The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20


It’s here! Funny how I never thought of making a discussion corner (DC) for MoonSun. Maybe it’s because you pretty ladies around here are winking at my Kim Hubby too often. This scene above cracks me up. Hey, he might as well create dumbbells to play with since his girl prefers books over him. 😛

This is going to be IMAGE Heavy. You’re warned.

[Added screencaps for Ep.18]

  1. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Haha~ Thanks Kap. Darn, I sense on a nosebleed. > .. <

    You know Kap, your hubby is working so hard in those kiss scenes while HGI is like a pretty mannequin. He stole all the scenes IMO.

    Oh Kap, I didn't know your hubby made you do all of these things during courtship.

    LOL! Lovely post. So much pretty.

  2. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    My favorite picture is Hyung Sun with his crossing hand,and…his head??? i’m smiling like crazy.
    I hope there’s another bathroom scene,this time for Woon. But with Hyung sun standing rigth there with his funny expression…i think it’s enough.
    Thanks you for this picture,i’ll be waiting for another.

  3. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Yaaaay Alice!! Am lovin the screen shots – i can’t wait for frea to get here!

    The exercise scene and the eunuch yelling = CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!

    Luv the bringing sexy back – now how hawt was Woon in this ep! I’ve rewatched ep 18 countless times and everytime i see him a take a screen shot even if i already have it 😀 It would have been pretty cool if he got together with Seol…guess that ship has already set sail

    Mostly what i loved about eps 17 and 18 is the fact that they didn’t interrupt their reunion, they let them have their moments together. They get to experiencing those precious moments of their romance that they missed over the years – i think the separation did them good cos it makes their time together more deeper and meaningful.

    Grandma having a stroke was icing on the cake, but you know she was right in that he had that seat because of her although her intentions were obviously not honorable at all. It was for her benefit but of course she doesn’t see it that way

    How cute was the beginning of ep 18 when Hwon was throwing the tantrum – another fav scene <3 The eunuch is one of my fav characters eva!!
    In the ep i def show some love to Yang Myung, it reminded me of the him i liked in earlier eps when they had just introduced the grown up characters. I liked that playful cheeky Yang Myung – remove that & all i see is Cha Chi Soo in a historical drama = not good.

    I need to go sleep cos its really late right now – had intended to write this much but got carried away! LOL! I got very excited when i saw the post. See you guys soon

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    Keane, haha! I have to agree with you. Those cherry puckered lips of Kim Hubby drove me crazy! They’re luscious and full of life. Han Ga In….sigh. a very pretty mannequin. Not a lot of leading ladies can steal scenes from KSH. He’s so charismatic to boot!

    And that list! MUHAHA He actually flipped our role. He WAS the one who fulfilled those “rules” during our chase. I only have to look prettyyyyyyy. But then that FAILED too since he’s too pretty for his own good. 😛

    Eka, haha I love that picture too. As a matter of fact, I love all the scenes in the bath tub ’cause Hwon loves to tease Hyung Sun….and then those hands automatically come flying across his chest to protect his “purity”. HAHA I love to play around with body proportions so hence the big head. 😉

    Annette, Agree! Weirdly enough, I prefer Sul with Woon than with Wol’s brother. The adult actor just looks too old for Sul. I feel the same regarding YM. One of my favorite scenes belong to the young actor when he had a monologue about the King’s love for him – how he struggles to keep from disliking Hwon…and in the end when the young Hwon fell, he immediately rushed over. I thought this was a better storyline for YM as a character than to have him fight over a girl with Hwon…for a millions years. tskk tskk writers! I hope he has a happy ending! PLEASE! With Jan Shil! The man needs some love!

    Frea! I’m going to hunt you down girl! Haul your cute butt in here. 😀

    Something to share! Behind the scenes of the library kiss! They’re so goofy! NGS here and there. I laughed so hard.

    • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

      Alice thanks for sharing, was laughing hard too.

      You’r right about the earlier storyline for Yang Myung. He as so gentle and caring and despite the fact that he was a good person and obedient all those unfortunate things happened. I think what the writes were trying to do with his character changes. Since he has put others before him he wants to put himself first – have what he wants for once including a girl that he and the his brother both happen to like. They ended up destroying the beautiful person he was – he became forceful just so he gets what he wants even though the girl doesn’t want him – i think that’s when he lost a lot of sympathizers and plus the whole thing was getting old.

      Yeon Wu’s brother does seem much older, when they were young there was quite an age gap between him and the princess and now its much more prominent.

      I can’t wait for next ep to see what happens next. To keep things hushed he decided to send the grandma away, am wondering how he’s going to deal with his sister’s situation. I can’t wait for the queen to be deposed – how will they remove her from her position? I think that will be done easily when her father’s misdeeds are revealed – will provide more than enough evidence to give her the boot.
      Oh yeah!!! There’s still the secret of how his uncle died to be revealed. Remember when that other shaman witnessed was being executed, she told the the queen’s dad the moon had seen what he had done and hence it will be revealed. Do you know what she meant by that/get an idea as to who will reveal what happened that night?

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    ^ Annette, I hope the King shows some power in the last two episodes. No more talk, please just show them baddies thru actions. Action speaks louder than words!!

    The uncle’s death.. do they even remember?! That would be a nice way to wrap up though.

    I’ll add in Ep.18 screencaps later tonight! Weee ~

    Bromance MV – It’s ridiculously beautiful, made by harukno!

    Love Triangle of the kids! The reason why I’m hooked. When the young YM screamed at young Hwon for his inability to protect Yeon Woo. OMGosh. These kids are going to break many, many hearts in the future.

    • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

      Alice, he’s putting his foot down starting with his grandmother. Remember what he said to Yeon Wu at the end of ep 18, he said he was ready for whatever they have plotted against him – he gave something to that investigator so you know something’s up. I know my Hwon wont disappoint me – one of the things i love about how they wrote his character is that he’s not an incompetent king, powerless against the court rats and therefore sits in frustration not doing anything like i’ve seen in a number of dramas.

      The uncle’s death is definitely going to come up – i think it will be one of the strong evidence of the queen’s father’s evil deeds. So far the writing has not been careless and they haven’t missed anything so they will not forget it

      Have you heard about the strike????!!!! What’s going on, do you know? Apparently cos of that Moon/Sun airing will be delayed

  6. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Hi Annette..and also our Kaptain A,i heard about that strike too. But..there’s still hope! The PD has returned to shoot some scenes, i hope they’ll bring us a smooth ending. Because there will be blood ( i have bad..bad feeling it’s about prince YM)..but i don’t mind if it YOON and his cohorts (oh my..suddenly i remember about their private army) and also our Queen Grandma,for Bo kyung…i feel pity on her.
    I’ll try to understand about the strike,hope they’ll get what they fighting for. I’m still waiting for next episodes. Thank you Kaptain and sorry for my poor english.

  7. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Annette, it’s a labor union fight. MBC should start treating their hard-working staff members right. The current news says that the PD has returned and finished the main scenes with the main cast.

    And now I’m screwed. I thought I could finish MoonSun during my spring break, which would’ve been PERFECT!!

    Eka, no worries. We understand you! 😀 I’m afraid for YM too…since my friend slipped her tongue and told me what happened to him in the book. Crossing my fingers for this ill-fated boy.

    Bo Kyung should give up now, for her sanity and mine as well. She’s looking paler and paler each episode. That’s a clear sign her obsession is not going well. People don’t look in the mirror back then eh?

    You guys didn’t warn me as I’m sitting here with a bunch of sad-screaming screencaps. Episode 18 is a crying festival!! 🙁

  8. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    I can’t resist not to comment for now. Our eunuch is best divider ever. Btw kap,correct me if i’m wrong because it’s happen so long ago..but the actress who potrayal granny dowager is similar with The one who playing Baek Mu in Hwang Jin yi. Are they same person???
    Best actor in crying scene,i vote KSH!!! Thanks kaptain.

  9. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Thanks Kap for those beauriful stills of E19. I hesitate to watch it knowing that if I do then I’m accepting the fact it’s ending tmr. I can’t muster up such truth. Maybe after reading DB’s recaps. Who knows….

  10. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Omo how could they do that??!!! Been waiting forever for an action scene with Woon and Seol, we finally get it and then they decide to do WHAT????!!!!!!!

    But Woon ah looks sooooooooo hoooooooooooot!!! lol! With his hair tied up and in the outfits he’s rockin – i wouldn’t be able to resist!

    Yay Hwon gets to join in some action – albeit a somewhat limited amount of involvement. Just saw a few minutes of ep 20, sub’s not complete and am having a hard time not taking a peak

    SInce others may not have watched the eps yet i don’t want to put any spoilers so will wait for ya’ll to catch up – HURRY UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    I love Yeom’s expression,his eyes full of anger,sadness,guilt and so many things. But i guess he’ll forgiving the princess because he’s such a kindhearted person and also she’s pregnant.Yangmyung and Woon bromance is touching. Woon looks worried about his best friend.

    And…about Woon himself,oh my…he’s beautiful( i think i’m stupid but i start to ask myself why this king loyal bodyguard become beautiful like a girl). Agree with Annette,i can’t be able to resist Woon.

    Thank you again kaptain,

  12. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Omo how could the writers do this??!!!! Just saw more of ep 20 (not finished yet) and all i’ll say is brace yourselves

  13. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    im finally here annette, keane, eka, and kap!!


    man….my friends dragged me down and we finished the last episode of Moonsun. i cried like a blubbering mess when SUL died. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? T___T 🙁

    i swear people in this drama has like one-mind trajectory. they only love person and one person ONLY!

    i wanted to see sul and woon battle it out..but he came too late to save her. even when she died…she died in the arms of Yeom. too torturous. not kick-ass enough! i wanted more scenes of her and jan shil…..

    botox granny also died. am not surprised there. she had lived a long LONG life already. outliving her own son!

    episode 20:

    alice, im going to answer your question….YM didn’t make it. honestly, i hate the way they had him killed. he didn’t die protecting anyone, which would’ve been honorable. he died because there can’t be two suns. what the hell? why can’t he live like a traveler and be happy? becuase he can’t have Yeon Woo? again with their one love one life theme. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    bo kyung died………………… there really isn’t a place for her anymore. but this woman is possessive too…she had to die with the QUEEEN title.

    Yeom reunited with the princess. didn’t care for her any longer with what she said in episode 18. oh yea. she still looks 12. that actress CANNOT be 22?!! that’s unbelievable.

    in the end, its still a romance drama with ridiculous plots of corruption and baddies. no nuances. i still love it though despite all its flaws.

    • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

      frea, my sentiments exactly!

      How could they almost give us the Woon and Seol moment and then kill her off just as he gets there??!!!! Why couldn’t they wait till they had kicked butt side by side and then off her. Another problem i have is why they didn’t let Woon have a romance – i know i know probably cos of his character i.e. he’s so devoted to protecting the king he can’t have anything distract him. But he’s human and we all crave companionship

      How could they kill YM? They could just let him continue his wandering ways like he did when he was young. I was also getting tired of their fixation if not obsession with one woman – maybe the pain was just too much for him, having to lose YW again and living knowing he’ll never be with her. What might have really driven his decision is the thought that he would definitely be with her the second time around. He convinced himself and tried his best to keep her with him, with his heart so much more invested in that idea (compared to when he was younger, he knew she had chosen his brother so he probably didn’t let his heart/emotions get too involved) and then to lose her.

      Have not finished, am waiting till the subs are atleast %99 cos i don’t want to miss anything so will be back

      • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

        i know!!! when woon came, i was like noooooooo toooooooooooo lateeeeeeeeee!!

        woon have a romance? can you ladies take it? i mean he’s always w/the king…unless he romances hyung sun! LOL! plus, i heard that in the book…he likes YW, which im glad the drama didn’t go for that angle…3 boys for one dead (supposedly) woman is excess and unnecessary…and will drag it down!

        ym should have just let her goo…it’s not like they have some deep unforgettable memories…she never even liked him! which is saddddddd!

  14. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Awww, the ending was just too cute! Love those two together

    As mush as i didn’t like the princess, that moment when she reunites with her family was just soo touching – i must say the husband looks better with the beard

    I will miss the Eunuch ahjussi!!! Luv that man!!! And of course my WOOON – AH!!! He looked good to the end – hairwise but i wish he had on what he was wearing last ep

    All in all a satisfying ending – i wish they hadn’t killed those corrupt ministers but make them pay. On second thought maybe it was a good idea to get rid of them permanently cos who knows what they would have been cooking up even in exile/prison, but i still wanted them to scream on pain

  15. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Hi guys (annette,frea,keane and kaptain A)…
    Finished ep 20 and all i can say it was emotional!!!
    Why YM?? Why you have to die like that???…you’re smart and handsome. But i’ll try to understand,if life become meaningless and you’ve no pride maybe just end it give him a happiness in other side.
    My king and Queen,congratulation your majesty…but can’t you bestowed a marriage to Woon ah please. Seriously he need a normal life. Woon ahhh…can’t take my eyes off you.
    Princess’ve got second chance,you can be a better person! And BK..well i felt pity on her.
    And thanks beloved eunuch still alive and more adorable.
    It’s all about love and i enjoy it. I’ll be back guys,i need to calm down myself.

    • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

      eka, am also still trying to understand why they did that to YM

      I agree with you, as i mentioned in my earlier post, Woon should have ended up with Seol. And what a waste of Seol’s character. Before the drama started i read she was going to be badass but we never saw any of that, even in her last scene scene before she died.

  16. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Noooo! Now there’s no way I’m watching the ending!

    I have this weird relationship with YM. I cared for the child actor and then lost most of my adoration for the character half the time. Then in the last few episodes, I began to care for him again….and they take him away? So what? So he can carry a torch for that ONE WOMAN who can never return his love as a spirit? Gah. They’re so fixated, it drives me nuts.

    It’s too bad I was never behind the love story for this drama. Maybe then, I would watch the ending for the couple’s sake. I saw some screencaps, they have a their moment. And Hyung Sun cracks me up. Always there for the Prince, no matter what he had to do behind the scenes. I love him more than many big characters.

    Woon, you ladies are all smitten. I must be blind or something…. 😛 But as long as Kim Hubby is clear of grabbity hands, I’m good. heh.

    Anyway, listen to this beautiful piano rendition of Lyn’s song “Back in Time”.

    sesukaku1 played it beautifully, I forget to breathe sometimes.

    • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

      Alice, hahaha! I can’t believe you didn’t finish watching, sorry if we spoiled it for you. That’s why i didn’t want to say anything especially about YM’s death, felt it was unnecessary, maybe they put it there to emphasize the tragic mood/feel of loss.

      How can you not see Woon, that tied back hair, the getup that made him look so badass and hot *swooning* I will miss him and Hwon.

      Alice you just have to watch the rest of the last ep – you should see the part the Eunuch totally owns Hwon with his hageum skills = priceless!!!

      The piano rendition is really lovely, wish i knew how to play the piano.

      • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

        *looks down solemnly*

        I’m a certified chicken now, Annette. Endings/goodbyes scare me. Nahhh.. you guys didn’t spoil me. Some of my friends physically cried to me the seconds they finished live-streaming episode 20. Evil kids!

        I saw the last scene on youtube. Hyung Sun is tooo adorable for words. I notice that my favorite heroes always have an ajusshi buddy.

        City Hunter – cute cute Ajusshi who uses LMH’s credit car to go shopping.
        Vampire Prosecutor – Our Vampire has a ajusshi detective who teases him about blood/girls/life.
        Warrior Baek Dong Soo – Dong Soo and Sa Mo’s fights.

        I like Woon better when his hair is tied up. He looks like an ajusshi with it down. =P

        The piano is a wonderful piece of musical instrument, isn’t it? I’m learning from a friend but it’s so hard!

        • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

          Do you go around practicing on tables and stuff like Hwon did when he was learning how to play the hageum? LOL! Did you watch that part?

  17. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Sorry if we spoiled you Kap! Hyung Sun still adorable till the end,i’m gonna miss him. Can someone write fanfic for him please…and for Woon too.
    I have to say goodbye to TMTETS.

    Let’s back to our normal life and maybe find a drama to discussion.

    Btw,any recommended new drama???

    • 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

      well well well eka, this week premieres 3 dramas (the ones that i care anyway),

      Fashion king , rooftop prince, king 2 hearts!

      Another spazzing threadddddddddd *thumbs up*

  18. 27 thoughts on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20

    Just finished marathoning this drama over the weekend. Giving it 4/5 stars.
    I’d have to say the kids and the Hyun Sung made the drama. Adult Yeon Woo was kinda boring and Lee Hwon cried too much. How is it that he is at that high level of emotional mess all the time…. sometimes a single tear goes a long way instead of wetting his entire face. Evil queen wasn’t so evil, she was actually driving herself crazy; needn’t pay her much attention. Grandma wasn’t so evil too…. all she did was kinda get in the way. Princess was annoying as hell. Unfortunately, in the end, there was no redemption for Ahri. Well, she didn’t deserve it anyway she practically killed her friend head shaman Nok Yong.
    It was entertaining and I’d watch it again. The humour saved it for me.

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