C-drama Music Composer: Chen Xue Ran

I have to admit that most of the time, when I’m watching these dramas, the music, for the most part, doesn’t really grab my attention. Sure, ever so often there will be one song that I like enough to find on YouTube or buy off of iTunes, but I’ve never really paid much attention to who the composers are for all this stuff and most of the songs I couldn’t really get into.

And then Guardian happened…

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The World of Fu Yao: Behind the Scenes at Hengdian World Studios

So you’ve been watching Legend of Fu Yao (or any other Chinese drama) and maybe at some point have thought to yourself, “Oh, I would love to go there and visit that palace or that garden or walk those streets.” Well, if you have a visa to visit China and a couple days to spare, you can visit Hengdian World Studios and see many of the places featured on the series. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Hengdian twice and I’m happy to show you around.
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Cdrama: Princess Agents OST + Instrumentals

I totally forgot about this series’ OST, an indication of how much I “loved” it. LOL.

I’ll have a dumping station soon with a bunch of other soundtracks. But bear in mind that not all Chinese dramas have a dedicated soundtrack (unlike Korean dramas).

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 9: Episodes 65 – 67 Finale

It’s finally ending! I have never been this excited to see a drama end, to put me out of my misery. As Princess Agents broke another dramaland record of surpassing 40 Billion online views during its run, I’m equal parts happy and annoyed. Lol. Happy for the hard work the actors and crew put in but annoyed that now the writer and director would think the secret to a ratings hit is a combination of half-assed story line and inept directing. See, cdramaland needs less of those and more of a step-up in all directions.

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 8: Episodes 57 – 64

One more week! I feel bad for Li Qin. She’s terribly wasted in here… combining all her screen time, she has less than Yuwen Huai… and he’s been dead!

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 49 – 56

According to the latest update, Princess Agents will end at episode 67. It will air 2 episodes per its usual run (mon-thursday), then one episode per day on 7/30, 7/31, 8/1 (finale). The production team also made a dent in dramaland history by surpassing 30 Billions views before the drama ends. Congratulations to the team!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 38 – 41 Recap “Yan Xun’s Bloody Rebellion.”

Here we are at the second major arc in the story. Everyone makes a decision in these episodes, decisions that have deadly consequences. Decisions that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Besides the innocent civilians, nobody else is innocent, everybody has blood on their hands. And I have come to understand Yan Xun’s central role in the story; what happened because of him and due to him, sets the trajectories for the rest of the characters and story.

He’s the stimulus, kicking all the sleeping characters to fight for their faith. I suddenly feel enlightened about the novel as a whole.

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