Rainie Yang gathers her favorite male costars for The Audience

LOL! So much fun!! On the upside, Rainie is having a blast promoting her new album, in which she invited many friends and past co-stars to star in her music videos. The latest mv is titled The Audience and three of Rainie’s past male leads participated. They are Mike He (Devil Beside You), Wilber Pan (Miss No Good), Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart). I only finished Hi My Sweetheart (which was also a struggle in the latter half). heh. She also has a song featuring Charlene Choi. The mvs are beautiful to look at… but on the downside…. the songs put me to sleep. Watch the BTS, folks!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (40)

New banner to celebrate batch 40!

Not much going on in dramaland but music land? Everyone and their grandmas decided to drop a single this past week. Lol. I keep on pushing this batch back and removing bullet points to make individual posts. It’s been…two weeks now? But yes, lots of news.

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Kisses and PDA at Taiwan’s 50th Golden Bell Awards

Can’t let Mainland celebrities steal all the limelight, so Taiwanese artists also deck out their gowns and jewelries for a dazzling walk down the red carpet for their annual television production award.

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Rainie Yang invites good friend, Ariel Lin, to star in MV

Adorable. The baby-faced beauties of Taiwanese Entertainment together onscreen. Ariel Lin, plays her happy and content self because hey, she has a good career and a life-long companion. She wants good friend, Rainie Yang, to be brave and open up her heart because “Everyone Deserves Happiness.” That aside, I’m disappointed with this music video. You have two beautiful ladies and you had them meeting at the end of the MV? Psh poh!!

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Jasper Liu flashes dimpled smile in Rainie Yang’s Some Water

We made it past wednesday. One more day before the weekend, drifters! I know most of us are still speechless and deeply saddened about the sudden departure of D-addicts torrent section. D-addicts was where I learned to torrent and the place I uploaded my first torrent. So this news definitely hurt where it matters. But when there’s a strong will to share, uploaders will definitely find a way (have we not overcome many hurdles before this?) As a matter of fact, there’s already a thread discussing that right here. A helping hand here and there and we might have something soon.

Anyway, Rainie Yang just released her music video for her latest song, “Some Water.” Hopefully, the appearance of Mr. Bright Smile can soothe a part of your sorrow.

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