Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S02EP01 | Gorgeous Ladies Bracket Game (Round 1 Group A)

Hey, everyone! HAPPY 2023! Wow, time really flies and it’s already a brand new year!

After a veeeery long hiatus on our Podcast Series, we’re back with a second season!

We now have a youtube channel where we will be uploading the second season of podcasts. Just a quick note, these podcasts were recorded while we were in lockdown during the crazy year of 2020, so please excuse us if there’s any mention of actresses or actors who’ve been cancelled since. We’re looking to release all the recordings done in 2020 and save them from the cutting room floor.

In the first episode of Season 2, AVV staff participate in a bracket game to vote for the most gorgeous ladies of Chinese Entertainment.

Check it out as we battle and vote for who we think is visually (and definitely subjectively) the prettiest actress in Round 1 Group A!

NB: All opinions expressed are subjectively of the individual and are not based on truth or fact.

What do you think?