Yang Yang sports new look for modern military drama, Te Zhan Rong Yao

Looking good! I promptly forgot about this drama in my last update. Lol. Yang Yang is headlining a new drama about the military, hoping to bring into light the lives of military men. Yang Yang’s character has a special ability and joins the military to gain his father’s approval. His talents astonish many people and also gain him side-eye from one of the leaders and he’s then assigned to be on the support/back up team. Who would have thought that the support team is packed with talented people hiding their skills. He works hard and is then assigned to a special armed team (forgive me, I don’t know the technical terms). But during a mission, our young, ambitious male lead chooses heroism over teamwork and thus begins a journey of humility and realization about the true meaning of camaraderie.

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Updates: Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s The Greatest Craftsman, Janice Wu’s Black Lighthouse, Xing Zhao Lin’s Blowing In The Wind

Happy Friday!! I’m so happy! Even though I have work this weekend. xD

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Angelababy, Deng Lun, and Zhu Yi Long in Rome for My True Friend

Too pretty. The leads for this drama is too pretty! Oy, Zhu Yi Long, let’s make this the last drama you play second fiddle keke? He even plays the piano in here! BAHHHH.

My True Friend is a modern drama about two Real Estate Brokers who just graduated and are entering the workforce. Through helping others finding their dream homes and witnessing what a home is called to many people, they are enlightened about true human goodness. The new teaser is basically a commercial for Rome Tourism. LOL. Is that a new trend for trailers? Long CF?

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Xing Zhao Lin reunites with Liang Jie in Fated to Love You remake, You Are My Destiny

What’s so remarkable about this story that we need another remake? I don’t know. I never managed to finish the series. Lol. BUT Kappy’s mom is a die-hard fan of the original Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You with Chen Qiao En and Ethan Juan.

The remake reunites The Eternal Love‘s OTP, Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie, and the new title is You Are My Destiny.

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Cdrama Updates: Breaking Dawn, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Young Blood Agency, Hope All Is Well With Us

Seems like there’s a new drama airing every day for the month of April. Lol. Take your pick! The modern dramas look pretty adorable lately. xD

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First peek at Love and Destiny with Ni Ni and Chang Chen

Just came back from my trip to Key West! A few things to catch up on. Firstly is the ancient drama, Love and Destiny, that is unrelated to the franchise Three Lives Three Worlds but is helmed by the same director/team of the megahit with Yang Mi and Mark Zhao two years ago. The visual works is stunning! Together with Ni Ni and Chang Chen, this is not the drama to be missed (visual wise). The two movie stars are also in an upcoming movie called Savages.

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