Qin Jun Jie and Yuan Bing Yan fight fluidly in the rain for Listening Snow Tower

For a drama about an assassination organization, the stills and even the first peek of the leads in motion are so elegant. Lol.

Trailer is also released!

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First Impression: What do you think of Yang Zi and Deng Lun’s Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost?

I forgot this aired on 8/2!

Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost is also known as Ashes of Love as the English title.

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Drama Updates: Go Go Squid, Novoland: Eagle Flag, Never Say Goodbye, Find Yourself, Young Blood, Accidentally In Love

Making up for the past few days.

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First Impression: What do you think of Li Yi Tong’s Bloody Romance?

As I have mentioned before, the promotional materials of this drama caught my attention! Bloody Romance (媚者无疆) is adapted from the novel written by Ban Ming Ban Mei and stars Li Yi Tong, Qu Chu Xiao, and Puff Kuo. Our heroine is sold to a brothel at the tender age of 16 where she’s tortured, assaulted, and treated like crap until she’s rescued and sent to a mysterious place. There she’s trained to become a top assassin!

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Yang Yang’s Martial Universe is set to broadcast in August 2018

Another big production coming to your summer viewing plate! Adapted from a xianxia novel Wu Dong Qian Kun (武动乾坤) written by Tian Can Tu Dou, Martial Universe has a gorgeous cast of Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai, Wang Li Kun, Wu Chun, and Chen Xiao Long. Slotted to air on 8/7!

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