Cdrama Updates: The Rebel, Mirror: Twin Cities, Mr. Fox and Miss Rose, Burning, My Girl, Love Scenery

May is almost over ~ I feel like time is going by faster than usual.

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Chen Xiao and Wang Yi Bo confirmed as dual male leads in Being A Hero

Being A Hero (冰雨火) is a modern police drama about fighting against narcotics starring dual male leads Chen Xiao and Wang Yi Bo, who each has a love interest in Zhao Zhao Yi and Guo Xiao Ting. Three years ago, police officer Wu Gang was killed by a drug organization known as K. His son, Wu Zhen Feng (played by Chen Xiao) is expelled from the police force for violating the rules. Embarrassed, he tries to run away but is chased by his good friend Chen Yu (Wang Yi Bo). Along the way, they are attacked and in saving Chen Yu, Zhen Feng is taken away by the drug traffickers. From then on, the two young men are separated and each has to continue on their own path. Three years later, Chen Yu is now a recognized youngest policeman in the narcotics department while Zhen Feng resurfaces as a murder suspect and is related to the famed drug gang. Chen Yu doffs his police uniform to infiltrate the drug gang and learns that his friend is a lonely hero. The two reunite on the same side and work together to break apart the infamous drug gang.

YESH! It’s confirmed! And I love how our male leads look in here! So pumped for this! I haven’t seen Chen Xiao in forever and the new look is sexy. 😛

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Get Married or Not with Tong Yao, Chen Shu, Xu Fang Yi, Pan Yue Ming, and Yuan Wen Kang

Get Married or Not (谁说我结不了婚) is a modern drama said to be inspired by 2016 Japanese drama It’s Not That I Can’t Marry, But I Don’t Want To dealing with the topic of marriage and age and how our female lead and her friends are pressured and questioned by society on why they are not married in their 30s. YES! Why! Why! Why! Us girls get hit hard and I’m hearing that question so often now that I’m also in my 30s. Why can’t I go at my own pace, leave me be!

To begin airing on 5/26!

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And The Winner is Love with Luo Yun Xi and Chen Yu Qi gears up for premiere

Adapted from the novel Reignited Fire Over The Moon written by Jun Zi Yi Ze, And The Winner is Love (月上重火) is gearing up for premiere. With unmatched beauty, our female lead is the young master of Chonghuo Palace who leaves her sect to experience jianghu. She chances upon her our male, Shang Guan Tou, who is the elegant and refined master of Yueshang Valley. They become friends and help each other along the way; their journey made difficult because our female lead is banished from her sect when the treasured martial arts manual goes missing. She makes it her mission to find the thief. Eventually, the thief is said to have mastered the powerful skills and is wreaking havoc in jianghu. Our leads do get married (!!) and the thief turns out to be someone from within.

Leo seems typecasted in these roles with commercial well-conditioned long hair and flowy robes. Lol.

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Zhou Dong Yu And Xu Kai confirmed as leads in Ancient Love Poetry (Shang Gu)

Yay! A cute pairing! Ancient Love Poetry is adapted from the novel Shang Gu (上古) written by Xing Ling and the production team has recently confirmed the leads in Zhou Dong Yu and Xu Kai. The story follows one of the four Immortals named Shang Gu who falls into a deep slumber after sacrificing herself in a trial 60,000 years ago. She wakes up with no memories of the past. But someone else hasn’t forgotten about their love, another immortal who waited for her, our male lead played by Xu Kai. Their epic love story undergoes several rounds of life and death (you don’t say). This is the generic synopsis from Baidu…. I’m distracted by the nice weather as I failed to read a little bit about the novel. Has anyone read this novel and can spill some beans? Lol.

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First Impression: What do you think of Love Designer (Love Advanced Customization) with Dilireba and Huang Jing Yu?

Airing today 5/19!

Love Designer (幸福触手可及) is a modern drama adapted from the novel written by Ai Xiao Tu featuring the constant snarkings between our fashion designer female lead and e-commerce company leader male lead. They are caught in a lawsuit and must now work together to get out unscathed.

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Gulinazha and Xu Wei Zhou confirmed for historical drama Da Tang Ming Yue


Da Tang Ming Yue (大唐明月) is an upcoming historical drama based on the novel written by Lan Yun Shu. And I want to add “loosely” because they basically just borrowed the names of some people in history. A lot of things were changed – such as our heroine time-traveling into the past, her career, etc. Xu Wei Zhou plays a character in the Tang dynasty, General Pei Xing Yan, known for his superior fighting skills. Gulinazha plays daughter of the female officer in the royal tailoring department who is forecasted to not do well with needles and thread. When she was five, her mother dies and she wakes up with no memory after an accident. She’s then taken in by her mother’s good friend and groomed to be a royal consort. Her mom’s wish was for her to escape the palace and live a peaceful life, and after a meeting with the great general Pei, she also yearns for a life outside of the walls. But her talents in making clothes attracts good and bad attention, allowing General Pei to jump and rescue her multiple times. They later find out the culprit behind all her misfortunes is done by the same woman who took her in.

The two look pretty cute together at the filming ceremony. While Gulinazha is a frequenter of ancient series, this is a first for Xu Wei Zhou.

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First Impression: What do you think of The Romance of Tiger and Rose with Zhao Lu Si and Ding Yu Xi?

It’s here! Airing today! Let me know how it is!

The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊) is a ancient romcom drama with an interesting storyline. Our heroine is a struggling scriptwriter with a passion for her career. She finally finds an investor for her drama but right before they can begin filming, the male lead actor openly shows dissatisfaction about the story, putting a stop to the production. Frustrated, she vows to prove her ability, just to find herself in her own fictional world. She’s NOT the female lead but rather the unlikable third princess, a minor but quite scandalous female who is destined to die in 3 episodes, by the hands of the male lead no less (!!). With a death sentence hanging over her head, she has to fight against time and is caught between the male lead (Ding Yu Si) who plays a sly prince, and second male lead (Sheng Ying Hao), a perfect man at all angles.

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