soon!! Episode 20? I want to see that kiss from chin up scene in the ending themesong…. HUHUHUH!!

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      Moonmoon…. you are speaking my mind! Yes, the chin up kiss would be good! Episode 20 you say? I am betting a little earlier… like in a “sneak-one-on-her” kiss type earlier. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Poor Wu Ji looks pretty desperate already. How many times of rejection can a man take? It’s time to cut to the chase and kiss the girl already! ๐Ÿ™‚

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        YES! I saw the preview!! Kisses coming earlier! I’m NOT complaining!!

        I know right, just kiss him already. Lol.

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    There really isn’t much discussions on the drama. (At least not in English?) Never read the novel but I really wish that Qin Xiang would be a nice to Xin Yue. I enjoy their new found friendship. And Eddie. Gahhh! Reminds me of him in Chinese Paladin with Liu Pin Yan!! <3 that couple sooooooo much! I hope this won't disappoint! Can't wait for the new episodes this week!

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    I think it’s funny how before the drama aired, there was so much bashing on Eddie Peng as an actor since so many of Geshi fans just want this couple to finally be the OTP for once. But then After the drama aired, so much love just poured in for Eddie.
    I personally think Eddie is like the perfect match for this role. Since he has the boyish look, yet still charming and handsome.

    So far so good, the drama exceeds my expectation. As expected of Tangren, the drama folowed the novel very closely, which makes me very happy, since I love the novel. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Yea I totally agree…When news first broke out about Eddie being cast, there was SOOOOO much bashing over at spcnet and koala’s playground (am I allowed to mention these sites?? sorry if I broke some rules….). It was actually pretty annoying because people were just judging him on how he looks (e.g. long chin) and not really giving him a chance in terms of acting. I actually really enjoy him in Young Warriors and the movie Hear Me. I made a comment a while back how I wish he does really well in this role and I’m glad it’s coming true!

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    It’s actually quite hard for someone with a baby face to pull off a character that is supposed to be dark, brooding and serious as General Wu Ji. Eddie was able to balance the fun parts with the serious parts well. He was able to carry the air of a general while also maintaining the relaxed informal air of a peasant – which suited Wu Ji since he was the illegitimate child of his mum (related to the empress) and a low-ranking officer.

    I also liked that Eddie maintained that arrogance of a general in his interpretation of this character because General Huo Qubing (the real life person Wu Ji’s character was based on) was a very proud and arrogant man. I am glad Eddie is doing well. Unlike others, I have not read about negative comments about Eddie prior to the drama starting. I usually refrain from reading comments on movies or dramas before they actually air so I could give a fair judgement of its performance when it does air. I’ve actually enjoyed all of the movies and dramas Eddie acted in. The best part, however, is the chemistry between Eddie and Shi Shi. The chemistry between the leads is really the make or break point of any romance drama. In this case, the chemistry is really good! I am looking forward to more of Eddie and Shi Shi! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      I agreed, he balances the fun and arrogance of General Wu Ji really well. Only when he’s with JY, do we see the cute boyish part. Isn’t that what women want from their men? To be treated differently and to see the unique side of him only when he’s with her. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Like xiaoxiu suggested above, there were a lot of bashing on poor Eddie when news broke out at the two mentioned websites. Mostly fans of LSSxHG wanted to ship together and had them ended up as a couple. Then there were people thinking lowly of Eddie because he’s a nobody at the time…. But now that Shi Shi is dating Nicky Wu, it didn’t matter anymore and slowly over time people had to accept Eddie as Wu Ji! I’m glad that positivity of Eddie casting was/is seen here. Some people can get really mean when they don’t get their wishes.

      Shi shi is lucky because she has chemistry with both guys. She’s okay so far. Too inconsistent and similar to RX at times. But it’s the chemistry that will keep me on this drama and she has it!

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    I guess I’m one of the odd ones then. I just finished the novel when news of this drama to be adapted came out and the names of who was being cast. As a fan of Hu Ge since his Chinese Paladin series I definitely wanted him to be HQB compared to Eddie since I have never really noticed his performances and even recently I’ve watched one of his movies (The Wedding Invitation) and didn’t find him that captivating. However after waiting for so long for this drama to come out I already don’t care who is doing what now. I’ve watched the first 3-4 episodes and I guess I’m glad Hu Ge played Meng Jiu since it suits him. I still don’t feel much about Eddie maybe because he was hardly in those episodes but I’m hesitant to watch it coz I know how sad it will end for Hu Ge’s character so I can’t stand to watch it.

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    Let me put it this way. I want all my time spent reading Tong Hua books and watched her dramas back!!!! All of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sound of the Desert is the only books of hers that have a happy ending! I want Shishi to end up with Eddie. No discussion. Just do it for my sake! Hu Ge can go be happy in his new soccer drama.

    I just finished reading ๆ›พ่ฎธ่ฏบ (Once Promised?), Song in the Clouds and ้‚ฃไบ›ๅ›žไธๅŽป็š„ๅนดๅฐ‘ๆ—ถๅ…‰ (The Youth Time that You can Never Get Back?) and they suck!!! Why must everyone dies???? Why can’t she just give me a conclusion? Pick one of the 2 guys, anyone! I don’t care. Pick One!!!!!! Or kill them all! I can’t do it anymore. I’m ranting but try reading 3 Tong Hua books in a row, you will understand how I feel. It likes self torture. A great way to diet. I really did lost 5 lbs after reading these books. It was a good thing I didn’t rewatch Bu Bu Jing Xin. :(((

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      @L: You are too brave, lolz…. Even though Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) had a happy ending, the epilogue broke my heart ๐Ÿ™ My heart ached sooooo much for poor poor Jiu Ye, I couldn’t sleep afterwards for hours. So there was no way I could read another Tong Hua novel, I just am not brave enough to try another any time soon. My heart is just not strong enough to endure her gut-wrenching style of writing, let alone do 3 in a role, haha…..

      As for the drama, I too am loving Eddie’s portrayal of WWJ, he doing a great job. I can’t wait to see more of him as the story develops!!! But HuGe’s portrayal of JY is really good too, I think he fits the role perfectly. It was heart-breaking to see him let happiness slip through his hands. Reading it was sad but visually seeing it just brings back tears of how pitiful he seems. Tangren is doing an awesome job staying quite true to the book and I hope it will continue this way til the end.

      Can’t wait for more epi to come too!!!!

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    It’s finally WWJ week!!! Love love the latest episode with the kidnapped scene!! I can’t wait for today’s ep!! Thanks you for having this discussion forum!!

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    Poor Em. It’s okay. You can nurse Meng Jiu with your love, dear. We’ve been there, when our bias doesn’t get a happy ending.

    L, for our sake, I hope the current one she’s writing for Chen Qian En has a happy ending! The men are already making me melt 6 ways to Sunday!

    Agreed with Nhube, Hu Ge’s eyes perfected the sadness and maturity of Meng Jiu very well.

    As I was encoding episode 12 and 13, I watched them raw. Our wolf girl XY continues to neglect poor Wu Ji! This girl is mean! Lol. How could she just leave him and run to MJ in a flash.

     photo Sound 15.gif photo Sound 16.gif
     photo Sound 17.gif photo Sound 18.gif

    And then this. Tskk tskk.

     photo ss5.jpg

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    Aheemmm…..! A bit of a spoiler alert here but it would seem that I will be winning my bet re. when WJ and JY will kiss. Definitely BEFORE ep. 20! And if things are going as per the spoilers at the end of Ep. 16… it would seem that it is not just a kiss, but they actually slept together and WJ popped the question! ~~~~ *happy mood* Looking forward to next week!

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      But……didnt she just break up (however realistic that is or one-sidedly) with MJ?

      Isn’t it a bit too fast and dare I say it….sound like rebound sex? LOL!!

      Was this how quick they got together in the novel?

      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        I don’t really think that it’s that fast. She never really had any sort of mutual relationship/understanding with MJ so that “break-up” was basically, her giving up on a man who constantly pushed her away – there is only this much rejection a person can take, well, unless you are WWJ, of course ;-). That man could probably survive a lifetime of rejection and still come back like a trooper.
        About the bed scene coming soon – As I said it isn’ really that soon, they have known each other for 3-4 years, now, (it’s the 17th episode already – most kdramas don’t even have that much), and there has always been an immense attraction and sexual tension between them; much more, actually, than between her and MJ. So the bed scene for me is just the culmination of this attraction which has been accumulated during the years and WJ and XY simply act on it. They’ve been alone and starved for love and warmth for so long that it feels only natural that they would would succumb to the temptation.

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        i think what moonmoon meant was doesnt xin yue needs a time period to get over her crush for MJ since she did love him for as long as she knew WJ as well….to sleep with someone so soon after her heartbreak with her crush seems very fast.

        succumbed to temptation seems very…… forced, at least on XY’s part because we all know WJ is all too ready since he’s been waiting.

        but LOL@rebound sex. that’s funny. WJ deserves better!! haha XD

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          Time passes differently in the drama than what we perceive. When WJ returned to her prior to the battle, a month has passed since they see each other (he said so in the drama). I would assume that a few more months have passed since she left Jiu Ye. Perhaps when they do finally sleep together, almost a year has passed, but I do partially agree re. ‘rebound sex’.

          You cannot really call it rebound sex when the attraction has always been there between the two. A few times when XY was going after JY, she felt sorry for treating WWJ badly or ignoring his feelings. There was a small hesitation there, but because she was committed to JY, she tried all her best with him while trying her best to ignore her attraction to WWJ. Now that the line has been drawn, she can now turn her attention to WWJ.

          However, it can be considered as ‘rebound sex’ from how she reacts after sleeping with WWJ. I think she left him for the desert because of the feeling of guilt and indecision (because she has focused her attention all this while towards JY that it felt like betrayal for sleeping with WWJ). That’s just my guess from the bits and pieces of spoilers. I did not read the book. Not a fan of the author. In short, the girl need to come to terms that although she originally wanted JY out of principle, she later realised she’s actually more attracted to WWJ and that they suit each other better. That’s my take on this triangle relationship.

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        Oh Lord. The mention of “Rebound Sex” in an Ancient Chinese Drama. You ladies are something. Especially, you, Miss Moon Moon. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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          Our level of creativeness far surpasses the author’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

          You guys know I’m very protective of my eager puppy so when I sensed rebound sex from XY, I’m very upset. If she did run away after she slept with him. I’m gonna flip a table! I know this is mean, but I laughed so hard when she did this whole break-up scene by herself and of course WJ is there to comfort her….all the way to morning. I need to order myself a version of this man!

          I also didn’t read the book Aryael. Not a fan of the author’s masochist way of writing and torturing her characters. I couldn’t finish BBJX because it got too much for my heart.

          Plus, I’m streaming most episodes raw before rewatching it with subtitle so please don’t kill me if I jump to conclusion. ^_^

  13. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    Dear Moonmoon,

    She went a step further from rebound sex. She slept with WJ while both of them were under the influence of alcohol. Now… children…. we all know what excessive alcohol can do to you…… *shakes head* I am supremely disappointed at XY. Me thinks WJ deserves a much better lady than her! My poor WJ!

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      Oh Aryael…. I’m so upset!!! XY is the model of girls I dislike the most!! And I hate how the writer uses her so-called innocence to trap my man!! It’s very inconsistent, you can’t be scheming and innocent at the same time. She’s so inconsiderate towards another person’s feelings. T_T

      I don’t know whether she will make it up for WJ in the book…You know kinda like fight for her love in return?


      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        If the show follows the book closely, yes, she will fight pretty hard for WJ in the coming situations. (And in my personal opinion, even harder than she ever fought for JY). =D

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    Really love this drama! Long time I didn’t watch China Historical drama since Lan Ling Wang. The casts is so brilliant! Love Wuji and XiaoYu pairing here. Eddie Peng is so warth and loving as General Huo Qu Bing. All his scenes make me smile like idiot. I know Jiu Ye is also sweet and thoughtful man. But I love Wei Wuji more.

  15. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    How do yous feel of Liu Shi Shi’s acting? Is it similar to her Bbjx’s portrayal? I have nothing against her. I didnt watch bbjx but got halfway into the sequeland it got so boring! She seems like a nice girl in real life but somehow I feel numbed when shes onscreen.

    I’m so freaking happy for Eddie!! He had enough bashing when castlesng news came out. I hope he returns to dramaland!!!

    I’m surprised at Hu Ges choices lately. No more happygolucky characters!!!

  16. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    In the scene where Hu Wei Li was chasing WWJ and XY in the desert on horseback, and WWJ shot arrows at them (I think it’s in ep 19), he turns back and says “Thank you, wife” to XY after that. What was he thanking her for? Did a part of the scene get cut out or something?

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      I might be wrong but he thanks her for causing trouble and he has to cleanly finish the business (attacking the followers? A cut scene there wouldn’t make sense other wise. Someone with mandarin understanding please clarify.

      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        thanks for the reply! According to the book, it was because she helped him to block the arrows or something to that effect, but since that was not shown in the show at all, I was wondered if I miss something out.

        • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

          Yea, I think they edit it wrong. Lol. She didn’t block the arrows, she merely dodge the arrows PER his warning. Oh! Maybe he was mocking her for not thanking him when he warned her? Lol.

          Are we thinking too much here? haha!!

          But I’m happy to hear you say JY fighting hard for WJ!!! He deserves it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Since no one wants to spazz, I will post pretty MVs! ^_^

    This second one is ridiculously cute and brings back so many memories of a different couple! Hehe. I was screaming OMG OMG the whole time!! If you recognize the song immediately, you and I could be best friends! No cheating! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The SEXY, sexy general who is utterly adorable in his affection for one girl and one girl only. The mv did really well in capturing most of Wuji’s lovey dovey faces. REPLAY!!

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      The song in 2nd MV is theme from Tvb drama, Eternal Happiness with my once fave couple, Raymond Lam & Michelle Ye! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        AH HA! Mine too!

        That song sticks with you for a while. I rewatched it last year or so because I missed them, and that Purple Romance drama they did was horrible. XD

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    Wow… Lv the MV… Thx for posting

  19. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    Xinyue made me so angry with her refusal to use her pigeons as bait the first time it was requested. I know 9ye gave them to you but girl, 2 pigeons cannot compare with soldiers’ lives!

    But we’re finally seeing lots more of Wuji as opposed to 9ye and it’s all worth it. I feel for 9ye but he woke up too late.

    Does anyone know of any good weibo or tumblr accounts that have gifs from this drama?

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      I don’t have a tumblr because I don’t have time to sit around to learn gif-ing, but I do scroll through to see pretty pictures and gifs.

      This person is a big fan of BBJX and follow Nicky/LSS news regularly: http://linggluu.tumblr.com/tagged/sound-of-the-desert

      @Kappy, the second mv is the BEST MV EVER!! Love the quality, the scenes, and the music. I havent watched that many TVB dramas to remember the song. LOL.

      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        Thank you!

  20. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    I am so late to this thread… WHY?!?! I forgot this thread even existed, shame on me >_<;; I actually shouldn't be here at all, since I have 2 papers to right by tomorrow… but the fingers want to type what the fingers want to type…

    *Sigghh* My Eddie Baby… Honestly the only other (TW/C-) guy who can compete with him for space in my heart is Zaizai… even Joe Cheng and Mike He come a bit lower.. honestly, when I finished reading DMY I actually honestly pictured him as HQB (that might have been cos I had just finished watching CP ^^;;… the other guy I thought of was Takeshi Kaneshiro)… but you know, HQB is one of those guys everyone wants to fantasize about cos he was such a puppy, in like 90% of the historical stuff, and I like, haven't figured out a single person who wasn't saddened by his life story… so when Tong Hua wrote the book, I immediately read it, even though I don't like her books (her heroines irk me… I can't pinpoint why, but they seriously do…)

    But anyway, yeah, so when the news of the drama came out, I was like, No. But then they said Eddie Peng for HQB and I was all *u*.. and then they announced LSS and HG as XY and… whatever his name is, and I was like No. Again. And I honestly didn't understand the bashing everyone was giving Eddie when he's always performed 100% as his role required (I actually stopped going to Koala's playgroud cos of that), whereas LSS I find as stimulating as a piece of chalk (on-screen that is, she's gorgeous as a model and a nice person I'm sure). The last role of hers I liked was Mu Nian Ci for LOCH. I actually wanted Ivy Chen, my other baby, as XY. She's so perfect for the role~ (and plus Eddie Peng+Ivy Chen reunion after Hear Me falalala this is perfect I can't hear you~)

    Hu Ge is trying, I'm sure, but the frail, sickly pretty dude thing just isn't for him… I would actually want someone like Andy Chen or Bii (the singer) or Lu Han, or… I don't know, someone *pretty* to do the role…

    But back on topic, omg you ladies are too much… break up sex… pffttt… Tong Hua is turning in her gr-eer bed XD

    I'm actually wayyy behind on this show, but Uni's been such that I've simply given up and decided that I'll wait for the semester (and the show) to be over before marathoning it in one fell sitting (and ffing through all the non-Eddie parts XD)

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      Zai Zai is the other competition?!! LOL!! He was my ultimate crush for so long…. after Meteor Garden ends. Then I kinda got onto other actors. ^____^

      Ivy Chen? Hmmmm I can’t picture her…. The last period drama I watched with her, she has no presence to hook me at all. I can’t put a fingers on a perfect actress to play XY though. Maybe ME? MUHAHAHHA

      Next episode has the hot make-out scene in the river and the pregnancy news where wuji becomes a big, worried papa feeding XY non-stop!!!! OMG!! I’m so excited to watch! Screw school! lols.

      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        Zaizai isn’t competition per se… he’s that guy who just has a special place in my heart… I mean, I remember when Meteor Garden came out, I was just like. 8 or 9, and hardly had a clue about boys or crushes (or mandarin… my mandarin was a very very broken thing), but still, I watched that show, and I was like PUPPY~~ whenever I saw him… so yeah…

        I love Ivy Chen, but I’ve never seen her in a wuxia/period drama, so you may be right.. Haha, you should have gone and auditioned for the role~

        omg moonmoon, hush, this is an important semester for me, you can’t tempt me with puppy WJ, nonono also I saw that make-out scene, I need smelling salts, quick

        • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

          I would never leave Wuji’s side. Nothing will stand between us. LOL.

          I died and went to heaven. Sexiest make-out scene in ancient period!!!!

          HOW COULD I!! PUPPY WUJI going around trying to catch XY eating bad things and preventing her from playing on swings. SO FREAKING CUTE!!

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    In anticipation of this scene….

    We have less than 10 episodes left. Ready to let go, ladies? Eddie needs to come back to dramaland. IS ALL I’M SAYIN’.

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    So, I admit to skipping through the episodes but I have to ask what happened to XY’s baby bump? I saw the scene preview where she slipped and then what happened? Is the baby alive and hidden somewhere or did the baby die?

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      Haven’t had time to watch this week’s episodes yet but the baby is safe (according to spoilers mv)!! No one touches my Wuji’s baby!!


      Aryael looking forward to ROTCHeroes, even if it’s produced by Yumama?? Such dedication!!!

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    It has ended. Poignant. Happiness in sadness. *sigh*
    But on a positive note……
    Ok! Who’s ready for Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014?! woohooo! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    I am so so sad that this is all over! I will miss the lovely couple! So sweet!

  25. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    See you guys in the next DC!! Don’t miss this dude too much, he has two films for you to watch in December! =p

  26. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    Since there’s no discussion created for Romance of the Condor Heroes/The Condor Heroes 2014, I’ll just quickly mention here that I’ve watched the first 4 episodes released to date and it is good. I think it has a better introduction to why Lee Mou Chou became what she is. However, I must mention that the Xiao Long Nu in this version is the ugliest one I’d ever seen! Even the actress acting Lee Mou Chou is prettier than her! Was there a stuff up in casting? LOL Anyho, I am sticking with this one. What a wonderful way to bid 2014 goodbye and to herald in the new year!

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      LOL. Aryael. I have checked out the first two. Surprised that they went into details about her life before it was screwed by the man!

      Yumama wanted to put a new spin to XLN’s appearance and personality and he picked Michelle Chen. She’s cute in modern clothes but definitely not the definition of everyone’s ethereal beauty, XLN. Who knows, we might all come to love her soon!

      I’m still waiting for a good source to encode the episodes. =)

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      Ouch… that was prettty harsh.. I feel bad for Michelle… I read that she underwent depression cos of the huge amount of backlash and bullying she faced after being cast. I honestly don’t think it’s such a big deal I mean, none of the XLN’s comes close to ethereal beauty until now, so honestly Michelle’s not such a bad pick. Her voice is very nice, I was very surprised~ If they really wanted someone who would leave men speechless in their wake, they should have cast Sui He or Zhang Ziyi or so… I mean, Carman Lee and Liu Yifei are both very pretty, but they’re not the kind who would stun the world into silence like how XLN was originally written~

      I watched the first couple of episodes too (though I wish I had english subs *sigh* I really find wuxia-speak challenging), but maaaan is that Lu Zhanyuan a crap person. So is that He Yuanjun… I don’t blame Li Mouchou for turning evil. Have you noticed this trend of making previously-very-bad people into more understandable characters with newer remakes of the condor heroes franchise? I remember Yang Guo and Ouyang Feng getting this treatment in the Ariel Lin version. This time around apparently it’s Li Mouchou…

      On another note, Sean Chen as Lu Zhanyuan looks scarily like Lee Junki in Arang & The Magistrate, they could be brothers or something 0_0 I kept on thinking “omg what is Junki doing here?!?!?” and then realizing every time that it was another guy…”

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      The real world is harsh though, Nutella. Especially in the entertainment world. XLN is too pretty for her own good and only two actresses come close to her description, Carman and Liu Yi Fei, a statement that is supported by not only new fans but older generations as well. They literally look like angels descended down to earth wearing beautiful white dresses.

      Sorry to say but Zhang Ziyi is not really the “accepted” beauty standard in a wuxia drama. At least not for XLN. Because she lacks that innocent essence of XLN. She looks badass instead which is good. Lol. Don’t know who Sui He is.

      If anything, Michelle should be toughened up by now. She knew accepting XLN would trigger such response in this day and age. It’s okay, it will pass and she will be remembered. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

        I agree that Liu Li Fei was the closest one can get to XLN’s perfect pure appearance and yes, Zhang ZiYi although beautiful is not the sort of pure beauty; more of the devilish beauty. In wuxia, they call this sort of beauty “yau mei” (evil beauty). I would cast her in the role of a beautiful devil princess or something like that. Women of these sort of beauty have strong features and projects a strong aura of dominance. They can be playful, flirtatious, ambitious, serious, smart, manipulative and if needed, evil. It will be difficult for a man to dominate over such women. The best they could hope is to be their equals. Such women also make terrible daughter-in-laws (according to face feng shui) as they will not submit to their in-laws, often being opinionated. Hence, women with “yau mei” historically were not favoured by matchmakers, but in modern times, these are often very successful women.

        I feel bad for Michelle but the truth is she does not possess the sort of beauty that gives XLN justice. In fact, she looks constantly puffy faced as if she was punched or something….must be her chubby baby-face look. Just stating a fact, not bashing her as an actress – merely she was given a character that did not suit her. I find no fault with her acting to date. So far, she’s playing the role of the ’emotionless and cold’ XLN well. At the early stages, she should be emotionless because of the kungfu she learns requiring her to be void of emotion and to remain a virgin. Later, after she was raped and started to develop romantic feelings for Yang Guo, she will start to show more emotions on her face. I wonder if Michelle would look better in her role then? Only time will tell.

  27. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    Ah, finally found this thread.. I’ve just finished Sound of Dessert and currently re-watching WWJ and XY scenes, lolz :d loved WWJ in this drama, he is so cute yet u still can feel his aura as a great general.. I believe all girl would fall for him if he did all what he do to XY.. hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad that this drama ended well though I feel that at the later part of the drama, the script seems not really romantic anymore, but still it’s ended with happy ending ^_~ Waiting for more of Eddie Peng’s next drama, hope so.. lolz ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    I just finished watching the series. Believe me when I say I don’t really pay attention to Chinese actors but watching Eddie just flipped my heart. Btw I don’t understand a scene in which after taking XY home in the carriage, why did WWJ bites her neck after she was rescued in the pond by JY. I can’t read Chinese btw.

    • 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

      Funnily enough, I just wrapped up the series so that scene’s still fresh on my mind. XY was visiting the Shi Estate for New Year’s and JY was fishing on a frozen lake. As XY is about to leave, JY gets up with his crutch which slips. XY rushes to help but ends up being his landing cushion. They got into a heated exchange where JY is professing his love but XY sees the ice cracking and bites his neck to make him let go and push him to safety. Later when WWJ asks her if there’s anything she wants to tell him about how she ended in the water, she ducks the question. When JY comes in, WWJ sees the bite on JY’s neck…

  29. 64 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Sound of the Desert (2014, Cdrama)

    When will Episodes 30-35 of the series Sound of the Desert be English subbed??? I just finished episode 29 and am really into it…cannot find past that done ANYWHERE!!! Please let me know…

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