[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

Since many folks are enamored by my banners (who isn’t? Photobucket), here’s a page for you guys to spam…

Here’s the deal: I love Photoshop (it’s one of my best friends along with Google) and enjoy the banner-making process. The other reason being…I’m not a good writer, yunno, those writers that decorate their sentences with beautiful structures and words? That has the ability to pluck your interest instantly? Yea..me? *shakes head sadly*

Boo! Whatever! A picture is worth a thousand words! Photobucket


A Gift For You: Here’s a special corner where I thank a certain group of people for their support! Banners will only be posted once that said person lands on their prized banner. Shout out in the Cbox when you see yours!

Our dear Jeff – Date Posted: 06/12/11 —->  Date Discovered: 06/13/11

Lovely Annette – Date Posted: 06/12/11 —-> Date Discovered: 06/16/11

Supportive Maggie – Date Posted: 8/13/11 —> Date Discovered 9/25/11
This event is getting tougher now. heehee! I like this!!

Keane‘s banner – dear, have you ever saw this? I’m doubly sad. 🙁 Date Posted 9.30

49 Days:

American Shows:
The Secret Circle

Animated Banners:
Taiwanese Actress – Ady An

Baby-Faced Beauty:

Best Love:

City Hunter: Currently holds the #1 Spot. I didn’t know I made that MANY banners. hee!

Dream High:

Drunken to Love You:

Favorite Pairings: Real Life OR Drama Character
– – – MingEn (Ming Dao & Qiao En) – – –
– – – Mae Ri x Jung In (Kim Jae Wook & Moon Geun Young) – – –
– – – Running Man’s Couple: Ji Hyo x Gary – – –
– – – Wonder Girls – Sohee x Yoobin – – –

– – – New Huan Zhu Ge Ge’s Zi Wei and Er Kang – – –

– – –Favorite Groups:
Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

Individual Favorites: Actors and Actresses that I adore!
Moon Geun Young
Yoon Eun Hye
Kim Soo Hyun
Ady An
Inoue Mao
Yoon Shi Yoon
Yoo Ah In
Kim So Eun
Wallace Chung’s look in upcoming Cdrama: “Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre
Ming Dao as Dang O in “Prince Turns to Frog

Korean Idols:
— G.O —
— Left to Right: Mblaq’s Seungho, Beast’s Doojoon, DBSK’s Yunho, Shinhwa’s Eric

Meteor Garden (Chinese Version):

Photo shoots: The pictures are crazily beautiful that I need to flaunt it!
Korean Actress – Seo Hyo Rim
Hong Kong Actress – Bernice Liu
Mainland Actress – Crystal Liu
Mainland Actress – Vicki Zhao
Mainland Actress – Fan Bing Bing
Cutie Pies – Song Joong Ki & Park Bo Young
Tvb Drama: Lives of Omission w/ Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui
Mainland Actor – Huang Xiao Ming

Second Lead Syndrome: Oh yea! How could I NOT have a category like this? I often ship underdogs so this is the perfect opportunity to brag about my failed love story! Will be adding more!

Yoon Kye Sang as Dr. Pil Joo in Best Love

Secret Garden:

Warrior Baek Dong Soo:

***NEWLY ADDED BANNERS! (placed here before sorted into categories – updated often)

Scent Of A Woman:

Protect The Boss: I can’t wipe off my grin. 😛


Ouran High School Host Club:

  1. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    I Love Your Banner… I Love Photoshop too.. But, Your Imagination Is DAEBAK!!! Love… it… I REally Like Your City Hunter Banner especially Lee Jin Pyo version. That's Soo.. Touching. And When I see Prosecutor Yun Pil Ju banner with his smile.. OMO..
    Is that Ok if I save your banner for my collection??? Please.. Create more banner… ^^

  2. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    !!! You should have a PtB concerning their fighting 😀

  3. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Hi Alice,
    Great job. Interesting banners, from dark to psychedelic to floral.
    Like the animated banner.

  4. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Prita, sure you can save them! I know right? Young Ju's smile and then his epic last walk out the door…. *sobs*

    Indigo July, definitely! I just need time to watch the episodes properly. These days I skim through b/c of school. >.<

    6th, thanks! I want to make more dark ones…but I'm addicted to colorful banners. heh. =D

  5. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    wow….just whoa!! the Dr. Poopy banner is amazing. you made his skin flawless with that gentle smile. I LOVE the colors too. simply perfect…your other banners are freakin cute too…!! i like that there are themes and heart behind your banners. like you put in a lot of thoughts.

    if im not wrong, you're like the very few blogger who actuallly create your own banners…other sites rely on donations from fans.

    and there's nothing wrong with not being able to write prettily. im no writer but i love writing. fanfics is my thang. people like to do things they're not good at anyway! i say, keep rocking your photoshop skill!!

    what you lack you fill it up with equal colors and worth. amazing!

    sorry for the rant…*greetins from malaysia!!

  6. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Hi YooAi!

    Your post is amazing and touched me deeply. Especially this line, "people like to do things they're not good at anyway"

    It's true and I hope everyone can strive to do the things they love as well, even if they don't excel at it.

    And yea, you can call me self-reliant. ^^

  7. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Yay!!! Thanks so much for putting up all the banners!! I love you :)!!!

  8. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Your banners are so beautiful! ^.^ 

  9. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    sooooooo happy u put this banner in one section..really love the banner especially the banner with junsu picture..thank you soooo much for making it…really love it..i tot i'll never see it again cos the banner keep changing when we click to other section..but now i just sooo happy i found it again!!!

    thanx again for sharing all these beautiful banners..i'm taking junsu banner for my personal..thanx again!!
    btw..y junsu is paired with junhyung??little curious bout it..

  10. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    it's in "a gift for you" section…so i guess it's for a fan named maggie…and her love is Junsu and junhyung? lol.

    your lvoe is junsu?

  11. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    oic..lucky maggie..can i request the same thing too here??hehe..

    yep..definitely my only one = omgsun + dolphin junsu!!

  12. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    hi alice…i so love your banners…your city hunter banners are my favorite..especially that of Prosecutor Kim Young Ju…if only he had a different fate in the story it would have been perfect.. ^_^ and don't worry about your writing…you don't necesarily need to use flowery or hyphaluting words for these…its just right for everyone to enjoy…clear and direct to the point which is why i love your blog ^_^

  13. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Guest, I don't know who you are but I think it's not harmful to love you! Muhaha!

    Brit-chan, thanks a lot! ^^

    jujozZZ, requests for arts? ha! Maybe one day!

    Thanks for the kind words apaul15!! =) I guess my desire to master writing is replaced with arts. I have no problems with it!

  14. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Hehe… Yeah I mean "Prosecutor Kim Yeoung Ju". (*Distracted with Yun Pil Ju in The Greatest Love… Fool me… ^^) #Shy…

    Thank You Alice. Your banner will be my collection… kekekekekekkk…

  15. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Ooh Alice great idea putting the banners all in one place like this, makes it so much easier to keep up.

    I can't believe you even have the dates we discovered you're beautiful gifts – well i think mine is a beautiful gift! I still remember how i temporarily lost my sanity when the banner just opened magically in front of me! Hahaha! Am cracking up just thinking about that day, i imagine you looking at the c-box that day and goin W-T-H?!
    Am still so touched by the present, YOU ROCK ALICE! Bisou

    I must  say i miss my Dr. Pil Joo, and of course the new addition Dr. Poop Eun Suk – i'm missing him! I think i'll always have second lead syndrome cos am all for the underdog

    I really liked the prosecutor, probably one of the main reasons i was wachin City Hunter. From people's comments am guessin he turned to be a bad guy? I never went beyond ep 5

    • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

      Annette: You’ve not seen City Hunter drama in full??? WHY WHY WHY??? Watch it! Definitely watch it! Especially if you love the prosecutor you will love the drama thereon after Episode 5! Alice is right, the prosecutor isn’t a bad guy! From beginning to end, even though he went after the city hunter to capture him, I’ve never disliked him or his character! In fact, you’ll realize that both of them were right in their own ways and the prosecutor more so than the CH because even though CH was working to help people many times, he went above the law while the prosecutor never compromised on his loyalty to his oath! He’s one of the best second leads there ever could be! Watch it, you’ll love him, if not anything else throughout the drama! I loved the whole drama and his and City Hunter’s relationship! 🙂 <3 <3 hehe

      • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

        Mariah! Long time no see!

        I loved loved loved the prosecutor, but i don’t know why i stopped watching it. I was watching the dram more for him then LMH, its like the excitement for the show disappeared and i no longer had the hook/motivation to keep watching and dropped it. Maybe one day i might revisit

        And i kinda was rooting for Nana to be with the prosecutor, maybe that was one of the reason i stopped watching, what can i say i’m a sucker for second lead

  16. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    HA! Annette, I think I lost my sanity too and became a giggling fool looking at your happy comment! I was in heaven knowing that the gift I prepared is loved by the recipient! You know what I should've done? SAVE your comment so that I can read it over and over when I'm down. THE BEST MEDICINE! =D

    Prosecutor Kim Young Ju is a nice guy from the beginning to the end. Most comments I have read are misleading. Because they love City Hunter (LMH) so much they are blinded and annoyed when Prosecutor tries to capture City Hunter repeatedly. Prosecutor isn't wrong, City Hunter is a hero to many citizens but the things he does are against the law. He's a criminal, no more no less.

    If you love Mr. P Annette, watch and see their bromance blossoms….or…um, no spoilers!

  17. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Aww, am happy my momentary insanity brought you such joy! haha! I also think you should have saved the comment and forwarded it to me so i can relive the moment/emotions – actually i still do every time i look at that banner. I wonder if i can make it my screen background…hmmm…i'll experiment and see where i get

    I think once upon a time i was totally crazy over LMH so i understand the fans completely. Did this show get better as it progressed? I didn't want to keep on watchin it just cos its LMH, wanted to like the story. If it was good i might revisit some time in the future

    Where can i watch that bromance?! 

    You know Eun Suk's acting ability is not too shabby. I have seen him in two other dramas and he was totally different from this character and funny too

  18. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Annette, one of these days, I'm going to find your comment!! Too precious. 

    Making a background isn't hard but I can't find huge photos of our butler… 🙁

    I think City Hunter is good even though the middle episodes were slow and focused a lot on the romance.

    The bromance is between City Hunter and Mr. P…but it came all too late.

    Dr. Poopy is a good actor. I've two shows of him. One is a funny and genuine teacher, the other is a cold, inexpressive doctor. I like him! 😀

  19. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Alice, don't worry about it, i will dig until i find large sized photos of our Rihito – i stil call him Rihito! kkk! I'll especially try to find the picture you used cos that's just an amazing picture of him. If i find it you'll be the first to see it – i think if the picture can't be found i might have to make one from screen captures…we'll see

    I might just watch CH for the bromance! – must have been a bit awkward seein as they shared a ladylove – well LMH ended up with her in the end. I think the producers should change the formula a bit and let the second lead get the girl – on second thought, am not sure if am for that idea. Am thinking WBDS scenario – DS and JJ – that i hope does not happen. Fingers crossed the Korean audience is still rooting for DS and JS.

    The two dramas Dr. Poopy's in are comedies. In one he's a fitness club owner who's kinda of a playboy, briefly saw a few minutes of first ep. In another drama he's an alcoholic and womanizing insurance investigator – i watched most of the first ep but didn't finish. His character is so different – he farts all over the place, pokes/picks his nose, leers at women – he plays a funny gross guy. Like his versatility, i think i'll keep an eye out for his next drama

    • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

      Hehe, yeah, alice is right, the main lead wasn’t a romantic interest for the prosecutor… He had his own lady love, who was just perfect for him too! You have to see it!!! ^^ 😛

  20. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Okay Annette, I wish you the best of luck in finding that handsome photo of Rihito! 🙂

    As for CH, Lee Young Joo's love isn't the main girl, it's his ex-wife. He treated the main girl nice b/c he (his dad) owes her….a life and an apology. Twisted stuff.

    Dr. Poopy is a great actor, I hope he gets a leading role soon. Not to forget, the guy is a looker with the right "hair". =P

  21. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    I adore all your banners Alice, it's amazing how many of them contain my favourites hehe you have fabulous taste ;o)

    I adore the one you made for me and get RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED each time it appears. And I really do mean RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED!! ♥♥ You're too kind to me *hugs you*

    There's one that gives me that particularly warm fuzzy feeling every time I see it…"Yoon Sung & Ajusshi". It's not the one I would have expected to had I thought about it in advance but the relationship between the two of them in City Hunter was so special I don't think any other story has a pair like them awww I miss them.

  22. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Maggie, yep!! my other favorite part is when Ajusshi got angry at YS for canceling all his credit cards, stopping his home shopping addition. Ajusshi went to Nana's place to rant and YS came to sweet talk him back!! hahah XD It's sweeeeeeeet and tickles me every SINGLE time.

  23. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    hehehe oh yeah that really was adorable!! At times they were just so "old married couple" ;o)

  24. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Oh and guess what just appeared at the top of this page after I posted my comment??? MY OWN BANNER YAY JKSDUUFHFSDSDFJSDFHUJDFH!!!!! ♥♥♥ teehee

  25. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    I got a banner? I’m very, very touched. ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ *wipes tears of joy*
    Time for teddy bear hug… > Kaptain A < 謝謝大家!

    • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

      Oh pooo! Keane, I was right all along. You never saw it rotated. I’m so upset. Gah!

      But I’m glad you like it. ^^

      • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

        I like mines most, then them all too! You are handy w/ PS-ing. I don’t even have the program on my pc. I leave all that up to my sister. She’s the PS-ing whiz in the family. I’m sorta intrigued by LR4 though, I may have to get it to compliment my Nikon D5100 material.

      • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

        I must need a nap… compliment complement, fits…

        I knew something was wrong once I went trigger happy w/ the submit button. XD

  26. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    i love these banners 🙂 made me smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Okay, hats off to them all! <3 <3 Seriously they're amazing, but the one that really made me laugh out loud is the third last one! You've captured the expressions perfectly and the wolf ears are a perfect addition! haha! 😀

    • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

      mariah, me think alice cheated us! these are the old banners! =P

      alice-shi where’s the new batch at? im keeping count… lols

      • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

        hehe, @Frea: Since I’ve only recently learnt about Alice’s world (I still think of it by that name) I’ve not seen much of these banners so they are all kind of new to me! 😛

  28. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    I think that Meteor Garden banners you have there is the China version, not the Taiwanese version. 😛 The Taiwanese ver has Jerry Yan in it and I dont see him! (But I love the Japanese version best. ;D)

      • 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

        Oh, what silly mistake. To think I watched the Jerry’s version before all others. heh. 😆

  29. 40 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

    Ady An. Why is she so beautiful? I was staring at that banner for a straight 3 minutes wondering how that level of perfection is possible.

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