The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

I tried to include as many drama as possible but at the rate Cdramas is being produced, I will need a month to compile and categorize them in a year or two. Lol. To be honest, I had a hard time describing them this year because I finished only a handful of dramas. The fast-forward button was surely my best friend once again and it’s becoming sad how the writing of many dramas derail after a certain number of episodes and most of them are based on long novels! The plot and characters are pre-written! You only have to adapt it, folks! Can we focus on quality instead of stretching out already-long episodes? Please?

NOTE: Voting Ends in 1 Month. You can re-vote every week (after 7 days of previous votes). XD

Previous Awards for 2015 here.

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Some dramas could go in more than one category but I tried to keep them in one so the votes aren’t so divided. Feel free to suggest more categories in the comment section and I’ll try (emphasis on try) to watch more dramas this year and hopefully open them up for more fun and festivity.

Feel free to share your choices and reason for picking them! Only rule is no fanwar! Respect and Accept other opinions as it is their own. No right or wrong.

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    I realise how bad 2016 Cdramas were when I couldn’t vote for some of the categories at all (favourite Wuxia, Republican, Period, etc.).

    Then I realise how non-mainstream my preferences are when I finished casting some of my votes. There aren’t a lot of responses yet though, so perhaps the rankings will change eventually.

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      Me too! I was so sad that a lot of ppl didn’t share my choices. Tbh there were a lot of the same names as the highest votes: the ones that have been promoted as “biggest” productions. I think maybe a lot of ppl just watched those popular ones so don’t really know my non-mainstream choices. T.T

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        Thought I was the only one! Also realized I haven’t watched as many dramas as I thought I did, but the ones I have were not that great too. Really fun poll, thanks a lot!

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    At first I thought this was the “visual awards” and I was thinking “I can’t do this! They’re all too beautiful!” >.< Aha. Except Yumama lol.

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    wow, was 2016 that bad??!! me too, only watched a handful.

    favorite villains: andrew yin from sparrow. i saw a cut of him killing zhang ruo yun on youtube. oh boy. crazy kid.

    rachel mao was smart then slowly became stupid in wei young. lol.

    Most disappointing: chusen, ice fantasy, chinese paladin

    Your Breakout Stars/Performances: Zhang Bin Bin from Love O2O, Bai Yu in Memory Lost, Joe Xu in Reincarnation

    Favorite Wuxia: NONE.

    Favorite republican: rookie agent rouge, one for for young marshal from my aunt,

    Favorite palace: princess wei young for the princes’ spare time at the Wei’s household. lols.

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    IMO 2016 has been a disappointing year for cdrama in terms of quality in that there were no standout dramas with rewatch value (this is especially obvious when compared to 2015’s nirvana in fire/琅琊榜) – ironic when you consider how china’s movie industry is expanding at the speed of light. The only dramas that I enjoyed from start to end were low budget production su ranran’s husband hunting journey/苏染染追夫记, fifteen years waiting for migratory birds/十五年等待候鸟 and ode to joy/欢乐颂. I found that a lot of dramas tended to dramatise rather than focus on a realistic plot (e.g. the chronicles of life/寂寞空庭春欲晚, the imperial doctress/女医·明妃传). Others tended to burn out out toward the end (e.g. stay with me/放弃我, 抓紧我, princess wei-yang/锦绣未央 – especially disappointing when you consider how much they deviated from the original novel – props to the cast for trying to salvage the story). Flop of the year goes to another yu zheng production – demon girl/半妖倾城. I was really looking forward to whirlwind girl ii/旋风少女第二季 but that flopped too (moral of the story – stick with the original novel ending). A fair few of 2016 dramas were only salvaged by their cast – zhao liying in the mystic nine/老九门 and noble aspirations/青云志, and yang yang in love 020/微微一笑很倾城 (which also receives the most unrealistic male lead award). Hoping that 2017 will be a much better year for cdrama – especially looking forward to ruyi’s royal love in the palace/如懿传 and nirvana in fire 2: the wind blows in changlin/琅琊榜2 because i loved their predecessors 🙂

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    Agreed, 2016 was quite bad… I also couldn’t really vote for certain categories, even if I could, it was only 1 or 2 choices… Especially those popular dramas that were merely visually attractive and had no substantial good plot.
    Chinese Paladin 5, Ice Fantasy and Legend of Zu and Chusen were really disappointing… couldn’t get me hooked onto the storyline and that even the beautiful visuals couldn’t get me to continue watching.
    Greatest villian would of course be Yu Zheng. This guy is continuing to get his evil hands on novel adapted dramas and ruining them even in 2017…

    One Smile is Alluring, Candle in the Tomb, Medical Examiner Doctor Qin, WASL and Green Hill Fox Legend were the great ones for me! Great visuals and plot!
    I ship William and ZLY so badly sobs! They were so stinking cute in Legend of Zu and Mystic Nine! Hoping for another cute drama collaboration between them in 2017!

    Hoping 2017 would be good to us, cdrama fans! There are quite a number of highly anticipated dramas, like Ruyi and 3L3W, so please don’t fail us in terms of plot!

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      Yaaass. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin and Green Hill Fox Legend are totally my favourites that are underrated. And I agree with all your points. It was really difficult to vote in a few of the categories… All I saw were big names and big productions with too many episodes that were wasted *cough Ice Fantasy, Legend of Zu, Chusen. Rather the gems were often smaller productions such as With You, and Dr. Qin. I don’t believe I finished many dramas this year and when I was super done I steered towards movies.

      Anyway looking forward to 2017’s Ruyi and I hope that rather than quantity quality gems will be churned out in the cdrama world.

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    Wuxia: Border Town Prodigal – for the fighting scenes

    Republican: N/A – the ones I checked out I dropped (very quickly).

    Palace – Princess Jie You was pretty good even though I didn’t finish it haha. Imperial Doctress was not bad too. (I have given up on finishing Princess Weiyoung lol.)

    Mysteries/Crime-Solving: Dr Qin – except for the disappointing ending, the drama as a whole was enjoyable to watch and definitely one of my fav dramas of the year.
    Candle in the Tomb – Jin Dong! Finally a good tomb-raiding drama XD
    WASFIL – never really held my interest as much as I hoped it would, but still a quality drama.

    Modern: Suddenly Seventeen – this was a pleasant surprise and a fun watch. Jiang Meng Jie needs to be in more dramas.
    Just One Smile Is Very Alluring – decent adaptation of the fluffiest c-novel I’ve read.
    My Little Princess – love how it’s kinda a reversal of the usual fairytale story
    Ode To Joy – solid acting from a great cast, love the chemistry between the five female leads.

    Fantasy/Supernatural/Xianxia: Candle In The Tomb, Suddenly Seventeen
    Simple Man – one of my faves of 2016! It’s so different from the typical C-drama in how the story is told, plus it’s sci-fi with mystery, action and a good-looking cast! If you haven’t heard of this drama, please check it out on Youtube 😀

    Period/Ancient – N/A

    OTPs: Luo Jin & Tang Yan (to be honest it’s more for them in real life LOL)
    Zhang Ruo Yun & Jiao Jun Yan (& Li Xian too! – the trio had an awesome friendship)
    Hu Ge & Maggie Jiang (hilarious bickering couple)
    Wang Zi Wen & Wang Kai
    Jiang Chao & Jiang Meng Jie
    Jin Dong & Chen Qiao En
    Liu Shi Shi & Wallace Huo (finally reunited onscreen after Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei)
    Yuan Hong & Zhang Xin Yi (no surprise since they’re another real life couple hehe)

    Alternate Couples:
    Chusen’s Zhao Li Ying & Mao Zi Jun – had better chemistry
    Princess of Lan Ling – seemed more like the main couple

    Breakout Stars/Performances:
    Mao Zi Jun – my love
    Wang Zi Wen – so different from her role in Ode To Joy
    Jiao Jun Yan
    Andrew Yin Zheng – watched his scenes in the later half of Sparrow and was impressed (Also Kan Qing Zi who’s not in the poll but she was pretty good too!)

    A lot of the dramas I watched this year. Ended up voting for the ones I was anticipating the most and was extra disappointed with.
    Stay With Me, Chinese Paladin 5, Princess Weiyoung, Chronicle of Life (frustrating to watch and absolutely could not stand Zheng Shuang in this drama), Princess of Lan Ling (all the female lead does is run back and forth between two love interests whilst repeatedly being kidnapped and saved)
    And of course Legend of Chusen >_< There was no progression in the story and too many pointless characters. Painful and dull to watch after the first 10 or so episodes. Hate how it's been stretched out to three seasons/70+ eps (can't remember how many eps there actually is ^_^;) to make $$$$$.

    Villains – Zhu Yi Long, Gina Jin, Yin Zheng, Rachel Mao

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      Oh my goodness, my fellow “Simple Man” lover! This drama came out of nowhere and stole my heart. The sci-fi story is well told, the characters are engaging, and the CGI is well done. I voted it as my favorite sci-fi/fantasy drama of 2016.

      “Bu Liang Ren” is another of my favorite in the Wuxia genre. Zheng Ye Cheng should be on the breakout star poll with Zhang Bin Bin, both veterans of “Love O2O.” It also wouldn’t hurt to put them together on the favorite OTP poll. Wahaha!

      • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

        Have you heard that there’s going to be another season for Simple Man? ?

        Ooo I’ll check out Bu Liang Ren soon hehe.

  7. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    My turn:
    Wuxia: Border Town Prodigal
    Republican: Sparrow/Agent Rouge
    Palace: Wei Young
    Mystery: Candle in the Tomb/The Mystic 9
    Modern: Just One Smile is Very Alluring
    Supernatural: Candle in the Tomb/The Classics of Mountains and Seas
    Ancient: none
    OTP: WC+ZLY/Zhu Yi Long + Viann Zhang (WC is my all time fav. ZLY co-star 🙂 , I would also put Hans Zhang and Gulnazar here. these two are the prettiest dolls ever)
    alt. couple: ZLY+Yuan Wen Kang (this, so much this, they should be a proper OTP in a drama, like ASAP)
    Most dissapointing: Wei Young/ The Mystic 9/ Chusen
    Villain: Vanness, of course.

    Overall, I expected the list to be emptier, somehow I had at least one option for almost all categories. Not bad. The main thing for me in 2016 was that there was no drama that I could point at and say that this is “THE DRAMA” that consumed my time and thoughts through the year. I hope 2017 will compensate.

  8. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Didnt watched many dramas in 2016. Started this year with General And I, hmm.. Kinda disappointed no matter how i love Wallace.

    But 2016 brought Rachel as the best villain. Such a breakout star.

    And wangkai disappointed me with all his dramas in 2016. Snail wasnt that amazing in my eyes. Hehe..

    At least, ode to joy and love o2o were good enough. Ah even a lil boring in some parts bur i successfully finished princess weiyoung.
    Other dramas, didnt really finish it due to many untold reasons (or else the fans would bash me) hehe.

    Still waiting for memory lost engsub. Im watching it without engsub, with my very basic Mandarin. Thanks to novel translation i could understand more.

    The polling is great. Gotta share it with my fellow cdrama lovers ?

  9. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    So sad To Be a Better Man isn’t really getting the love. Tbh it’s one of my highlights of the drama year 2016.

  10. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    I actually think dramas were pretty good this year. No standout like Nirvana but overall more that I was interested in, there was good drama throughout many genres.

    Favorites were WASFIL, Candle in the Tomb, and Love O2O was perfection. Yang Yang is a treasure. He WAS Ciao Nai. I liked Dr. Qin too despite difficulty understanding without subs.

    Overall the variety and uniqueness was standout this year.

  11. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Mediocre dramas all year long. All the hype and anticipation for each one failed just as episode 11 rolled around.

    While not popular, When A Snail Falls in Love is a solid drama with a great group of cast. CandlenIn the Tomb >>>> The Mystic Nine. While one has pretty and hot actors and decent acrion, the other one is much more well- acted amd nuanced. Love Li Yings character but her character is completely dependant in the male lead for her story. Coukd habe been such an awrsome female story with her own arc and delevelopment.

    STAY With Me was such a disappointment. Someone should refrain the lady from writing more stories. AS a female, Im ashamed of the female leads she keeps writing about.

  12. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    The only dramas I liked this year were Ode to Joy and surprisingly, Love O2O. I was pretty excited for Stay With Me, but I had to drop it ten minutes in. It’s so sad that Wang Kai is reduced to doing idol dramas when he is capable of so much more.
    2016 was so disappointing considering how great 2015 was…

  13. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    My most favourite chinese drama in 2016 is Just one smile is very alluring. My most dissapointed drama is Legend of chusen, I also want to vote Tornado girl 2 but you’re not include it in that list. It shouldn’t be made sequel and ruin the story 🙁

    • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

      Tornado Girl 2 is under Modern dramas. You might have missed it but I did list the actors. Lol.

      I called it “Taekwondo Girl 2 (Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang, An Yue Xi)” before the official name came out. 🙂

  14. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    2016 was not a good year for Chinese dramas. For most of the year, I found myself dipping into my stocked list.

    I did however enjoyed When a Snail Falls in Love and indeed fell in love with the character XuXu. She’s by favorite my favorite female lead of 2016. My favorite 2016 drama though, hands down is Addicted (Heroin) the web series. I don’t know where web series would fall on your list, but if I could, I would have voted for it. I would have also voted for either Johnny Huang JingYu or Timmy WeiZhou as 2016’s break out stars.

  15. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Hmm unfortunately my favorite list isnt that long and i couldnt really call it a favorite.
    I’ll say enjoyable drama
    Love O2O, Memory Lost, WSFIL, Ode to Joy

    WSFIL (lol it can be enjoyable and disappointing too.. i jus wish it didnt veer so far fr the novel version),
    Love O2O (again appears on both list, im still disappointed with ZS),
    Mystic 9( not enuf LY), Chusen (of what i watch, spoilt since i tot the cast was awesome n should have been awesome),
    Legend of fox spirit (the story was blah and why oh why did u do that to xiao cui aka janic’s character),
    Tornado girl (watch the trailer and literally couldnt start- waste of JCW),
    Legend of princess of lanling (not sure why i spent so much time only to come to that kind of ending)
    Stay with me (i havnet start it but the remarks and reviews tells me to stay away- which is a crying shame when 3 of the leads i ppl i like

  16. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Here I thought 2016 was the year I really binged on dramas but looking at the list, the only ones I did finish was only Love O2O, Fifteen Years Waiting for Migratory Birds, and Medical Examiner Dr Qin. Sparrow and The Mystic Nine have the potential to be my all-time favourites but just derailed so fast.

    I’m happier to vote for breakout performance: I thought this was really Zhang Ruo Yun’s year. Didn’t watch Novoland after accidentally reading the spoilers on the ending, but he was just so good in the other dramas I’ve seen him. I thought Fifteen Years really showed off his chops as an actor, playing as the charming, loyal Pei Shang Xuan who finally got his life together after an incident derailed his future. He broke my heart in Sparrow, and then charmed my pants off as the titular Dr Qin, the straight-laced forensic doctor often teased by his colleagues.

    Kap, I was just going to ask why you didn’t include Best Actor and Best Actress award, but then I just realised you did it for our own good. Don’t want anyone to break their finger scrolling till the end, lol.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

      Just scrolling for modern dramas alone is enough to trigger cramps in my fingers. LOL. Thanks for understanding, Ryu.

  17. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Thank you Kappy! It may be helpful for fans to see the drama that few people know about but turned out to be surprisingly pleasant to watch? I am half curious about what people think is the most baffling, or most bizarre 2016 cdrama too. Demon girl, perhaps?

    Of 2016 cdramas, for me the strongest genre is the crime-solving one. Dr Qin, Snail, Memory Lost all 3 are watchable. Though not perfect. Early parts of Snail even has weird dizziness-inducing, jittery cinematography that other dramas didn’t have. But I’m very glad producers are exploring this genre.

    A major highlight of 2016 is the visuals. This is where 2016 drama excelled in. Wallace H, LSS dancing in the snow (Imperial Doc), Yang Zi, ZLY each looking beautiful in Chusen. Yang Mi’s milliion dollar wardrobe in Interpreters (Marc Jacobs, Gucci… ), etc. I wasn’t fond of any of these drama, but they seem to spend a lot of efforts on the visuals. If only the script, direction, and editing get that kind of attention and budget. These drama OSTs have some good points too. Some good singers. I was ok with the acting in Tangren production too. Not spectacular, but still fine.

    There were some good opportunities to observe a variety of performances from Huang Xuan, Wang Kai, Gina Jin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan etc. And early look into Liu Haoran, Sun Yi’s acting career. There are others I didn’t mention.

    Wuxia/Xianxia. fantasy genres is among the saddest. The only one I could watch was Chusen. Chusen has horrible editing and choppy story progression. Very poor continuity from scene to scene. Republican drama genre isn’t great either.
    Some palace dramas had good enough production values, but there weren’t any great, original plots in them. For me, most of them are guilty pleasures at best. Like Weiyoung. Drama version of Weiyoung has Tang Yan become too much of a goody 2 shoes. Entertaining at times, but hardly outstanding. It is more about LJ TY’s palace romance drama rather than palace scheming. Plotwise, the most promising may be princess Jieyou. But I haven’t watched 1 ep of it yet. Plus the plot line isn’t my cup of tea.

    There were 4 OTP pairs I liked equally. YY ZS in Alluring Smile. ZS still has some of that deer in the headlights acting. LJ TY in Weiyoung. Huang Xuan Yang Mi are fine too, but the drama plot is annoying. Wang Kai Wang Ziwen in Snail. Alluring S isn’t a masterpiece, but at least entertaining and not offensive.

    For alternate OTP, Seven Tan Songyun is fine. (Forgot his name.)

    Biggest disappointments: Chusen, Interpreters (They said something like 3 TV stations’ writers were jointly wrote the script. They said that the scriptwriters worked very hard and wrote a great script. The script was the worst thing about the Interpreters imho.The second half was particularly annoying).

    For breakout roles, this is the first year I started noticing Wang Ziwen’s acting since Ode to Joy and Snail. I like her acting better now. Huang Xuan is another one.

    Some of my problems with many of the 2016 cdrama are the drama length and their primary commercial strategy. Create a 60 episode drama, and cast a handful of leads with huge fan base. Add pretty visuals. Put in a Mary Sue as your female lead. (Or a Mary Sue-like lead. Add a Gary Stu if they feel like it). Successfully get a billion plus dollar view. Repeat this same strategy over and over as long as it still works. It doesn’t lead to a viewing pleasure for the audience.

    Another positive point on 2016 cdrama is some web dramas are watchable. “With You” and “Addicted”, for example.

  18. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    The best surprise of the year would be “With You”, which to me a finally a youth drama that true to its heart, rather than endlessly repeating idol drama troupes.

    Objectively speak, the biggest disappointment is Legend of Chusen, only because I was a Zhu Xian book fan, and the drama is nothing like the book. However, I didn’t not pick it as the most disappointing, because in some ways the drama is surprisingly good.
    I didn’t watch the show when it came out, because of all the horrible reviews the drama has on douban, and all over wechat. It was only over christmas break, when I was sick at home with nothing to watch (Tribes and Empires, why you delay so much!!!) that I start watching it. In term, visual effects, music, and action, it set a high bar for future Xianxia series. It ranks a level about the likes of Castle in the Sky, Chinese Paladin 5 as well as “Classics” like Journey of Flower, Gu Jian and Sky in the Sky. (CP1, though looking somewhat juvenile now, still holds a special place in me) While the drama is draggy, the pace is good enough so that I want to find what happens next (like I said it’s nothing like the book, so prior knowledge doesn’t help me much) this together with fact that I’m confined to my house meant a unhealthy 20 episode per day pace watching it… I also love the music from the series, both BGM as well as several songs in the drama, particularly Biyao’s character song, 青衣谣 and Xueqi’s Character song 若只如初見. [Unfortunately, the existing song 凡心 from book fans didn’t make it to the book series.] Because of these positive, the drama now goes into my recommended list along with Nirvana in Fire, Ode to Joy for people want to a bit about Chinese culture.

    But does this mean the series don’t have problem, no, because it was serious problems. In fact, it’s heart break that the drama misses the main points of the novel. In the series in an attempt to repair a problem in book, the poor development of romantic relationship between Biyao and Xiaofan, pretty much destroys everything else. SPOILER, SPOILER. In the drama follows the book, Biyao would have being introduced in ~EP 5 and effectively dies in Episode 25 of the 73 episodes drama (Season 1 + Season 2). The focus of the novel (and pretty much 48 episodes of this hypothetical drama) what on what length Guili (evil Xiao Fan) will go to revive Biyao, and in the process explore the true meaning of good and evil, while at same time having a love and hate relationship between Biyao and Xueqi. All of these was squeezed in just 18 Episodes in season 2 of the actual drama, while in season 1, Biyao was introduces in episode 2 and went on to episode 55. While this approach is good in that now Biyao and Xiaofan now have solid relationship, but it also means there really isn’t much in the main plot to fill all 55 episodes. (And the script writer’s unwillingness to significantly alter the main plot points) This means lots of fillers that does not advance the main plot (for example, the entire senior is a wolfman plot as well as Biyao loosing memory plot [and countless others] is not in the book), lots of cute scene that does not progress the relationship. Moreover, while Xiaofan viewed Biyao suspicion until the raining scene (Just a little bit better than how Jingyu treated Biyao in the drama.), in the drama they were friendly pretty much from the beginning. This is good in that the drama version Biyao does not seem dumb when she did sacrifice for Xiaofan, as there is real heart behind it; but it does mean Xiaofan’s discovery of true nature of righteous sects, how there is not good or evil people, just good and evil actions, and understood the meaning of “Heaven and Earth are heartless, treating creatures like straw dogs”; ideas that reader had to slowly discover along with Xiaofan, all had to be pushed forward in a “tell not show way” to make the relationship make sense. This means the character development for Xiaofan stopped early, yet because the script wants to return to the main plot to get Biyao killed, it Xiaofan do stupid actions like return to Qingyun. (Book Xiaofan at that time truly believe justice will prevail). This also mean, since Biyao-Xiaofan is not such a strong couple, much of Xueqi-Xiaofan/Guili plot make no sense and seems pretty much as extra. Xueqi’s character is severely weakened for it as well, while I root for Fan-Yao CP in the book, Lu Xueqi was my favorite character, for she had true integrity. SPOILER, SPOILER. SPOILER, SPOILER. For example, one of many heart-breaking encounters between Xiaofan/Guili and Xueqi that got deleted. This a few days after Guili and Xueqi fought in dark, but then deliberately miss the killing blow once they recognize who their opponents is. Xueqi asked Guili to come back to Qinyun, Guili refused. Guili sneaks into Qingyun upon know Xueqi always has being waiting for him.
    Guili: “Come with me.”
    Xueqi: “Where to?”
    Guili: “Anywhere, it does not matter.”
    Xueqi: “What about Biyao?”
    Guili fell silent, then coldly turns around and said “Next time, just use your sword.”
    This conversation of course is not in the drama (I’m at EP 15 of Season 2, which has past where it happened in the book), because it makes no sense to put it in there anymore.

  19. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Thank you for including Mad About You by our Li couple! Didn’t expect that since it’s soap opera. LOL
    Thank your for “pairing” Liying with Yuan Wen Kang, Mao Zi Jun, and Zhu Zi Xiao~~~~~ though l didn’t see the last pair T_____T l’ll vote for Liying-Zi Xiao next time~
    l’m just thinking, was Tao Xin Ran (Rookie Agent Rouge) also a villain? She’s superb!

    • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

      Zi Xiao and Li Ying is in the alternate OTPs poll. 😀

  20. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Omggggggg thanks!!! With this list, now I’ll be glued to this tv screen for the whole year???

  21. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    2016 was mostly a disappointing year (ok I guess the main reason being we had Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser in 2015 which raised the bar so much, it was a hard act to follow)

    The only drama that I actually watched to the end and thought were mentionable were:

    – Ode to Joy (solid acting all round, storyline was a bit bland but the show was selling a realistic feel so I guess it was successful in that sense)

    – WASFIL (good script in the first half but the second half veered too much from the novel and fell flat, amazing acting, some weird but interesting camera work)

    – Love O2O (the only “addictive” drama of the year, it stuck to the basics of idol drama and didn’t go into dog blood melodrama, YY was perfect as Xiao Nai, the only let down of this drama was ZS’s horrible acting but at least she was eye candy)

    – Memory Lost (the best chemistry couple of the year! everything else was ok but not outstanding)

    – Dr Qin (probably the most underrated drama of the year but solid acting, good script and good chemistry between the 3 leads, I just wish they didn’t censor it so much)

    I’m hoping 2017 can give us something better, General and I is a good start but hopefully there will be more.

    Ps. When is Storm of Tribes and Prophecy being released??? the only drama I am looking forward to and it looks epic.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

      Still waiting for Tribes as well. T____T. The perpetual waiting…

      • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

        Well it looks like they have so much post production work to do for that drama. I’d rather wait for quality than for it to be rushed and look horrible (cough General and I cough)

        • 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

          Thats what I read too. *waits*

  22. 34 thoughts on “The Virtual Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Cdramas of 2016

    Agree on Border Town Prodigal. It was surprisingly a GEM, & definitely worth checking out compared to the rest of the other wuxia dramas,

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