Cdramas Airing This Week: Pegasus, Yong An Dream, Everyone Loves Me, Detective Chinatown 2, and more

Another week of dramas~

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Gorgeous stills of Republican fantasy drama, The Shadow, with Gao Wei Guang and Ouyang Nana

The Shadow (如月) is adapted from the novel written by Ni Luo, who is also the author for Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. Much to fans’ happiness, Gao Wei Guang is finally going to portray a vampire. Lol. A thousand years old vampire who is a famous business man. He angers the Japanese during a transaction and they send a group of assassins after him. During the chase, he’s rescued by our blind female lead (played by Ouyang Nana) and her friend (played by Dong Si Cheng). To repay her kindness, he searches for her and discovers her bad family situation, prompting his concern and protectiveness over her. The people behind the assassination join hand with a common enemy of his and promise to uncover the truth behind our male lead. What is it? That he likes blood? You want to volunteer your neck? I’m sure it will be classy – served in a wine cup. 😉

I was initially excited because Vengo will make a beautiful chiseled vampire, but he’s almost double the age of Nana. o.o Ottokee!

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The Great Lord with Roy Wang and Nana Ou Yang joins January broadcast madness

Such young leads! The Great Lord (大主宰) follows a young boy’s journey to greatness facing the dark forces. Roy Wang plays son of the Mu Chief. His mother’s mysterious background led her to abandon her family. Our hero promises to become strong and reunite with his mother. Along his journey, he saves a our heroine (Nana), and love blooms between the two youngsters.

Airing 1/30, today!

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C-Ent Updates: Love and Destiny, Awakening of Insects, Princess Silver, The Great Ruler, Eighteen Springs

Sorry for the lack of updates, the past week had been hard. T_T

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Friday Photoshoots: Shen Yue and Meteor Garden 2018 Boys, Chen Kun, Wallace Huo

Happy Weekend! It’s glacier cold in Boston tonight! Make sure you are warm and the faucets are leaking them water! Our pipes broke two years ago and it was not a fun time ~

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Movie Updates: A Better Tomorrow 2018, The Dreaming Man, Legends of The Demon Cat, Dunjia, Forever Young

Lots of movies to look forward to!

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