Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

These two American Tv Shows (along with The Big Bang Theory) are the only shows that I follow from week to week. If only an Asian drama could get me this excited on a weekly basis (still waiting for my crack.) These two shows are not without faults, but I enjoy them immensely despite one being cheesy (The Flash) and the other being dysfunctional (The Originals). What does that tell you? I love cheesy and crazy relationships! ๐Ÿ˜€

Will be adding my thoughts to the comment section as new episodes air so join me with your opinions!

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The Flash: an American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, airing on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds, who was created by Robert Kanigher, John Broome and Carmine Infantino. [Wiki]

Episode 12 Thoughts:

 photo The-Flash12-1.jpg photo The-Flash12-3.jpg
 photo The-Flash12-4.jpg photo The-Flash12-6.jpg
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 photo The-Flash12-11.jpg photo The-Flash12-10.jpg

  • The title of the episode says it all: Crazy For You. I love all the character bonding moments on this show!
  • Barry and Caitlin going to a bar in an attempt to move on from their lost/unrequited love. In the aftermath, Barry used his power to get rid of the evil black dress and stayed with drunk Caitlin until she fell asleep. SO CUTE. These two have amazing chemistry together, I already ship them together ever since that hug. How could anyone not FALL for Barry for the sweetest things he does. You can’t blame Caitlin, really.
  • Badass Cisco released Hartley out of prison and showed us that he has some moves on him. That body slam was AMAZEBALLS. I love this storyline, setting up Cisco as Hartley’s nemesis when these two will have similar powers in the future. And of course, his line: “How can you speak six languages and sound like a d*** in every one of them?” LOL.
  • Caitlin telling Cisco he did the right thing. Aww. I love their friendship and how they always care for one another.
  • Joe’s tipping off the guards so Barry could see and touch his falsely imprisoned father for the first time in years. ๐Ÿ™
  • Grant Gustin has amazing chemistry with the veteran actors. His moment with his dad got a tear out of me. Without saying it explicitly, HE KNOWS HE’S THE FLASH and he couldn’t bear not saying anything so he said the simplest thing: “Well, if The Flash were my son, I’d tell him a few things. First off, I’d tell him it’s a dangerous world, so be careful. Then I’d tell him he’s a hero. And he’s saving a lot of lives. But the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father’s proud of him.” Oh. The feels.
  • That last scene with the super intelligent Gorilla named Grodd was amazingly done. Like a scene out of a horror movie!

The Originals: A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries which centers around the Mikaelson siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt). The backdoor pilot, which aired on April 25, 2013, also revealed that the werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is pregnant with Klaus’ child and would therefore join the cast. The show begins with the original siblings returning to the city of New Orleans for the first time since 1919. Having originally built the city, they had been forced to flee from their vengeful father. In their absence, Klaus’ protรฉgรฉ, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), took charge of the city. Klaus resolves that they must take down Marcel and get back the city that once belonged to them. While doing that they must also protect everything that they have built from the war brewing between the vampires, werewolves and the witches. [Wiki]

Episode 12 Thoughts:

 photo The-Ori12-3.jpg photo The-Ori12-4.jpg
 photo The-Ori12-8.jpg photo The-Ori12-9.jpg
 photo The-Ori12-12.jpg photo The-Ori12-10.jpg

  • Freya made her appearance! And she’s frickin awesome! Love love love the fact that the sisters met first, kinda re-emphasized Rebekah’s quote: “Us Girls Sticking Together.” GO GIRLS POWER.
  • Crazy Finn finally figured out what his siblings try so hard to protect – Baby Hope is alive! The new actor playing Finn is crazily good, you could really feel his passion for the crazy things he’s doing.
  • Elijah had one scene this episode…. Tsk. Cami had none. YAY. Lol. I don’t know why but I just can’t connect to Cami as a character.
  • Finn cursed Kol and now he only has 3 days to live out his life. That is harsh. While I don’t mind the new Kol, he has lost of spontaneity and wild side in this new body.
  • The New Rebekah is doing one hell of a job to make missing Claire Holt easier. But I still prefer the original Bekah, because Claire plays Rebekah with that dash of vulnerability so well whether she’s being a badass vampire and or a freakin B****! You just can’t hate her. YOU CAN’T.

The Original airs every Mondays night, and The Flash airs every Tuesdays Night. Spazz away!

  1. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    heart in their eyes!! heart in their eyes!! forgot where i stole these gifs from. lol.

  2. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Hallelujah! We finally brush topics in-depth for US shows, and maybe UK shows in the near future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m getting so excited right now.

  3. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    hahha The gifs give new meanings to “hearts in their eyes” indeed. Our Caitlin is developing a crush on Barry. I feel it from Barry too but not as strongly. I know that in the comics, he ends up with someone else but it doesn’t mean the writers can’t explore these two in the TV adaptation. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The cast were retweeting this cartoon on twitter. ADORABLE.

    Keane, hopefully, we have more hours to do show. I need to check out more shows!

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      hahah this cartoon is the cutest thing ever!! that was a lovely dress on her, showcase her healthy long legs really well. i didnt know how tall she is until she stood next to Iris. XD

  4. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    I love Cisco! My favorite Barry moments are when he’s interacting with Joe because I just find the adoptive father-son relationship very touching.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)


      Joe is adorbs!

  5. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    OMG! Besides asian drama I do watch The Flash too!!! I used to watch Arrow but lately it’s been too gloomy and angsty for me. And the fact you shipped Caitlin and Barry together, you guys are officially awesome!!! Like you don’t know how much I have to tell people on tumblr that these two have chemistry.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      If they don’t see it, then they don’t see it. It’s obvious the writers see/feel it too and they might just explore this couple in the future. Who knows! Just spazz with us! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Can’t wait for tomorrow:

  6. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    I actually like Felicity crush on Barry, its cute, too bad they on different series and different city. But SnowBarry cutee too. Enjoy this show.

    Btw, UK series “Orphan Black” was great!! Waiting for season 3.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Opps I mean Canadian series ๐Ÿ˜€

      You girls should try Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is awesome!

      • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

        have heard of this show. good thing it has two seasons, if its good, i will marathon it!

      • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

        Its a miniseries with 1 season only about 10 eps. The plot is so great and the characters are freaking amazing! Waiting you to join #CloneClub

  7. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    @momo, yes!! felicity is cute and i was so happy when they kissed!! barry finally got some actions!!

    anyway, the ORIGINAL EP. 13 is AWESOME TONIGHT. OMG!!! the siblings working together to defeat evil finn!!! we have elijah being a badass again!! BABY HOPE KNOWS HOW TO DO MAGIC??? WHAT!!! she’s awesome. i thought that freya stopped the car and was gonna jump out of the woods to steal the baby. LOL!!

    kol, bekah, and klaus team = so sweet.

  8. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Felicity is awesomesauce, girl can create sparks WITH ANYONE. There will be another cross-over so I’m super happy!

    Frea, OMG!! I was thinking of the same thing when the car stopped! Such an action-packed episode!

    What I liked in Episode 13 of The Originals:
    – Klaus, Bekah, and Kol. I think this is the episode I finally felt bad for Kol as a sibling in his family. All the anger, conflicts, and tears came out really well. Klaus was so fierce in his protection of Hope and the trust he finally gave to Kol! Baby Daddy doesn’t even know his little girl can protect herself so well.
    – This episode again emphasized how menacing Elijah is. With Klaus, you know when he’s gonna do something bad, but Elijah has this eerie calmness before the storm. The explosion took my breath away! Did Finn really die? Or did Freya save him? I don’t want him to die because it was kinda heart-breaking seeing him with Freya again after a thousand years. The only sibling he ever loved and the memories he carries around from centuries to the next.
    – Could Dahlia pretend to be Freya to find Hope? That’s one scary theory of mine. I remember how they said that the baby’s existence can put an end to all the witches which means Hope is pretty powerful.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      @LOL at baby hope’s barbecued comment!! she looks so innocent and all…that wicked baby!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Me three! I was like, oh noooooo! But then, Hope is soo powerful n she’s adorbs. Look forward to this new addition of the storyline BTW, love the captions HAHA.

      Just caught with The Flash yesterday and it was fulfilling, finally something about Nora’s case. Being reading alot theories n I hope there’s more to it in the next episode. Time to unravel!!!!!!

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Funny Captain. That baby is so cute with her innocent face.

      I want to see Klaus’ face when he finds out his daughter is this powerful. LOL

  9. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    the flash was awesome last night!! that nuclear explosion was well done.

    and now im shipping caitlin with ronnie. man! he’s kind, handsome, selfless, and has a great body!!! LOL

    someone spazz with me!! i know kappy is working so she’ll be here late!

    is it too early to rejoice that wells is not one of the blood’s samples? wehew!

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Was wellscgobna kill Ronnie with the gun if caitlin hadnt been so adamant!!?? I swear this guy….is he good or bad??

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Sorry, had work and got home late. TIRED.

      This episode is another solid one for me!

      – Cisco’s adamant defense of Dr. Wells against Joe’s accusation. Aww.
      – Joe’s threat to shoot Barry if he changed his clothes one more time. LOL.
      – We didn’t have villain of the week and instead focused on developing a forlorn character!
      – Firestorm’s effects had me squealing non-stop. He looks so cool and hot at the same time.
      – Caitlin’s kiss with Ronnie gave me so much feels, I couldn’t handle them all. Would be a heartbreaking love triangle if there ever was one!
      – I’m both excited and worried for Barry about Linda Park. The good thing is her forwardness pushes Barry to put down his foot and be more proactive….the bad thing is she’s faster than him…in relationships. ๐Ÿ˜›
      – Iris continues to spiral downwards…. virtually nothing interesting when she’s on my screen. Sigh~
      – Dr. Wells, to me, is the most compelling and ambiguous character on TV right now. If you watch interviews of the cast, you would never guess that the actor, Tom Cavanagh, could pull off such duality on tv since he’s such a GOOF BALL in real life! I swear at 51, I still find him sexy…… Is it weird?!!

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Do you guys think that Wells is Future Barry at all?

  10. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Sneak Peaks!!

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      hahaha!! I love the twist that Stein and Ronnie do not get along! Their banter is gonna be hilarious. If only we could keep both around for a few episodes! I’m not sure if Wells is future Barry… That would be scary… also meaning Future Barry kills and schemes like a true villain…. =/

      Now I’m starting to feel that Jackson has a motive with all these tribes joining his… Hmmm

  11. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Episode 14 of The Originals:

    – Such a sad episode.
    – The wedding was shot beautifully and the orchestra made everything flow like water.
    – I think Hope is a highly trained actress! What’s with all the giggling and when he gave Jackson a handshake??!!
    – Elijah’s one man tear… I wonder if he was gonna say I love you to her on her wedding day… Doesn’t sound like the noble stag. X)
    – Kol’s second death. The producer doesn’t like him now do they? At least this time he died in the arms of his family. His words… “All my life, all I ever wanted was… you lot to care about me.” Poor thing! I wish we had more scenes with Beks and Kol since both were closest in age and are likely closer than we have seen.
    – Freya saving Finn. KNEW IT.
    – 3 weeks BREAK? WHAT THE HELL. ๐Ÿ™

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)


      Kols death…. was so sad. But no one dies on this show…permanently anyway. Lol.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Yep. Imagine my dark face when I heard it. I had no energy to write my thoughts for this episode even. A MONTH??!! HEAVENS!!

  12. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhh curse you CW. Supernatural, arrow, and flash are off for a while >< I like the flash's contrast with the arrow since they aired tuesday/wednesday with one being light hearted-ish and the other all "you've failed the city like all the time" and it really helps with the latest episodes in which I can barely watch the arrow with the insufferable laurel and honestly felicity's extreme-ness when it came to oliver/superman-I-mean-the-atom. But back to the flash… I'm glad Barry is getting over Iris but I honestly don't see him with Caitlyn. Like they seem too good for that. Besties without romance nonsense because tv romance ruins lives. Once Dr.Wells revels he's the antagonist I hope Joe lives. I keep feeling that Joe will die… because story building.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      “Tv Romances ruin lives.” PREACH IT. I’ve been ruined. They are just so cute, so I don’t mind if they play with the idea.

      I have a deadly feeling that Joe might die too but maybe not too soon…!! ๐Ÿ™

  13. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)


    It will be crazy if Dahlia comes and takes NewBekah onto her side…. since both are evil and use kids to enhance their power. How twisted would that be! Next episode is amazing….April 6th. THE HELL!!

  14. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    episode 15 of the flash is CRAZY!!!! omg….

    and then silly barry has to time travel and undo everything….i almost had a heart attack when wells killed cisco…..!!

    iris seriously needs a lesson on how to be a girlfriend and a friend. who does that wipe ketchup off of someone else’s boyfriend. i don’t even do that with my close male friends and we are THISCLOSE to each other. it’s a move done to superiorly shows she’s closer to him than linda in front of her face. linda got slapped! LOL

    the chief police saved joe…. WOW. unexpected. ididn’t like him before but wow.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Tell me about it! My ovaries are still burning from the last 10 minutes!

      The ultimate scene for me was Cisco’s heartbreaking discovery about his mentor….His tears. I seriously thought Wells was gonna chop him in half with his vibrating hand! In the comic, Wells is from the 25th century, no wonder he said, “But to me you’ve been dead for centuries…” I thought Caitlin would be next….

      – Does anyone else think there’s another RF in this time line? How else would they explain RF fighting Flash in episode 9 and simultaneously being treated by Star labs team after getting beat up by RF?
      – I died laughing (on rewatch) that Joe’s left hand was free and he could have peeled the tape off if he wanted to talk… Lol… He did use the binoculars.
      – I know Wells a villain but I can’t hate him….. They need to somehow keep Tom on board!! CISCO HAS TO LIVE NO MATTER WHAT.

      Rest of the Season TRAILER! Spoilers ALERT!

  15. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    OMG!!! TWO-WEEK BREAK AGAIN! WHAT THE HECK!!! They want me to wait after showing that TRAILER AT THE END?!! MIND = BLOWN.

    —-> Episode 17:
    – Harrison Wells real story was so sad. He was a good guy and now his face is being used for bad.
    – Barry broke down scene in the pipeline, “I can’t lose my dad…” *tears*
    – Trickster’s I AM YOUR FATHER. Stars wars Ref! LOL. He took his time too. hehe.
    – Caitlin offering Henry a hug. SO SWEET.
    – Is it possible to keep Harrison Wells for next season cause I can’t imagine not having him. T_T

    At least The Originals return next week. These two show take turn to go on break….

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Omg!! Are they gonna kill cisco again in the new trailer!!?? Looks like the prisoners broke out too!!! Im so excited but then another break!!! At least the originals is back next week!!

      • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

        I think Barry get to him this time because at one point, you see Cisco, Caitlin and Joe in the same room with Barry telling Wells to come out.

        YEP! The prisoners will break out!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Who’s gonna save Team Flash!?

  16. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    I watched the originals last last week. And I FREAKIN LOVE IT. And then I started Vampire Diaries and really really ugh feeling. Cause the everyone is a jerk. Finished 3 seasons so far… I wished I only watched the Originals though. Although it is funny seeing Ellijah’s original hair. I have a backlog of drama to finish as usual its just…none of them drive me crazy and then I forget to watch them weekly and etc. Can’t wait for tonight’s Flash although I feel like it’ll be a disaster cause Wells is crazy scary.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      dahlia’s story this week broke my heart a little….esther was so cruel. how could she fall in love with the man who slaughtered their village? that’s just horrible.

      stupid klaus and his ridiculous alignment with dahlia to take on his siblings and kill hayley!!! kill the baby’s mother? what a horrible father – no wonder why she doesn’t want to stay with you, you killer!!

      he should’ve stayed daggered longer. ROFL.

      i need to watch the flash tonight!! looks good!!

      • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

        Eh…I have developed a strong…distaste for witches regardless of their origin. I guess I’m racist. I think esther just developed stockholm syndrome and also she didn’t seem to be the brightest person. I mean before mikael became very devoted to niklaus, he seemed a decent father but grew crazier with the loss of freya and nik’s different nature didn’t help. And then Nik causing Henrik’s death and him being a hybrid really just..pushes him over. Of course, I’m not justifying Mikael’s torture of Nik, just… Esther…is…pretty twisted. And I don’t know if Mikael was part of the kidnapping, wiki says they met differently. Honestly I think Dahlia is just putting herself in a darker perspective of betrayal and self-sacrifice to snag Niklaus. I really hope and think Nik is using her like he always does. But that doesn’t make him better.

        I really want to like Nik but he keeps on doing things that really really really destroys him. I guess that’s why I love Elijah because that’s how I feel. Although sometimes its Rebekkah. And the whole love… trident is weird.

        Going to watch Flash in the morning…I honestly don’t care about anyone unless its Joe. He seems too much of a target for tragic death for story ><

  17. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Oh, I have neglected this post!

    Episode 20 of The Originals: The writers keep on playing push-and-pull with Klaus’ character… He would be making 20 steps forward only to be backing 40 steps. When he kills Mikael, I was very sad for Freya for inexplicable reason. I do hope all the killing next episode is for show only and he will bite Dahlia in the back in the last second. I was SO SAD he was daggered for only a few scenes… Dude deserves a century! LOL.

    The New Rebekah is disappointing to me…she has becoming like Cami – offering no use at all. =/ I want Claire back in her invincible body.

    Episode 20 of the Flash! That last scene with Wells revealing his hatred for Barry. I wonder what he means when he said “the man you will become…” doesn’t sound like a great man…

    Wells is so freakin smart! All along, I thought it would be fake Cisco…but it was Fake Wells in the confession scene.

    I hope they find a way to keep Tom Cavanagh around because he’s magnificent.

    • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

      Klaus… so self-destructive but likeable (somehow?) As for Wells… honestly, I didn’t like him at the start. He just seemed so secretive and then the audience finds out various things like the secret room or that he can walk or that he’s the reverse flash. But after that, somehow, its painful to watch him and Barry as Barry’s suspicions grow. Wells seems to genuinely enjoy coaching Barry and supporting him even though he hates the future Barry or alternate universe future Barry. I really hoped he gave up the idea of killing Barry but…I guess not. I don’t think they will be able to keep Tom Cavanagh around because now that he’s known as the reverse flash AND kidnapped Detective Thawne. He might change have to change his identity because his speedforce is running out according to an earlier episode I think.

      • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

        Yep! Most of the time, I like Niklaus, it’s when he flaunts his power over his siblings that irritates me.

        His secretive and duality is why he’s intriguing to me. Tom plays it so well that when he guides and instructs Barry and the team, I have no doubt about his intentions, until it’s revealed later, he’s not a good guy. He makes the moments genuine, it’s an amazing talent for any actor to possess.

        • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

          DAMNIT KLAUS! (and the originals in general) why won’t you let me hate you? I really really really hated you after last night’s episode. Like point of no return. But nooooo… *sigh* On the other hand, I think the worst people in the show are witches. Saying they’re oppressed or hunted but they have caused the most damage on a wide scale level compared to werewolves and vampires. And Davina…I wish she would die. Honestly, I never liked her since the start and her increasing teenage inspired misplaced hatred along with her equally increasing power is going to be the most difficult/tiring period for me to watch. I could probably rant about her for a while…

          There’s only like 3 episodes left for this season of flash o_o

        • 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

          Last night’s episode was brutal. He got back to all his siblings and Marcel! I get it….I get that Klaus had to sell the convincing act but killing Gia was crossing the line. I don’t care for her, to be honest, but just when Elijah formed some kind of attachment to a woman, his brother makes sure the ending game is death. T_T That will not sit well with Elijah in the finale and I’m totally with him. Moreover, Klaus enjoys the killing too much, his constant smirks….

          Same here…regarding our little witch. She didn’t have a story arc all season and all of a sudden, a witch regent?

          BUT HELL. CLAIRE HOLT IS BACK FOR THE FINALE!!! She is actually the only female on the show I care about!

  18. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    Yay for Claire! I read somewhere she was written out due to her contracted # of episodes and that she misses being home. I am glad they managed to keep her in the story in a clever manner.

    I reallly am vexed with Iris. Like why is she so entitled? Ugh why do characters always do this! They escalate being kept in the dark into betrayal. (Klaus is the king of this; daggers for everyone~ at least he doesn’t mope around). Also, she is somehow now an amazing detective. I guess I just slowly disliked her each episode. She moves on, gets a career and boyfriend, barely having time for Barry and still expects him to be there. To stay the same. -_- but the cliff hanger!!

  19. 45 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

    yay!! saw claire in the preview! shes back!! but someone will die in the finale…im scared it might be her again…since she has a new show and stuff. T_T

    last night episode of the flash was mostly a filler. how smart is wells, his hideout is UNDER the particle accelerator!! lols. poor eddie….when he learns that iris marries barry….his face.

    i literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD and SHOOK MY HEAD when Iris soothing voice snapped barrys out of the gorilla’s genius power. OMG. so cliche and cheesy. is that gonna be her role or something??!! she knows nothing about science to help them even….i swear the romance in the Flash is the weakest part!

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