Exciting trailer for Nirvana In Fire 2 with Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Hao Ran

Set years after the prequel, Nirvana In Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin (琅琊榜之风起长林) has a different story and pretty much unrelated to the first part. The story follows elder bro Huang Xiao Ming, general Xiao Ping Zhang of the Liang Dynasty, who is in charge of guarding the border but is severely wounded and eventually poisoned, which sets Little Bro Liu Hao Ran on a journey to uncover the 30-years old conspiracy/revenge pan, led by Guo Jing Fei.

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Gathering of Chinese Stars at Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night 2017

[Blog is alive?!]

PEACHHHHHHH!! Lolol. Your couple is front news! hee! Everyone should love this post since it’s all about pretty and kindness! I forgot who said this quote, but doing charity only has a beginning, it never ends. There was no crazy fashion tonight, everyone looks good with what they chose and for once I’m a happy camper with Li Ying’s stylist (I’m more picky with her! xD)

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Cdramas Begin Filming: Huang Xiao Ming’s The Years You Were Late, Shu Chang’s Meet Miss Anxiety, William Chan’s Age of Legends

Eeee! William Chan is keeping his facial hair intact, at least beautifully maintained, for his new role in Age of Legends. He looks mighty hot. Lol. I know, so so shallow.

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Zhao Wei, Huang Xiao Ming, and Zhou Dong Yu on cook show Chinese Restaurant

Wow. The number of celebrities joining shows is increasing at rapid rate. The latest reality show that premiered yesterday on HNTV is Chinese Restaurant led by best friends duo Vicki Zhao Wei and Huang Xiao Ming, joined by Zhou Dong Yu, Sean Zhang Liang, and host Jin Meng Jia. The group will be traveling to the edges of many places and introducing Chinese cuisine to the locals of the visited areas.


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Huang Xiao Ming and Janine Chang headline drama Here To Heart

Confirmation is in and it’s indeed Huang Xiao Ming and Janine Chang headlining the novel-to-drama adaptation of author An Ning’s Warm Chord (温暖的弦) now officially known in English as Here to Heart. The chinese title reveals the possessive nature of their love, like saying Xian (male lead) is Wen Nuan (heroine)’s. It is a love story that begins when they are teenagers, and they love for 3 whole years before she forcefully breaks up with him when she’s fifteen and he’s 18. She leaves for the states and he vows to make her come back to him on her own accord, becoming stronger and richer than the other boy. Years pass by and he’s now a successful CEO, still carrying the wounds of first love and her deep inside his heart.

The reason for their break-up? If you want to know… It’s dog-blood silly and twisted. After the jump. =P

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (56)

I thought this post will never see the light of day. Every time I thought I was done, I turned around and they held a conference, released new pictures and bts videos. Good stuff, but too many news to sort through!

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