Faith Makes Great recruits over 100 actors and actresses to tell its stories

Faith Makes Great (理想照耀中国) is an upcoming drama celebrating 100 years of the Communist Party of China, recording the unity and leadership of the Chinese people throughout the years. It consists of 40 mini stories, each one runs for 1 episode, totaling over 100 actors and actresses and 3000+ production crew members.

Airing 5/4~

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Xu Kai becomes a better man to win Li Yi Tong’s love in Court Lady

Court Lady (骊歌行) is an upcoming period drama based on the unfinished novel written by Feng Nong (General and I), who then proceeded to finish the story through this drama script. Interesting. That means there won’t be novel fans cursing at the differences? Lol. The story takes place during the Tang Dynasty and follows the romance between a good-for-nothing spoiled hero and our talented heroine who pushes him out of his lazy chair. Our hero is famous for having no dreams and no ambitions, satisfied with wasting away his father’s money until a chance encounter with the heroine. She likes a man of direction and talents and that shall be his motivation to grow and mature but soon he begins to realize the instability of the Tang Empire, motivating him further. He spurs into action, becoming a military commander to protect the borders and stop illegal smuggling. In the meantime, our heroine works her way up in the palace as a weaver, facing dangers that threaten her and her family.

Airing 4/15~

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Jiang Meng Jie finds love again in My Dear Lady with Liu Te

My Dear Lady (你成功引起我的注意了) is a modern drama that follows the ups and downs of our female lead, played by Jiang Meng Jie who spent 6 years taking care of her husband and child, just to one day be handed the divorce papers. Immediately after the court hearing, her car crashes into a luxury car and now she has more debt added to her burdens. To fight for the custody of her child, she needs to improve her financial stability by stepping back into the workforce. She happens to become an assistant to our male lead, who is also the owner of the luxury car. He is a lot younger than she is and constantly nitpicks on her outdated work knowledge. But she continues to improve herself and her perseverance moves our male lead. Due to her single mom status and being much older than he is, his family does not approve of her. She helps him get over his car accident trauma (when he was younger) and he builds a unbreakable bond with her son; the two are able to fight forward a life together.

Begins airing on 5/21!

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Dramas to Air: Jasper Liu’s My Bittersweet Taiwan, Kong Chui Nan’s Fighting For Love, Ariel Lin’s Oldboy, Jiang Meng Jie’s The Perfect Wedding

The good thing about Cdramaland is…. you never have a shortage of dramas to try and watch. Lol. I still haven’t gotten out of my drama slump yet. Something please, catch my attention!

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New teaser for Zhang Yi Shan’s Seven of Me, New Posters for Li Yi Feng’s In New York

Two decent-looking modern Chinese dramas….keep the dog-blood tendencies at bay, please!

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Li Yi Feng, Maggie Jiang, George Hu, and Jiang Meng Jie begin filming In New York

Well, filming started a while back but they are holding the opening ceremony today In New York (also the drama title, pun intended!) Beside Li Yi Feng and Maggie Jiang as the leads, we have George Hu and Jiang Meng Jie as well. With In New York (在纽约), Li Yi Feng finally returns to modern dramaland after three years in ancient land. He will be playing a full-of-character lawyer who was raised in New York and lives strictly to uphold justice for the lower-class people. Then one day he meets a fashion designer who came all the way across the world with dreams of becoming the top dog in the said industry. It’s a story of hopeful dreams and bitter reality slaps (my own words, lol) that today’s youths can relate to. Jiang Meng Jie plays assistant and best friend to our heroine and George Hu will round out the character playing a gentleman in New York. While other cast members already missed the food back home, George is reminiscing of his past childhood being raised in New York and all.

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Official Trailer for The Legends of Monkey King with Raymond Lam and Jin Akanishi

Based on the novel of the same name written by Jia Yu Bu Shi Gui, The Legends of Monkey King features Raymond Lam, Jin Akanishi (as Er Lang Shen), Jiang Meng Jie (as Holy Mother) and Kenji Wu (as Marshal Canopy) in the remake of the classic story some know by heart: The Journey To The West. The premise follows a mortal man who accidentally time-travels to the past and finds himself the Monkey King. Not willing to accept a fate forced on himself, he sets out to change the course of the future.

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Drama Updates: Chen Yao’s Age of Legends, Ren Jia Lun’s Cicada of Autumn, Raymond Lam’s Monkey King

Was just gonna do three listed dramas but ended up having more than 6 featured dramas. Lol. Updates everywhere!

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