Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP07 | Skip Scene vs Fast Forward

Hi Drifters! We’re back with another podcast after being quiet for while and today we have a special one. How do you watch dramas?

The team has been debating whether you should watch in fast foward mode of up to 10x the speed OR if skip scene should be your jam.

Listen in as we attempt to one up each other and convince you to watch in either mode.


How do you watch your dramas? Are you like Amy and Alison who love to skip scene or are you like Lin and like the chipmunk voices? Maybe you’re like Gege who thinks everyone is crazy and should just X (Close) out if your not watching the drama in full. Let us know below.

As mentioned in the previous post, here’s an updated poll for you to take, please please take it, we’d greatly appreciate it! It’s currently empty so we haven’t been able to reflect on our past episodes, so I hope you all can help us out!