First Impression: What do you think of The Legend of Dugu with Hu Bing Qing and Zhang Dan Feng?

And another major drama begins airing! The Legend of Dugu with Hu Bing Qing and Zhang Dan Feng airs online at Tencent, Wednesdays – Fridays, 2 episodes per day. Another adaptation of the same story is Queen Dugu with Chen Qiao En and Chen Xiao, with no air date yet.

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First Impression: What do you think of Wallace Chung and Maggie Jiang’s Memories of Love (Yi Lu Fan Hua Xiang Song)?

Who’s the luckiest girl in dramaland right now? Maggie Jiang! Being romanced by Jin Dong in Mr. Right, and now Wallace Chung and Aaron Yan in Memories of Love. Mr. Right had a solid run with great ratings, which left the hot seat for MOL to do well to maintain that high. It airs 2 episodes every day, except for the weekends, one episode each day.

If you’re watching, let other fans know of your thoughts!

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First Impression: What do you think of Xing Zhao Lin’s Can Not Hug You?

Trying a new feature since I see fans always asking is this or that drama worth checking out? If you’re watching the new modern vampire drama Can Not Hug You with Xing Zhao Lin and Zhang Yu Xi, let us what you think: the goods and the bads! It begins airing today 11/20.

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A Love So Beautiful: Episode 1 RECAP “Dear Jiang Chen.”

I have never wanted to be in detention this bad. I was a goody two-shoes in school so I never had that bonding session in detention after school before! It looks adorable!

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The Starry Night The Starry Sea Second: Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

It’s here! I only found out about this drama a week ago but let me tell you, it was a very long week lol I’m fairly new to Chinese Dramas. I was browsing an Asian drama website looking for a new Korean drama to watch when I happened upon Ice Fantasy. I devoured it. Thus started my budding crush on Feng Shao Feng. Of course it was only natural that I waited in anticipation for his next drama The Starry Night The Starry Sea, and now here I am waiting and watching The Starry Night The Starry Sea 2. The fall into Chinese Drama junky is a slow and steady one.

I have to say, one of the things that first drew me to The Starry Night The Starry Sea (besides Feng Shao Feng) was that the story was not about a mermaid but a merman. I would say that 99% of stories about merpeople are focused on a female. Be it the American industry such as the movies The Little Mermaid and Splash or the international industry such as the Korean dramas Legend of the Blue Sea and Surplus Princess. So the fact that this drama focused on a merman was immediately intriguing. Ok, enough chatter, let’s get this review started.

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While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 1 – 8 “Adorable characters!”

Am I dreaming?! I have time for a drama! Columbus day, thank-you! Great characters in that they are not what they appear to be at first. Some people need time to groove into your dance and show you their best side. Patience is a virtue! 😉

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The Perfect Match: Series Summary (Tdrama, 2017)

Hello Everyone! Long time no see~~ I am back after being in hiding for a few months haha. I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten me already… 😀

Anyways, I decided to hit up Taiwanese drama: The Perfect Match, and do a series summary >.< This drama took extremely long to air, and finally finished airing on July 28th. The series was originally intended to have only 16, but for some reason was extended to 22.

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