NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

As a tradition, here’s the compiled list of Cdramas set to air in 2016. This list keeps me sane in my already messy hours of operation. The old list for 2015 is here, if you like to travel back in time. Feel free to let me know of any upcoming dramas that I missed. So far, February looks like a daunting month for Cdrama watchers. All the big guns are out!

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Drama Name: Evil Minds 2
Cast: Chen Ruo Xuan, Wang Long Zheng
Episode Count: 24
Airing Date: 12/3/16

Drama Name: Beauty’s Private Kitchen
Cast: Ma Tian Yu, Zheng Shuang
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 12/4/16

Drama Name: Legend of the Flying Daggers
Cast: Yang Rong, Hawick Lau
Episode Count: 42
Airing Date: 12/5/16

Drama Name: Stay with Me
Cast: Nick Wang Kai, Joe Chen Qiao En, Kimi Qiao
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 12/11/16

Drama Name: City Still Believe In Love
Cast: Michelle Chen, Zhu Ya Wen
Episode Count: 44
Airing Date: 12/11/16

Drama Name: Distressed Beauty
Cast: Jia Qing, Kim Jung Hoon, Chen Ruo Xuan
Episode Count: 42
Airing Date: 12/13/16

Drama Name: Candle in The Tomb
Cast: Jin Dong, Chen Qiao En
Episode Count: 12
Airing Date: 12/19/16

Drama Name: Demon Girl 2
Cast: Same cast as before + more
Episode Count: 20
Airing Date: 12/30/16

Drama Name:
Episode Count:
Airing Date:

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Which one(s) are you looking forward to the most?

  1. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    I swear Qiao Zhenyu is AGELESS OMG LOL. The dude is like in his 40s but doesn’t look old at all! WHAT IS HIS FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH AND WHERE CAN I FIND IT 🙂

    Will watch the Fox drama for Wang Kai mwahahaha (although I don’t like the fact he will be dubbed … like dude, him of ALL PEOPLE! and his look in the series is kinda weird … like a straight transfer from Yuan Hong’s Yang Kang look from LoCH 2008)

    Woot! Finally we get some Yan Kuan dramas on air! I missed seeing this guy on my screen LOL 🙂 Very much looking forward to 3 Heroes cuz the epic Zhan Zhao / Bai Yutang story is ageless … unless they change to story heaps and then it’ll just piss me off (cuz historical accuracy and respecting classic novels matter, y’know). Dunno why Zheng Shuang is there cuz the story is more of a dual male lead story (like Ma Ke and Qiao Zhenyu’s Song of Phoenix) … I’m all for female presence but not when it’s just shoved into the story for no reason…

    The Treasure Raiders drama sounds interesting too, cuz for once it’s a Gu Long work being adapted instead of the 100000000000000000000 reboots of Jin Yong works (Jin Yong novels are Goddamn classics and with EACH adaptation they change the story, making it worse every time). I also like Gan Tingting so at least I’ve got both male and female leads I like.

    Zhao Yun is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE historical characters EVER and I like Lin Gengxin and Godfrey Gao but WHAT IN THE F#$$ is this trash? They turned one of the most epic badasses of history into some lovesick dude with all this stupid 12 year old romance shitstorm surrounding him when in history Zhao Yun is a dedicated general who spends more time kicking ass and taking names than fooling around with Mary Sue glorified palace maids. F*** everything I won’t insult my eyes with this shit and raise my blood pressure needlessly.

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Also Yan Kuan looks sooooo badass in the stills I can’t wait to see him in motion 🙂

  2. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Legend of Zu is a Goddamn insult to the name of Zu and poor Huanzhu Louzhu would be rolling in his grave at the way his works have been desecrated. F***ing hell this awful “scriptwriter” (doesn’t deserve to called a scriptwriter TBH) butchers classic works one after the other, first Bride with White Hair and now Shushan.

  3. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Lol Shimo. I don’t like Legend of Zu (massive understatement) but I have the benefit of not actually knowing the story, so I don’t hate it as much (exact opposite with LoQ, which I admit is chalking up to a decent drama, except I know if I continuing watching it, I will ruin everyone’s experiences with my ranting, thus I haven’t watched a single ep since ep 6, and as tempting as it is, have stayed steadfastly away from the whole affair).

    Anyways. Definitely agree with you about Zhao Yun. Historically he’s SO badass, so not only is his wimpy pathetic romantic line unwelcome, add to that the fact the I pretty much hate Yoona. (No, I’m being unfair; I don’t hate her, I just think she’s a substance-less vase with little to no value, and she also gave me a bad first impression from playing, with wooden acting none-the-less, an awful bitchy villain years ago — leading me to believe, to this date, that Yoona just possesses an evil resting-bitch face despite the common opinion that she’s cute and innocent looking). BUT all that aside, I will still watch it because I like Lin Geng Xin and I have a soft spot for supporting actress Sun Xiao Xiao just cause she’s so cute.

    Moving on.
    Not sure how I feel about Imperial Doctress (for a long while, Shi Shi’s dramas feel the same — same tone, generally similar plots, similar characters…
    – I’m super super pumped for Epiphyllum Dream (coincidentally the first to be broadcasted anyways),
    – surprisingly excited for Adventure for Love (surprising because I don’t recall knowing of its existence until like this morning),
    – pretending not to notice the presence of Chronicle of Life (may be swayed depending on public opinion — counting on you guys),
    – looking forward to Treasure Raiders (no opinion of Gan Ting Ting, but her character seems a little…boring; the other girl from the trailer who travels/fight (?) with Yan Kuan seems more my thing, but who knows)
    – interested in Fox Legend if only for Wang Kai and Gina Jin (and to check out the numerous semi-rookies appearances incl Zhang Xue Ying (new Guo Xiang), Sebina, Zhang Ruo Yun (Sebina’s last on-screen lover), Xiao Cai Qi (only cuz I hate her character in Yun Zhi Fan, thus desperately hoping I don’t just bias-ly hate her herself))

    -…and desperately hoping that Three Heroes and Five Gallants doesn’t turn out as patchy, old, and bad-quality as the poster looks.

    LOL in the last new update post, I was complaining of going through a drama drought with literally nothing to watch. Come January and February, my god, there’s gonna be a veritable flood of dramas. Did they plan this?!

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      LOL it’s SO HARD to censor myself because normally when I rage rant it’s all full of colorful phrases but for the sake of everyone here (it’s a public forum after all) I try to rein myself in 🙂

      Gan Tingting is the girl who made Pan Jinlian (an infamous evil bitch who all history hates) sympathetic in All Men Are Brothers. Just for that I give her major points cuz in all version of Pan Jinlian I’ve seen before, none have actually made me FEEL SORRY for her. She even got an award for it LOL. She was also in Huaxuyin opposite Qiao Zhenyu and she’s a very beautiful lady in period costume 🙂

      I skimmed the first 10 eps of Nicky Wu’s Zu and dropped it by ep 4. It is such a f***ing insult to Huanzhu Louzhu’s epic Shushan series (it’s the Chinese equivalent of Tolkien’s Middle Earth Legendarium … imagine if somebody shit all over it and just used the character names for publicity and butchered every single plot point, character background, character development, etc. and desecrated the classic … Tolkien fans would roast them over hellfire)

      TBH Legend of Zu is a f***ing waste of Zhao Liying. She is sooo much better than this f***ing trainwreck.

      See I was SO EXCITED when I first heard about 3 Heroes / 5 Gallants being adapted onscreen cuz it’s one hell of an awesome folktale and full of epic heroics and justice and all that wonderful idealism that we all like to see. However, as you pointed out, the posters that have been coming look shit and I can’t for the life of me understand why the f*** Zheng Shuang is up front and center when the MAIN CHARACTERS Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao are in the background! FFS 3 Heroes is mainly about Zhan Zhao and the 5 Gallants (i.e. Bai Yutang and his gang), so the only reason Zheng Shuang is there is cuz of her connections and shit. There’s NOTHING I hate more than twisting the story to forcibly shove unnecessary characters in. See Lost Tomb’s F***ing Chen Chengcheng + High Shao for what I mean. These 2 annoying shits hogged so much f***ing screen time that I had to fast forward while the MAIN HERO like Zhang Kylin was more like a cameo in his own story.

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      LOL @ “resting bitch face”, cuz that’s the reason why I run FAR AWAY from this series despite my LOVE for Godfrey Gao (HELLLLOOOOOO INSTANT FAIL

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        * Godfrey Gao will ALWAYS be welcome to grace my screen <3

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Posting again cuz my comment got eaten up:

      LOL @ “resting bitch face”, cuz that’s the reason why I run FAR AWAY from this series despite my LOVE for Godfrey Gao (HELLLLOOOOOO <3) and Lin Gengxin.

      I take one look at the main girl (Yoona) and holy shit I can't believe she's the lead. I don't like the aura she gives off. She's nothing like a period heroine should be and she looks more like an extra and than a lead actress. She has no charisma and of ALL the beautiful Cdrama actresses around (either existing or newbies) the film makes spend EXTRA money hiring someone like that when they could be hiring more talented and less bitchy looking actresses — INSTANT FAIL

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Lol. Juli. I was cackling to myself when I read your complaint about no dramas to watch (while I was compiling this list). There seems to be a pattern. Heavy hitters in Feb, then June/July, then the last leg in Oct/Nov.

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Yoona with a resting b face??!!! I think she looks bored most of the time. The idol known for resting b face is actually Krystal from f(x). Netizens kinda gave up complaining.

      I think Yoona is a decent actress but put her in a foreign one with language barrier to top it off is killing the romance. No chemistry amd no connection.

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        I know Yoona’s not known for a resting bitch face, but I think she has a resting bitch face. I’m sorry if I offended you, but I don’t think her acting is very decent. I just think she’s a very stiff and wooden actress.

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Yes I am so annoyed about what they’re doing to Zhao Yun’s story. A legendary war hero, and they’re turning it into some sappy romantic story with bad costuming. Looking at the costumes they’re using for this drama makes me 10x more annoyed…half of the people look like they belong in a Korean sageuk (and not just because there are Korean actors) rather than the Han dynasty.

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        IKR? What an insult to the legend that is Zhao Yun!
        Oh well at least I always have 3 Kingdoms for Zhao Yun awesomeness 🙂

  4. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    I have to say, I didn’t think Li Sheng was all that great back when the new Huan Zhu Ge Ge came out, but she really grew on me. Plus during the one time she went on Happy Camp, she was pretty damn awesome. I practically liked her chill and cool, fun, laid-back personality more than I like ZLY at the time, since that was still when Li Ying was really awkward, stiff, and not so awesome at answering questions and things. She’s almost absolutely stunning now that I look at her (large exaggeration actually, not stunning…super pretty?), esp in the picture for Mad About You. Not a fan of flat-out romance/drama-dramas (unless it or the cast is truly spectacular), and not a fan of Li Jia Hang, therefore Mad About You is at an on-hold-let’s-see status. Detective Housewife I might check out just because Jia Nai Liang is awesome and he’s got genuine chemistry with his darling Li Xiao Lu.

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Huan Zhu Ge Ge was the first Mandarin language Cdrama I watched and it will always be one of my favorites. Honestly nobody’s gonna top the epicness that is Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, and Fan Bingbing. For this reason I couldn’t even watch the new version cuz to me that was just something that should never have been made. The leads have NO PRESENCE and I can’t even distinguish them from the surrounding palace maids LOL

      Of course that’s just my opinion so I hope I didn’t offend anyone 🙂 As I said before, we’re all free to like or dislike what we want 🙂

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        Hello there~ Well, just wanna share my experience after watching the complete New PHZ.

        The first season was so draggy with useless scenes. However, some nice changes included here. Yong Qi’s mom, Concubine Yu is ALIVE! She came back from the mountain with Lao Fo Ye and Qing Er. This time, Lao Fo Ye is not the obstacle for our heroes, but Concubine Yu! She just HATES XYZ to the bone! She is forcing Yong Qi to marry Princess Xin Rong.
        They managed to avoid this since they all went out to accompany Emperor in expedition. Qing Er also came along! In here, she finished her love with Er Kang, and fell in love with Xiao Jian~ This is season 2.
        Starting from season 2, the story got better and exciting! Finally Zi Wei is being acknowledged as princess, but not given a princess’s name yet. Our heroes also haven’t officially engaged yet…
        Problems came when Yong Qi married to Xin Rong! l cried few times during these scenes…. Then, it’s the “escape from the palace” scene.

        Some changes that l LOVE are:
        1. there is a third wheel for YQ-XYZ, which is our foreign artist, Benjamin. He is super in love with XYZ, but he never forces his feelings, instead he protects those 2 and sacrifices his love (this is super sad)
        2. this remake focused on XYZ-YQ, not Zi Wei-Er Kang! YES! This time, there is no stupid story about all single girls crazily in love with EK or ZW this ZW that. We got to know more about XYZ, her relationship with YQ and Benjamin, her past, even her relationship with Xiao Jian is really sweet
        3. Xiao Jian and Qing Er got some sweet time, so lovey dovey. Even Liu Hung got her man!
        4. costumes are pretty!
        5. XYZ is progressing in her learning and martial arts! Unlike the original where she never progress in anything
        6. the Emperor showed more sentimental expressions (he shed tears!)
        7. beautiful OST as expected from Qiong Yao

        There were some useless scenes/dialogues, few songs from the original got remake, western culture is awkward, Hai Lu is the biggest failure as Zi Wei, not the happiest happy end.

        Yes, it’s not as good as the original, but not that ugly as well. l like the remake since it’s focused on XYZ, Lao Fo Ye is not evil, Qing Er had more time with the group, even supporting characters got more air time. lt brought me few times since it is super sad.

        Thanks to this, l fell in love with Li Sheng and Zhao Li Ying ^^ l hope l don’t offense you. l’m just hoping that people don’t judge to fast before really watching till the end.

        • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

          LOL no worries, you didn’t offend me at all! Open discussion of ideas and opinions is what public blogs like this here is for 🙂

          LOL I actually think the addition of Benjamin the artist is the best part of the new Huan Zhu! Only cuz it’s nice to see another guy fight for Xiao Yanzi’s affections and actually protect her instead of being a jerk to her (like Prince 5 does)

  5. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    The Imperial Doctress! Yay 🙂

    This drama and the other Chen Xiao + Zheng Shuang one are really the only two that I’m looking especially looking forward too (although I have slightly low expectations of the Gallants drama because the released skills seem to be a bit low quality… ).

    It’ll also be nice to check out some of the other ones on the list!

    Thanks for putting it together 🙂

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Same here. I wonder why the production company released some of the most unattractive and low quality stills of the year when he has some of the most beautiful people on set. Failed. Tsk!

  6. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Sigh. Nothing for Lanling Fei. 🙁 Guess I’ll have to rewatch the trailer then lol.

    I really like Bai Yutang as a character so I’m looking forward to seeing Chen Xiao. Not so sure about Zheng Shuang as Ding Yuehua. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what Ding Yuehua was in previous adaptations, haha.

    Not a fan of Xiao Shiyi Lang at all. For some reason I’ve just never liked the character. But I will check it out for Zhu Yi Long as Liancheng Bi.

    Lin Gengxin left a bad taste in my mouth after his legal entanglement with Tangren so I really haven’t been able to watch any of his stuff .

    The Imperial Doctress! Shi Shi looks great in those colorful outfits.

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      I’m looking forward to the Imperial Doctress to see Huang Xuang onscreen. Never really watch his projects so I’m curious.

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        I hear he was pretty good in Red Sorghum. So there’s that. I think he’s a pretty great actor, and from his rare appearances on Happy Camp, he seems really charismatic, witty, and adaptable sort.

  7. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Don’t really watch the modern ones but let’s hope some of the others get subbed. Mike D again in a drama? I wonder what episode he will show up in this time? Thanks for the info!!

  8. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    How about rookie agent rough with ZLY? And ice fantasy? Still not officially date when gonna air?

  9. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    New to this forum but this has got to be the best blog ever ! Thank you so much for all your hardwork, I look forward to reading each and every write up. The 2016 article was great ! Are you able to recommend the best place to watch C Dramas ? And Thailand ones ? ( I saw Mike D’Angelo’s name listed today in an upcoming C Drama for 2016) any recommendations would be great ! 🙂 Just find them very hard to find and YouTube subbing is off and on.
    But again thrilled to have found this site 🙂
    Happy New Year All !

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Thanks for the kind words! It’s a lot of work indeed. Lol.

      Best place to watch Cdramas with subtitles right now is Viki. There are dedicated fansubs for certain dramas so they are not always active.

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        Thank you ! I watch Viki, DramaFever, Good drama , DramaFire and You Tube. Good drama has a good collection of C Dramas but can be cumbersome with commercials so wasn’t sure if other sites, Dramafire easy to use and commercial free but still building there C Drama collection. I have subscriptions for Viki and DramaFever.

        Viki is showing more C Dramas over the years and even DramaFever is beginning too and as they grow in popularity I hope they both continue to add more.

        Again thank you for all your hard work, just an excellent blog, really enjoy it. If you have a banner or link happy to post it on my Pinterest and bring more C Drama fans your way. ??Happy New Year all.

        • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

          I think you know more streaming sites to watch Cdramas than I do. Lol. I always download my dramas and hope for subtitles on Viki or somewhere else.

          Enjoy your way around our ship. 🙂

  10. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    What happened to Princess of Lan Ling last year???? Was super looking forward to it. *sad*

    Read the book this year because it didnt come out this summer, now I don’t even have high hopes for plot other than fingers crossed it’s not the same as novel.

    Happy New Year!

  11. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    I’m looking forward to:
    Green Hill Foxes – just for the sake of watching Chinese versions of elves running around before Ice Fantasy airs and more Chinese elves can be found onscreen. Elves must be the theme for 2016!
    Adventure for love – romance cum treasure hunting (a popular genre now in China)…not my cup of tea but I’ll probably flit in and out to ogle at the eye candies.
    Three Heroes Five Gallants – Omo! Omo! Omo! Fingers crossed they follow exactly what’s in the novel!

  12. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    LOL. I turn on the TV, and there’s Mei Chang Su’s pretty facing staring back at me. Even across the pond here in the city of LA Nirvana in Fire is a hot commodity. Like I said, people know quality when they see it. NiF for the win! On baidu, NiF is still #3 most watched of the month, so haha. The Nirvana fever totally not failing us.

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        Thx. I found it, and I can’t say I’m impressed. I sort of expected more. But honestly I think Ady’s character is kind of annoying, and QZY (I’m so sorry, I truly do love you) character is really just arrogant and kind of bratty. The quality is super bad, the audio is not great, the fighting scenes look exaggerated and the movements jerky, which I know isn’t QZY’s fault cuz I’ve totally seen him being badass, and this isn’t it. Honestly other people might not find it bad, but I guess it just doesn’t measure up to Disguiser, and it’s hard not to compare since the two premises and settings are so similar. As a badly directed production with crappy scripting and subpar quality, they don’t even have a lot of pretty. I mean, Ady and QZY are beautiful, but everything’s so grey and brown, the lighting isn’t great, The costuming is typical and sometimes super terrible, and the stylists…barely exist, and REALLY. The resolution is KILLING it. At least Sparrow, no matter how bad they could possibly make it, will have at least plenty of pretty to soothe the eyes.

      • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

        Hey Kap :D.

        Do you know where I can watch God of War Zhao Zi Long online? I haven’t been able to find it, and I kind of want to check it out.


        • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

          Looks like it’s been pushed back, Juli. :/ The only one from the list whose date is removed.

  13. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Happy New Year, Kappy and folks! 2015 was a tumultuous year for me personally (and I lost my dad to cancer), and many times this blog served as a catharsis. Thanks, Kap, for being a wonderful host to us, the frequent flyers here LOL. Here’s hoping for the better days ahead! Cheers!

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      I’m sorry to hear that Lenje. Many have lost their loved ones to cancer, including me. They will be remembered in our thoughts. Jia You!

  14. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Thank you for posting this up 😀

    Do you have any idea when “The princess Wei young” and the “Princess of Lanling” will air?

    • 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

      Wei Young is still filming. No dates for that or Princess of Lan Ling. =/

  15. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    Ok this is Major I am Totally looking forward to 3 dramas and a Possible on This List
    1. Green Hill Fox Legend (Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes): This my #1 for WANG KAI ONLY he is my New Drama Obsession since NIF and TD and he is SO Talented he literally becomes his Character.
    2. The Legend of Zu: I Like Zanilla and Nicky but lets be REAL Im here for WILLIAM CHAN another NEW Obsession LOL.
    3. The Imperial Doctress: Of course because I Totally LOVE these 2 Actors both Liu Shi Shi & Wallace Huo with his HOT sexy self and both are very Talented I might add

    OK and the Possible I mentioned above would be “The Three Heroes and Five Gallants” for Chen Xiao I really like this guy Not as an obsession or anything lol he is handsome but idk it is something about him that draws me in I think its his eye’s and expressive character I really really like his acting and portrayals of his many characters and again I may add it’s something about his EYE’s LOL I love them.

  16. 43 thoughts on “NewsFlash: Premiere/Airing dates of Cdramas in 2016

    So many awesome updates in March! Been waiting for Ladder of Love like forever. Actually, I have know idea what it’s about, and there’s like, no news on it, but honestly I’m just interested in another Zhang Meng drama. She gets a lot of hate (for her looks, her acting), and I admit she’s not awesome or particularly consistent in her acting, but I have a soft spot for her and I just really like her.

    Also interested in With you (adorbs, the leads are just so adorbs), and of course super excited for Ode to Joy. And after my unfinished but generally satisfactory foray into Princess Jie You, also interested in checking out Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi’s (new? questionably new) drama.

    For February, I was excited about the Happiness William-Tina drama, but once it actually arrived, I haven’t been able to dredge up the motivation of interest to start it. I know it’s broadcasting somewhere…possibly hunantv, but…no… Was interested in Legend of Monster (or something), but 1)haven’t found it, 2)the human love triangle turns me off. Shi Ling Lu’s great so far, but it’s updating at an excruciatingly slow pace of 2 eps/week. Like…that’s…so terribly slow.

    and why is Five Gallants constantly unavailable on youtube?! (for me at least)

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