Ren Jia Lun and Janine Chang Never Say Goodbye in new cop drama

Never Say Goodbye (不说再见) is an upcoming cop drama with Ren Jia Lun, Janine Chang, and Liu En You. After our male lead, a policeman, received and sent in the wrong intel three years ago, he had to face some fatal consequences of his mistake. He resigns and disappears. He meets his dear friend again under a different name and identity three years later, as an undercover cop. Can the two forget the past and work together to bust the drug criminals?

Yes, of course!

Airing 6/22~

Janine is getting prettier by day… did she age at all? Lol.

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Cdrama Trailers: iQiyi’s dramas, Hunan’s dramas, My Robot Boyfriend, No Secrets, The Galloped Era

This is gonna be trailers galore folks. I’m serious. Both Qiyi and HNTV had their quarterly event the past two days and had been showing off their next batch of dramas to screen! Plus, just a few more dramas for October ~~

Long gone are the days I can focus on one drama per post. xD

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Discussion Post: What did you think of the Ru Yi’s Royal Love in the Palace’s Finale?

 photo 006muEijly1fv9y7klq9uj33uw1njhdv.jpg

The highly anticipated palace drama, Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace (如懿传), adapted from the novel written by Liu Lian Zi, has wrapped up its 87 episode long journey.  Kappy wrote a first impressions when the drama started airing in August and since I was following the series, I wanted to see your opinion on the finale last night.

Did you enjoy the show?  What did you like or dislike about the series? Throw in your opinions on other elements such as acting, OST, cinematography.  I want to know them all.

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First Impression: What do you think of Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo’s Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace?

Palace drama Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace (如懿传) is adapted from the novel written by Liu Lian Zi, following the marriage between Qianlong Emperor (Wallace Huo) and Ulanara (Zhou Xun), the Step Empress during the Qing dynasty.

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Drama Updates: Go Go Squid, Novoland: Eagle Flag, Never Say Goodbye, Find Yourself, Young Blood, Accidentally In Love

Making up for the past few days.

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New Trailers: The Story of Ming Lan, Summer’s Desire, Escape, His Excellency’s First Love

Another night, another batch of new promotional videos ~

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The Story of Ming Lan wraps up after 208 days, Bai Yu and Bu Guan Jin in Suddenly This Summer

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