Xu Ruo Han melts icy cold professor Wei Zhe Ming in Perfect and Casual

Perfect and Casual (完美先生和差不多小姐) is adapted from the novel written by Wan Zhi and stars Xu Ruo Han and Wei Zhe Ming. The description on baidu doesn’t say much about the drama other than the fact that our couple is polar opposite. He’s a calm and collected, considered as the cold and cool professor at a university while she has a sunny disposition, and they somehow end up in a contract marriage! At certain angles, the male lead gives me Park Bo Gum vibes.

Airing 9/28!

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Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos with Meng Zi Yi, Aarif Rahman, and Li Yi Tong

This looks like fun. The synopsis suggests something heavy but the trailers give off a different vibe. Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos (浮世双娇传) stars Meng Zi Yi and Li Yi Tong as two sisters with virtues in the Fu household. It is prophesied that one of the two sisters will become the future Empress, leading to enemies on all sides. The sisters happen to like men in different camps and this will challenge their sisterhood.

Airing 9/28!

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Love is Sweet with Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi announces air date this week

Adapted from the novel written by Qi Zi, Love Is Sweet (半是蜜糖半是伤) stars Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi as the leads. She plays a young, idealistic woman who holds a master’s degree in both economics and psychology and is a little sensitive to tears. After her father’s death, she enters an investment banking company to follow his wishes and that is where she’s reunited with her childhood-friend-now-Deputy-general-manager played by Luo Yuo Xi. While she’s happy to see him, she finds him a changed person, now opposing her at every corner, and known for his poisonous tongue.

Office romance….that kiss under the desk in the new trailer. OMIiiiiii.

Airing 9/27!

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More Cdramas Airing today: Love In Time, Run For young, Poisoned Love, Miss Gu Who is Silent

I can’t keep up with the number of dramas airing anymore! Here’s four, three of which begin airing today 9/24!

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Immortality: Drama adaptation of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun drops First Posters with Chen Fei Yu and Luo Yun Xi

Adapted from the boy-love novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (二哈和他的白猫师尊) written by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat (Lol), Immortality (皓衣行) stars two male leads in Chen Fei Yu and Luo Yun Xi. I’m trying to read the translated novel and I think you guys know that I don’t do well when it comes to Shifu-disciple relationship in dramas. Lol. Chen Fei Yu is set to play Mo Wei Yu, the disciple, and Luo Yun Xi is taking on the role of Shifu here.

And it looks like the dynamic of Shifu and disciple in here is just as volatile as any other. We meet the disciple Mo Wei Yu when he’s on top; designating himself as the emperor of the cultivation world, referring to himself as Mo Ran. He lies, cheats, sleeps around, and does all sorts of murderous events which ends in his death in chapter 1 of the novel. The long-suffering cultivators finally work together and rise up to fight him, the merciless tyrant. A little before that, we learn that he beat his Shifu in a battle and has brought him back to be imprisoned in his castle for ten years. Not letting himself be killed by others, Mo Ran consumes a deadly poison, and even digs himself a hole in the ground for his death. Lol. What a character. They find him dead….but when Mo Ran opens his eyes, he’s reborn, or shall I say, he wakes up to see a younger him in the mirror. He’s given a second chance at re-living his life. But this time, another angle to the story is presented, and his eyes finally see all the small and quiet ways his Shifu used to protect him in the past. He was just too stubborn to see. His Shifu, Chu Wan Ning, is a man of few words and is often misunderstood for his inability to express himself. And so the two suffer painfully….and for many years.

I didn’t finish reading the novel, like always. XD

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Li Mo Zhi capture the hearts of Chen Zhe Yuan, Zhang Jun Ning and more in Renascence

Renascence (凤唳九天) is adapted from the novel The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven written by Xiao Yun. I don’t know much about names but THIS name would make me want to check the series out. Lol. It is a revenge journey of our female lead; her soul is transferred to her sister in the same timeline. Whut?? (What happened to her sister’s soul then? Hanging out with ET?)

This is the description of Qiyi: Empress of Chu, Yao Mo Xin, falls prey to traitors in the imperial court. After a thunderstorm, her soul transfers itself into the body of her younger sister, Yao Mo Wan, who happens to be running from the enemies. Yao Mo Wan tumbles down a cliff and loses her memory. Through a series of events, Yao Mo Wan and Prince Su of Chu, Ye Jun Qing, fall in love. Yao Mo Wan finally settles the painful score of the past after much hardship and helps Ye Jun Qing reclaim his kingdom.

Began airing yesterday 9/22!

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Idol-themed drama Airbenders with Wu Jia Cheng, Yang Hao Ming and Zhao Zheng Nan

First question, why is the drama called Airbenders when it has nothing to do with Aang?!

Airbenders (乘风少年) is an upcoming modern drama about youth and following their dreams. Our hero is a talented pianist who is all set for his study at Julliard until his family went bankrupt and he resigns to becoming a trainee for another agency instead. Because of his classical training, he is placed in a back up group, where he meets a few other talented male trainees and learns pop music from them. His old friend has now targeted him as a foe and the two are engaged in a fierce competition to debut.

Airing 9/22!

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New stills for Novoland: Pearl Eclipse with Yang Mi and William Chan as the drama wrapped up filming

Another drama wrap-up! Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (九州·斛珠夫人) is adapted from the novel written by Xiao Ru Qin and stars Yang Mi and William Chan. Yang Mi plays daughter of the merfolks and her entire village and people are slaughtered due to the people’s obsession with pearls and pearls were created from merfolk’s tears. During this uncertain period, our heroine is taken in by the hero who is a powerful official of the imperial court, and she disguises as a male disciple by his side. After they return to the capital, the job of guarding the King is given to her. And he’s the third leg of this love triangle. The King has long given up on his court, exhausted by the internal and external turmoils, therefore he sits back and watches our male lead’s struggle to save the country. When he finds out his pretty guard is a girl, his feelings complicate everything.

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