Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

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Still enjoying this drama even if the tonal shifts are jarring at times. For a serious genre, with life and death at stakes, Line Walker befuddles me in its embrace of comedy and happy-go-lucky tunes from time to time, sometimes within seconds of a dramatic scene. I guess even moles need breaks too. Anyway, as Hong Kong dramas air at rapid speed with five episodes a week, it’s hard for me to keep up with recaps so I decided on an alternative – this discussion post! So please join me as we guess and recover the last undercover agent (UC) and the big bad wolf in the police force. You can find this post under the discussion corner tab on the right hand corner of this website!

Please refrain from posting spoilers of the identities of the big wolf/last mole if you’ve read it beforehand in TVB magazines. At least wait until it is revealed in the episodes. Other than that, nothing is restricted!

UPDATED (9/25/14): Episode 16-20 Summary.

I am sometime slow in typing up my summaries/comments (I didn’t even do my Picture Commentary!), so don’t worry, when I encoded the videos, I have watched the episodes.

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Episode 6:

  • Siu Ka (Charmaine Sheh) intercepts Flounder’s succeeding the Master Chair of Hung Ying on behalf of Foon Hei (Benz Hui). No longer interested in running illegal bookmaking, Foon Hei wants a steadier income and promises the elder members that if they voted for him, he would make sure everyone earns huge amounts of cash. Case is closed and Foon Hei becomes the big boss of Hung Ying.
  • Flounder is rightfully angry and Siu Ka runs after him to apologize for her audacity – she only did it for the sake of her three mothers. Not a forgiving person, Flounder laughs manically, raises his hand and strikes down, but Bao Seed sees the key in his grip and shields Siu Ka from the weapon, earning himself a red, burning cut across his pretty cheek. YO! That wound better heal or I’m going after yo head! Later, Siu Ka takes the shard glasses out of his back after he’s pushed by Flounder into the waste baskets. The funny thing is she tries to divert his attention away from the pain by moaning out these sexual groans! Oh gosh. Bao Seed laughs his head off.
  • Now that he isn’t the big boss anymore, Flounder decides to play nice with Foon Hei when the latter offers 20 percent of Pui Man (his new investment company)’s shares to Flounder. Elated, the former shakes hand and plays tea party….for now. Our undercover agents report as much to Cheuk Sir.

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Episode 7:

  • While partying with Flounder under Foon Hei’s orders, poor Kobe runs into his ex-girlfriend, Ah Yan, allowing her to see him kissing the girls and polluting the air with his nasty presence.
  • Is Cheuk Sir creepy or not? He bugs Ah Yan’s phone and house, including her sister’s house. We meet Mok Sin Ching (Elena Kong), an obedient and submissive wife who is currently being physically abused by her bastard husband. Cheuk Sir hears the smashing and slapping going on, but he can’t help and therefore feels helpless.
  • Foon Hei tricks Flounder, leaving the latter homeless and on the run. Whoever finds him is heavily rewarded. This leads Bao Seed meeting with Cheuk Sir when the two try to capture Flounder – for different reasons of course.

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Episode 8:

  • This begins with episode 7’s cliff hanger, Cheuk Sir notices Bao Seed’s nimble hands in handling a gun and suspects that he’s also an undercover agent, planted by Flounder’s side. With Flounder’s death, he rises to the former’s position, with a new leather jacket to signify his power! hehe.
  • Cheuk Sir asks Siu Ka and Kobe to test Bao Seed but their tests are always interrupted.
  • Cheuk Sir coincidentally sees Sin Ching at the hospital and his eyes squeeze tight with anger and sympathy when her face is covered with new and old wounds. He needs to do something. Including becoming her new chef teacher to get close to her. This isn’t creepy right? Because his intention is noble and righteous?

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Episode 9:

  • Foon Hei tells his followers his latest crazed investment – drugs.
  • Cheuk Sir confronts Sin Ching’s husband and asks the beaten woman to report her husband but she shoos him away. Wow. Elena is quite captivating and convincing as the battered wife, no? Just look at that meekness in her face! And the messy hair! And the huge eye bags!
  • Kobe sees Ah Yan in a wedding dress with her current boyfriend – Yip Sir, and his emotions come running out in all directions. He wants to be reinstated immediately because he can’t lose Ah Yan. Not a second time. Cheuk Sir relents for a moment before explaining the consequences of his action – would Foon Hei let him and Ah Yan live happily ever after? The only thing to do is to nail Foon Hei as quickly as possible.
  • Bao Seed’s first drug assignment is to steal drugs from one man, letting the said man think that his current enemy stole it. Cue an hilarious sequence where Bao Seed and Siu Ka deal with a hungry rottweiler in a dog’s shelter, after retrieving the drugs. Siu Ka falls and her butt kisses two nails on a wooden piece. LOL Raymond is totally enjoying Charmaine’s screaming in the background. Like a gentleman (after the laughing), he wraps his sweater around her butt and the close proximity gives rise to Siu Ka’s pink cheeks. Someone’s in love!

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Episode 10:

  • Bao Seed confirmed as the 3rd Undercover agent. The other undercover agents don’t know of this yet. Turns out the beggar, Ah Lok, that Bao seed is seen helping several times in the past episodes became that way because he was shot in the head when Bao Seed’s previous gangster Boss beat the two up and shot Ah Lok in the head.
  • Another undercover agent revealed? The girl working in the ICAC team under Ah Yan. She’s Ada Tse On Yee (Skye Chan). But isn’t that weird though cause the original handler erased her profile, or did he also create a second, fake profile for her? Confused.
  • Kobe and Siu Ka investigate their handler, Cheuk Sir. If he was clean, why would the ICAC opens a file for him? But they find nothing and Kobe warns Siu Ka to be careful of both Bao Seed and Cheuk Sir, as he doesn’t want to lose a valuable partner. Aw. I just love the camaraderie in this drama!
  • Siu Ka tags along Bao Seed while he’s carrying out Foon Hei’s orders to supply drugs to a big shot. But the big shot rolls up a bill and points to Siu Ka, wanting her to sniff the drugs and prove its authenticity. With his insistence and Siu Ka’s refusal, Bao Seed sniffs the drugs and undergoes temporary hallucinations. Before they head out, the real boss, a beautiful woman who goes by the name On Lam, introduces herself in her sexy deep blue dress. Wow. A sexy actress in TVB? I googled and her name is Ankie Beilke. What a sexy vixen!
  • Intense scene ahead after Bao Seed wobbles down the hallway and Siu Ka helps him inside a suite and douses him with water to wake him up. When that temporarily relieves the drug effects, he crawls outside and asks Siu Ka to inject him with something (I don’t know what?) She shrills that she doesn’t know how to but when he starts seizing uncontrollably, she has no choice but to stab him in the chest with the needle. She continues to scream and sob simultaneously until he exhales a big breath and regains a somewhat normal breathing pattern. They spend the night in each other’s arms to keep warm because a fancy hotel’s blanket CAN NEVER BE COMPARED TO HUMAN FLESH! 😀
  • In the morning, the drama dives right back into its comical tone. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • So who do you think is the last UC and the big bad cop?

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Episode 11:

  • Ah Yan pretends that her sister is in debt and lets Kobe listen into her fake conversation in order to get his attention. Of course, our lovesick puppy responds immediately with a check sent to her mailbox. Mind sending me a check too, buddy rich rich? Playing the part of a righteous madam, she refuses the check and exactly like he’s done in the past, Kobe gives her two stock numbers – she can choose to buy them or not. She “bought” them her sister’s money problem is solved, and now they can become friends again. She continues to play the fake game and is let inside his home once. While he’s changing, she copies files on his desktop onto a USB. The plan later backfires – instead of finding relevant information about Cheuk Sir and their dealings – she finds a folder of their (his and her) past photos… Then she bumps into the star lamp she wanted in his condo too. She cries thinking about their wonderful past.
  • Foon Hei devises a test to see who’s on his side and who’s not. The scariest thing he says, “Perhaps there’s more one than mole.” EEEK!! And he has worked in the CIB before! CRAP!
  • He divides his followers into three 2-men team and tells them to pick up the bags of drugs at different parts of a mall. Of course, the drugs are just flour. He wants to know who will report this transaction to the police.

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Episode 12:

  • Such a crazy beginning! Now that we have one of the bad guys (picture above, threatened by Kobe) accidentally knowing the identity of all three undercover agents, this is like a ticking time bomb! Why are you guys so reckless! Especially Kobe! Shouldn’t he be more cautious of the cunning Foon Hei to know that this is a test?!
  • The four UCs are united and Cheuk Sir’s reputation is cleared by Ada, so now Kobe and co. can’t doubt his integrity and intention anymore.
  • Turns out the sexy beautiful On Lam (Ankie Beilke) works for her adopted dad, Shung Kam (Cheung Kwok Keung) and they are planning to revenge against Foon Hei for the betrayal five years ago. Foon Hei back-stabbed him, took the $500M worth of drugs, and even killed his wife and daughter.
  • Cheuk Sir poking his nose into Sin Ching’s business once again. Believing that he’s changed for the better, Sin Ching loans the house and her savings to her lying husband, just to be shown by Cheuk Sir that her husband is cheating on her and planning to elope with his new woman. Sigh.

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Episode 13:

  • Sin Ching slaps Cheuk Sir several times when he stops her from going deeper into the ocean. She yells at him for being a nosy busybody – she didn’t need and want to know what a bastard her husband is – she was happy being a stupid wife (WTH?) because he was the first man she dated and married. She believed that he’d change once he’s happier at work. I can’t believe she was a prosecutor before marrying and becoming a meek housewife! In only 3 years!!? That’s quite unbelievable for someone so high and probably proud to be doing. Should take longer for someone to become the way she is… taking abuse left and right.
  • Ah Yan wants to postpone the wedding with Yip Sir. He’s not happy and tries to wiggle his way in unsuccessfully. Poor dude, he looks likes a decent boyfriend.
  • On a lighter note, isn’t it hilarious that while many of us are deathly creeped out by Foon Hei, but he’s getting love calls from Siu Ka’s mothers? What’s more surprising is that Mama Rose actually recognizes him as the handsome cop with a scar running down the corner of his eye who saved her thirty years ago and changed her life with his inspirational speech.
  • Charmaine chose the best role in this drama! She has chemistry with everyone and it’s adorable how we always get scenes with her and her sweeter-than-sugar three mothers, who are all in love with Foon Hei at the moment. This ought to be fun when they figure it out.
  • Poor On Lam, she has one episode when her thirst for drugs takes over and she thinks Bao Seed is her godfather and pleadingly asks for some drugs. Bao Seed has no choice but takes out a secret stack to relieve her withdrawal symptoms. She then kisses him but he refuses the seduction and carries her inside his room. She sleeps peacefully until the next morning. Aww, waking up to see Raymond Lam’s face ain’t too shabby now. But poor Little Raymond, he has to endure the repercussion of Big Raymond not answering Siu Ka’s calls. LOL.

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Episode 14:

  • After being piloted away on a car by her crazy husband, Sin Ching is tied to the passenger’s side with Cheuk Sir chasing relentlessly behind them. To stop the van, he faces it head on in the opposite direction and flings himself off of the motorcycle, crashing his head on the sidewalk as a result. When he slowly regains consciousness, he trudges towards the flaming van, while Sin Ching witnesses the nature of her nasty husband as he crawls his way out of the car window, leaving her trapped behind… Such a heartbreaking scene. The man she has loved all her life runs away from her, while the man she barely knew limps towards her with a bloody head.
  • OMG CHEUK SIR!! I LOVE YOU!! Michael Miu’s wife is one lucky woman. This man is still in good shape! 🙂
  • Ouch. To be a triad boss and to hear his own son saying that he hates all bad guys and wants to be a policeman when he grows up, must be a harsh slap to Foon Hei’s face.
  • Yip Sir trying to kill Kobe (after seeing his passionate kiss with Ah Yan after the explosion) but is stopped by Foon Hei and his body guard. Dude, I take back my nice boyfriend comment, he’s a psycho! Turns out Yip Sir is part of the big bad team in the police force; he and Foon Hei are working under a mysterious man called Mr. Song. The current mission is to get rid of On Lam and her adopted father.

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Episode 15:

  • Ada reveals that she is Hong Sir’s lover but due to their work status, they didn’t spend that much time together.
  • A big event with three sides involved – Chum Foon Hei selling drugs to old enemy, Shung Kam, with Yip Sir and Cheuk Sir both monitoring the transaction not far from the location.
  • Yir Sir plays hanky panky with the channel that the whole police force is using to listen and communicate with each other about the operation, including the ones between Cheuk Sir and his UCs, and then asks his subordinate to use a different channel since this one has been compromised.
  • With Shung Kam hiring a bunch of Thai mercenaries, the SDU guys (If only we have a cross-over with our Tiger Cubs boys) are called on sight to seize the goods, and if met with resistance, killing is necessary. CRAP!
  • But before the SDU arrive, the thai mercenaries are already at the scene, shooting to kill, including On Lam and her people, along with Bao Seed and Siu Ka. On the other side, Foon Hei finds himself in a grave situation with one of his underlings being a mole placed by Shung Kam, now pointing a gun at this head, and marking Shung Kam’s appearance at the warehouse.
  • Geez! Now that the SDU guys are here, they get into a shooting battle with the Thai mercenaries, leaving Bao Seed and Siu Ka in shock because they belatedly figure that they have to run away from the cops too. LOL (somehow this is funny.)
  • Foon Hei turns the table around on his old Foe using a hacking trick so that no money was desposited into Shung Kam’s bank account. And now he can’t kill Foon Hei.
  • Dang, Foon Hei is wicked smart. With him working with Yip Sir, he knows exactly when to detonate the bombs, giving himself free time to get away, and letting the cops deal with Shung Kam and his underlings. But revenge drives Shung Kam and he chases after Foon Hei, Kobe, and his bodyguard. With the bodyguard shot and knocked unconscious, Yip Sir spies from another building and shoots Shung Kam, then he moves to the next target – KOBE!! Fortunately, when Yip Sir shot Shung Kam, he reveals his location and Cheuk Sir is able to help Kobe avoid the deadly bullets. Whew.
  • But the action doesn’t end there. We still have the SDU VS Thai Mercenaries VS our poor UCS in Bao Seed and Siu Ka. The latter is emotionally unstable at the moment and hugs Bao Seed, telling him to take care of her three mothers if she dies. Aw. He promises to save her and shoots at a gas tank to divert attention, giving them a small leeway to make their way towards the van with the drugs. But Bao Seed is shot and he tells a shrieking Siu Ka to drive away, while he’s taken in by On Lam and her people.
  • Siu Ka takes matter in her own hands and decides to trade the drugs for Bao Seed from On Lam. She’s not stupid though, and arms herself with explosives. If they shoot, they can all die together. On Lam checks the good and based on the brief eye exchange between the two ladies, we know that On Lam is helping Bao Seed and Siu Ka. Aw! Don’t die! Don’t die!!
  • When the lackeys figure out the drugs are fake, they chase after Bao Seed and Siu Ka, and Cheuk Sir happens to see them and is able to hold off the mercenaries, with one being able to follow the couple. Just when he’s in clearance to shoot Bao Seed, On Lam jumps in and takes the bullet! OMG! She utters, “Thank you. I finally met a good guy who’s true to me.” The words sting and Bao Seed replies slowly, “I’m not a good guy. Actually I’m…” She cuts him off with: “It doesn’t matter what you are. Meeting you was the happiest thing.” Noooooooooooo!!
  • That’s not the end of the action-packed episode though, because while Foon Hei smirks at his brilliant plan, his son, Ah Sing, bleeds to death after falling from a tree while trying to retrieve the kite Foon Hei glued for him. The words his young son said earlier ring in his ears, “I do. I know that if I’m killed one day, it’s the karma of your bad doings.” Foon Hei laughs and cries manically at the top of a cliff. This is scary. He only has two options now – be the devil with more blood on his hands or turn around and be the good guy his son looked up to.
  • And I’m speechless, so many deaths today with On Lam and Ah Sing’s deaths being the least expected. I really thought that On Lam would survive because why kill off such a mesmerizing and sympathetic character so early in the series? I can’t believe I cared so much about On Lam even with her little screen time. She could’ve been a great friend and foil for Bao Seed and Siu Ka… Why oh why!!

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Episode 16:

  • Foon Hei feeds the traitor who betrayed him to Shung Kam to the dogs. I cannot believe they would treat the dogs like that!
  • Witnessing the horrible consequences of betraying Foon Hei, Kobe loses his head again. He repeats to Cheuk Sir that he wants to be reinstated, alas, the profiles cannot be installed with the black cop still unidentified. Taking matters into his own hands, Kobe risks it all. He steals the money Foon Hei entrusted to him, disappears for two days, and stays at a hotel – drunk and suicidal.
  • Just a second before he shoots himself, Cheuk Sir tracks his phone and pulls the gun away, flinging the drunk idiot onto the bed. But all Cheuk Sir needs to say to get his brain out of his behind is pointing out Yip Sir as the possible bad cop to awake Kobe’s protective nature of Ah Yan. He must protect her! He must not let her get hurt. Sigh~
  • Yip Sir orders Foon Hei detained for 48 hours on the day of his son’s funeral. He smashes a flower vase and swears that no one can stop him from attending his own son’s funeral. Surprisingly, our three UCs help him achieve that wish.
  • There’s this horrifying moment for Foon Hei as he climbs into his vehicle of transportation to keep the cops off his back, a coffin, and he realizes how lonely and cold Ah Sing must be feeling to be in it alone.
  • Last 5 minutes was phenomenal. We have Benz Hui performing his best and probably his most memorable performance as he kneels beside Ah Sing’s body and pleads for another chance to be a dad that he expected. I cried so hard in this scene – the gentle tone, the guilt-ridden tears, and those expressive eyes of Benz killed it.

Episode 17:

  • Ah Yan starts suspecting Yip Sir as a corrupted cop – receiving money from the gangs to cover up their illegal activities. She tells this to Ada.
  • Sin Ching wins her case after returning to work. Cheuk Sir secretly sits in the background to listen to her arguments. They share a meal afterwards.
  • Kwok Sir promotes Yip Sir to Hong Sir’s vacated position. Do we need more evidence to pinpoint the bad guys from the good ones? His first assignment is to remove Cheuk Sir from investigating Hung Ying and tasks him with petty jobs of monitoring a trading company for money laundering.

Episode 18:

  • Louse attracts the attention a rich man called Mr. Pong after showing off his skills in cars.
  • Ah Yan finds out that Yip Sir has a gun, money, and a fake passport in the back of a red car. Goosebumps run up and down her back, knowing that she doesn’t know who he is after all.
  • When Ah Yin goes missing during a mission, clearly planned by Yip Sir, a frantic Cheuk Sir texts the UCs for help, unaware that Yip Sir is decoding the text and arrives at their usual meeting area with his team. ACK!
  • Lucky Cheuk Sir comes on time and shut off the lights of the tunnel. Whew.
  • After losing his son, Foon Hei appears rather laid-back and doesn’t want to be involved in illegal activities any longer but a visit from Mr. Song’s man jerks him out of this fantasy.
  • Foon Hei brings Siu Ka, Bao Seed, and Kobe along when he discusses a big project with three gangsters from a village about buying their land.

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Episode 19:

  • STUPID! STUPID ADA! After the UCs were raided last time at the tunnel, she figures she must have dropped the 7-colored keychain Hong Sir gave her, so she asks someone to look for it and then meets the person in broad daylight to retrieve the item. GAH.
  • Yip Sir infiltrates her house to search for intel but she returns to get her phone and notices that her chair is out of alignment. Ada grabs a sharp paper cutter and inches closer to the closet where Yip Sir is hiding but he’s smarter and pushes his way out. She’s not about to let him get away and pulls off his mask to reveal his identity. Well, woman, now you’re toast!! How could you be so stupid! Never face an intruder alone. Before she’s stabbed again, she tells him that they found out about his fake passport and separate bank account and the money has been frozen, which forces him to check his phone and she uses her last strength to carve the password to his account on her thigh…
  • Having received no contact with Ada in the last 5 days, Cheuk Sir and the UCs begin searching for her. Cheuk Sir discovers that Yip Sir is allergic to wax trees and has been taking medications for it…so he boldly goes digging around areas where Wax trees are the most prominent. A very unsettling task.
  • The UCs join in with the digging (again in broad daylight?!) and Siu Ka prays, “Don’t let me find you…” Alas, they find her buried there. These cops and their zero sense of discretion.
  • Bao Seed and Kobe want to hit Yip Sir with their car; Siu Ka thinks they’re bluffing and doesn’t stop the car either. In the last second, Bao Seed swerves away from murder.
  • Siu Ka follows Bao Seed, worried that he might try to do something crazy again. She confesses that she loves him. She turns away and he turns her around to have a passionate kiss. Make-out session blocked by Louse’s appearance at Bao Seed’s house. Lol.
  • To stall time so that she can copy Yip Sir’s files, Ah Yan scratches his phone’s sim card. Dummy. Your nail polish is all over it! She calls Kobe, telling him that she found dirt on Yip Sir. She’s about to leave when Yip Sir figures this out quickly and guards the door before she can exit. Trouble, trouble!!
  • He looks genuine hurt that she would investigate him but Ah Yan screams the same line we’ve heard before – “Why are you a dirty cop?! Why do you let me down?!” She pushes him and runs for her life. You dummy! Why do you hang onto the rope and not climb down it? Of course, Kobe arrives and they get in a brawl.

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Episode 20:

  • When Yip Sir traps Ah Yan on the rooftop, Kobe charges forward, flipping Yip Sir and himself over the ledge and they both fall down. Yip Sir dies when he arrives at the hospital while Kobe undergoes multiple surgeries.
  • What the heck is Ah Yan asking a comatose Kobe? “Are you a cop or a gangster? I want you to tell me in person.” This woman! He saves your life on multiple occasions! Why does his work status mean so much to you? So you will only marry a cop? Ahhhh, she frustrates me so!
  • Well, well, well. He doesn’t need to tell her anymore because she finds his journal in the fish tank. Now she knows he’s a GOOD COP and Cheuk Sir is his handler.
  • Kobe has his happy ending…for now. He’s alive! His love is alive! But these frequent headaches… I’m back to worrying again.
  • Bao Seed & Siu Ka’s second make-out session FAILS because of no condom. This scene cracks me up when Bao Seed opens the front door with a handful of condoms, looking proud and giddy, thinking it’s Siu Ka but it’s actually her three mothers. OMG. The embarrassment!!
  • Foon Hei and Siu Ka’s mom were each other’s first love. Here we go…
  1. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    ooooo this is good!! but i love your recent picture commentary style! they are hilarious!! LOL

    i thought it was on lam at first, since she was so into raymond and close to him…unfortunately she went to heaven so soon!!

    looks like either the 5th UC is a BIG name or a small potato.

    could the big, bad cop be Cheuk Sir’s niece (toby lam)? she seems suspicious of him all the times.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      Toby? That would be a let down though since she hasn’t had any significant role in the story.

      I missed the Sexy Woman On Lam already. She’s hot!

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      I’m a little suspicious of Toby too. She doesn’t seem like a bad person but it’s possible for her to be blackmailed into spying on her uncle.

  2. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    The big bad cop might be Zhuo sir’s mentor, the head police. I initially thought it might even be Zhuo sir but he’s so nice to Sharon Chan’s sister, I don’t think it could be him.

    As for the 5th mole, I’m still unsure. I thought it might be Benz Hui even though I can’t explain away why Kobe would be sent to get close to him unless it’s a double-blind UC task because Benz Hui was UC for so long, it’s feared that he might have turned sides so Kobe was sent in to check things out without about Benz Hui.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      *without knowing about

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      THIS IS SO FUN!! ACTION-PACKED DRAMA! I haven’t enjoyed a tvb drama in so long.

      I’m guessing it’s Cheuk sir’s mentor too. Nice people always have a hidden black side! Lol.

      I keep seeing people saying that Foon Hei is a mole but it doesn’t make sense though, cause if he were one, why would he steal the drugs from the burnt face guy five years ago? Plus, he used to work for the CIB too – very high profile job, wouldn’t the first requirement to be a UC is to be fairly new? So having him as a UC doesn’t make sense when he’s trying to catch all of them. Benz is a great actor, he creeps the hell out of me.

      I really don’t have a clue about the 5th UC. We haven’t been given any more clues. Might be a small potato like frea said.

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        I agree he’s really creepy, especially when he smiles ><

        It would be nice if the show gave us more of Foon Hei's story: how he went from cop to gangster. I'd imagine he would have had a tough time convincing the mafia to believe him, whether he was UC or genuinely turned bad. Something must have happened to him that would convince the mafia that he would turn his back to the law.

  3. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Line Walker is super exciting at the moment and we’re only half way through the series!!!!!

    Hrm 5th UC – I don’t really get how Ada is an UC but anyway… I have no idea. It better NOT be Benz because that would be completely stupid. Like he was in CIB, pretended to be the bad only to be the good guy? Plus what happened to his son would be really cruel if he was an UC.

    Big bad cop – I’m leaning towards the head police guy / Cheuk Sir’s mentor too. He just looks suspicious LOL. I am so glad Marco/Yip Sir IS one of the dirty cops and OMG I can’t believe he tried to kill Kobe!!! WTF.

    I miss On Lam too, she *could’ve* had a really interesting storyline and created an actual dilemma for Bau Seed but she had too little screentime. Hopefully with Samantha Ko appearing this week, we will get to see more interesting developments.

  4. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    I also think that the 5th UC is Foon Hei but maybe one that has deferred to the bad side. I think that is the reason why Kobe was sent to get close to him. At first I didn’t think that Foon Hei would be the 5th UC because I believed him to be the ‘top’ boss but after watching episode 15&16 we find out that they are following orders of a mysterious Mr Song. I think Foon Hei’s job is to investigate that mysterious Mr Song. I don’t think Foon Hei was in CIB for very long if he became a UC. Probably why he was still ‘fresh’. I remember one flashback scene where one of Siu Ka’s mums were saved by Foon Hei and later she tried to find him to repay money back however one of his colleagues said that he quit his job. I think the colleague would have said he transferred to a better position instead of saying he quit so I think that is when he became a UC. I also think the reason he turned into a bad cop is because of his wife’s death. I’m actually quite creeped out at what Foon Hei would do because of his son’s death. His laugh while holding the kite near the ocean coupled with the music really gave me shivers. But I’m also wondering if because of his son’s death he will go back to being a good cop/UC (if he is indeed the 5th one). He seemed really sincere when crying at his son’s deathbed saying that he will no longer do those illegal things.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      Benz Hui is so good in this role!! i thought that his son’s death would push him over the edge to the dark side…so i was surprised he said he wouldn’t do illegal things again.

      lol when i saw the flashback with siu ka’s mom, i thought maybe she’s his daughter!! LOL this could be true you know since this is tvb, they love daughter with bad, evil fathers!! 😀

      @Kat, Yip sir has baddie written all over his forehead!! i actually couldn’t believe he almost KILLED Kobe. I feel like Kobe is gonna be the first to die among the UC…..

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        @frea – Yeah I agree there’s nothing to like about Yip Sir (even when he tries to be romantic it just seems desperate LOL) but a few people have commented that he can’t be the bad cop because it’s too obvious… hahaha. Oh well. Noooooo don’t kill Kobe!!!! I haven’t watched ep 16 yet but from the preview last week it looks like we’re heading that way. :(((( Even though I don’t particularly like Sharon’s character I still want him to survive the series…

        • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

          I don’t like Yip Sir either. Didn’t like him from the first time he appeared in the drama. I don’t think I’ve ever liked any character that actor has been as. I feel bad saying this but I think it’s his face, he has this face that just makes me hate him plus I don’t think I’ve seen any dramas where he is not some sort of villain or bad guy.
          And to be honest, I’m really not liking Kobe at all ever since he saw Yan again, he seems so pathetic that I question how he become a cop and UC like that. I really hope he learns how to control his emotions because he just seems like a scaredy cat compared to Bao Seed. And if ever a UC will die, I also think Kobe will be first. He is too irrational, acting before he thinks.
          One thing I’m confused about is how come Siu Ka seems so weak in terms of not really knowing how to fight. She gives off the impression that she doesn’t even know how to hold a gun. She did graduate from the police academy right? She is always hiding behind Bao Seed when a fight breaks out…

        • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

          To EM,

          I know that a lot o ppl have questions about sui ka but I want to remind everyone that she was working for adminitration department in the police force before she got to be UC. Which mean she doesn’t need to fight and do all the action in her real time job. those who work in that department doesn’t even have a gun. Maybe she have been tough how to fire but that was when she was still in the academy.

        • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

          It’s been a while Jupi. Nice to see you here!!

          Ah, that explains why she’s incapable of fighting the men like a true policewoman. Did they mention this somewhere in the episodes? I might have missed it. It also explains why she’s very good with monetary transactions. XD

  5. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    I’m with you guys. I don’t think Foon Hei is the fifth UC because he’s way older than Hong Sir (the original handler) and one can say he’s way ahead of Hong Sir’s time to make a believable time lapse that the two met up and arranged the whole mole business. Because by then, everyone would have recognized the old man. Lol.

    Though it is an intriguing plot (good cop turned bad), the storyline only works with a much younger UC.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      That makes sense. Foon Hei is older than Hong Sir. If Foon Hei is a UC maybe his previous handler put Hong Sir in charge of him? Anyway, I just can’t think of anyone else being the 5th UC. If any of the other characters currently already in the drama is the 5th UC I feel like there wouldn’t be such a big impact or big surprise to the other characters nor would any of them seem to be useful as a UC. Them keeping the identity of the 5th UC for so long would be so pointless and disappointing unless it’s a new character that is going to be introduced. Even then I don’t really like the idea of a new character being the 5th UC because just personally, I prefer the 5th UC to already have been in the story all along.

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        I think that at this point introducing another original handler would be ridiculous, which would mean that Foon Hei became a mole for two decades already? That’s very unlikely. And a good writer would want to write a tight storyline instead of willy-nilly adding characters just so the script comes off as “smart.”

        But I definitely agree that the 5th UC should already be in the storyline…unless that person is dead somewhere? *gasps*

        Yep, I’m thinking Kobe is the first to die too, with his unstable emotions getting the better of him. I hope the other UCs save him… Is that too much to ask? Probably.

  6. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    I’ve been reading several chats discussing who the last UC is.
    right now i think they’re speculating that it’s either Louse, FoonHei or AhYan. I really dont know but I feel like it’s not such a twist if it’s Louse or AhYan.
    Some people are speculating that the 5th UC isn’t out yet because he or she has turned into a darkUC, and become the bad guy when he or she found out that Hong Sir died.
    Some people even said that it was the dark UC that killed Hong Sir. I feel like Toby is the dark cop, since it makes the most sense. LOL

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      That is an interesting idea!! And it makes sense too….Not all UCs are or should be noble anyway. Turning bad is intriguing.

      Ah Yan or Louse = bad bad bad idea. UC spying on UC? Louse is so spineless, I’d wake Hong Sir up and ask him WHY? LOL!

      Toby is too young to be the bad cop though. At most, she’s part of Yip Sir’s crew. The ultimate bad looks like the guy Foon Hei was talking about – Mr. Song.

      Any new developments in this week’s episodes yet? I’m still waiting for subtitles to watch. =(

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        HI betty, you can watch LW at myasiantv.com It comes on with subs within 24-30 hours after the origianl airing. Which is really fast. They have it in HD as well.

  7. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Ada is in so much of deep trouble. Referring to ep 18. The guy wearing the black cap may have been the guy who killed Hong Sir, and yeah Benz might actually be the 5th UC. I have 2 scenarios.

    The 1st: Sometimes it’s not just black and white, it’s gray. While Benz is a triad leader he may also be a UC who may have been instructed to work for this “Mr. Sung”. But somewhere along the way he may have been to the “dark side” AND whilst in it, he may still have that good in him.Sort of like back and forth. I actually see him changing after Sing died. More tame? and it’s not just the ‘calming seas before a raging storm’ kind of tame. More like ‘Im tired let’s not do this’ kinda of tame. Even his grief where not really towards hatred or vengeance. He laughed, meaning he thinks he did brought Sing’s death unto himself, not just because of his evil ways. It’s gotta be more than that to bring out that kind of emotion.. Just my penny guesses anyway.

    2nd scenario: Louse. I don’t know where he learned all those car theft techniques but they seem pretty advance to me. though very unlikely, he may the last UC.

    Yip just irks me. I really hope he dies and bring a better cheap villian in but waaaay cooler. somehow.. I DO NOT TRUST Cheuk Hoi. idk. Seems to me like he’s hiding a lot of things. Whilst he’s protective of the UCs it feels like he’s very much using them for something else. Something bigger. oh well just my second thoughts.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      i just saw episode 19 RAW (yea im that desperate!!) and ada….poor young ada….with her gone we have another shocking reveal…. ill wait before spoiling you ladies.

      RE@foon hei might be a UC but not one of the five UCs planted by hong sir. does that make sense? with his age and experience, he should be a UC way before the others and might be working under a different police guy to get near that mysterious Mr. Song. because we know our young UCs are too emotional involved/vulnerable to get near the real bad wolf – mr. song!!

      RE@cheuk hoi…..sigh…. maybe he’s also aiming for Mr. Song???! but to turn cheuk sir bad would be a terrible thing!! for everyone!

  8. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Is it possible the 5th UC is this “Mr. Sung” we’ve been hearing about but not seen yet? Like some of the posts above, maybe he was a UC but turned to the dark side?

  9. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet, still encoding the videos. Looks like the more we guess, the higher the rank of the mysterious UC! Some great analysis everyone has though! 😀

    Did I mention how much I enjoy the heart-stopping themesong by Wilfred Lau and Justin Lo?


    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      I prefer the ending theme song ‘Love is Not Easy’ by Jinny Ng. 😉
      I also just watched episode 19 and it’s so sad with what happened to Ada and they haven’t even found out who the last UC is. 🙁

      @lidge I don’t think Mr Song is the 5th UC because he seems to be the ‘ultimate’ bad guy.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      Do you know the name of the song that plays at the end of episode 18? I really like that song. Overall, this drama has a good soundtrack.

  10. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    The last UC is Samantha Ko. Will appear on episode 20.

  11. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Ending Themesong by Jinny Ng!


    Em, I really like the ending theme song too! If only each couple gets their own song instead of replaying the same song over and over.

    Millie, is it the ending theme by Jinny? Or is it played at a different part?

    ——————– SPOILER for EPISODE 20!! ——————-

    Yip Sir’s death happened too sudden. I wasn’t done being mad yet. Kobe is gonna die for love. He’s too blinded by love and emotions! Sigh ~

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      The song I’m looking for is sung by a female. They also played this song during the scene where Charmaine and Ray hugged when they encountered the “free hug” campaign on the street.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      Yes! This is the one. For some reason I read “Jimmy” and not “Jinny”.

      Thank you so much! This song is so nice!

  12. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Thanks Dale for the streaming links!! Had no idea I can stream so fast. I will of course download later cause this series deserves it!!

    Thoughts on this week:
    – I’m disappointed with the police women in this series. Firstly, Siu Ka always seems so scared. Why? She’s been trained before, no? But most of all, I’m freaking annoyed with Ah Yan. OMG. Isn’t she madam? Did you guys hear her scream like a five-year old girl instead of fighting like the “tough” madam that she should be? She’s annoying me.
    – Yip Sirrrrreee is crazy. His love is infatuation, nothing more. I thought he was a nice boyfriend too since he didn’t ask her about her past and all….But deep down, he’s a psycho indeed.
    – That intense kiss turned washing hair between Bao Seed and Siu Ka? WTH! LOL
    – Am I the only one enjoying Cheuk Sir and Sin Ching? He’s so sweet to her. It was creepy too when he was eavesdropping in her home….. but the encouragement and the rescue and that dance in episode 20. AWWWW…. Isn’t it Sexy when she tried to move away but he gently pulled her right back? OMGGGGG. So simple yet very passionate. I screamed!! It was hot!! They should have kissed. Such a mature love between them. I do hope there’s a happy ending for Sin Ching and Cheuk Sir.
    – I do have one gripe though – she suddenly became her confident self again so soon? Even able to help another woman…..it’s too fast for an abused victim. Other than that, I’m rooting for them!! 🙂
    – Ada died too early. Now we won’t have scenes of five UCs hanging out together. =(

  13. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    The 5th UC is a UC turned baddie. Pretty and sexy chio bu.. she is the one that Foon He Gor talk to in the MPV in episode 21. Katie will die because of Cheok Sir. Cheok Sir 师父 Kwok Sir is the 黑警

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      I’m pretty sure only till episode 20 was released….so it’ll be great if you didn’t spoil everything for us because I doubt all that you said happened in the first 20 episodes…

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      hahaha…the actor playing Kwok Sir is also the villain in another tvb drama.

      @Fans, I’m assuming these are from the previews right? Cause Kobe had a headache and suddenly remember a man with a gun killing Yip Sir after they both fell down.

      Also, does anyone think the Thai bodyguard – Chai Fing is the 5th UC? He can fight….and he’s low-profile and very protective of Foon Hei for no reason…. I think he is!!

  14. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Marco aka Yip Sir hasn’t died when he fell. He was silenced by the 黑警 maybe on the way to the hospital..

  15. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Well, this is why I’ve been avoiding this thread all week until I catch up. There’re always some folks who read the spoilers and then like to feel smart by posting them. (with no warning)

    [rant over]

    TBH Jinny’s song was nice the first 10 times I heard it. Now I’m getting sick of it!! Every couple in this series has the same song!!!!

  16. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    What is the name of the English song which cheok plays at the end of episode 20 to dance with the lawyer? Anyone?

  17. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Anyone know the piano instrumental thats played when FunHeys son dies and is put into the coffin.

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      That sad and beautiful piano instrumental is called

      The Oak Tree by James Reynolds

      This song got me every time when they play it during sad scenes.

  18. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    OMG!!! Two more weeks and this drama will be over!! HK dramas go by so quick and they’re twice the length of a normal kdrama/tdrama/jdramas. Why do they air so many episodes at once? How could they produce dramas fast enough with this airing schedule?

    Like others, I searched high and lows but no one knows the English Song that Cheuk Sir played for the dance in episode 20. It’s either an old song or rather unpopular song. =(

    SPOILER FOR EPISODE 25: https://i.imgur.com/tnHLYJa.jpg

    SO SAD. WHY?!!!

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      Unlike K-dramas where they film while airing, HK dramas film the whole drama way before it actually airs that’s why they can afford to release one episode everyday Mon-Fri.

  19. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    This just occurred to me – I don’t know if Samantha is the 5th UC but if she is, is it possible she turned rogue not because of money but because she fell in love with Mr. Sung?

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      yep, samantha is the fifth UC….she’s a new character, closest to mr.song. turning bad for love is not a bad idea. seems like all of our UC are loyal lovers. that must be a requirement to be a UC. LOL

      episode 21 and 22 are mild this week, the intensity starts tomorrow!! gahhh that picture betty posted….omg..!!!

      boxes of tissues!!

  20. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    God I hope Kobe doesnt die omg his so cool….sharon was stupid but i think her acting is very good considering she was meant to play someone that had no clue what Kobe was doing, and how things have turned out for KOBE and Yan they finally get back together if TVB kill KOBE off OMFG thats just nasty……I hope for once TVB will make it a good ending for a change

  21. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    For Kobe’s fans… The frequent headaches don’t seem like a good sign!

    Despite Kobe’s flaws and wimpy self, he’s adorable in this scene.

     photo LW22_1.gif  photo LW22_2.gif

     photo LW22_4.gif  photo LW22_5.gif

     photo LW22_3.gif

    Denney, that moving piano song is Oak Tree by James Reynolds.

    I cry every time I watch this part… 🙁 Phenomenal performance by Benz.

  22. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    kobe is hilarious in those gifs…

    i cannot wait for tomorrow episode 25 but i also dont want to watch it…. looks like someone is gonna die. 🙁

    feel so bad for foon hei, he just wants to live a peaceful life now…but of course, he is a bad man before and if its between him and the three moms, i hope he dies….go join ah sing his son. the three mothers do not deserve deaths!! please someone help them!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  23. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Oh so much tears and heartbreak in the last two episodes…………… did anyone watch without using a tissue?!

    Episode 24: I knew it! Toon hei figured it out that siu ka and bad seed are UCs. Lol. They think are so smart for deceiving the wolf? Love love love that scene when he told siu ka he knew…the way siu ka reacted… such pride and dignity and elegance…her tears just kept falling. I’m looking forward to Charmaine She’s series now! She’s a joy to watch!!

    Episode 25: OMG. the first five minutes…. Must they kill all four people? Even if Samantha is the last UC – I don’t buy her excuse “Sometime you can’t help it.” She could have ordered the guys not to shoot the moms. They’re innocent. I can’t believe Foon Hei would die so early…To think he wanted happiness the most at this time of his life. Well, at least he has three moms with him… =( Siu Ka’s break down scenes and Bao Seed’s comfort…I feel their pain. Both were great to watch!!

    I hate Jojo so much! I’m convinced she’s setting them up. And what the hell is having Ah Yin and Ah Yan in the plan with the UCs? No more secret meetings? Cmon! The more people who know their identity, the easier they become targets!

    All my thoughts… the finale. More deaths?

  24. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    OMG! It’s very cruel for the 3 moms to die innocently. I think Foon Hei is still alive and that was fake. Samantha is an UC, it’s ridiculous she can’t stop her guys from shooting the 3 moms. Who is Mr Fung? If Micheal (Hoi) is evil, what is his objective for doing so much of things?

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      you think foon hei is alive? how? i thought so too but then he shot himself…kinda like a sacrifice for bao seed so he didn’t have to do anything against his conscience.

      i swear miss lam (Samantha) has the most ridiculous excuse ever! “she had no choice?” and then bao seed just nodded? and then they gathered around the table LIKE FRIENDS? THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! The three mothers were innocent, she could have easily tell them to stop shooting. there was no need to kill them…

      NO CHOICE MY BUTT!! I hope ah deng slap her HARD the next time they meet. if not, I will slap her myself!! so stupid. so so cruel.

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        I just watched episode 25 and I think although they were ‘her’ guys but ultimately they are following Mr Sung’s orders. So if she were to let the three mothers go, I bet it would’ve been reported to Mr Sung and he would have gotten suspicious of her which wouldn’t be a good thing for her and would ruin the plans. So although it was cruel I don’t think she could have done anything about it. But I’m also a bit wary of her. Like frea said, they just gathered around the table and talking like nothing bad happened between them. It seems like she has another agenda as she just so suddenly and randomly revealed her identity.

        I also wish Foon Hei is still alive. We didn’t see his corpse after all?

        The preview for next episodes made me really curious. Is Cheok Hoi the ultimate villain? If he is it would be weird seeing as how much he cares for the UCs.

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        When I think about, she has no reasons to kill them after all because she didn’t kill anyone at the scene. It’s all Raymond doing the shooting, so she has no excuse to shut them up (kill them) really. I have a feeling that Miss Lam is jealous of the relationship between Bao Seed and Ah Deng. She seems so miserable and spiteful as a person. I thought it was weird too how everyone basically accepted her into their UC family so quickly! So inconsistent! Kobe! Why didn’t you speak up for your friend! And Bao Seed merely nodded…. and Cheuk Sir! Weren’t you the one telling the UC before that they must not act like REAL gangsters? Why didn’t you have the talk with this Miss Lam/Cruelty? Character consistency is all thrown out of the window…

        I have the same feeling as Annie, maybe Foon Hei didn’t die…?? It just went by so quick for me to really believe that he died….

  25. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    I watch this and lucky me I don’t even need subtitle because I understand Cantonese 😛
    It’s been a really really long while since I watch a TVB drama and I don’t even regret watching this series. Highly recommended if you like drama like Iris etc.

  26. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    The 3 mommies T__T I did not expect that at all! I’m also sad that Foon Hei died, I really liked him in the end.

  27. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)


    I know this drama has a lot of plot holes and character inconsistency but oh my god all these feels are so freakin overwhelming!!! PLEASE! I just want a happy ending at this point….!!!!

  28. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Is it me but this drama has gone down the road of wonkas in the last few episodes?

    Louse’s death was expected but really he didn’t add anything to the story. Why didn’t they rush him to the hospital to get help? I really don’t understand what these characters are thinking.

    Kobe has a brain tumor… Poor him but this is so kdrama trope in the 2000s!! He cannot catch a break.

    Why would they put the chips in the others? Isn’t it easier putting the chips in themselves? These characters don’t make sense anymore. Sigh!

    Two hours finale tomorrow! All That is bitter Sweet is canceled in favor of Line Walker’s finale. I wonder who is gonna die and who is gonna survive…..

    Happy ending or sad ending… hmmmm

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      I agree with you. The drama has gone nuts. I personally disliked it from when Siu Ka’s three mothers died. I hated how she put the blame and responsibility of their deaths on Bao Seed. Kobe’s brain tumor is also really random. I actually thought that Bao Seed knew something about Cheuk Hoi so he was pretending to have gone to the bad side but I guess that’s not it. I’m just curious about Hoi’s reasons for being the bad guy now, I don’t really care about the ending, happy or not.

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        Happy ending but I’m so confused with how everything played out. Kobe didn’t have o die from a brain tumor…give him something accident-induced instead. Sigh.

        Best couple for me is definitely Sin Ching and Cheuk Sir. Bao seed and Ah Deng having sex on the ambulance? Seriously?

        Agreed with you Em, it went down after the three moms and Foon Hei died.

      • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

        The series definitely went wonkas after the three mothers and Foon Hei died. I don’t really understand how several things happened and many plots weren’t explained.

        Line Walker has such a promising start…. Well, at least it was one exciting series produced by TVB this year. =/

        The alternate ending (the sad one) will not be aired as stated by the producer. Maybe someone will leak it down the line. heh.

  29. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    anyone knows the title of that song which plays every time louse appears?

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      can you give us an example (time frame in which ep?? louse doesn’t have that many scenes before he went to the grave. lol

      the last scene of this drama is hilarious, ridiculous yes, but hilarious. 😀

  30. 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

    Anyone else not a fan of the “vote for your favorite ending” thing that keeps popping up with TVB dramas?

    I obviously liked the happy Raymaine ending…but if they allow viewers to vote, it sort of feels like the writers didn’t know where the story was headed. Iunno. Recently rewatched D.I.E. and they had that too, and I thought it was totally unnecessary. Still really enjoyed Line Walker though!

    • 62 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

      Not a fan either but TVB is in desperate time, they need to generate buzz for their dramas. And still the ratings stay so low. >.< If I were writing something, I would end it MY way. It's the writer's responsibility!

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