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    Hi, I really am in desperate need of “If I Love You”, but I don’t know how to download the filed you’ve uploaded. I know I’m dumb for not know. Peace! hahaha, but I really want to watch it, even if it’s RAW. When I press the download button, ads pop out, most especially the iLivid downloader, can you please tell me how to download the videos? Thanks!! It would really really really die appreciating it :))

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      Sure thing Mich. Next time just comment in If I Love You‘s post. This is a random place to leave a comment.

      After you click on the download link. You’ll see this page. Just click on the download button in the red box as I highlighted (sometimes you need to scroll down a bit). It will lead you to this page where you see the list of available file hosts to download from. The check marks (✓) beside the name of each host means that it’s working. I’m not sure which host is favorable to you so I just picked two random ones as examples.

      For 1fichier, just scroll all the way down of the page and you’ll see this.
      For Upload Hero, you also scroll down a bit and you’ll see this.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

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