Wu Jin Yan becomes My Bargain Queen with Lin Geng Xin

My Bargain Queen (我的砍价女王) is an upcoming romcom with the focus on negotiation? I think that’s the word. The synopsis sounds pretty random. Our heroine and her fiancé are set to marry, but he jilts her on their engagement day. With anger and frustration, she directs those emotions on the poor hotel manager, our hero. At that very moment, she notices her talents in negotiating and sets out to open her own negotiating company. Lol. I really don’t see how the connection happened here. XD Naturally, her work puts her in contact frequently with our hero and the two gradually grow closer. But then his business goes awry thanks to business partner’s evil plan, and the ex-fiancé returns as hero’s sister’s boyfriend. 😒

Began airing 9/3~

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C-Ent Updates: The Thunder, Mermaid and Swordsman, Reignited Fire Over The Moon

When I finished gathering the news, I was like, a lot of cop shows coming up!

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Chen Xiang and Guo Xiao Ting lead A Step Into The Past 2017

I like how they say it’s airing in October and I look at the calendar….only 7 days left to go now, production team! Chen Xiang and Guo Xiao Ting will be leading the remake of Huang Yi’s novel, which was adapted in 2001 by TVB called A Step Into The Past; the new adaptation has a mouthful name…. A Legend of A Modern Man Gets Back to Qin Dynasty, the story follows a police officer as he travels back in time to the warring periods of China and gets involved in many historical events leading to the unification of China under the Qin dynasty.

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Wu Xin The Monster Killer 2 uses same themesong, Ying Er and Nicky Wu sing for My Ruby My Blood

Summer is a double-wedged sword when it comes to airing dramas. It’s good because ratings are generally higher due to students being off and tuning in to their favorite currently on air, but it’s also bad because every production wants to be the most talked and on top in the ratings game, leading to a division of audience views! Here are two more dramas that are scheduled to compete for your time this summer. Wu Xin The Monster Killer Season 2 and modern drama My Ruby My Blood with Nicky Wu and Ying Er.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (54)

Playing catchup for the hours we missed! =D

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Anhui TV Drama Awards 2016

Another award ceremony! The pair of the day is of course Miss Highness and Mr. Majesty. Live long and prosper! heeee! *wink wink

The whole show will air on 1/1/17.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (46)

News here and news there! Unstoppable industry!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (40)

New banner to celebrate batch 40!

Not much going on in dramaland but music land? Everyone and their grandmas decided to drop a single this past week. Lol. I keep on pushing this batch back and removing bullet points to make individual posts. It’s been…two weeks now? But yes, lots of news.

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