Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP03 | Can You Convince Me?: Someday or One Day

Hello Drifters! Wow, it’s been quite some time since we last updated, and we’re quite sorry for the delay. Life got in the way for a few of our members, therefore, we went on a small hiatus to sort things out and keep ourselves sane :))

Today’s episode is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are still unfamiliar with this drama~ since its addicting OST has been all over the internet with all these covers! We must admit, we are a bit late ourselves, only posting about it now. This is also one of our new segments, in which we try and convince each other to watch dramas that we loved.

As mentioned in the previous post, here’s an updated poll for you to take, please please take it, we’d greatly appreciate it! It’s currently empty so we haven’t been able to reflect on our past episodes, so I hope you all can help us out!

The more feedback we receive the more we’re able to tailor future episodes to what you would like to hear us discuss. We started our podcast to bring to life drama discussions and it wouldn’t be the same without input from our audience.

**CAUTION: Spoilers of 1st/2nd Episodes; NOT A RELAXING-SIMPLE DRAMA** 

Someday or One Day really blew up earlier this year, and even till now, I hear great things about it from friends and family. Of course, there are certain aspects of the drama that most viewers typically drift away from, such as time-traveling, school setting, etc, but I really encourage all of you to give it a try! Listen as Amy tries to convince Lin and Gege (Wuxiarocks) and perhaps maybe you! We tried avoiding an in-depth analysis, as the goal is to convince people to watch the series, and not to give away the entire plot. Will she be successful or will it be a complete failure?

In fact, this drama has quite a few timelines and is written in a very confusing, detailed, and intricate way. There will be a follow-up podcast released within the next few weeks, in which the same members will go into an in-depth review of the series. If any of you are interested, be sure to check out the drama first before tuning in to our episode!

Small check-in from Amy: I was thinking of doing recaps of this story, mostly so my friends who don’t speak English can happily watch the show without much confusion but I’m really just taking my time with it. If any of you guys would be interested in recaps please comment below and let me know, so I can decide whether to continue! Thank you~

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post! We hope that this new format is entertaining and that those of you still in quarantine, or not, can find something new and fun to watch, or that our banter can accompany you throughout the day! 

  1. 2 thoughts on “Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP03 | Can You Convince Me?: Someday or One Day

    The time travelling in Someday or One Day is more of a moderator of the story, not the main theme or message. The main theme or message only become more obvious towards the end of the drama.

    Generally I will not recommend TDramas but the thing with TDramas is, they can be very good or very bad. Once in a while, you get the really good ones that get adapted into Kdramas, JDramas, Thai Lakorn etc. But most of the time, they are quite bad. That’s why with TDramas, I will only watch them after they had finished airing and there are reliable reviews about them. Someday or One Day is one TDrama I would recommend and I have a feeling, it will get adapted into a KDrama soon.

    • 2 thoughts on “Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP03 | Can You Convince Me?: Someday or One Day

      Totally agree with you! I did want to give listeners a heads up that time traveling is involved just because some people aren’t usually a fan etc.

      Thanks for listening Aryael~

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